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  1. Hi buddies I'm a bachelor of chemical eng. and really really like to continue in the fields including space eng., astrophysics or cosmology... Anyone Anyone can help me and have any advice? please...I'll be grateful if anyone suggest even as a sentence. Thank you
  2. I was recently emailed by masdar and was told that I am on the shortlist for admission. Is that a good thing? And when can I expect to receive the final decision?
  3. Hi everyone, I'm planning on applying to a Biochem program for fall 2018, but I am very much concerned about if my situation will even put me in the game or if I have a chance at admission and interviews. So I have been working in a small government chemistry lab for almost 1 year, with possibly 1 publication in the near future. I was hoping taking two years and getting some experience in the field would help my application, but I am not sure if working in a chem lab is any helpful since I want to be in a bio lab. Will this be disadvantageous towards my application? This is one of my main concerns, which is the reason I am looking for positions in a bio related lab. I also interned as a research assistant during my undergrad at a clinical research institute and was also a lab assistant for my undergrad Bio department. I graduated from a liberal arts school and had a cumulative GPA of 3.63 and science GPA of 3.68, obviously not much different. I'm planning to take my GRE at the end of this month, but I'm terrified that if I don't get around the 80% percentile, then I won't have any chances with everything else in my application. I would love to go to UC Davis, but I also have many other schools in mind like: - Temple Uni- Uni of Colorado- Bolder -UC San Fran - UC Santa Barbara - Indiana - Wakeforest Uni - Rockefeller - NYU - Uni of Florida - Darthmouth Does anyone have any advice for this daunting process? Feel free to share any experiences or impressions about schools and programs. Thank you!!
  4. Hello All, I just wanted to create a section where we can share any news, or progress regarding Spring 2018 admission into Fordham University's MSW Program. According to admissions, the application will open up either July 1st or Mid July (around July 15th).
  5. So I could not find any other active forums about CSUB which is why I'm making this one. Has anyone applied to CSUB? If so have you heard anything back yet? I applied the 1st week of December via email. Still waiting on a response...
  6. Hello, I'm interested in the one year Master of Science in Public Policy program at NYU's Wagner School. It seems like a pretty unique program to me, and I'm having trouble finding any information about acceptance rates or thoughts on past applicants. etc. Does anyone have any thoughts about this program or is anyone else applying/does anyone know any admissions statistics? Thank you! - M
  7. Hello fellow students, I just wanted to inquire if anyone has heard from Memorial University in regards to their Masters in Psychology application for Fall 2017 semester? More so, I was wondering how the acceptances/rejections work and if there is a waitlist? Will I receive an email acceptance/rejection or something in the mail? Just today my Application Status was changed from "Complete - Ready for Review" to "Decision Made" therefore, I emailed the Graduate Studies Office and waiting for reply. Though I still remain hopeful for an acceptance, it is pretty late to receive one. Compared to other programs, is this considered late to hear back? I really appreciate any feedback/opinions/questions/critique/insight/etc.! Thanks a lot in advance!
  8. Hey everyone! I was hoping to see if we could get together a list of statistics for admissions for Canadian MPH programs! I found UofT's: Applications: Domestic - 792, International - 102 Offers: Domestic - 221, International - 7 Registration: Domestic - 103, International - 4 Link to document: https://issuu.com/dlsph/docs/2015-16_annual_report_final_spreads?e=25479276/36812031 DLSPH's 2015-2016 Annual Report NOTE: If you found the stats online, provide a link for it please If it's through word of mouth, alumni, etc, feel free to indicate
  9. I have a three years BA degree with specialisations in Economics from a college affiliated to University of Pune, India. I was wondering my chances of getting into a good Masters in Economics Program(Msc. or MA or Masters in Economics) on a scholarship. Here are my details: Grades: 66% cumulative of three years GRE: 161quant 157verbal and 4 AWA TOEFL: 107 I am specifically looking at universities where they take 3 years bachelor students. Some of the universities I have selected are (McGill University, Boston University, Tillburg University, Edinburgh Univerisity, Monash University) What are my chances in these universities?
  10. So I need opinions. I have been accepted to the Masters of Peace and Conflict Studies at both Saint Paul and University of Waterloo. I'm not sure which I should go to. I get more funding at Waterloo, but there is not a thesis or MRP option. Only coursework which is not 100% okay with me. Waterloo is only 16 months but Ottawa is a full two years. Waterloo has an overall better reputation that Saint Paul, but Saint Paul is highly connected with University of Ottawa. The Saint Paul faculty has been educated from Oxford to UofT, while Waterloo is mostly smaller American universities. I am able to get an internship at both schools, but Waterloo really pushes this and seems more experienced in this department. I am able to get both an RA or TA position at both. Help would be appreciated!!
