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Found 28 results

  1. Hi folks! I've recently got off the fence and accepted HDS' offer. So I'm going to live in HDS area for 2 years. I know this question should go to 'City' forum, but, as you know, that forum got too crowded during this season and only little helpful information is offered at the 'Boston' forum. I'd like to hear from current or former HDS student (or BTI friends) on affordable housing ideas at/around HDS (or general Harvard Area). 1) I plan to move in mid-August, when should I start to look for apartments? I've been searching HU Campus Housing page and Harvard Off-Campus Housing, but I don't see any reasonable houses. .. Harvard Campus Housing is extremely expensive and their usual move-in seems like early July- which is too early for me. On the other hands, most of off-campus apartments(from Harvard's off-campus webpage) say the usual move-in date will be SEPT 1st- which is too late (I have to participate in Orientation starts on 24 AUG). 2) What is the "reasonable" rent to pay for a month in off-Cambridge areas? I know the official financial handbook says budget for housing is $11,700 for 9 months which is approximately $1300 per month. But I heard that $1,000 should be a decent budget for rent in *OUTER* cambridge, especially, as long as I am sharing with a roommate. I'm looking for a one-bedrooms for $900 (if I can have a separated room, the other inconveniences should be totally fine) and a shared-room for $600-700. It is possible? And do you have any suggestion or tip for finding a suitable place? 3) That said, any recommendations on where to go (find)? I'm thinking about heading outside of Cambridge. Although I'm going to live without a car during my Boston years (dear friend of mine said having a car in boston/ parking in Harvard areas is a nightmare), it seems like public transportations are quite convenient and nice in Boston Area (and I love using public transportations). I heard there are a fair number of buses that run right into HDS area with some frequency. As for me, I'm also thinking about biking will be a nice option when the weather permits. Besides, I do enjoy walking or running, so if it's within walkable distance (probably 25-30 min. by foot) I'm totally fine! 4) Lastly, how do you think about the CSWR housing?(and what are the chances of actually getting it?) And Does anyone have any information on if people split the rent for some of the apartments at CSWR and how that might be arranged, if accepted? I know it's a bit pricy. But If 3 bedroom houses can be shared and split up into three, I think it's not a bad option (I mostly can't afford the other grad housings and other CSWR housings). My application is almost done now, but I'm hesitant about submitting it. Or any suggestions on where to live, thought on general housing situation, and tips will be appreciated. P.S. If there are any grad cafe folks looking for a roommate/housemate, I'd like to know (or feel free to PM me)
  2. Having many shared sleepless nights about which is best. One provides many clinical courses, while the other provides more field work. I am in Southern California and it pays to go with big names like USC, and or locally with the Cal States. I am single mom and will be doing online program. Any advise about the programs. I noticed people asking the same question but not posting back. I wish this site had more support from students experiences with the programs they selected.
  3. Anyone thinking about attending Northeastern University in Boston? I am from California and am pretty positive I will be attending this fall / would LOVE to connect with others thinking about attending! Also if anyone has any insight on the program or about moving to Boston in general I would love to hear it! I have absolutely no friends or family in the Boston area and am nervous to move so far away from home. Is it easy to make friends in the program and in Boston? Where do students usually live? What are the clinical placements like? Anything helps!!! SO excited
  4. I recently finished the application season (Masters) and have the following acceptances: UCSD, Duke, Columbia, Boston University, Northwesterm These are amongst others (Yale, Berkeley, Cornell, Michigan, UCLA, etc.) however they were either one year or non-thesis programs, or the university's main focus was not BME so I have decided to throw those out. Again if you think that isn't a wise decision please let me know. I have also been waitlisted at Hopkins, and am looking to accept that should I get in. Anyone familiar with these schools that can help me out? I am looking very closely at UCSD, Duke, Columbia and Boston for the moment. Duke and UCSD due to their reputation for biomedical engineering and Columbia because of it's ivy-league ties (and its entrepreneurship bent). Boston is also attractive because Boston is quickly becoming a major hub of biomedical engineering, and is next to some very good schools (MIT, Harvard). My future goals are either to become an entrepreneur or join industry, however it is still important for me to complete a thesis during this masters degree. Thank you for your help!
  5. Hey everyone! I've seen a whole bunch of area and school specific posts and decided to go ahead and start one for Boston so we can all keep each other updated. I applied to Simmons, Boston College and Smith (which is a ways outside of Boston but I figured I'd give it a mention anyway). Simmons sent me an email that they made a decision and placed it in the mail on Friday. All of this waiting is driving me nuts!
