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Found 32 results

  1. I figured I would start this thread off for Canadian clinical psychology applicants for Fall 2017. There was a good thread going last year that I think helped a lot of people out. Might as well get it started before the applications are due! Good luck to everyone this year!
  2. Hello, I am currently on a waitlist for a Clinical Psychology program and I am wondering if I should email my POI just restating that I am still interested in the program and to also ask if there is anything I can do to help my application. Thanks
  3. When graduating with a PhD in clinical psychology, does the prestige of your graduate program effect your career in the short and long term? My career goals are centered around academic research with an interest in consulting. I'm wondering if the national reputation of a program (ie. graduating from a school in the top ten vs. top 50) is a significant factor in the trajectory of your career.
  4. Hello! Somehow, this year, no one seems to have started a Canadian Thread for applicants for Clinical and Counselling Psychology. I figured, I would start! Applied to: University of Manitoba (Clinical), Queen's (Clinical), McGill (Counselling), New Brunswick (Clinical) and Wisc-Madison (Masters/PhD - Counseling) No, news yet except for Wisc-Madison PhD - rejected, but one of my referees didn't put in my reference in time (a week after the deadline) Let's start talking because I think we all need an outlet and to find out from each other what is happening in the world of invites, acceptances and rejections. (PS, if someone does know about another link - 'cause I cannot find my fellow applicant peers)
  5. So it looks like a few people have heard some positive news from grad schools about upcoming interviews starting next month. How is everyone preparing? I know that I did some initial preparation when I was completing my applications, but I'm not too sure where to go from here. Every POI has published material, ongoing grants and recently completed work, lab websites/department biographies... But what is interview day/weekend really about and what kinds of questions should we be preparing for and what questions should we be asking as we are on these interviews? Happy Holidays!
  6. For a long time I was interested in doing clinical psychology, and I still am but find that I am more attracted to the research portion of it and I think I would be very happy doing only research and pursuing some kind of non-academic career. I've been accepted to a PhD program that is purely research in psychology, and I plan on accepting. I think I will be very happy in a research only program, and also think I will have a satisfying and fulfilling career after completing this program, but there is still a part of me that enjoys clinical work. My question is, has anyone here gone through a pure research PhD to later go on to do a masters or some type of certification that licenses you to counsel? I realize this is a warped way of doing things, and it's not my ultimate goal but I just wanted to know if there's any information on this in case I'll want to go back to clinical work sometime in the distant future.
  7. Hi everyone, I am curious to know how you may be going about rank-ordering your options for graduate school now that you've had (some or all) interviews? Thanks!
  8. Has anyone experienced a Group Interview through their Clinical PhD app. process? Any advice? I am supposed to have multiple in one day...thank you for your input!
  9. Hi all, I am wondering if anyone could potentially clarify the proper protocol to follow when offered admission to a Clinical Psych PhD program after interviewing? I am just curious about the idea of "holding" offers, as I've been told that you shouldn't have more than 1 offer at a time? Should you let 1 school know like 'hey I'm strongly considering you but waiting to hear back from other schools'? If given an offer to your second choice, should you email your first choice to let them know that you have an offer from X University but admission into your University would 'change my mind'? I apologize if my examples are confusing, I just have heard so many mixed pieces of advice regarding this. Thank you for your input!
  10. It is late January and I still haven't got any emails about my status. I see that one person got an email and call on the 24th for an interview. How about anyone else?
  11. Hey guys! Today I received an offer to come for an interview from Southern Mississippi's counseling psychology program. I am super excited since I get to meet with my desired faculty member but is it strange that I'm already hearing back after I just submitted my application last week? How long do you guys think I should wait to reply so I don't seem too desperate? I wasn't expecting to hear back from any of the schools until January so I'm still a little in shock. I figured we could use this thread to hear where everyone is getting in and for any questions we may have about the interview process!
  12. Hey there, I noticed on the site where 2017 Clinical applicants post their interview invitations that 1 poster was waiting on an official invitation from the Department to interview in person. A total of 10 people (it appears) have posted about UMich Clinical on that webpage, and I would just like to know if anyone has received their *official* invitation to interview (the dates for which appear to be February 18th and 19th)? Thank you so much for considering this question, all; this program and PI are very much so my top choice and I would like to know if I still stand a chance!
  13. Hello, This is my first time posting a thread on here, so I'm not sure if I'm doing this right. I am in need of some advice. I am currently a 4th year undergrad student at UChicago and have a 3.1 cumulative GPA (3.4 Psychology) I have not taken my GRE yet, but intend to do so next summer, to apply next Fall for graduate programs in clinical psychology. I have worked in Psychology labs for about 5 years now, but have no publications or presentations (hoping to have a couple done by the end of this academic year). I currently work with a prof as her only undergrad research assistant, so not a research lab per se. My primary research interest is suicide/self-injurious behaviors. My question is--where to go from here? I know I want to end up in a Clinical Psych Ph.D program, but that is certainly a long shot right now, mostly because of my low GPA. Is there anyone here who could possibly recommend any Clinical Psych MA programs with faculty with similar research interests? Absolutely any help would be deeply appreciated.
