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  1. MasterK-Bob added a post in a topic Many questions RE Masters programs in Theology/Religion   

    Notre Dame funds everyone who gets in, most also get small stipends, and it's a great program with a great community (which is as important as good academics. People are, I think, less productive when miserable for two years). I'm completely biased because I loved my time there, but it's definitely got a strong ethics faculty. All the schools you mentioned are very good though. Good luck!
  2. MasterK-Bob added a post in a topic Near Eastern Languages   

    What Languages in particular are you looking to learn? Harvard, Yale, Penn, Chicago, Johns Hopkins any others are very strong programs. If I knew what you wanted in particular, perhaps I could give a little more advice.
  3. MasterK-Bob added a post in a topic U Penn Religion PhD   

    I plan to apply to Penn, but I do Bible in its ANE context, and they haven't been accepting students to the Biblical Studies section of their ANE program for at least the last two years (since I first checked). I'm also very interested in world religion and the study of religion, but my chief interest has always been the very ancient. Does anyone know:

    A. If and when Penn will start accepting students again to their Bible division in their ANE program,
    B. If I could ever get a job as a HB prof with a different ANE degree with a minor area in HB
    or C: If the Religion program would suit someone like me with very broad interests, but with a focus in HB in its ANE context, or if an ANE program is my only option

    (I have an MTS in Bible from Notre Dame and pretty good GRE scores/language repertoire already. Doing a year at Hebrew U right now)