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Found 74 results

  1. I figured I would start this thread off for Canadian clinical psychology applicants for Fall 2017. There was a good thread going last year that I think helped a lot of people out. Might as well get it started before the applications are due! Good luck to everyone this year!
  2. Hello to everyone who has been biting their nails to the nub for the past several months waiting for MARCH 15. (Almost all of my schools had a deadline of January 15 with a notification date by March 15. I have applied to several schools: UNC Chapel Hill, William & Mary, Columbia, Univeristy of Florida, and Tufts for their either PhD or EdS programs for School Psychology. I would be happy with admittances at any of these schools, but I would say my top choices would be W/M, Chapel Hill, and Columbia. I know these schools agonize over the many-great applications, but it is just HARD. As of yet I have heard NOTHING. I know this is common among all of us, but boy, this is SO stressful. I feel like I've been wishing my life away since November, lol. Dreaming I would wake up on March 15 and this would all be over. Only thing is: Will it REALLY be over on March 15? I have a horror that it will come and go and still nothing. Anyone else in the same boat?
  3. Hi everyone! i have some questions for those of you that have applied more than once to clinical psychology PhD programs and have gotten in: 1) What did you do differently? 2) If you contacted the school to ask about what areas of your application were weak, did you contact the PI or the admissions office? Phone call or email? 3) Do you think that having clinical research experience in many different fields could harm your application? A little bit about my situation... First time applying. Applied to 9 schools, but didn't hear back from any. 3.4 overall GPA, 3.7 major GPA, 158 V 151Q 4.5W GRE, 86th percentile subject GRE. I don't have the money to pursue a master's degree to increase my GPA Research: Have worked as a research assistant for 1 semester in a visual cognition lab (human participants), 2 years in a psychophysiology lab (human participants),1 semester in a neuropsychology lab (human participants), 1 year at a top-ranked hospital (doing unrelated clinical research on digestive diseases) and 1 year at my current job doing systems neuroscience research (animal/translational). In most of the positions, I have been running studies, collecting data, processing data, and I helped out with part of a manuscript that seems like it will never get published . In my current lab, however I have been able to work on projects independently from start to finish! By next year I hope to have a third author publication, a first author publication, and 2 national conference presentations. I'm planning on retaking the GRE and applying to labs with a better fit. Let me know if you have any advice on ways to improve! -Dr. Bubbles
  4. Hi all, Has anyone received an offer to Rowan University's Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program? I've been waitlisted and want to know if people are thinking about attending or denying their offer. Please let me know. I would love to accept if offered admission.
  5. Heya lovely Gradcafe-ers, I was hoping to hear whether people have started to hear back from UNM, post-interview, and/or what current/past students' experiences have been like. Cheers!
  6. this is for clinical psych at a Canadian university... waiting is the worst
  7. I have been accepted to The New School for Social Research's MA program with a planned concentration in Mental Health and Substance abuse, and it is a step toward acceptance into their Ph.D. program after the two-year MA, however I have been accepted to Adelphi University's clinical Ph.D. program and I was wondering if anyone had some advice in which way to lean. I am interested in becoming a Clinician and utilizing CBT and interested in anxiety and emotion regulation. Thank you for any advice you have or proving any factors I should consider!
