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Found 27 results

  1. Hey everyone just thought I would start up a thread for any audiology hopefuls applying for the 2017 year! I am applying to UBC and Western this year. I have heard that Western is really difficult to get into. Does anyone know if UBC is any easier?
  2. hi all! I need some advice on what to do about grad school. I wasn't going to apply this year and last minute I decided to give it a try, so I submitted my applications basically towards the deadlines. I received an email about setting up an interview 2 days ago, but I feel like because it's already the middle of april it's too late and they've already made their decisions about who got in and not. Is it a waste of time to schedule it still? My only concern is that this school is pretty far from my house and don't want to waste the money/time, What do you think?
  3. Hi! Has anyone applied for the Texas Tech University Health Science Center's doctoral program in audiology for Fall 2017 admission? I had an interview on the 28th of February and have yet to receive a response from the admissions committee. I would love to hear from others who are in the same boat. It would be great to attend Texas Tech!
  4. Post your current status and any questions or comments here! Interview dates on 1/27, 2/17. 3/11 My interview was on 1/27 and I am currently on committee hold.
  5. Hi Starting this forum for people on the waiting list for audiology. I was placed on the waiting list for Dalhousie. Wondering if anyone is in a similar predicament or have you been removed for the waiting list in the past?
  6. Hey guys! I was unable to get accepted into my top program and am still waiting to hear back from a few others. I am thinking about reapplying but was wondering if I was competitive enough to re-apply for next cycle even if I havent taken any communication science courses. My stats are: 3.1 cummulative GPA (major in Chemistry) 150 vr 149 qr 4.5 w GRE 25 shadowing hours (is this too little? how many hours do students normally apply with?) Various volunteering/community service hours, but no experience in this field except for shadowing. Do I have to take specific communication science courses or can I still apply without taking them? I dont know if I can afford to take them. And how much experience do students typically have in this field before applying? I'm from a small town so a comm science major wasnt even offered at my university. Are there any agencies I can get in touch with to gain more experience in this field and do schools favor slp/comm science majors over other science majors? Any advice would be very much appreciated!
  7. Looking for a 3rd roommate! Lease starts on August 1st. Rent is $365 + utilities. 1st floor apartment, 3 bed/3 bath, washer and dryer in unit, dishwasher, large closets, off street parking. Main space of apartment is furnished. If you're interested please contact me at kathryn.hefta@coyotes.usd.edu!
  8. I do not mean to make this post long-winded but I do want to take a minute to verbally articulate my experience going through the Audiology admissions process for Fall of 2017. I applied to 10 schools altogether, 5 through the CSDCAS system and 5 through individual university application portals. As for background, I attend a competitively ranked research institution and will end with a 3.3 GPA while scoring +315 on the GRE. My undergraduate education is in neurobiological/ cognitive sciences and I have plenty of relevant research and shadowing experience. I quickly found through this application process a marked difference in the professional layout and user-friendly navigation of the CSDCAS system as opposed to the plethora of differing and somewhat confusing formats utilized by the universities that do not use CSDCAS. Through the CSDCAS system, I felt my application was a better representation of myself as a student and future professional with details added for conferences, awards, work experience, etc. that did not necessarily show up in the other applications I completed using other application systems. Additionally, CSDCAS's thourough process of application verification, although can seem cumbersome at times, gives a underratedly vitale manner in which to ensure the appropriate programs have received all necessary and supplementary materials. Personally, I Had issues with programs telling me that they had received certain documents when in actuality they had not or vice versa with the non-CSDCAS universities. To this end I have had a much more positive experience through CSDCAS and it showed come my acceptance/ rejection letters. Of the 5 schools I applied to outside of the CSDCAS system I was rejected by 4 outright (one did not even let me into the graduate school) and was waitlisted by the other program. Also, the schools I applied to that were non-CSDCAS were significantly worse ranking wise and accepted a higher percentage of applicants comparatively. On the other hand, however, through the applications I submitted via CSDCAS I was accepted to 4 and waitlisted by 1 program. My point being that when considering where to apply and attend Audiology school obviously a slew of credentials come to mind, I just hope that future professionals will take advantage of a more holistic application route that, at least in my case, ended with significantly better results.
  9. Has anyone else accepted an offer to Iowa? I'm excited to be going there this fall!
  10. Hi there! I just officially accepted my offer to West Virginia University for Audiology starting Fall 2017! I have started the apartments search for a place to live. Is anyone else searching for a place close to Allen Hall and have any advice, or need a roommate to live with??
