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  1. Hi all! I was accepted via e-mail to the Online/Hybrid program on Thursday! I am hoping for the best for all of you
  2. Hi! I also applied for the Online/Hybrid program.
  3. I've been waitlisted as of 5/30, via e-mail. This will be another waiting game until mid-August. If anybody has any new information, please let me know! This is killing me!
  4. Hi everyone! I haven't heard back yet. Have any of you? I just got off the phone with somebody from the department and was told that May 31st is their "self-inflicted" deadline to email and give everybody a phone call. The thing is, they have already given phone calls and email notifications to those students who they already wanted to definitely accept (these weren't her exact words, but this is what I got from the conversation) and it's up to those students' decisions that they'll move up on the list and contact other students. So the deadline is very likely to be extended. I think I've already lost hope!
  5. Hi everyone! Still haven't heard back from the school. I'm equally as discouraged. This wait is killing me, and I think my brain has already accepted that I probably got rejected, ha. I'm still praying for good news! And those prayers are also with everyone of you who haven't heard back yet. Has anybody else gotten into the Online/Hybrid program?
  6. Nothing on my end either. This is the only school I'm waiting on. Couldn't imagine how much crazier I'd be if I had other schools to decide on. I'm hoping we hear in the next two weeks. It's ridiculous how long it's taking! I didn't think they'd wait until June, but it's starting to look like it.... If it were a rejection, I'd be devastated! It would make sense for the rejections to come out earlier in the process.
  7. Hi all! I've been stalking this thread for awhile now, in hopes to find out that you've all been accepted! I applied for the MSW Online program, but still haven't heard back yet. Did anybody else apply for the online program, and do we know if they're accepting students who applied for the On Campus programs first? This process is driving me nuts!! Also, is it too late to apply for Financial Aid? *yikes* Good luck to everybody