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Found 27 results

  1. Hey fellas, How's it goin' for ya? I'm still waiting for a single admission. no answer up to now. ucsd, uci, northeastern -> chemical engineering ucr, uic ,uiuc -> bioengineering all phd. is there anybody heard from these programs at these univs? should I have hope for any admission letter? ------------------------------profile------------------------------------ TOEFL:104-IELTS:7-GRE GENERAL:146(v)168(q)-GPA:3.60 with a year or two related research exprience.
  2. Hi! I am wondering how much weight do y'all put into the PhD stipend and location while making a decision. I am confused between offers from UConn (polymer science) and UBuffalo (biomedical engineering). UConn's offering 9k more than UB for first year, 10k more for subsequent years. Personally I won't care about stipends so much, but 10k is quite a lot of extra money for grad students. But then again I will be thrown away in the remotest of of villages in UConn while with Buffalo, I will be living in a major city. I have lived in major cities all my life and moving to a place like UConn scares me a bit. As far as department and my research fit are concerned, I believe I have a better fit with Buffalo biomed. But then it is a seriously low ranked program while UConn's polymer program is one of the well known polymer programs. I feel like choosing Buffalo would really make me question my career decisions (due to the low repute), but then choosing UConn would basically kill my personal/social life and I might not feel as much at home as Buffalo. It's all so confusing right now, I wish I got an admit from my top choice right now so that all of this confusion becomes irrelevant. Anyway, I would really appreciate inputs on these topics from you guys.
  3. Hi All, Lets start the profiles for Fall 2017 Bioengineering/Biomedical engineering programs: Here's a template borrowed from previous years: _________________________________________ Undergrad Institution: Major(s): Minor(s): GPA in Major: x.xx/4.00 Overall GPA: x.xx/4.00 Demographics/Background: GRE Scores: Q: xxx (xx%) V: xxx (xx%) W: x.x (xx%) LOR: Research Experience: Publications/Abstracts/Presentations: Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Fellowships/Funding: Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Other Miscellaneous Accomplishments: Research Interests: Institutions/Programs: Comments:
  4. Hello guys, my first time posting here. I have applied to various biomedical engineering / bioengineering PhD programs in the US and heard back from all of them (6 rejects, 1 admittance) except for Duke. By this I mean I haven't gotten any e-mail at all. No interview, no rejection, no nothing. I e-mailed their graduate program coordinator six days ago and I still haven't gotten a response. By the looks of it, if I were to have a chance at admittance I should have at least been contacted about an interview by now. Should I just assume rejection and focus on getting the best research advisor for the accepted program? Thank you in advance.
  5. Hey guys! I'm an international student. Right now I'm trying to choose a program among BCM (Developmental Biology ), Icahn Mount SInai (Biomedical Science), UTSW (Biomedical), and UVA (Biology). NEED some advice here! Please!
  6. I am mostly looking at four programs that accepted me: UCSF, Princeton, Columbia, UCSD I mostly narrowed it down to UCSF vs Princeton, but I am still considering the other two. Leaning towards UCSF. It's almost ironic since UCSF and Princeton are basically polar opposites (huge medical school vs. no med school, no undegrads vs. undegrad focus, basic science vs. a lot of translational etc). I'm really undecided because I'm not sure if I want to do translational or basic (granted, UCSF has both and Princeton just basic). My main concerns are the cost of living in SF, that UCSF is just a medical center, and that Princeton is richer and more presitiougs (although UCSF is better when it comes to bio). UCSF pro Top-notch program Huge choice of PIs and labs Excellent research in genetics, genomics, RNA (my field of choice) Bay Area - connections with other great schools and industry (still undecided on industry vs San Francisco con Just a medical campus, no engineering or physics etc (although Berkeley connection) Crazy expensive (stipend is 37K, but SF is crazy expensive) Lesser known school outside of bio circles Princeton pro Fewer professors, but all of them are top in their field and full of funding. Quality over quantity. Excellent training, smaller program Tons of money and funding Would have more money and be able to save (stipend is 35K) Could work in a bioengineering lab since it's a complete university Prestigious name school (although in Bio UCSF is more well known con No Med school, no translational research Fewer lab choices (only 40-50 faculty) Less research in genetics, genomics, RNA (my field of choice) (but one could argue that it's just grad school, you can go into your field of choice later) Columbia In many ways like Princeton, but with a Med School. I just didn't click at the interview as much as I did at Princeton. Opinions? How does the faculty/research compare to Princeton? My interviews were meh, so I had a bad impression. But maybe I was just unlucky. Also, crazy expensive (39k, but nyc is nyc). UCSD Kinda like uCSF, but not as good. The two good things are tat it is a full university (with physics, chemistry, engineering etc) and that SD is way cheaper than SF (stipedn is 33).
  7. Is there anyone that had an interview at Uconn's health center for their biomedical sciences PhD program, and NOT heard back yet? I know they sent out some acceptances and rejections, but I have not heard anything.
