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  1. I was just accepted into a graduate program that follows the april 15th resolution, what exactly does this mean? If I accept this offer then get off the waitlist at a preferred school does this mean I am not allowed to rescind my acceptance or just ask their permission? The april 15th resolution states: "Students are under no obligation to respond to offers of financial support prior to April 15; earlier deadlines for acceptance of such offers violate the intent of this Resolution. In those instances in which a student accepts an offer before April 15 and subsequently desires to withdraw that acceptance, the student may submit in writing a resignation of the appointment at any time through April 15. However, an acceptance given or left in force after April 15 commits the student not to accept another offer without first obtaining a written release from the institution to which a commitment has been made. Similarly, an offer by an institution after April 15 is conditional on presentation by the student of the written release from any previously accepted offer. It is further agreed by the institutions and organizations subscribing to the above Resolution that a copy of this Resolution or a link to the URL should accompany every scholarship, fellowship, traineeship, and assistantship offer." Thanks in advance!
  2. A thread where people can post their acceptances for the fall and which school they plan to attend! Clinical, counseling, experimental, social, neuroscience, etc -- everyone tell us your good news!
  3. Hi, I applied to and got selected for the 1 year MS Bioengineering program at Stanford. Currently I'm weighing it against another MS offer from ETH Zurich (2 years, research based), and a PhD offer from Duke (Computational Bio.) The selling point for Stanford is the university's reputation and the prospect of moving into a job rather than a 5 year PhD commitment. Could anybody share some light about the reputation of the particular program, and how it's viewed in the industry? I'm basically skeptical about landing in a good place with a not-so great program, especially since it's just a 1 year thing. Since its not funded at all, I'd also want to keep that in mind.
  4. Hey there! I'm a Texas gal born and raised and l only applied to in-state schools. I'm really hoping starting this thread isn't a bad idea/going to freak me out but as we are getting closer to the acceptance period I am getting curious about when people are going to start receiving good (or bad) news! I know we're still a few weeks out from the "mid-march" acceptance period, I thought Texas applicants could use this thread to share their current situations/questions/concerns and hopefully get connected with a friend or two that ends up choosing the same program. I've personally not heard back from anywhere, even though I know classmates who've already received acceptances from UT Dallas (I realize this may be because they submitted their apps a couple of months before me). Other places I applied were UT Austin, University of Houston, TCU, UNT, TWU, and Texas State. Good luck to everyone!!!
  5. Hello everyone, This is my first post on this forum. Please excuse my mistakes if any. Due to having bad grades in my undergrad, it was and still is very tough for me to manage funding. I am an international student with no experience of applying abroad. Nevertheless, I've been trying to get in contact with professors who have similar research interests to mine. Last month however, One professor agreed to interview me over Skype. I presume my interview went good because I was told at the end of the interview that I am smart and passionate about research and I was also told to apply before the deadline. When I asked him whether I could mention my interest in working as his research assistant, he told me to go ahead. As my grades are abysmal, he also advised me to read a book which I am currently studying. He also encouraged me to apply for PhD. As of this moment, I have been waiting for two weeks since the deadline and trying to infer the possibilities by connecting dots and crosses which I know is not a good idea. I know it's rather discrete question but what would you suggest I should do now? Thanks.
  6. Has anyone heard/know when we should hear from University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Midwestern AZ and Midwestern IL? Thank you and good luck to everyone!
  7. I am incredibly excited to announce that I received my first acceptance offer to Boston University for their MAT program Anyway, I was on the forum trying to find other people who were accepted to schools and excited about it but all of the forums that were about acceptance were also about rejections. I felt bad about posting how happy I was when their post all seemed like they were stressed so I decided to create my own chain where all who have been accepted and are excited about it can shout it from the rooftops meaning post about it in here. Applied: UNCW, CCU, BU, GWU Waiting: UNCW, CCU, GWU Accepted: BU
  8. Hi there has anyone heard back from csula yet ? Do they require interviews ? I've applied for the ms in counseling school psychology and I am a green card holder, does anyone know if I'm considered domestic or international ? Im very anxious to find out if I'm accepted or not.. but feeling a bit of a lost hope because it's already mid march and I haven't heard anything !!
  9. Hi everyone, I just accepted my offer to my dream school University of Pittsburgh! Anyone else offered admission and accepting their offer? Would be great to get in touch with some of you before some of the visit days - maybe there is a FaceBook page? I will be declining my admissions at Wayne State University, Ohio University, Case Western Reserve University, University of Tennessee, Syracuse University, and University of South Carolina. Good luck to those on waitlist - hope it helps someone get their dream school, too
  10. I know the Oxford website says decisions are made and sent out 8-10 weeks after the deadline. Since the Jan. 20th (2017) deadline, that would put decisions around March 17th-31st. I'm wondering if anyone has heard any additional information regarding Oxford results and, additionally, what departments/ strands your application was for. Thank you!