  14. Hello all, So I am new to the site, but I have been referred from a friend of mine and so far I like what I see. I am currently attending a Clinical Masters of Psychology in North Carolina. In NC I will be able to practice clinically with my masters pending supervision for life, which is one reason I am applying to Clinical PhDs around the country for Fall 2017. Long story short, the General Psychology students in my program enter the general psych track with the intention of taking that research experience straight to a PhD, because they cannot sit for licensing with just the general masters. My question is if my Clinical Masters, with a focus in substance use, makes me more or less appealing to a Clinical Psychology PhD program than a general masters of psychology student? I have a fair amount of research, but not in comparison to my peers in the general track, but I have 1200 of clinical internship not including clinical coursework. Just curious to others experiences in making the transition from a masters program to a PhD?
  15. I'm wondering just how competitive is Rutgers PsyD program? And admitted or current students here on the forum that can shed some light on the process please? It's definitely my dream school to enter but I want to strategize myself effectively and plan ahead. Would love any opinions, thanks!
  16. Hey guys, I have waited to email POI's to see if they are accepting students till this month since they're more likely to know about funding. Some of my POI's have indicated on their website if they are accepting a student but I have decided it's time to bunker down and get to writing out good email drafts to send out to all my POI's in the next week. Does anyone have any tips on what I should include in my "reaching out" email? I don't want to send a novel but I want to get across how interested I am in working with them. Secondary note, does anyone have any tips on what I shouldn't include when writing them out? Thanks!
  17. Hey guys! Anybody applying to clinical geropsychology phd programs or clinical programs with a mentor doing aging research? Which programs are you applying to? What about developmental psychology programs with a lifespan developmental/aging concentration? This is the area I'm looking at, and I wanted to see who else is going through a similar process!
  18. Hi everyone! I am looking towards applying this upcoming fall to clinical psychology programs and am seeking advice. I am wanting to specialize in forensic psychology (really big interest in juveniles & sex offending research) and am having trouble finding APA accredited programs where forensic psychology is somewhat prominent in the department. I have schools such as Palo Alto, Fordham, Sam Houston State, University of Alabama, etc. on my list already but I still want to look at every option available. Anyone have suggestions on some specific schools/professors/labs I should look into? {also, not looking to apply to John Jay so I don't need any information on that school}
  19. Hi all, I'm planning to apply to Tufts' MERGE-ID program next year. Does anyone know of any similar programs? Any PhD programs in microbiology with a clinical aspect? Also, I was wondering if anyone here knows anything about the admission rate of the program, or can help me determine my chances. I haven't taken the GRE yet, but - I have a bachelor's in biology from Reed College (a little liberal arts college with a great research and academic reputation) with a 3.4 GPA - 5 independent biology research projects over the course of undergrad - Got an A on my senior thesis in microbiology (a clinically relevant project) - Interned at a teaching hospital for a year where I assisted in sepsis clinical studies in the ICUs - After graduating college, worked as a research tech in a tuberculosis lab at Cornell med in NYC - Will graduate from the University of Nottingham (in the UK) with my master's in Clinical Microbiology next September - Plan to tech or do research from Oct 2017 until I (hopefully) start my PhD in Summer/Fall 2019. - Currently don't have any publications or poster sessions (hopefully that will change this year) Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  20. Hey Everyone! So I finally chose a clinical program & I am excited for the next part of my learning, But now what? I would love any insight whether it has to do with clinical psychology grad programs or grad school in general. Im so pumped and hoping some insight will put me in a great position to start the semester.
  21. Hi, I will be applying to MSW programs fairly soon and would like to know the stats of people that have gotten into top ranked MSW programs (Columbia, NYU, Fordham, etc). Not only what you applied with but what criteria actually got you accepted into the program (EC, gpa, work, volunteer work, LOR). I'm trying to better understand the things that I need to do in order to increase my chances of acceptance. Thank you all for your help! Interests: Clinical SW (mental health). NYU. Advanced Standing. Military Concentration. VA Placements.
  22. Hello all! I am going to start working on my SoP's as soon as possible but as many of you know, I feel like I hit road blocks every few sentences. My question is, have any of you found a good skeleton or outline on how to set a SoP up? Or how to create a really unique one? This will be strictly for psychology graduate programs so if any of you have experience writing SoP's for psych, help is appreciated. Thanks!
  23. For a New Yorker who wants to practice social work in a hospital, which is the best program for me? Interested in a program that is less research based and tailored towards hospital work--especially in terms of field placement. Accepted to NYU and Columbia, offered money at NYU. Pending interview at Hunter.
  24. Hi all! I have been accepted into the U of Chicago and NYU MSW programs for fall 2016. I am every excited about both of these and see the advantages to attending either. I am definitely looking for a more clinically focused program. I know that NYU is KNOWN for its clinical side and from what I've seen on the Chicago website they have a good program but I can't tell how good their clinical track is. I am wondering if anyone out there has any input? I also know that Chicago is known for its specialty in child welfare which is what I'm interested in. I have been offered scholarships to both schools but twice as much from U of Chicago. I am, however, pretty interested in living in New York City! I have also been accepted to Columbia but have read that they are much more policy focused. Any opinions are super helpful. Thanks in advance!
  25. Hi all, I was recently accepted to Michigan State University's clinical social work program as well as University of Michigan's interpersonal practice program. While U of M is a more recognizable program, it is also significantly more expensive. Does anyone have any advice for which route I should go? Which program will be better if I want to focus on direct practice with clients? Which degree will be better to have? I want to stay in-state, so these are my two options. I also want to be smart with my money since I am paying for it all, but I also want the program that will be best for my future.