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matendo D

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    Makerere university uganda
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    2017 Spring
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    Masters of science in information system
  1. I got my confirmation letter from daad, thanks everyone
  2. Hello, the notification is not yet , do u know a rough estimation of how Long it takes from status change to receiving the notification? ?
  3. Hello everyone My status changed on 26/06/2017 from from selection made to funding with link of Submitting declaration of acceptance, but not yet email, will they send me?...
  4. Okay thanks Thanks for info
  5. Can I celebrate please? ?
  6. Horb thanks for your prayers, it has changed to funding with a link of declaration of acceptance on the left menu!!!
  7. Still blank, my heart beats uncordinated! !
  8. Thanks Horb, but am so anxious. .....
  9. But will i get the communication from DAAD?
  10. OK thanks
  11. Please my reply comrades ,
  12. Heloo everyone am so happy to join this forum, my question I applied for in country /in region daad scholarship masters of science in information system, my application status changed to selection made, to day it changed to blank, please any one with idea what that means please?