  11. Hey everyone! I'm new to the forum so please bare with me! I'm about to be 26 years old and I finally decided to pursue my dream of becoming a licensed school psychologist. So far, I've been given the opportunity to interview at Fairleigh Dickinson University for their MA School Psychology program (accredited and have a Psy.D advanced standing track). I was recently accepted to Long Island University- Hudson for an M.S in School Psychology with Bilingual Extension (Not accredited), and Iona College for an MA in School Psychology (accredited). I plan on moving to Florida but I did not make the application deadline for the University of Central Florida's School Psychology EdS program, and it's unlikely that I would get in. Here's my dilema, I meet above all of the requirements for Nova Southeastern University's Psy.D program (and I really want to get in!) EXCEPT the GRE standard cut-off score. What my goal is for this specific program is a combined score of at least a 300. The first time I took the GRE I scored very low (combined score of 274). In my defense, math was never my best subject and I also did not prepare for the GRE at all (I did not study and I did not know anything about the test format, length, etc.) and I kind of went in blind. My question is will it be possible for me to go up 26 points on my GRE? I purchased the ETS GRE prep book straight from the makers of GRE and I was thinking of using Magoosh what do you guys think? Is Magoosh trustworthy or should I try a private tutor? Thank you guys Alex
  12. I just got back from the visit day where they revealed some stats about this year's admissions. The following include both MS and MS/PhD applications. ~950 applications 224 were sorted into the Admit/Possible Admit pile 181 were admitted (19% acceptance rate) 57 were invited to interview for 5 quarter and 3 year fellowships (6%) The vast majority of people invited will receive the 5 quarter fellowship for the MS before moving into a funded PhD. The MechE department has 5 Stanford Graduate Fellowships to hand out which provide funding and an increased stipend for 3 years. Stanford is only interested in funding students whose eventual goal is a PhD. All letters will be sent out sometime in mid-March. The takeaway from this is that there are still 124 MS students who have no idea they've been admitted yet. Just wait if you're in this boat.
  13. Hey all, I need input on me picking my graduate school for immunology. So i have four interviews University of Alabama Birmingham, Case western reserve, University of Pittsburgh, University of Arizona. I have already been accepted to Birmingham and case. If i don't get accepted to Pitt, should I go to UAB where I like the school and the research but my reservation is that Birmingham is dull and lacks interesting things to do. Or should I go to case where the PI's are cool well establish and there are some with interesting research to me, I like Cleveland a lot more but i feel less of a connection with the research and PI at case. any input is appreciated.
  14. I had my interview on the 17th and they told us we'd know in 1-2 weeks who got in or not. They had a delay because two people had to be interviewed over Skype the following Monday. The wait is killing me and I'm wondering if any of my fellow applicants might have heard something back. Granted, there was only six of us, so the pool is relatively small :"3
  15. I didn't see this posted here so I thought I'd make mention of it. I posted about Columbia University weeks ago but my major is pretty specific and I don't believe of the people who viewed it that anyone else applied to the same program (which it totally cool). Anyway; I was reading an article the other day about Columbia sending out 276 Acceptance letters to their prospective graduate students that applied to the Mailman School of Public Health on their campus... only to receive an email an hour later saying "Oops... this was an error" which totally made my heart hurt. I'm over here stressing because I haven't heard anything but could you imagine that golden ticket email just to have it swiped from your hands!? Edit: I didn't apply to the program so I'm not nearly as heavily effected as some of my friends who did, I just thought the story was interesting (and... pretty disheartening). Anyway, I hope you're all doing well. I'll link the article. NYT: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/02/17/nyregion/columbia-grad-school-acceptance-letters.html
  16. Hello! I have applied to the 2017 DVLE Speech Language Pathology program at JMU. I am anxiously waiting to hear if i have been accepted or not! I am a practicing SLPA and have just been rejected from WKU online program. Was wondering if anyone has heard and what GRE/GPA looks like! Fingers crossed!
  17. Let's share our experience for the Fall 2017 cycle!
  18. I am being invited out to a school to interview there, however I have already gotten into my top schools (awaiting funding at one), and the school doesn't have enough money to get me out there to visit. As a result the POI has offered to throw in some of her personal money so it is at no cost to me. How do I decline this offer in a way that is not insulting, but doesn't rule me out from being accepted?
  19. Wanted to start a Colorado State University- Fort Collins thread. Does anyone know how competitive it is to get into CSU's MSW program? Has anyone been accepted/ rejected?
  20. Has anyone applied to either University of Nebraska's PhD or EdD in Educational Studies? How about Johns Hopkins' EdD program? I'm anxiously awaiting. I haven't heard anything so am naturally worried! Thanks for sharing all of your experiences!
