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  1. Best/Worst Backdoor Brag

    My favorite was when a fellow classmate made a facebook status update "highly recommending" we all go to a certain exhibit, even going so far as to offer us a tour of it "in case we weren't familiar with the topic." ! Oh yes, please tell me more about your expertise on this obscure topic, I was just dying for a private tour from you.
  2. Programs that specialize in History of Collecting?

    Not a small program, but it is East Coast and Jonathan Brown does history of collecting.
  3. The Terminal Art History MA--Is it Worth It?

    And for all people. I think it's important to keep in mind this is one person's experience and opinion, and it is mistaken not only to extend it to other programs, but to other people as well. I find the blanket warnings on this forum very misleading for various reasons, as different programs can be right or wrong for different people. There are some fair warnings and important considerations to be taken from this post, but take it with a grain of salt...
  4. Art Conservation- Questions about how to go about it

    I would definitely apply for the conservation programs! It seems like you have a good background and a good grasp of what knowledge you still need to make it. They don't expect you to be a conservator going in--there isn't really an undergrad degree in it, so you learn as you go along, to a certain extent. If you do need another backup option the IFA's master students can take conservation courses, and you could possibly even do a master's thesis on conservation issues. I wouldn't suggest doing a program that doesn't have a close link with a conservation center if art history is not really what you want to go into. It seems like it might just be a waste of money.
  5. What to expect?

    You can always get a degree in Art History and do something else entirely once you graduate. That's the beauty of liberal arts schools. I think your questions are not ones anyone can answer for you, but ones you will have to find the answers to yourself. It sounds like for you this will require lots of research into career paths, with this forum being a good place to start. And, the more I learn about art, art history, and art theory, the more interesting it gets.
  6. Definitely highlight your language skills! I know Tufts and Gearge Washington offer limited funding for MAs (Tufts being a better respected program). Good luck!
  7. Confused Undergrad looking for advice.

    It's good to have a secondary interest! If you are interested in a phd some schools make you have a subfield in an unrelated area, so you are more competitive for jobs upon graduation. So odd combinations are good, as long as you make it clear that one of them will be your primary focus (and as mentioned above, you can always change later...)
  8. 19th c european art

    Nochlin retired at the end of this year. Looks like you have a solid list though, so good luck!
  9. Not a doctoral program, but SAIC sounds like it might be a good fit for you as an MA option captainscarlet.
  10. http://aahvs.duke.edu/people?Gurl=%2Faas%2FAAH&Uil=awe&subpage=profile maybe?
  11. Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, NC

    I lived off of West as an undergrad and biked to school most days from Morreene Road. I would say the general area is fine, but there are some low-income housing options in the area that are good to know about.
  12. German Texts for Practice Translations

    You can also ask for past versions of the test, I know some schools distribute them for practice purposes.
  13. MoMA and/or Whitney internships

    I think this depends on what you want to do! If you are looking into academica or curatorial work the program at the Whitney is very strong and I honestly don't think you can go wrong with choosing it, if that is your end goal. But if you are looking into other aspects of museum work a development internship is a great way to get a diversified experience.
  14. Guggenheim, MET, or MoMA internship app / summer 2012

    Hey guys, thought I would let you know I just got an email saying all the MOMA internships are finalized. No internship for me but hopefully some of you had more luck! The email said they had over 1000 applications for 45 spots...ugh!