  11. I am a Canadian Undergrad that received offers from Paris School of Economics M2 program, London School of Economics MSc Econ program, and University of Toronto Msc Econ program. I kind of regret not applying to Harvard or MIT because I received offers from every school I applied. I will probably pursue PhD at one of Harvard, MIT, Chicago, and UC Berkeley. At the end of the day, I want to land a position of Economics Professor at any of top 10 institutions. I specialize in Microeconomic theory and in particular the mathematics and game theory. I am really flexible in terms of research area since I have undergrad degree in math and by this, I mean learning a new topic in economics isn't a big concern for me. Offers: PSE - second year masters, almost free tuition (basically skipping a year of comprehensives. I super hate tests) LSE- admissions UofT- admissions on full financial support $18000 UBC- admissions on moderate support $14000 I am leaning towards PSE or UofT. PSE is highly ranked. UofT prof there seems to really want me there. Which school would you choose if these schools offered admissions to you?
  12. Hi to all, Having graduated from one of Turkey's reputable universities in 2010 ( BS Engineering, gpa 2.01), I began to work in sales and marketing departments of corporate companies. Now having worked 5 years full time, I decided to add an mba vision both for myself and my career. I want to ask you which way I should follow? I need your advices. -Can I apply for a grad school such a low gpa? Does it sound logical for admittance? -Should I just prefer only my country Turkey for Mba or does having an Mba from USA or UK get more to my career? -Should I decide the grad school location after the application? As you see I am really confused, I am not sure on which step I should start? Thanks for your advices,
  13. Seeking out International Finance and Economics (MA), Ryerson University FALL 17 STUDENTS Hi, I applied to International Finance and Economics (MA, F-17), Ryerson University. Lets gather all the applicants under this thread. Share your status! It's been more than a month and I have not yet received any communication from them (apart from GS Acknowledgement). Has anyone heard anything back even from them even in different subject? Moreover, how many students do they enroll in that course and how do i know about my application status?
  14. Hey guys! I was unable to get accepted into my top program and am still waiting to hear back from a few others. I am thinking about reapplying but was wondering if I was competitive enough to re-apply for next cycle even if I havent taken any communication science courses. My stats are: 3.1 cummulative GPA (major in Chemistry) 150 vr 149 qr 4.5 w GRE 25 shadowing hours (is this too little? how many hours do students normally apply with?) Various volunteering/community service hours, but no experience in this field except for shadowing. Do I have to take specific communication science courses or can I still apply without taking them? I dont know if I can afford to take them. And how much experience do students typically have in this field before applying? I'm from a small town so a comm science major wasnt even offered at my university. Are there any agencies I can get in touch with to gain more experience in this field and do schools favor slp/comm science majors over other science majors? Any advice would be very much appreciated!
  15. I noticed that the previous thread was blocked, and even though it's rather late, I figured it was still worthwhile to start a new one! Where is everyone at with their admission statuses??
  16. Hi guys! I just received an interview invitation from UC Berkeley's M.Eng program in IEOR. For those who have also applied to the M.Eng program, please share if you received any communication from university/status of your application/admit etc. Does anyone know what are the chances of admission if you've been through an interview?
  17. I have graduated from one of the top 5 university of UK institution with not so good GPA (Lower Second which would converts to 3.00~3.20/4.00). Then I graduated Master’s degree from top university of my home country (in eastern Asia). Here, I have published one paper as 1st author (~13 IF) and two paper as 2nd and 4th author and also, I have published two patents. After that, I have been working as a research associate for 3 years in one of the diagnostic company in my country. (This was an alternative option for compulsory military service). I have applied for PhD degree in BME/Bioengineering/Chemical and biological engineering for fall 2017 to top tier engineering universities. So far, I have been rejected from 6 institutions out of 20 and have not heard anything from other institutions at all. Since it is already mid- Feb, I am worried that I would be rejected from all the universities. Last week, I received a rejection letter for PhD and offered for MA degree in Chemical and biological engineering from Johns Hopkins University. They say there is no funding opportunity in 1st year but there might be some in 2nd year. I have heard lot of opinion that this is no better than cold rejection and they give out these offers to gather cash to fund their PhD. But now I am considering this offer seriously since it’s all I have so far but the problem is I have already earned MA and I am 29 this year… If I don’t get PhD offer, I am going to re-apply next year and I am considering following two options to do so. I would like to ask other’s opinion which would be more realistic. 1) Diagnostic Company, which I am currently working, have US branch in New Jersey. I have asked the CEO that whether I could be transferred to this branch and he said it might be possible (not sure whether this would be a research position but it is likely). My plan is to move to US branch and see if I can find a lab at nearby university (Upenn, Penn state, Columbia Etc..) which I could conduct research during weekends. I guess this would better my chances for next year’s PhD application to those universities (would it?) or at least I could get some recommendation letter from US professor. But I am not so sure whether Professors would allow total stranger to work in their lab. Back in my country, this is often possible but I have no idea on US institution’s customs. If this is possible and if it indeed better my chances for PhD admission, I guess this option is better than the second since I do not have to worry about living costs and tuition fee. 2) Second option is accepting JHU’s offer. Since I am international student, the tuition cost is huge burden, not to mention that two extra year at my age. If I accept this offer, I would be able to make some connections with professor at JHU. Would there be a chance for me to transfer of re-apply for PhD after a year (to JHU + other universities) and if so, would this increase my chance of getting PhD admission than the first option? I heard lot of rumor that accepting this type of offer would stigmatize you as a student who are not eligible for PhD admission. Is this true?? No-response (14) Cornell, Upenn, Chicago, Boston, Rice, Yale, Columbia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Perdue, Brown, UCLA, Northwestern, Duke Rejected (5) UC berkeley, Stanford, UCSD, Washington,Illinois - Urbana Offered MA(1) Johns Hopkins
  18. Hey! Curious if anyone out there applied for UC Santa Cruz's MA/C program for summer 2017? Let's wait together! I'd love to hear which credential you seek and what your application was like. It's only been one day since app's were due and I'm already so stressed!