  21. When I go to check my email, I estimate the probability of something new having arrived from a prospective university: 12:00am; 5% Highly unlikely, but still not zero 1:00am; 3% Less likely than midnight, but some professors are burning the midnight oil 2:00am; 5% My poor math deduces that if they are awake in the middle of the night, 2am sounds like a good time to email me after all. Check email. 3:00am; 2% If they were going to email in the middle of the night, they probably would have done so already 4:00am; 7% Some professors are cray-cray morning people after all 5:00am; 12% Better time for a morning person to consider it appropriately late enough to send an email out without seeming strange 6:00am; 12% Some of the early morning folks may have gone for a jog first and then had a snack or walked their dog and are only now getting to their email 7:00am; 15% Before leaving for work, someone may wrap up a few pending tasks, like sending me an email 8:00am; 25% First thing in the morning when getting to the office, a fantastic time to both accept and reject someone 9:00am; 20% A slightly less acceptable time to accept someone, but still perfectly acceptable for a rejection 10:00am; 25% An email after a brief meeting to finish making those final applicant decisions 11:00am; 20% They may send me something during a late morning meeting, from their phone, while ignoring the speaker, and acting like they are doing important business on their phone 12:00pm; 20% Right before lunch, they send out some satisfying emails that have been weighing on them, so they can go out to lunch satisfied 1:00pm; 6% The back from lunch now, forgotten email, rush send they intended to send during the morning and have recollected only now that they are well fed 2:00pm; 20% Final decisions were made after a long lunch meeting where some fights broke out and coffee was thrown 3:00pm; 15% After-lunch meeting closes calmly with no thrown coffee, applicants decided 4:00pm; 10% Private meetings in dark corners bring final decisions to a close in the late afternoon 5:00pm; 15% They save the feel-good happy acceptance email message for the end of the day 6:00pm; 20% "Oh crap, I totally forgot to send those acceptance emails" -on the way out the door 7:00pm; 12% Professor arrives at home, "Oh crap, I totally forgot to send those acceptance emails." 8:00pm; 10% Over dinner, "Oh crap, I totally forgot to send those acceptance emails." 9:00pm; 6% Late night fighting continued over final applicant decisions in office overtime. Pizza was thrown. It wasn't whether or not to accept me, but who got to have me. Rawr. 10:00pm; 10% The meeting transitioned into primetime TV watching and over soothed nerves they finally decided to throw some dice 11:00pm; 8% The toughest of decisions was resolved by transforming applications into paper airplanes and competing for flying distance Note: These numbers do not add up to 100%
  22. Hi! I was wondering if anyone out there had been accepted into the Hertie School of Government Affairs this year? I applied at the end of December and am still waiting on my response!
  23. Does anyone know what the acceptance rate for the part-time MSW program at USC is? I am applying to the online program, but I was told that the part time program is less competitive and the minimum GPA requirement is a 2.5. Has anyone had experience with this and know what the chances are for someone with less than a 3.0, for the part-time program?
  24. I currently have 2 offers for an M.S. without financial aid (Fall 17) and I am waiting to hear the results from 3 more schools. My situation is - School A gave me a 1-month deadline from the offer date to make a decision, and if I say yes then I have to pay a deposit. After that, I will need to send a copy of my passport along with the financial docs for them to issue my I-20. - School B said I have been recommended for admission, and the next step is for me to mail in a copy of passports and financial docs for them. Then my I-20 will arrive with the official acceptance packet. They did not mention anything about me notifying them with a yes/no response, or the deadline that I must abide by, or the need for a deposit. I called and asked if there was a hard deadline for the financial docs and they said there really wasn't one either. So school A and B are the safety schools for me. I really hope to hear good news from the remaining 3 schools. I heard that some people would just say yes to multiple schools, get multiple I-20 documents, and make the final decision by declining the offers that they don't want later. My problem is that I just don't want all these schools to have a copy of my passport and bank account info if it turns out that I will not attend there. Plus my spouse will be going with me, so they will also have a copy of my spouse's passport too if I want an i-20 from them. I am just not comfortable with the idea because I think it could be a privacy issue. And then there is the issue of paying a non-refundable deposit to hold your place. Since the timeline for the decision will spread out over the next few months, I just hate the idea of paying a deposit on safety school as a fallback plan. Do all schools really follow that April 15th deadline? Does it apply to an admission without financial aid? My plan right now is to wait a month to see if other school's results will come through. If any of you have a good risk management process for dealing with multiple offers, please share. Thanks.
  25. With most of the deadlines for biology and biomedical Ph.D. programs for the Fall 2017 either being over or approaching, there's only one thing left to do: WAIT. If you're anything like me, you are refreshing your email hourly (even though it's only December 5th). So my question is to past applicants: When did you hear back from schools that you applied to about interviews and what not. Also, where did you apply? I would love to hear about some of the experiences you had with different schools and when you had correspondence with them so I can ease my own anxiety! Thanks!