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If you had to eat a raw frog today, would you do it in the morning or keep putting it off?
Today, 12:52 PM
  • ahlatsiawa's Photo
    Eat before I go to bed so that it's the last thing I have to do today. Can't go around meeting people with frog-breath all day.
    Today, 03:26 PM
  • fuzzylogician's Photo
    When I was younger I would have said "first thing in the morning" but then other people would find a way to get an extension or get out of it and that would piss me off. Now I say, put it off as much as you can.
    Today, 06:18 PM
  • Dedi's Photo
    Probably put it off for a bit, but then realize that these things also rot if you put it off for too long...
    Today, 09:39 PM


Just changed my signature to "already attending". I never thought I'd be doing so this year. Never give up.
Today, 03:22 AM
  • Jay's Brain's Photo
    Jay's Brain
    Same! Good luck with your grad studies!
    Today, 05:14 AM
  • FantasticalDevPsych's Photo
    Thank you, it's orientation morning for me! Good luck to you as well!
    Today, 11:52 AM

St Andrews Lynx

Cherry ice cream straight from the tub. Summer is awesome.
Yesterday, 11:41 PM


submitted my final paper for the summer. let's party!!!! freedom I can start binge watching netflix
Jul 03 2015 09:22 PM


Shaved my head today. It's so freeing!
Jul 03 2015 09:20 PM


Having one of those fun days where finding and ordering the resources I need for my project is starting to seem harder than the actual sciencing that I need them for...
Jul 02 2015 08:17 PM


Hotdogs and Hamburgers
Jul 02 2015 05:20 PM


I got my first, first-author conference paper accepted! Woot!
Jul 02 2015 02:31 PM


After a long medical road starting in September, I've finally been diagnosed with GERD. Follow up with them next week and a sleep study in August. Grad school hit my body like a truck O.o
Jul 02 2015 12:01 AM
  • windrainfireandbooks's Photo
    It took over a year for my doctor to diagnose that I had GERD too. Very scary place to be in not knowing. Glad that you finally have an answer.
    Jul 02 2015 05:49 AM
  • Munashi's Photo
    Getting a diagnosis is really difficult, I'm glad you have an answer now. Good luck with treatment! Now you can focus on that instead of wondering if you're insane, dying, etc...
    Jul 03 2015 01:13 PM
  • ERR_Alpha's Photo
    Thanks everyone!! :)
    Jul 04 2015 01:42 AM


Moving to CO in 3 weeks, and my husband was finally offered a job yesterday. I'm so glad since I was responsible for his anxiety from having to find a new one since we're moving for my PhD program.
Jul 01 2015 11:11 PM
  • atlremix's Photo
    Congrats! I am in a similar situation. My poor husband is traveling for interviews in our new home state on a weekly basis it seems!
    Jul 02 2015 04:07 AM
  • FinallyAccepted's Photo
    Good luck to him.
    Jul 02 2015 04:29 PM


30 days until I'm supposed to move out and I still haven't found a place to live! >.< Going to school out of state is frustrating!
Jul 01 2015 09:07 PM
  • St Andrews Lynx's Photo
    St Andrews Lynx
    Some apartment complexes I've seen only require 30 days notice that you're ending your rental contract, meaning that the apartments only go on the market 30 days before the move- in date. Keep looking.
    Jul 02 2015 12:09 AM
  • attackonthedoctor's Photo
    I am, and I'm starting to see places come up. Just frustrations because I've never lived outside of my state for an extended period of time. Thanks for the encouragement! :)
    Jul 02 2015 03:54 PM


It's is weird that I have been on break for a month, and I am already anxious to start year 2? I still have another 2 months... I think I am going to read ahead.
Jun 30 2015 07:07 PM
  • ahlatsiawa's Photo
    It is always a good idea to read ahead.
    Jun 30 2015 07:13 PM
  • NavyMom's Photo
    I think so too. I don't know what I am going to do with myself when school is officially done.
    Jun 30 2015 07:16 PM
  • Threeboysmom's Photo
    For me attending part time the finish line seems so far away.
    Jul 01 2015 05:00 PM


Still waiting on final word from grad school!
Jun 30 2015 06:46 PM
  • shinigamiasuka's Photo
    They're taking so long? :o
    Jul 01 2015 03:21 AM
  • ssynny's Photo
    yeah! I was recommended for admission a while ago, so if they expect me to start in the fall, I hope they get back to me soon!
    Jul 01 2015 02:46 PM


I changed my blog's name: it's now called Minnesota for a Reason
Jun 30 2015 02:35 PM