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  1. @dobby_wesealy I am fine, thank you so much! Hope you get a reply too. For me it's not the school application but my workplace. I got to renew my contract in advance with my firm but I have applied to grad school so I am in a hurry to know the results to determine if I want to sign on another year. I heard that they rank school grades over work experience which kinda suck haha. Well it's already May so hopefully they will tell us soon. No worries I also just applied to only this school. It's really all or nothing ain't it?
  2. @dobby_wesealy I see, thats nice. Are you planning to do co-op? There are not many option available for international students in terms of funding that I know of. doesn't help that the fees are so expensive so doing some work will at least off set the living costs. Btw I emailed Andrea yesterday, maybe you can try emailing her again. She forwarded my mail to the committee.
  3. @dobby_wesealy I feel you. I actually applied quite late around March, but my professor only submitted the letter on 12th of April. I have some background in UXD but I am afraid that the fact that I applied late will significantly impact my chances of entry. All the best to you!