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  1. Thanks. I think I will email and ask if I don't hear anything this week. I am just not sure if it is only me or if they just haven't sent out acceptances because there aren't many responses in the survey either.
  2. Do universities formally tell you if you are on a waitlist? I had some interviews in February but haven't heard anything since then. I am assuming I would have heard something by now unless I am on some sort of waitlist and they dont want to outright reject me for now.
  3. Thanks. I am an international student so was wondering if the tax rate might be different for me.
  4. Anybody know of a website or calculator that lets you estimate the tax on your stipend? I assume it will vary depending on the state but just looking for a rough number.
  5. I hope my schools are also sending out invites late. Being an older international student, the stakes are too high for me. If I don't get in this year I don't think I will have time to apply again plus I will have to leave the US unless I get admitted. What bothers me most is that all my interviews seemed to go well and I never got any indication at any school that they didn't like me.
  6. Got my first rejection today. I thought the interview went well so a bit surprised. I really can't understand how they evaluate a candidate based the really informal conversations I have had at all four of my so called 'interviews'. Still waiting for an acceptance. Don't know if it is getting too late.
  7. I am typing this from my hotel room from the university of utah. Just had my interviews yesterday. This was the last interview weekend for bioscience and they said their admissions committee will meet next week and make offers. I don't know about the reputation but I had applied here on a whim just because the application was free but coming here I have been really impressed by the program (and something I didnt know and was a little surprised when they mentioned it was that Utah was one of the three universities where the human genome project started and where the first knockout mouse was created). Salt lake city also seems like a great place to live.
  8. Congratulations! When did you interview? Did you get the acceptance today? I have heard nothing from NYU and no one has posted results on the survey so hope there is still a chance for me.
  9. Congrats. Just curious when you interviewed? Hope they are just starting to send invites.
  10. Anyone heard from nyu biology?
  11. For programs with rotations how exactly does the admission process work? I have seen people posting that they got informal acceptance email from a PI. Does this mean that you are committing yourself to joining his lab after rotations? What if you dont want to commit to any one PI at this stage? Or in the opposite case are only interested in one PI who you want to join after rotations. Can you finalize these things before accepting an offer?
  12. Thanks that is good to know. But now that I think about it, the email said 25 people were invited for this interview weekend and since they have another weekend the odds maybe more like 20 out of 50
  13. Just a random question to settle my nerves before my first interview next week. My interview email mentioned that around 25 people have been invited for the interview and the university website says that it aims for a class size of around 12 people every year. Does this mean around 50% of the people will be offered admissions or they more likely to offer admissions to a larger number of people since not everyone will accept? This is my first choice university and I really dont want to mess it up.
  14. That was very helpful. Will certainly do my research before accepting an offer now. Thanks
  15. Not trying to hijack the thread but I have a related question so thought would post it here. Does guaranteed support mean different things in different places? In my previous university students were supported by a combination of RA and TA jobs but getting a TA job was neither guaranteed nor easy. Similarly, some students ended up not getting any support in summers/holidays if there lab didn't support them through RAs. Now I have seen on some of the websites of universities I have applied to that teaching assistantships seem to be optional. NYU for example mentions that all students will be supported through fellowships and RAs and if they get a TA job the earning from that will be in addition to the stipend. So how exactly does the stipend work in larger/higher ranked universities? Is it guaranteed for the whole year including summers/holidays and is teaching a requirement or something you do for extra money? Also how much does tax usually reduce your stipend (just a rough idea)?