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  1. Has anyone been rejected from Applied Physics at Columbia??? Are they just being inconsiderate or what?
  2. So I have been admitted to two Ph.d's, waitlisted at another, and still waiting on the school that I really want to go to. One of my admits is at my current institution and the other is at my super safety school that I am not really that excited about and I'm not to thrilled about where it is located. I like my current institution but it is generally frowned upon getting a Ph.d at the same place as your undergrad in my field (physics). Should I just bail for a year and get a job and apply again next year? Do you think this will burn bridges at my current school and make it tough to get LORs next time around seeing how they are pushing for me to stay? Well I'm just hoping for my last number one option to come through but at this point....I'm pretty much screwed