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  1. Hello everyone! Hope everyone's day is going great! Apologies in advance if there is already a thread for students moving to Canada for grad school but I could not find a recent one so I decided to create this. Voila! Please feel free to give any advice for international students moving to Canada. I grew up in the States so I'd imagine there is not too many major differences but I am still nervous! Also, if y'all are in the same boat as me, please please drop a line and let the introductions begin. Have a great day ahead. Bella
  2. I haven't accepted yet, but it's looking more and more likely that I'll be heading to McGill in the fall! Anyone else here planning to go?
  3. Hey everyone just thought I would start up a thread for any audiology hopefuls applying for the 2017 year! I am applying to UBC and Western this year. I have heard that Western is really difficult to get into. Does anyone know if UBC is any easier?
  4. I figured I would start this thread off for Canadian clinical psychology applicants for Fall 2017. There was a good thread going last year that I think helped a lot of people out. Might as well get it started before the applications are due! Good luck to everyone this year!
  5. Hi all, I thought I'd start a thread specifically for those of us applying to Munk and other Canadian international affairs programs for fall 2017. Topic name begins with Munk simply because that's my first choice lol Applications haven't opened yet but I figured, why not Here's last cycle's thread:
  6. Haven't seen a thread for the 2017 cycle so I thought I'd initiate one here. Anyone in the process of applying? I have just submitted my application to UBC and am currently working on ones for U of T, McGill, York, Calgary, Alberta and possibly Queens/Victoria. Here are my stats: Undergrad GPA: 3.6/4.33 (3.88 in last 2 years) MA (International Studies- Course Based): 3.55/4.33 MA (Political Science): 4.0/4.0 Scholarships: 5 in second MA (including SSHRC); 2 in first MA and and 3 in BA Other Awards: Rhodes Finalist, Dean's Honor Call, Best Poster Presentation Award Publications: Three published, one of them is single author; 3 submitted Conferences: Presented at two academic conferences Research: Worked as an RA in 2 semesters Enthusiastic reference letters I would appreciate any comments/evaluations? UBC is my first choice but the profs that work in my area aren't taking on PhD students so I'm not sure about what my chances are. Of course would be happy to have an offer from Toronto and McGill as well. Where is everyone else applying to?
  7. Just wondering if anyone has been offered admission to msw programs in canada for advanced standing and two year applicants!
  8. Hey Everyone, I got a lot out of the "MPH Fall 2016" thread figured I'd start a new one. I just got accepted to McGill's Public Health program, trying to decide between McGill and Ottawa (Epidemiology).
  9. I suppose we all finished submitting our applications and wait for some news. Let's talk about our issues and developments of applications. I'm waiting for 2 universities (UVic and USask) and applied for MPA.
  10. Hi I submitted my Msc application at 30 Jan. This program will shtart at May. But the admission office said My transcript was not the final one since the last year's grades and courses were missing. My last undergraduate study was a internship program in a lab so there are no course and just one grades for the internship program. How to explain this situation for the office. I am truly hope to Join in this program and I have get the agreement from the professor so I need to be accept by this program. Please help me. Thank you so much.
  11. Hi Guys! I don't know if this is the right place to put this thread in, but I couldn't find any similar thread anywhere. So here it goes! All the Masters/PhD in Computer Science people who applied in Canadian universities converge here! Share your heart out, how you're dealing with the stress of waiting it out (Canadian universities are super late in sending decisions). Last I heard, SFU and UWaterloo extended their deadlines to February 15 and February 28! Man this is gonna take even more time!!!