  8. I've been Waitlisted by NYU Sackler PhD Biomed program, is someone rejecting their admission offer?
  9. Hi, Context: accepted to two MS degree programs in Biomedical Engineering, waiting on a few more decisions. Questions: One of the programs is asking for a decision by March 13th, giving me two weeks from notification to accept or decline. Is this common? What is the general process for finding a lab in which I would work on my master's thesis? Does this come before or after I accept an offer? I feel like it would make sense to accept an offer based on knowing where I would be conducting research. Is it possible that the labs I'm interested in to fill their research assistantship spots by the time I accept my offer, thus resulting in me attending a school without an opportunity to conduct research I'm interested in? Should I begin contacting faculty I'm interested in working with before or after I accept the offer? Should I contact multiple professors? (I've listed 2 or 3 faculty I'm interested in working with in my application/SoP). I guess overall, how limited is the information available to me prior to accepting an offer of admission regarding funding, research, etc? Hopefully these questions belong in this subforum. Thanks, any input is appreciated.
  10. Hey All! I have a funny issue and not sure if this is the right place to ask about it! I’m kinda new to the whole graduate admission process. I’m applying to University of British Columbia (UBC) for MEng in Biomedical Engineering. Before applying I emailed the admissions office asking if a writing sample is required and they said that due t the fact that this is not a "writing oriented" degree the writing sample is not required, but the field on the website will stay open as the website is a generic one. A few weeks later, after the deadline for submitting the application has ended, I received an email from the admissions office asking me to submit a writing sample. To make a long story short, they said they can wave it and it won’t affect my chances of getting in as it’s a mistake they made. so here's what I’m wondering about: 1. do you guys think it will affect my chances? 2. does it mean someone looked into my application and found it interesting enough to ask me for one or is it a general process? Thanks!
  11. Hey All! I have a funny issue and not sure if this is the right place to ask about it! I’m kinda new to the whole graduate admission process. I’m applying to University of British Columbia (UBC) for MEng in Biomedical Engineering. Before applying I emailed the admissions office asking if a writing sample is required and they said that due t the fact that this is not a "writing oriented" degree the writing sample is not required, but the field on the website will stay open as the website is a generic one. A few weeks later, after the deadline for submitting the application has ended, I received an email from the admissions office asking me to submit a writing sample. To make a long story short, they said they can wave it and it won’t affect my chances of getting in as it’s a mistake they made. so here's what I’m wondering about: 1. do you guys think it will affect my chances? 2. does it mean someone looked into my application and found it interesting enough to ask me for one or is it a general process? Thanks! Thanks
  12. Hi All, I interviewed at Columbia university last weekend for the Systems Biology PhD under the integrated program- has anyone heard anything from the graduate coordinators, or from the faculty regarding systems biology or the integrated program in general? They said decisions will be made within two weeks, but a few of the current grad students said that some of them had heard sooner in previous years. Thanks and good luck to all!
  13. Has anyone received admission letter from NYU Sackler?
  14. Hello everyone! I was wondering if anybody is interested in sharing their thoughts regarding applications for masters for fall 2017? I applied to the following to the following universities: Texas A&M, Ohio State, Northeastern, Illinois Institute of Technology, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Michigan Tech, Steven's Institute Of Technology, University of Cincinnati, University of South Carolina, Wright State I got admits from MTU by e-mail and NJIT through the website. Anybody knows when the remaining universities will start sending out admits? Please do share!
  15. Hi everyone, I'm applying for a PhD (Biomedical Eng.) and was offered funding for 3 years by a professor I want to work with. He wrote me a rec letter wherein he states that he wants me to work in his lab with him providing full funding. Quick explanation; I've worked with him on a project for which he has been granted funding. Should I expect to be admitted (more than usual), considering this? I heard that funding is the key especially for international students. For the record, I am an international student, my application is fairly decent with a M.S. in Bioengineering and another one in Human Movement sciences. As the context of my application is quite specific (and my experience with the US system, low) I want some insight from you guys! What do you think ? Thank you!
  16. With most of the deadlines for biology and biomedical Ph.D. programs for the Fall 2017 either being over or approaching, there's only one thing left to do: WAIT. If you're anything like me, you are refreshing your email hourly (even though it's only December 5th). So my question is to past applicants: When did you hear back from schools that you applied to about interviews and what not. Also, where did you apply? I would love to hear about some of the experiences you had with different schools and when you had correspondence with them so I can ease my own anxiety! Thanks!
  17. Is anyone else applying to the UC San Diego Biomedical program for Fall 2017? I have a question about the word limit of the Statement of Purpose. The Department states that the word limit is 3000 words. For all of the resources I've looked at online and even from the general statement of purpose guidelines from the UCSD website, the statement should not be much longer than 2 pages. Should I write my statement to be closer to 3000 words or is it better to keep it shorter?
  18. Dear All, I have thoroughly read this forum for guidance and learned that It is very difficult to obtain funding in Masters at US. BUT, I am still motivated to apply in Masters Biomedical Engineering at US with FULL FUNDING. Can you people guide me about universities which provides very good chances of full funding in MASTERS in BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING (for example, 58% of students last year at UW Madison obtained full funding for MS biomedical engineering). Looking forward to you all for your valuable guidance.
