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  1. I'm sort of keeping my fingers crossed, too. I received a fellowship for Palestine which I am really excited about, but I know that if I received the Fulbright I would immediately take that... Even though I've never been to Palestine and it would be such a cool, new experience, Fulbright probably trumps all. IDKKKKKKKKKK. But according to the spreadsheet, there are quite a few alternates for the Full Grant so I really doubt I'm going to hear anything
  2. Here's to hoping one of us still has a shot! I have another fellowship offer in Palestine but... I mean I really still would do Fulbright if I got it. It's got a grip on me!
  3. Alternate to Morocco Full. Sigh
  4. Omgggggggg if SSA is finding out why isn't Jermaine telling us MENA people! Not to say that I'm not sooooo excited for SSA people to find out finally. Yay! Hope!
  5. I just have a sinking feeling this week won't be it for MENA... I don't know why I feel this way, but maybe after weeks of refreshing I have lost allll hopppeee...
  6. Whyyyyyyyy!!
  7. Oh thank you! When I first read your post, of course I flipped out wondering why I hadn't found out yet! Then I realized you are a current grantee... Hehe.
  8. Weird! I think this might mean notifications will come out the week after. He seems to be the one in charge of notifying us; if he's out of office then I am sure we wouldn't get anything about our decisions from someone else. I am also unsure of whether he'd put that up just to buy time from us eager beavers since he seems like such a straightforward guy. Meh. Either way I can't think about Fulbright day in and day out anymore; it's seriously detracting from my schoolwork and my thesis is due soon!
  9. Okay so last week I emailed Jim Miller of MAECE about decisions - he replied: I know you are probably very anxious, but the announcements, which will come from the Institute of International Education (IIE) in New York, will come by the end of this month. They are the people who notify you. Thanks for asking. Dr. Miller End of month? Dying. (I'm applying for a full grant to Morocco)
  10. So another day - no news :'(
  11. Why haven't I found out yet WHhyhYYyhyhyyYYyyyyyYYyyYYY!!! I can't do it anymore!
  12. One of my friends just found out he got an ETA to Jordan! Does this mean we will find out decision for MENA soooooon? Unless they're doing the whole staggered response thing, in which case who knows what their schedule looks like!
  13. Call him! He seemed annoyed to me during my call with him but I mean, come on, we deserve a lil more information don't you think
  14. Okay just talked to Jermaine... He said that he hopes we find out in the next week or two (for Morocco anyway). I asked him whether the decisions came in from the commission in Morocco already; he said yes, he has them, but can't send out decisions until he gets a green light from DC. I don't really know what type of green light, but whatever. So at least decisions have come back from Morocco... Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut nothing new besides that, really.
  15. Iridescence11 -- since you have experience already in applying to Morocco, I have a question for you if you don't mind answering it. In my application I didn't establish an affiliation with a university, mostly because much of my research would be archival and the affiliation I actually established (with a museum / library) seemed more helpful. Do you think this could work against me? Because another one of my friends established a university AND museum affiliation for his app to Fulbright last year, and he got it (for Egypt). So I just don't know if not taking university classes is something that will work against my application, because they might wonder what I'll do with all of my time if I'm not also doing something "academic" in nature? Just some questions that arise in my mind as I wait for a decision...