  8. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to make a thread regarding the Chancellor's Fellowship that is offered at the UC schools. When I was accepted into UCSB, I was informed that I was nominated for the Chancellor's Fellowship, which is a central university allocated fellowship. I tried looking online for information regarding the fellowship and the process of receiving it, but couldn't find much, so I wanted to share the information that I have now that I received it. Congrats and goodluck if you're in this situation! I'd like to preface that this information is not verified as being true, but that it's the information that I found online and that I gathered from the process. I was informed that I was accepted into the PhD CCSP (clinical, counseling, and school psychology) program at UCSB about a week after the 1/20/17 interview day. I was called by my POI and told told of my nomination for the fellowship on the same call that I was informed of my acceptance. I was told that I was nominated by the department and that at that point, it was just a waiting game until the university makes a decision on the nominations (coming from all departments). I was called by my POI immediately after he heard the decision that I was chosen for the fellowship, which was on 2/24/17. I found online that each department gets a certain number of nominations for these types of fellowships depending on how big the department is. This is true for both the Chancellor's Fellowship and the diversity fellowships (Cota Robles). Typically the number is about 3 or 4 nominations per fellowship per department. The department nominates you and submits all necessary documents -- you don't have to do anything as a nominee. Here's a link to the most detailed info I could find online regarding this process. http://www.filmandmedia.ucsb.edu/academics/graduate/grad-binder/grad-dinder.pdf It's a little outdated in regard to the amount of the stipend, but information still sounds applicable. Here's an outline of my Chancellor's Fellowship offer. Not sure if this is how it is for every recipient, since I've only seen my offer, so please keep that in mind. " Chancellor's Fellowship Package A stipend of $24,000 from Graduate Division for each of three years (from the first five years of study) A supplement of $5,000 summer support in the summer following your first year A teaching or research assistant position at approximately 50% time (for the other two years) Payment of fees and UC health insurance for five years; in employment years Graduate Division pays any balance of fees after fee remission; in stipend years Graduate Division pays any balance of fees not covered during appointment periods by required UCSB graduate student fee remission Payment by Graduate Division of supplemental nonresident tuition (if required) for the first year of study Access to University housing for the first year, renewable for up to six years (provided Housing and Residential Services’ requirements are met) The schedule of your financial support during your UC Santa Barbara graduate tenure will be as follows: Year 1: $24,000 Graduate Division stipend year, $5,000 supplement (following Spring) Year 2: Departmental teaching assistantship or research position Year 3: $24,000 Graduate Division stipend year Year 4: Departmental teaching assistantship or research position Year 5: $24,000 Graduate Division stipend year Should additional departmental funds become available, you may receive a letter from your department providing supplementary support to this Chancellor's Fellowship." I've accepted my offer to attend UCSB and take the Chancellor's Fellowship. I heard from the housing department that this fellowship might also give me priority for Student Family Housing, which I'm very happy about. I do not know much about the fellowship outside of this information since I have yet to attend graduate school yet. Just hoping that passing along this information is helpful to someone in the future.
  9. As we all know, this process is nerve-wrecking, tiring, exciting and more. I have applied to a number of schools and have been rejected from most thus far except one. After hearing such sad news, receiving noticed of being waitlisted from a Clinical Psychology Ph.D. due to my competitive application was pretty exciting news, as I was preparing for a gap year. I'm curious to know what exactly it means to be waitlisted without being interviewed. I know some programs differ in terms of the structure of the waitlist pool (numeric system etc.).
  10. Hi everyone, I applied to MA programs in psychology and I wanted to know the acceptance rates of them . I have applied to these schools: CSUN Clinical Psych CSULA CSUDH CSUF USC MFT CSUN is my #1 choice school to go to, I went through the interview, but the waiting game is killing me (when I will hear back from other schools). If anyone has direct experience going through the application process for these programs or is a student under one of the programs listed above, please feel free to share your experience with me
  11. How many of you have found that the school you applied to have updated the Status of your application? Am I wasting my time looking at these sites everyday?
  12. Hey everyone, I have a couple of questions to ask you all. I was wondering, how important are GRE scores in an application for counseling psychology? I have had mixed reviews, but it would be really really helpful if someone can give me their own experience on GRE and applying for PhD programs in counseling psychology (clinical psychology too, since I am planning to apply to some in the future). My next question is: How important is it to attend an MA program right before applying for the PhD? I don't have enough independent research experiences and close working relationships with faculty within labs, and my GPA is not competitive enough, so I decided to apply to MA programs in general psychology within my state (CA). Last question: How important is publications when applying to a PhD program in psychology? Thank you and congrats to the people that got accepted in programs!