  6. Hello, I would like this to be a forum for you as an applicant, current student, or alumni of any Boston speech-language pathology programs to post your insight, experience, knowledge or advice comparing the schools. I know I am not the only one who applied to more than one school in the Boston area so I would like help on choosing which one to attend! (I have been accepted to MGH and Northeastern) but this can be for all 4 programs! Some questions include.. Why did you choose X program What kind of training / orientation is there prior to beginning clinic? How are clients paired with students? Do we decide on clinical placement site? Surviving without car? How are classes/workload? challenging but possible? Work life balance? Can you still enjoy boston? Describe typical day?? Do you feel comfortable with supervisors? Asking for help? Classmate interaction?
  7. Hey everyone! I'll be attending BC in the fall to get my MSW. I'm very excited because it means taking out minimal loans as long as I find a part time job. I'm not worried about being able to juggle school work and class work (as I am juggling 35 hours a week at a preschool, 10 at a crisis hotline, an internship and 9 academic credits currently). However, I currently work in a field that is loosely related to social work as I'm working with children. I would most prefer to work in a field that is also related during my masters program in Boston, but it doesn't seem like child care will be possible with how my weekly schedule is going to look and the fact that I don't plan on taking my car. This leads to my question. Those of you who are currently in an MSW program or are planning to attend one while working part time, what kinds of jobs are you going to be looking for? i have worked as a server and other unrelated type jobs before, but I would really like to stay within the field if at all possible. I'm sure there are other jobs out there other than childcare that are related to the field. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  8. I have been admitted to the following (along with conditions and offers) (International student). I had applied in the field of Optics/Photonics 1) Boston University ECE: PhD with fellowship 2) Institute of Optics, University of Rochester: MS with 40% fee waiver 3) UIUC ECE (MS/PhD): Tuition fee waiver with RA ship. Although my current field is nonlinear optics, I have intentionally not finalized my sub-field within optics & photonics, for graduate studies, hence had applied to places having good diversity. All three of these have it, however, in UIUC, I have already received an RA ship with a prof, for 9 months. Confused, as to whether I would be able to choose a different guide at UIUC, if my interests change. I have heard that at UoR, it is very difficult to get into PhD after 1st sem of MS (which is largely coursework, not much enthu about doing only courses), (only about 2/~30 students getting PhD). At UIUC, if it is not that commonplace to switch guides, I may run the risk of having to stay in the field in which my RA ship is. Need some advice!!
  9. What are the general reputations of BU and Northeastern for a PhD in theoretical computer science? Is one significantly better than the other? I like them both so its a tough decision... and funding is nearly identical
  10. To anyone looking for housing in Boston: One of my friends and I are finishing development of a new a new web application and we're doing a test release in Boston, beginning this week. With the application, you can save, sort, and manage listings to a personalized media board; compare lifestyle changes based on proximity to your most frequented places and preferences; share your home search with friends, family, and roommates; and schedule a viewing with an experienced agent, free of charge. Imagine Pinterest for your home search, whether you're buying or renting.If you still need help with your move, check out our site at www.wayhome.io or email me directly at nick@wayhome.io and I'll be happy to help you with your move or if you have unrelated questions about Boston. Kind regards,Nicholas
  11. Hello, I am currently a senior at a private liberal arts school in Massachusetts. My school is very competitive and extremely hard to get an A in. I currently have a 3.0 GPA and 4 years of research along with strong faculty recommendations. I was hoping to pursue a PhD program in the New England area (preferably Boston). Can you guys think of some schools that I could get into?
  12. Hey all! Looks like many of the admissions are out for those who interviewed in the first weekend. So excited to meet ya'll later this year
  13. Didn't see a current BU thread. I'm going to be attending the EBE program here. Anyone else in the bio department? Or just attending the school?
  14. Hey All, I am planning to write my GRE in Sept 2016 and looking for a study buddy whom I can collaborate with for effective preparation.Hit me up if interested.My email id is pooja.biw14@gmail.com. Thanks!
  15. Just was accepted into both programs. From Colorado and interested in Epidemiology. Wondering if a big name program will make a big difference for jobs even though it comes with a higher price tag. Also, wondering if I would get the same education from Colorado even though its a newer program. Any advice is appreciated! Cheers.
  16. Currently, I'm a school psych student (MA / Specialist Level) in another state, but I used to live in Boston before I started this program and would like to move back to Massachusetts after I am done with the program. I would ideally like to do my internship in Massachusetts. Anyway, looking around, the only internship site that I am seeing come up in my searches is Newton Public Schools. Am I missing something? Is this the main site for school psychology internships in the state? Every time I search, the only place I can find any information about is Newton Public Schools? Anybody that went to school for school psych (MA / Specialist Level) in Massachusetts, where did you do your internship? Also, does anybody know if the school psychology internships at Newton Public Schools are paid? I don't know if school psych internships are generally paid in Massachusetts or not. The state that I am in now, generally has their interns being paid about $20,000-$30,000 for the year.