  12. Thought I might get this thread started for those prepping to apply in the fall.
  13. Hello! Somehow, this year, no one seems to have started a Canadian Thread for applicants for Clinical and Counselling Psychology. I figured, I would start! Applied to: University of Manitoba (Clinical), Queen's (Clinical), McGill (Counselling), New Brunswick (Clinical) and Wisc-Madison (Masters/PhD - Counseling) No, news yet except for Wisc-Madison PhD - rejected, but one of my referees didn't put in my reference in time (a week after the deadline) Let's start talking because I think we all need an outlet and to find out from each other what is happening in the world of invites, acceptances and rejections. (PS, if someone does know about another link - 'cause I cannot find my fellow applicant peers)
  14. Hello everyone! I`m applying to Vanier CGS 2016-2017. Is there any other applicants here? If we could count with the help (some tips, guidelines, etc) of those who are already accepted that would be great. Thanks!
  15. I'm a recent psychology undergrad student living in Manitoba applying for clinical psych programs this year, Dec. 2017 and was only considering applying to Canadian universities for grad school, but I'm now considering options in America as well. I was avoiding American schools because of higher tuition rates, being type 1 diabetic (Canada has great health care), having a partner who can't travel to the states, and now the recent political circumstances of the U.S. Have any other Canadian students moved to America for grad school and had difficulty (or ease) with the transition?
  16. I posted this in the psychology board but I'll try my luck here as well. I'm a recent psychology undergrad student who will be applying for clinical psych this year, and until recently I was only considering applying to Canadian universities. Now I'm also considering American universities as well, but I'm skeptical about what the transition would be like if I was accepted anywhere. I avoided American schools because I'm diabetic and really appreciate Canada's health care system, tuition rates in America are much higher than Canada, and I have a partner who can't travel to the U.S. I'm wondering if other Canadian students have had similar experiences or skepticisms and could tell me more about your experience going from Canada to the U.S. to study.
  17. Hey! Can someone who's attending or who recently attended The University of Western Ontario for Clinical Psychology PM me please.
  18. Hello everyone! I thought I should start a new conversation for this year. I hope everyone's applications went well! I was on the waitlist for UBC last year, and I am applying again this year with a lot more experience & 1-year MA in Linguistics involving a research project in Acoustics. I really hope I get in this time! Anyone else in re-applying?
  19. Is taking the GRE even worth the extra stress? It actually frustrates me that some schools still require it. Most don't even care about the score and it doesn't actually provide valuable information. *Sorry for the small rant! I'm applying for the Sept 2017 start in several Speech and Language Pathology programs. I would love to go to Dalhousie, but they require the GRE. It's the only school I'm applying to that requires it (I'm also applying to UBC, Western, and potentially McMaster). I haven't studied for it since I wasn't planning on taking it. Most of my deadlines are January or February. I guess I could crash course studying for it, but I'm not sure it's worth it. Thoughts?
  20. Hi everyone, I am an european student from a canadian uni applying for MA programs in Canada. I am looking for a good prep toward a PhD. I have no idea how my chances are. This is why i am looking for some advice and outside perspectives on my profil. Profil : Undergrad: top 4 research intensive university, canada Bachelor : BA Political science, Honors program. Will get my Bachelor in 2.5 years (don’t know if it’s a good thing or not) GPA: 3.48. (3.6 last semester, I leaning toward an A / 3.7 average this fall semester), good grades (A) in tough class, B-/B+ in mandatory class. No grades below B-. I only took class at senior level, excluding mandatory class during the first year. Methods Prep: good research Methods training (research seminar and quant analysis class), R-studio Research Experience: honors thesis, 30 pages paper with public presentation, research assistant. I have to mentioned that an undergrad is not supposed to hold a RAship at my university in political science. RA are mostly for graduate (RAship is part of their funding package). I am an exception with another undergrad student Letters of Recommendation: Faculty at my uni (IR), hopefully my thesis supervisor (IR, security) and my research project supervisor SOP: done, reviewed by a professor Publication: none except articles for the website of a well-known chair in Canada (reviewed by professors) Professional Experience / extra-curricular : I don’t want to share a lot about it in public but I worked for 5 years at a very (very) high level for a foreign gov. Also : part-time RAship (paid), internship at a research Chair (unpaid). I also hold a leadership position on campus for an academic student project GRE : don’t need it for a MA Programs I'm Looking At: UBC, University of Montreal, McGill, Toronto, Simon Fraser university Field: Us Foreign policy, Asia-Pacific, US-Sino relations, IR, security, alliance building. Language: French (native), English, Mandarin(beginner), Arabic (beginner) I am worried about my GPA and Letters of recommendation. I am not a student who used to spend a lot of time with professors during office hours. They don’t know me beyond my grades and, I guess, it could be a problem. Please let me know what my chances are. Thank you!