  13. I was accepted into a Master's program that starts in the Fall. I need to take 12 hours of pre-requisite undergraduate courses in the first year, and the actual program is 60 hours. Im considering taking at least a few pre-reqs online this summer in order to streamline the process, while working. The only issue is that if I am not in schools this summer I will have time to work more = more money saved. Any thoughts on which option might be best?
  14. The POI at a school that offered me admission has been subtly/implicitly pressuring me to respond definitively to the offer, and, given the signals that I've been receiving, I fear that the pressure will dial up in the next couple weeks. However, I have yet to hear back from most other programs I interviewed at--it's my only offer--so I don't even know yet what my other options may be. While I do feel that the program for which I have a pending offer--let's say Program A--would be a great opportunity on many levels, there is another program--Program B--that felt more like home to me, more like a place that really aligned with my sensibilities and personality. In a sense, it is that perennial conflict between my gut, which has been nagging me that I may be maximally fulfilled and animated by Program B, and logic/pragmatism, which concludes that on balance the benefits (e.g., fit with research interests, prestigious research lab, career flexibility afforded due to both strong research and rigorous clinical training) of Program A outweigh the costs (e.g., poorer fit with the vibe/surrounding environment/location, less interesting and diverse course offerings, diminished ability to engage with research outside the scope of my current interests). I should add that this comparison is complicated by the fact Program A is mentor-based whereas Program B is not. I'm having a pretty hard time trying to figure out what I value most--and I don't know how to assess whether that feeling of belonging/alignment will ultimately yield more for me than more pragmatic factors like number of publications or professional connections or whatever. It's obviously especially difficult when--and a bit ridiculous given--that I don't even know if I'm going to be offered admission to Program B, and haven't had the opportunity to flesh out that program fully. Anyways, I've heard from people that, despite our right to wait till April 15th to respond, I could potentially impair the relationship with the POI from Program A if I withhold an answer for too long. Does anyone know if that's true or have any advice about how to handle this situation (or evaluate my different inclinations ha...)??
  15. Someone created this last year and I thought it was a great idea to get different perspectives and see how others were coping with their rejections! I think it will be good for us to start one this year, and begin to decompress/start thinking of plan B (or C, or D, E.. etc) after rejections come trickling in. Use the following template if it helps! School: Area/Degree: Rationalization: Comment: Coping tactics:
  16. I'm starting a MS terminal program in Clinical Psychology this fall. This program leads to licensure as a psychological associate, and an optional license as a professional counselor. My ultimate goal is doctoral study in clinical psychology. My undergrad is not in Psychology, and I am going in with no research experience. I want to be as strategic as possible while in the program to plan for future doctoral study. My options: -Work as a research assistant -Opportunity to attend conferences, be published etc... -Specialize in neuropsychology -Become counselor as well as psychology associate I plan to do clinical work and research after graduating, for awhile before doctoral study. With that in mind, would I benefit me to also be licensed as a counselor if I really want to be a psychologist?
  17. Did anyone attend the interview weekend at U of F and hear back about acceptance or rejection?
  18. Hi all! I was recently accepted into a Clinical Psychology PhD program. I enjoyed everything about the interview days (even meeting the other applicants) and had that really great gut feeling about the program afterwards. Research-wise, it's what I want to do and the POI seems great. I've heard all good things from students. Other faculty research is also interesting and there's potential for collaboration. Now, however, I have received the verbal offer and reality is sinking in. There may be some GA/TA opportunities down the line, but nothing guaranteed. My POI is seeking grants but again nothing official. I would have to pay tuition; pretty minimal but typically this is waived for PhD programs.. and then there's cost of living. Which won't be too bad because it's a small town, but obviously the fees will eventually pile up as I have to pay tuition + have no stipend + probably won't be able to make outside money if I want to keep sane. I'm wait-listed from other schools with better funding. If this is my only choice.. do I accept? Thoughts? What would others do? Has anyone been in this boat before and how has it worked out?