  19. Hello, So I have been admitted into a top PhD program in anthropology at one of these northeastern ivy league schools that I never thought I would actually get in to. The program seems great, the funding is amazing but there are no professors really related to my topic (in the broad sense). They are some professors related to my secondary field of interest (environmental anthropology) and to the region I want to work, which is what my potential advisor's research is on but my main field of research is not represented. The other schools I got into have professors more linked to my topic but are not top programs (and sometimes with less good funding), so I don't know if the main criteria should be to have professors in the department linked to one's field of study.
  20. I am incredibly excited to announce that I received my first acceptance offer to Boston University for their MAT program Anyway, I was on the forum trying to find other people who were accepted to schools and excited about it but all of the forums that were about acceptance were also about rejections. I felt bad about posting how happy I was when their post all seemed like they were stressed so I decided to create my own chain where all who have been accepted and are excited about it can shout it from the rooftops meaning post about it in here. Applied: UNCW, CCU, BU, GWU Waiting: UNCW, CCU, GWU Accepted: BU
  21. Just wanting to hear others thoughts on Adelphi University's program. I have heard some negative things, especially regarding tuition increases and faculty. Did anyone else get in? I live in Oregon and so far have only been accepted to Adelphi. It would be a big move for me but I will definitely go there if it's my only option.
  22. Hi there, I recently found out I got accepted into Uni. of Oregon (my alma mater), Portland State, Uni. of Minnesota Twin cities, and wait-listed by UW seattle (Medical SLP). Definitely not going to Minnesota (too cold and too expensive) and I don't think there's much chance for me to have someone's spot at UW so my decision will likely be made between UO and PSU. I want to focus more on dysphagia and medical SLP so my concern with UO is the location where there are not too many medical facilities I know of that provide related services for practicum. PSU is right in the middle of Portland-metro but the increasing traffic and living cost is also quite intimidating. I wonder if any PSU/UO current students or graduates can shed some light on both schools by reflecting on your personal experiences. I'd like to know 1). quality of teaching; 2). practicum opportunities (i.e. variety, easiness to be placed with preferred facility, etc). 3). support from the department (i.e. research opportunity, well informed with certifications in preferred modality, etc) 4). "employability" (i.e. Do employers find you as a PSU/UO graduate favorable?) & graduation preparation (i.e. Does your advisor help you map out, or at least inform you how to get on your career path as a future clinician specialized in dysphasia?) Thank you all so much for contributing to the topic!
  23. Hello all, I have a GRE Score of 294 taken in 2014. IELTS score is 7. Done Masters in Computer Science in USA with ~3.3 GPA with 3+ years of IT work experience and 6+ years of Leadership experience in different NPO's, Volunteer work and many achievements in the field of Social work. I wanted to do Phd in Business/Public Administration to do research on Self Sustainable model for very poor (low income villages) so that children in the village can go to schools and concentrate on education. I need help in selecting Universities in which I can admit (Looking for top schools). If I can get into top schools or not?
  24. Hi! I am currently in my first year of teaching, aiming for a masters in Counselling Psychology in 2018. A bit early, but I was wondering if anyone had any experience with these two schools and what my chances are with a 3.3 GPA and a 76 average? How likely is it that I'll get accepted? Thanks!
  25. Hey all, I was wondering whether it looks bad to reject an open house from a university that I applied to. I have received offers from 2 of my top choices and really do not see myself going to this university that is hosting an open house. The two other programs just have so much more in terms of resources and professorship, my application to this university was a back-up application to a similar field. I RSVP'd a month ago before I got my other acceptances, but I feel weird going to an open house that I have a 99% chance of rejecting. My thought process is that they still have about 10 business days to invite another applicant (if they have one wait listed.) What do you guys think? Any pros/cons? Edit: Also, this university did not provide any travel expenses/hotel bookings either. Therefore, it really would not 'lose' them any money...