  21. Hello and happy holidays! I currently have less than a year before I will be applying to masters programs (hopefully attending Sept 2018). What can a undergraduate student do in the remaining time to become an ideal/competitive candidate for a MPH (or similar- MHA, MHS) program in Canada? Of course maintaining a good GPA is a must, so please comment suggestions for areas beyond grades! For my particular situation, I am concerned that I don't have enough relevant experience. While I volunteer in a health centre and have plenty of (unrelated to health sci) work experience, I worry that I will need to take a year or two off to make myself a competitive applicant (while having a 3.7/8 GPA in a honours spec health science degree). I also don't have any research experience, but am not looking at programs that are research intensive. Thanks in advance
  22. Hello everyone, So I am applying to PhD programs in Political Science in Canada as an international student. I already sent most of my applications but wanted to get some opinion from other people about my chances. I was accepted to all these schools that I applied for Master's two years ago but I couldn't attend since they did not provide funding for international students. I am trying again for PhD this time which is way more competitive than Master's programs. I would appreciate any kind of comment about my profile and possible chances. Undergrad/Grad: Top Research University in Japan (I am an international student here) Degrees: LLB in Law and Political Science, LLM in Law and Political Science (most universities in Japan teach law and politics together so this is not uncommon) Undergrad/Grad GPA: 3.94 out of 4.30. I don't know my major specific GPA but it is probably higher than this; Grad GPA is not assessed like my undergraduate but I received top marks from all classes except for one. I'd guess 3.80 out of 4.00. GRE: Schools that I am applying do not require it TOEFL iBT: 102 out of 120 (R:25, W: 25, L: 26, S: 26) Experience: TA for two Political Science related classes; internship at a leading think tank in Turkey for 2 months in which I began co-authoring an article, did fieldwork for my Master's thesis and other admin stuff; 2 internships at 2 large corporate law firms in Turkey and Japan during my undergrad years SOP: I think it is good. I outlined my research within 500 word limit and related it to my previous studies and showed how it fits to faculty's research interests. Writing sample: I am worried about this one. I haven't started writing my Master's thesis because we have to do this Joint Research in which we design a project, conduct a research and present the findings at a conference. My papers written in other classes were not really related to my proposed study. So I decided to submit parts of my undergraduate thesis which was well structured and won the faculty prize for best thesis. It is very related to my proposed research so I thought it would be better than submitting something unrelated and not as good. Recommendations: 1 Canadian professor who is well known in the area of political economy and published extensively on the subject matter (1 single authored, 3 edited books this year). He was my undergraduate supervisor and my aforementioned TA experiences were under him. We will start working on a commentary to be submitted a journal. 1 from a Turkish professor teaching in Australia whom visited my faculty for a visiting professor job in my final year as an undergrad. I took 2 classes and aced them both. She read my thesis and aware of my research. She has a lot publications in her own research area and is quite well known. 1 from a Turkish professor that I worked with during my internship whom I began co-authoring a paper with. He knows my research abilities. 1 Japanese professor who is my current supervisor. She is aware of my research and published internationally. Publication: One piece in Japanese published for a business journal during one of my law firm internships Scholarships: Merit based scholarship throughout my undergraduate years which basically covered my tuition fees. Full funding of approximately 24,000 USD for my Master's with 5000 USD of travel grants for internship and research. It was renewed for my second year. Presentations: None I got accepted to two but did not receive the invitation letters on time thus I was denied for visa (one was in Canada, the other was in US). I will present my Joint Research in a conference; however the date it is not decided yet. Programs: York, Carleton, Toronto, McMaster, Victoria, Alberta, Queen's, Western Ontario, Dalhousie, Simon Fraser (PhD in Political Science) Field: Political Science with a focus in comparative politics and global political economy. I am basically combining my knowledge of law and politics to look at issues related to neoliberalism. I will use Turkey as my paradigm case for analysis. Languages: Turkish (Native), English (Fluent), Japanese (Advanced)
