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  1. I just went through the normal application process http://itsweb.enmu.edu/ssb.php?w=p&d=apply and selected it when it appeared as a choice. I'm still waiting for some old transcripts to get there. And I'm confused why you are asking. Your signature says you already have a BS in CDIS from ENMU, so why are wondering if you will get a BS doing the leveling program? I must be misunderstanding something here...
  2. Thanks, that will be helpful when I take it.
  3. But English is a little different. English literature doesn't go out of date like medical knowledge and technology, it just ages and becomes classic.
  4. What did you find rough about those classes? It might help me and others be prepared (or scared lol).
  5. I graduated a lot more than 10 years ago and I've never heard of undergrad credits expiring. I have heard of graduate credits expiring. But I could also see where undergrad credits in a semi-medical field such as Communication Disorders might expire, because medical advances occur so rapidly. Is that your situation, with a BS in CD? I was accepted into a leveling program with ancient, almost fossilized undergrad credits in Biology, but I haven't applied for a formal graduate program.
  6. I think I'd love 8 week classes. I have an 8 week attention span. My alma mater was on quarters and I loved it, 10 weeks and you're done. I took a graduate class in Entomology a couple years ago and even though I love the subject I thought the 14 week class would never end. I'll be in trouble if I can't find a grad school on quarters.
  7. I think if I attended grad school full-time that I would develop a disability. Stress and I just don't get along, and a heavy workload is stress. This is why I'm hoping to to get into a program where you can switch between part-time and full-time. I need that cushion for sanity.
  8. Are you leveling at ENMU? I dont think you get the Bachelor's degree unless you are admitted to the BS Program. But you'll take all the same classes (except 1, I think). I could be wrong. Don't take my word for anything because I am doing this almost on the spur of the moment, and I don't thoroughly understand all the ramifications of what I'm getting into yet. I just havent had time to research it all because I'm much older and time is running out for career changes, I didn't want to take a chance on missing summer school so I just plowed straight ahead. This route seemed to be the best choice for me after talking to Dr Swift and an advisor, but it may not be the best choice for everyone.
  9. I was accepted to the leveling program for summer but I was advised to and then applied for the 2nd bachelors instead to get my GPA up. They haven't admitted me as an undergrad yet though, ironically they were a bit more picky about transcripts. I'm going to be taking some classes this summer, one way or the other but I'd kind of like to get signed up. Maybe I should register as a leveler to hold spots for myself in the classes I want lol.
  10. ENMU, UW-Eau Claire, Idaho State. Some or all require time on campus too
  11. Thanks Chai Tea Latte
  12. Peeps. I'm well into my 50's and hoping to get into a program someday that I won't finish until I'm north of 60. You are not "older", and there isn't a University anywhere that will care if you are in your late 20s.
  13. Is there a complete list of all graduate programs and all online graduate programs somewhere ( I mean other than on cheap crummy websites trying to sell U Phoenix)? There must be but I haven't found it yet.
  14. I know this is an old thread but the topic interests me. Several things: Norcal if you think they cant discriminate by age because its illegal you are mistaken. Age discrimination is almost impossible to prove. They practically have to say "We aren't hiring you because of your age. You're too old." I have a background in Biology and decades of experience. In my 40's I could get any job I applied for. When I hit 50 it was like a switch turned off. No more interviews, not even for jobs I had done before. When I spoke with the Director of an SLP program lately about considering a career switch to SLP at my age she even made a point of mentioning the possibility it might be harder to get a job than a young person because of my age. But it would (IMO) still be easier than in my current field, because the job outlook isnt nearly as rosy and there are way more job seekers than jobs. Its also interesting because I see people here call themselves "older students" when they are in their 20's or early 30s and wonder if its too late for them. I understand that because I was in my late 20's before I finished my BA and I did feel "older", but at my current age I can't help but be slightly amused by such worries. But I still sympathize; I would want to enter an online program myself to minimize feeling out of place. I assume the original poster decided against SLP because we never heard from her again. That's too bad because she was definitely not too old. I'm 57 and really on or past the cusp of "too old". But good opportunities in my field have shriveled up and I can't physically do some of them anymore, so I am very seriously considering a return to school for SLP. I'd have to do a leveling program of course, and I'd be in my 60s before I could finish. But I also could do the work well into my 70s, I figure, as long as I remain healthy. Its a very tough decision for me because I dont even know if I'll get accepted to grad school. While I do bring a lot of life experience and I think I can excel academically, my undergrad GPA was only around 3. But it was also decades ago. My GPA is 4.0 for the 2 classes I've taken since 2011, including one grad class. If only I could get them to ignore my undergrad work, but they won't despite the fact its almost 30 years old. So are there any other really old students or potential SLP students like me? I doubt there are any older...I might set the record if I go through with this, lol.