  11. Hey everyone! I know I've posted something along these lines before, but I'm trying to get ready for the next application cycle for audiology and I really want to have better chances of admission because it's something I really want to do! So I was wondering if it's possible to get into an AuD program if you're not a CSD major. A majority of the people I've talked to that are in audiology school or are audiologists have majored in CSD and have above 3.6 GPAs. But for me, it would be too expensive to go back to college to get a second degree. I have a degree in chemistry, which covers most of the non CSD pre-reqs for audiology school. However, my GPA is too low (around 3.1). I was thinking of taking two classes related to audiology such as Intro to Audiology and ASL both online. Would that be recommended? As for experience, I'm trying to shadow more and maybe volunteer for a couple months in either a hospital or a clinic as well as attend conferences. I just don't to apply again only to get rejected for the second time, that would be absolutely heartbreaking:( If anyone has been admitted to audiology school that majored in something else, PLEASE feel free to share your journey to audiology school and any advice! I really need it! lol Thanks everyone!:)
  12. Can anyone give me insight into which school would be better to attend/some pros and cons of each?
  13. Hey guys! I have applied to several AuD programs and have yet to hear back from them. It's already been one month since I've applied and people are already getting interview invites from programs I applied to. Should I contact the schools or just wait for them to get back to me? This waiting period is so nerve racking!!
  14. (Hopefully this thread will help people in the future applying with CSDCAS since it is so confusing and poorly instructed) Is anybody else completely fed up with CSDCAS?! My first application is due 1/15 and my official transcripts have not all been received (still waiting on one more), but otherwise I had the green checkmark to submit and pay. I already paid the extra $30 to submit he application thru the schools own website (What's the point of a common app if we still have to fill out the schools one with all the same info?!?!?!?!??!). But when I went to pay it said that things such as evaultions/recommendations and transcripts would be locked up. I'm just confused on whether or not my things all need to be received and verified before my application can be put through. CSDCAS is so vague and even looking through the help files makes me more confused.
  15. Hello everyone! I thought I should start a new conversation for this year. I hope everyone's applications went well! I was on the waitlist for UBC last year, and I am applying again this year with a lot more experience & 1-year MA in Linguistics involving a research project in Acoustics. I really hope I get in this time! Anyone else in re-applying?
  16. Hi all, For anyone who has recently taken the audiology praxis exam or is currently preparing for the test - what study materials do you use other than class notes? The only resource that I found to be useful is from the ETS website - interactive practice test (link below): https://www.ets.org/praxis/prepare/materials/5342 Are there any other good resources? If you've taken the test already, any advice? Thank you and Happy Holidays!
  17. I have all my pre requisites done except for Intro Audiology. Does anyone know places I could take it online this fall (2016)?
  18. Does anyone know of any audiology programs that let you complete coursework abroad? I know there is a demand for audiologists in third world countries but does anyone know of any programs that have audiology volunteer in other countries (including developed countries)? I'm currently trying to decide which schools to apply to and being able to apply my knowledge and help individuals in need is a big factor for me. Thanks for any help!
  19. Hello All! I recently accepted my offer to University of Washington (Seattle) for the class of 2020 Doctor of Audiology program. Are there any other students out there that have also accepted their offer to UW Audiology? If so lets chat, find each other on more conventional social media platforms (i.e. Facebook) and start the Facebook class of 2020 group to connect with the other students! Thanks! Sara
  20. Hey Everyone! I just paid my acceptance fee for A.T. Still's program in Arizona! I'm so excited, just wondering if there are any others out there that have already committed to ATSU!
  21. I recently received an offer from Indiana University in Bloomington offering 90% tuition remission the first year. It is a three year program and I am in-state, so the tuition is lower than any of the other schools I applied to. I am just concerned about it being a three year program as well as a lack of clinical opportunities aside from geriatrics. Does anyone have any insight into the program including pros and cons? Is the reputation positive or negative? I have also been accepted into some top ranked schools including Vanderbilt, but I'm not sure if the cost is justified. Thanks for your help!
  22. Can anyone who was accepted to U of Memphis for SLP tell me their undergrad GPA? Considering applying for the fall of 2017 with a 3.53 GPA and wondering if I stand a chance. Any application tips are welcome also!
  23. I am considering Indiana University's audiology program and wondering how it compares to others? I am curious about the difference between 3 year and 4 year programs.
  24. Hi! I have currently been accepted to university of Oklahoma HSC, Texas Tech HSC, and Gallaudet. I'm still waiting to hear from UTD and Vandy. If I get in to either of those I will most likely attend but neither are looking promising. Does anyone have any advice about OU or Gallaudet? The programs, the cities, etc. Anything and everything is appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  25. Hello everyone, I'm attempting to apply to graduate school in the fall and I've reached a bit of a predicament. I've been working as an Audiology Assistant for a few years, and I've been out of school for a while. The requirements for the three letters of recommendation state they must come from a professor who can vouch for my abilities as a student. However, I'm 100% sure none of my old professors remember me. How do I go about obtaining quality letters of rec. from professors who don't have the time or are not willing to do so? This is literally the last piece of the puzzle and any insights you may have would be appreciated. Thanks!