  23. Hi all, I am currently a Registered Nurse working in Alberta, Canada. I am planning to apply for MPH for Fall 2017, with the intention of focusing in promotion and behavioural sciences. My area of interest is in child and adolescent mental health promotion. In particular, I am interested in promoting the development of emotional and social awareness, regulation and skills in children. I am also interested in nature based experiences in relation to mental health promotion. I would like to go into program development upon graduation, and potentially policy work as well. I was initially planning on a professional, practicum based program, however it has been suggested to me by some connections that I consider a thesis based MPH or Master of Health Sciences program instead. I am not currently intending to pursue a PhD, but am not against the idea either. Any opinions on the pros or cons around these options, and which would be most suited for my goals would be much appreciated! Currently I am considering UVic, UBC, U of A and Waterloo as my first choices for schools. Thanks
  24. Hi everyone, I'm a domestic student aiming to apply for Political Science MA programs in Canada this cycle. I was initially planning to apply directly into PhD programs, but circumstances have dictated that I take the MA route first (this is probably for the best). For what it's worth, I am currently finishing my application for the CGS-M. Any and all feedback/advice is very much appreciated! PROFILE: Type of Undergrad Institution: Top 3 Canadian University Major(s)/Minor(s): Political Science (Major)/English (Major) Undergrad GPA: CGPA: 3.95/ final two years: 4.0 GRE: N/A. Will be taking shortly. Any Special Courses: Several graduate-level seminars (democratic theory, IR, critical theory), two Honours theses Letters of Recommendation: All extremely enthusiastic about writing for me and all advocates of my pursuing a PhD. 1) Well known and well-respected senior professor with whom I am currently RAing. Co-supervised my Honours thesis. 2) Established IR scholar and full professor. I have taken two courses with them, including one graduate seminar. 3) AP who taught another graduate seminar I took. Currently Graduate Chair at one of the schools I am applying to. Research Experience: ~1 year of RAing, two Honours theses (I was the top student in my Political Science Honours thesis seminar) Teaching Experience: None Subfield/Research Interests: Political behaviour/psychology (comparative focus), political communication, democratic theory, experimental political science Other stuff: Was the Editor-in-Chief of the IR undergraduate student journal, received a major department scholarship, Dean's List for three years, miscellaneous student/community leadership work that probably doesn't factor in. Applying to: UofT, UBC, McGill, Queen's Thank you!
  25. Hello, I am currently in the midst of my PhD applications to Canadian universities. I will be applying to political science programs. I did my undergraduate and currently doing my master's at a reputable Japanese institution. I prepared all the necessary documents and contacted PoI's. I received very positive feedback from everyone I mailed as they showed great interests towards my research aspirations. However, one common thing that I noticed in each mail that I received was that the funding for international students are very limited. And the way they put it sounds like it is almost nonexistent. This, of course, got me a little worried. I can continue my PhD in Japan with full and very decent funding, although I feel like it is time for me to leave here and get exposed to new perspectives. What are my options to find funding for PhD? And how am I supposed to find one before getting admitted to a program at the first place? I am really confused about this whole process and would appreciate any comments. I will contact the school and previous international PhD students who received funding; however, it would be nice to hear different experiences.