  19. I graduated with a BSEE 2015. Initially I was interested in entering industry and decided to switch over to research in my last year. I have mostly industry experience from undergrad but am now an RA in a clinical research position. Some stats: GPA: 3.4 (a couple C's but mostly A's, not sure how to get around this) GRE: Taking these in a month, aiming for 170 Q, 160~ V LOR: Will have one for sure from my current position, still deciding which prof. to ask for the other two Research Experience: Senior engineering project was essentially an independent group-based research project with a BCI using MATLAB and EEGs Have a coauthorship from this job for a submitted paper and am working on other projects that will hopefully turn into more publications later this year or next year. Doing lots of EEG/MEG/MRI data collection and analysis. Imaging isn't quite the direction I want to head towards but I enjoy it. I'm strongly interested in electrophysiology, BCIs, neuroprosthetics, sensorimotor neuroscience, signal processing type of research. Schools: Harvard/MIT HST MIT EECS Duke Biomed (Nicolelis lab in particular) U of Wash Stanford Johns Hopkins Rice Univ Pitt UCSD Brown Northwestern I can definitely strengthen my application with more pubs but not sure if it will matter if I wait until next year to apply or what. any advice appreciated. Anyone have experience in how competitive it is in this field?
  20. Has anyone heard back from Stanford's MS Bioengineering program? Almost to the end of march and haven't seen anything about the masters acceptances.
  21. Hi, would I be able to get into a graduate program for biomedical engineering with a degree in computer engineering? would it be better to get a degree in electrical engineering? I think I would like computer engineering better than electrical. Also the compE program at my school seems to lean heavily towards the CS side of the spectrum. only 2 EE classes and a software engineering class, the rest is the same as the CS curriculum. I want to major in computer engineering but I'm worried I wont learn enough about EE to be a good biomedical engineer. what should I do? I havnt done any BME research yet so I don't know what my research interests are for sure, but Neuroengineering seems interesting. I have to make the decision whether to major in CompE or EE within the next few days and the advisor told me once I decide I cant change again because I have to many credits already Thank You
  22. Hi! I have been admitted into the Doctoral Track Masters Fall 2016 in Biomedical Engineering at Rutgers University. I was wondering if there's anyone here currently enrolled in graduate studies at Rutgers, as I would like to talk over a few stuff as funding and possible mentors. Thanks!
  23. Hi, I am an electrical engineering major in my junior year. I want to get into a phd program for biomedical engineering. The school that I'm at only has a masters program for biomedical engineering and it is very small. one professor listed systems biology as a research interest but that was it. I want to specialize in neuroengineering. Would it be better for me to see if this professor is doing any biomedical research and if not, do electrical engineering research? or would it be better to go over to the college of science and find a professor doing neuroscience research? Thank You
  24. Hey guys, I have been admitted to my two top BME programs so far: MEng at Duke University (cost is ~40k for 18 months) M.S. at UC Davis with funding and stipend (24 months) I'm about 99% sure I don't want to get a PhD so I plan on going into the industry right away. I have done quite a bit of research but don't want to conduct research long-term (I'd rather go into management/consulting). My dilemma is that Duke is a much higher ranked school in terms of their BME program than UC Davis (4th vs 22nd). I'm not sure if this includes the MEng program since it is run by Duke Graduate School rather than the Pratt School of Engineering. On the other hand, UC Davis is very well connected with biomed companies on the west coast as well as it would be funded. I was hoping you guys could weigh in on this decision in helping me determine which one would be a better choice long-term for a job in the industry. What are your thoughts/recommendations? Thanks!
  25. A few years ago I left a top20 biomedical science PhD program in the US after two years of training. Most of the labs w/ funding in my research area left the school, so there were more students than available mentors. When I left, ¾ of the students in my research area did not have a lab at the end of our 2nd year. I also did not really like the area I was living in or the institution, so I decided to cut my losses and leave the program. I left before my prelim and I was so burnt out at the time I did not try to get a masters degree (would have had to find lab to fund me and stay there several months to write and defend it). I have several years of full-time lab experience before and after my time in graduate school. Anyways, I am looking at my options to enroll in a biomedical doctoral program again. I have defined research interests now and I know what I need from a mentor and lab. Considering these things facts and my prior two years of graduate coursework, I am starting to think about potentially pursing the degree abroad. From my limited knowledge the European and Canadian systems in general have less course work and you have a lab at the time you matriculate into the program. Based on my background and experiences, I think that this system may be a better option for me, as I could almost immediately start working on my project. Hence, I would likely graduate faster. Can anyone comment more on these systems? I know a couple people that completed their degrees in Europe, but they all graduated more than 10 years ago. I have never heard of any Americans going abroad to complete their degrees, except the NIH programs in Britain and Sweden. Is it even possible for Americans to apply directly to programs abroad? If it possible, how flexible are they on the master’s degree requirement that most programs I think have? I think that the schools w/ agreements w/ NIH, wave this requirement for the Americans in the programs. Do most schools do this for people w/ a lot of research experience?