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  1. You may want to check this list to identify some programs: https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/ff78/ebcb5d4da24758a0f9ef205e3612840cf50e.pdf Don't know if ALL are considered competitive - would argue not.
  2. Agree with what said above. I think it partly depends on your topic, but having done a MPhil - outlooks don't seem to bad at all. I recently got offered a job in consultancy, I have classmates who end up in market research and the advertisement world, and others are now working at the government (policies, behavioral change, etc.). Some work as researchers at private and public research companies. One person now gives training and does public speaking on the topic he did his thesis on. It's all a matter of selling yourself in the end though. Especially if you get some quantitative skills in, there's quite some work out there.
  3. Hi all! New here I also need to share my 'journey' to calm my brain. I just started studying for the GRE.. it's scary! Program of interest: Social Psych/Organizational Psych Research interest: Macro psych (culture, socio-ecology) and/or topics related to social hierarchy/power/status/inequality/immoral behavior Schools looked at: I am obsessed with UVa' department in terms of research fit. Also University of British Columbia, U Waterloo, U Illinois at Urbana/C, Berkeley, Stanford, Maryland, and now looking into business schools. Not sure which will make the shortlist yet, but will also ask some of the profs I work with for help. Number one worry about applying: Am currently mainly worried about my GRE scores - am a non-native speaker (and got some flashcards) and have never bothered with maths in high school. Ugh. I plan on taking it late October. I just find the whole thing extremely intimidating Not worried about: I am about to finish my MPhil/Research Master in Social Psych with only A's and A+'s at a Dutch program that seems to have a good reputation and am graduating on a topic that fits to both macro psych & organizational psych. Took quite a lot of methods/stats class in undergrad, and my grades steadily went up (higher grades for more advanced classes). Only took one Stats class during my current degree (which I finished with A+), but got 48 out of 120 credits in research projects (also both A+). Also feel fine about my resume. I was lab manager for the last 2 years, but also engaged in extra projects and did some research during undergrad as well (including thesis). Also tried to expand my experience by doing some teaching and was an editor for a (student) journal. I will probably have 2-3 manuscripts in preparation for which I'm co-author at the time of application, maybe some submitted. Think my recommendation letters are totally fine. I got quite close with a lot of staff as the lab manager, and especially the head of the department is really favorable to me, as is my current supervisor who is trying to convince me to apply for a grant together (but I want to work with somebody else for some time haha). A third person shouldn't be a problem at all. JUST THE GRE IS SO INTIMIDATING. I've never been amazing with maths - just decent. And the verbal is just scaring me in terms of vocabulary. The writing Im not too worried about. I've started studying for it this week - using the Manhattan flash cards and am now going over the math review for now. It's a start. Any tips are always welcome Questions: What is the thing with that departments already fill their spots before the deadline? Is this common practice? Also, any tips for approaching potential supervisors? I don't want to come off looking stupid hehe. In Europe the whole system is just so different....