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  1. Yeah, well let me know when you hear back & I'll do the same! Did you apply anywhere else?
  2. No not yet, they said results would be in a few weeks. I believe the program website said early August so sounds about right. This was the most competitive program I applied for & the interview was only 10 minutes so I don't really know what to expect.
  3. Have you heard back yet? I have a Skype interview tommorow for the FU program I applied for..Other then that, I got 1 rejection, 1 acceptance, and I'm supposed to be doing a subject test for Humboldt Berlin soon.
  4. Does anyone have any experience or know of the process of obtaining a residence permit in Germany for study purposes? I'm planning on starting a masters program in Germany this fall, & I've received conflicting information about the proof of funds requirement. I'm unable to apply early through the U.S embassy because I won't have the money that's required saved up until a month or two prior, so I will have to wait to apply once in Germany , at the KVR. I emailed both the U.S embassy and the KVR and the embassy said I must have either a blocked bank account or scholorship to prove the funds. The KVR said a bank statement or confirmation from your parents, that they will support you will suffice. Also, if anyone knows of any alternative funding options (besides loans) please let me know. I've applied for the Deutschlandstipendium but it's competitive, so not a guarantee. I'd rather not have to continue working 70 hour weeks all summer long Thanks!
  5. The best website to research German graduate programs is DAAD.de. Most of the programs start in October for winter semester with the application deadlines in May. I just finished applying to a few Masters programs and it really wasn't difficult. Just make sure you read the instructions carefully, because there are different procedures for international students, mainly submitting additional hardcopy docs and certified transcripts/diploma. I was initially considering the U.K as well, but it would be way too expensive with both non-EU tuition & visa costs. The application process seemed pretty similair though.
  6. Hi! I just wanted to recommend a website for sending application fees abroad that worked for me. I used OFX online to pay my application fees for 2 schools in Germany that use UniAssist for foreign applicants. The company exchanges currency from your bank account and pays the recipient directly & you most likely avoid paying any costly exchange fees or other taxes. The process takes about 4-7 days & for me it was completely free. Hope this helps someone.
  7. If you're wanting a career in research, then a MS is usually a better option. An MA is more theoretical focused, & an MS is focused more on practical empirical research methods. An MS will most likely contain an original thesis, while an MA might have an alternative option of a research paper, where you don't actually conduct your own experiment. If your goal is to only teach or practice clinical psychology, then an MA might be preferred. It's also helpful to read the program websites for more information on the type of study path offered. Usually there's a section that covers the career paths students tend to take after completing the program.
  8. Has anyone else applied to LMU's M.Sc. Psychology: Learning Sciences program? I was one of the first people to interview and was told to be patient for the results, but this waiting is driving me CRAZY I'm trying to prepare for the worst while remaining optimistic .. Applied 4 Interviewed 2/4 Accepted 0/4 Waitlisted 0/4 Rejected 0/4 GPA 3.556 cumulative
  9. It probably would depend on your professors. I would send them an email or ask them what they expect from you when you start your program.
  10. Definately do your research before you decide on a new city. I lived in Phoenix for a little over a year, & have also visited Tucson and grew to absolutely hate it overall. PROS: Sunny weather with no humidity for most of the year, lots of nature & hiking. Driving distance from Sedona, Flagstaff, Southern CA, and Mexico. If you want to get away, you don't have to go far. CONS: No culture, Little diversity, Everything is spread out with nonexistant public transport, VERY CONSERVATIVE, the Traffic & pollution, "snow birds," Long, HOT summers. You will spend a lot of money on air conditioning & drinking water (most of AZ has hard water) Summer literally lasts for 8 months. Oh and I have found a live scorpion in my bed before. Again, I lived in Phoenix, but honestly Tucson didn't seem much better. This is just my honest opinion & hopefully you'll have a better experience than me if you decide to go to school there. Good luck
  11. Thanks for the info. After doing some research, it appears the only way to get a certified copy would be to have it notarized ONLY by the school and then certified by the secretary of state office in Missouri (the state of my highschool). I contacted the university though and they are going to bring up my problem at a meeting with the international office & get back to me. So maybe there's something else I can do ..
  12. So, I'm in the process of applying via uni-assist for a German Master's program which requires both a certified copy of my high school transcripts & a certified copy of my high school diploma as verification of secondary school. After contacting my high school, they informed me that it is not possible to obtain a copy of my diploma, just the transcripts. Does anyone know where I might be able to have my high school diploma copied & notarized? (That would be reletively quick & not expensive) Thanks, Katie
  13. Hi, I'm applying for the MSC SCAN at FU Berlin and also for an MA program at Humboldt Berlin, & two schools in Munich. My GPA is about the same so I'm kind of nervous as well, with my field being very competitive. So far I've only completed 1 application and I'm waiting to hear back after doing my Skype interview early April. I have to finish my apps via Uni-Assist for both FU Berlin & Humboldt. Let me know how it goes for you! Good luck (: Katie