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    Jerusalem, Israel
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    Tons. My research interests include but are not limited to: • Ancient History
    • Assyriology
    • Biblical Studies
    • Classics
    • Comparative Mythology
    • Comparative Religions
    • Cosmology
    • Drama
    • Egyptology
    • Epic Literature
    • Epidemiological History
    • Evolutionary Biology
    • Gender Studies
    • Madhyamaka School Buddhism
    • Paleontology/Paleoanthropology
    • The Phenomenological Study of Origins
    • Philosophy
    • Politics
    • Social Justice
    • Theology
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    Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East
  1. Notre Dame funds everyone who gets in, most also get small stipends, and it's a great program with a great community (which is as important as good academics. People are, I think, less productive when miserable for two years). I'm completely biased because I loved my time there, but it's definitely got a strong ethics faculty. All the schools you mentioned are very good though. Good luck!
  2. What Languages in particular are you looking to learn? Harvard, Yale, Penn, Chicago, Johns Hopkins any others are very strong programs. If I knew what you wanted in particular, perhaps I could give a little more advice.
  3. I plan to apply to Penn, but I do Bible in its ANE context, and they haven't been accepting students to the Biblical Studies section of their ANE program for at least the last two years (since I first checked). I'm also very interested in world religion and the study of religion, but my chief interest has always been the very ancient. Does anyone know: A. If and when Penn will start accepting students again to their Bible division in their ANE program, B. If I could ever get a job as a HB prof with a different ANE degree with a minor area in HB or C: If the Religion program would suit someone like me with very broad interests, but with a focus in HB in its ANE context, or if an ANE program is my only option (I have an MTS in Bible from Notre Dame and pretty good GRE scores/language repertoire already. Doing a year at Hebrew U right now)