  17. Hey guys, anyone heading to MIT (Boston MA), this fall for an MS/Ph.D. degree? Would love to connect and discuss more about shifting issues! P.S: I am admitted to the Chemical Engineering Ph.D programme for this fall, with full financial aid.
  18. Hello all! I graduated last year from a small private women's college with a BA in History. I didn't intend to go for my masters degree (this decision was made due to family health issues that have since been resolved, not a lack of interest in studying at the masters level), but after months of frustration with a job search and a change in my family's situation, I decided to apply to both of my "dream schools" on a whim. Well, I've been accepted at both. I was accepted to Simmons with a small scholarship (not enough to cover more than two credits a semester), and after visiting the campus and the department I'd be studying with, I'm in love with the history department and not much else about the school. I'm not crazy about Boston as a city (sorry!), seeing as Simmons is a women's college (for undergrads, coed grad programs) it felt so much like my undergrad school that I was almost uncomfortable (I'm looking for a totally different experience than I had in undergrad), and after much research it seems like the only neighborhoods I'd be able to afford in Boston are a good distance from the school itself. I was accepted to City College in NYC with no apparent funding (however, even without funding it's much more affordable than Simmons with funding), and I absolutely love the neighborhood it's in, I love New York City itself, and even though it's much more expensive to live in even the more affordable neighborhoods in New York City than it is to live in my home state, the prices for apartments near City College totally beat out the prices in Boston. City College seems like the clear choice, but I'm afraid to turn down Simmons. They've worked with me personally on so many levels, given me gracious extensions in making my decisions, and I know that with it being a smaller school, I'd be able to get much more assistance academically and when it came to internships and such. My family cannot offer me any financial assistance, and I'm pretty sure that unless CC offers me an assistantship, or Simmons comes through with a job that they've very tentatively informed me about (not even offered, just informed), I'll be on the hook for all of my tuition and living expenses, most likely through loans. I'd be very grateful for any insight that any of you would be able to offer! Thank you!
  19. I'm starting this thread to connect with past, present, and future students of any of Harvard's graduate programs who are parents. I'm hoping that this thread can become a resource for general advice, housing tips, child care recommendations, enrolling in local public schools, time management, etc.
  20. I just wanted to get this thread started in case any of us had questions! I'm also unable to attend the Welcome Day on April 9th, so I wanted to see what everyone had to say about it! Congratulations to everyone accepted! SUPER excited for this one.
  21. Hi All, I was recently accepted into Duke and Brown's EE PhD programs. Although I will likely be doing EE, my mind is not 100% set and I can potentially jump into MechE or BioE if I have the opportunity. As my ultimate goal is to create a technological startup based on the projects I do in grad school, the geography really matters. Duke is right by the Research Triangle Park, which can be great if I want to learn about what other companies are doing and talk to different kinds of scientists about research ideas. Duke is also famous for its biomed so I can do something Bio related. On the other hand, Brown is only an hour away from Boston, which is also great for entrepreneurs. Although Brown also has a medical school, it is not as esteemed as Duke, and I don't know what other subjects are good at Brown. But Brown has the PRIME masters program which facilitates grad students with the basics of startups. Thank you for your time. Please help me compare and contrast which school and its geography will be better for a startup, or just general information about the schools and programs will be appreciated. Some basic information about me: I lived in Texas for ~7 years so I am more familiar with the southern culture and warm weather, I've never lived in the north before, I don't really know how to handle cold weather, but I found new England culture interesting and charming.
  22. Has anyone heard anything from BU's PhD program in Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, and Biochemistry?
  23. Hello. I wanted to start a Boston University thread. Who all has heard their admission decision? What kind of Fin. Aid? I just got accepted to the advanced standing program via email today (02/12)! BU is my top school, but I am waiting to hear about my finical aid from other schools before I can make my decision.
  24. Hello fellow BC-ers! My name's Liz, I just got accepted in the the Boston College Lynch School of Ed's M.Ed program for Moderate Special Needs. Now comes the insane search for an affordable apartment with easy access to the green line and 2 bedrooms...
  25. Hey hey, Any musicologists out there? What are your opinions of Indiana's musicology program and perhaps how it compares to the program at BU? I'm planning to specialize in medieval music. If you have any insight or advice, I would really, really appreciate it!