  19. So it looks like a few people have heard some positive news from grad schools about upcoming interviews starting next month. How is everyone preparing? I know that I did some initial preparation when I was completing my applications, but I'm not too sure where to go from here. Every POI has published material, ongoing grants and recently completed work, lab websites/department biographies... But what is interview day/weekend really about and what kinds of questions should we be preparing for and what questions should we be asking as we are on these interviews? Happy Holidays!
  20. I've been accepted into UIUC's Clinical/Community Psychology PhD program, but am afraid I don't have enough insight on the experience from a grad student's POV. This is a desperate cry for help---Anyone out there know about UIUC's psychology department (i.e. the feel of it, rigor, culture, etc.) in general? Also, any helpful replies about the broader Urbana/Champaign area, the professors, the psych department, or the stipend are all welcome! Thank you
  21. I will be interviewing for a 1 year part time contract research position. I am also applying to clinical psychology programs - which would be starting in September. I want to keep my options open in case I am not accepted. Should I tell the interviewers about my applications? Thanks in advance for your help!
  22. Hi all, I am curious to know if anyone has any sort of idea for what puts POI's "over the edge" in terms of accepting 1 student out of the 2-6 they'll invite to interview? I do have this textbook guide (Norcross) for 'getting into clinical psych programs' that says POIs may consider # of publications of high importance, but the study they cite was from 10 years ago, I believe... Aside from 'red flags' sort of knocking people down, what would push them 'up' into getting an offer? Fit? Having worked closely with one of their colleagues? Being geographically close to the school and therefore more likely to want to stay in the area?? Thank you to all for considering this, I appreciate your input!
  23. Hey all, I am having a little bit of difficulty thinking of questions to ask faculty members that I will be interviewing with that are NOT my POI. Specifically, as part of the application process, I have to be interviewed by other faculty members. I have ZERO CLUE what to ask... Any help would be greatly appreciated. P.S. If you have any good questions to ask in general, feel free to throw those my way too!
  24. Wondering if anyone else here applied to PsyD programs? If so, let's post where we applied and any updates! School: The Wright Institute Program: PsyD Status: Received invitation for interview last week. I have my interview on Saturday. School: Yeshiva University Program: PsyD Status: Submitted my application but haven't heard anything. Nervous since they said they would extend interview invites in January. School: Trinity College Dublin Program: Doctorate in Clinical Psychology Status: Still figuring out if I am going to apply. Nervous about the work visa issue so not sure if it's worth applying. Any thoughts?
  25. My plan A is to get accepted into a doctoral program in Counseling Psychology, and become a licensed psychologist. If I only get accepted into Master's programs, I am wondering whether a Master's in Counseling Psychology versus a Master's in Clinical Psychology would be better? For reference, my undergraduate degree is in Special Education w/core hours in Psychology. I meet prerequisites, but I don't have research experience. I want to do as much research as possible, which is why a Clinical program may be ideal for me. My research interests are mainly in Health Psychology, chronic disease, and disability which seem to be well suited for clinical psychology. If I did a Master's in Clinical Psych I would go on to complete a doctoral program. Here are some of my pros and cons: Counseling Psychology MS: Can apply to doctoral program during second year, essentially transferring to doctoral (potentially.) Less likely to be a Licensed Psychological Associate (LPA.) More likely to be a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC.) Housed in larger universities. Shorter time to Ph.d Clinical Psychology MS: Research seems to be better suited for my interests. Faster time to completion. Can go on to complete doctoral study in a medical center. Clear path to be LPA. Clinical doctoral programs are notoriously difficult to get into/may time a lot of time and money. Will take longer to Ph.d I would love any input from people that have completed Master's programs, or are applying to them. TIA!