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Found 41 results

  1. Hey everyone! I applied to some MA programs in Communication in Canada universities and has been rejected by McGill,UBC and Western. However, I still got no reply from UT, SFU, Ottawa and Carleton. I'm so anxious at this time. Wonder there's anyone applied to the same program with me?
  2. Hey, guys, I was wondering if any of you know anything about summer programs in comms for doctoral students, either in the US or abroad. I'd be mainly interested in departments that research digital & social media, but this isn't necessarily a requirement (sorry if this is a repeated post, I couldn't find anything related to the subject using the search tool)
  3. When I decided to apply to Ph.D. programs, I had very little guidance and absolutely no idea what I was doing. I checked past threads here to get better ideas of what programs are out there/how to figure out where I stood as an applicant. I thought it might be useful for future applicants to answer some questions we know to ask when starting out the applicant process. Forgive my grammatical issues...having an anxiety-day. it's a lot of questions but that's because like, i am wordy and also i had alllll of these questions and more when i decided to apply. FIRST - You as an applicant 1. What did you study in undergrad? Master's (if applicable)? 2. What were your grades like in undergrad? Master's? 3. What are your research interests? 4. What teaching experience did you have before applying? 5. What about research experience? 6. What about miscellaneous experience (unrelated to Comm/corporate/private/etc)? 7. How old are you (or, what is your age group)? SECOND - Deciding to pursue a Ph.D. 1. What made you decide to pursue a Ph.D. in Communication? 2. Did you contact faculty at the programs you were interested in? What did you say? How often did you communicate with these people (POIs)? 3. Did you visit or contact graduate students? How did thaaaat go? 4. How did you decide who to ask for letters of rec? Were they all professors or did you get letters from outside of academia? THIRD - Actually applying 1. How did you look for programs? 2. How did you decide where to apply? 3. What was your biggest priority in a program? 4. How many schools did you initially set out to apply to, and how many did you actually apply to? 5. What were your GRE scores like (either specifics or vaguely)? How many times did you take it? Did you feel good about your scores? 6. How did you frame your experience/interests/fit in your statement of purpose? Did you focus on something more heavily than other stuff (like faculty or experience)? 7. Did you feel good about your applications? Why or why not? 8. If you knew then what you knew now, what advice would you give yourself? FOURTH - GETTING IN (OR NOT) - feel free to update/answer later 1. How many programs did you get into (and which, if you don't mind sharing)? 2. How many were you waitlisted for? Did you make it off the waitlist? 3. How many were you rejected from? 4. Did you get into your top program? Did you expect to get in? 5. Did you receive funding? 6. Once you've made your decision...how did you decide which school to attend? 7. If you didn't get admitted to a program, will you apply again? 8. What do you want to do with your Ph.D.? FINALLY 1. In retrospect...what was the best part of the application process? 2. What was the worst? 3. What advice do you have for future applicants?
  4. Hello friends so I received this from one of the school I applied to...do you guys think it's a good sign?
  5. I got put on the waiting list for Pacific U's SLP masters program. Anyone else? I'm curious how many there are. Also, they said they don't disclose wait list positions which makes it harder to know if I should wait it out or not. Anyone else have this concern?
  6. Hi, folks I'm applicant for master's degree in Communication. I narrow down into two universities. One is SDSU the other University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. My interest is health communication. SDSU has good faculties for health communication, but here is no funding. They said I'm on wait list for GTA, so they are not sure about the position of Teaching Assistant. San Diego whether is good, but living expense is so expensive I guess. UW-Milwaukee does not have any strong curriculum for health communication. But one or two professors are working on similar field, not exactly heath communication. However, they offer me full funding. Living expense is relatively cheaper than San Diego. SDSU sounds good when it only comes to the field of study. However, financial problem is always driving me crazy.. When it comes to UW-milwaukee, I'm little bit worried about the ranking of that program because I want to continue for Ph.D in top school... I hope. I am planning to continue to study for Ph.D In this situation, I'm a little bit confused which choice would be better for me. Any advice would be great help for me.
  7. Hello, Heard some individuals got acceptance letters today...however I did not receive one yet. is this a bad sign?
  8. Hi everyone! Like many of you, I'm having a really hard time making a decision. MGH was originally my top choice. I have always been really impressed by its clinical affiliations, on campus clinic, and of course its amazing reputation. However, I noticed that MGH requires about 20 more credits than the other schools and requires an extra semester of classes. Many of its semesters also require 6 or 7 classes as opposed to 3 like many of the other schools do. I wanted to know if you enjoyed your experience, and whether you found the work load to be overwhelming. Did you find these extra classes to be beneficial in your placements? I have heard some stories of other girls in the program who were mentally and emotionally drained by MGH's demanding workload. Although I love MGH, I can't help but wonder whether I would be slightly less stressed out at another program in Boston. If anyone is currently at MGH or went to MGH or had a friend at MGH, I was wondering what your opinion on this was. Is the workload crazy? Is it manageable? Did you like it? Thank you so much in advance!!
  9. Just found this awesome site! So far, I have heard from 6/7 schools. Waiting to hear from University of Oregon PhD in Media Studies. Has anyone heard from UO? I had an interview on 01/31/17 and they said mid-Feb. for decisions but now we are approaching mid-March. Amitted: George Mason University, University of North Dakota Waitlisted: Penn State University Rejected: Cornell, UC Davis, Washington State (Pullman) Still Waiting: University of Oregon
  10. Hey guys, I am new to the forum! I just have a question that has been bugging me, I would really appreciate some feedback or suggestion regarding my situation. So yesterday, I received a notification from UW Comm Lead department that I got into their waitlist. I replied to that email, reaffirming my interest in the program as well as attaching an updated resume. The advisor replied to my email today, saying she really appreciate that I continue to show my reaffirm interest for the program and that she partly want to see who from those in the waitlist are genuinely interested. She also mentions that she welcome additional recommendation letter or a revised materials. I was thinking of getting my current supervisor to write me one, do you think it is a good idea? Should I re-do my personal statement or video application? I'm just really anxious. Do you think I get a high chance of getting accepted? This is the only graduate program I applied to and I really want to get in. Thanks!
  11. Hi everyone! So i'm kind of in a dilemma, I recently got accepted into Temple University's Media Studies and Production Master's Program and into Indiana University's Media Arts and Sciences Master's Program. I really like both programs but I'm definitely having trouble deciding... Temple is offering me a one time scholarship for $10,000 and when I spoke with the Grad Program director at Indiana he said the Master's program is fully funded. Even so, i'm still not sure which school is the right fit for me. Any advice on how to decide or any opinions on the schools' programs? Thanks!
  12. Hey Everyone -- I thought it might be nice to start a thread about campus visits for a few reasons. See if other folks are attending the same visit weekend as you. If you've already toured a campus give some insight and impressions. If it's an interview weekend, what types of questions did you/should you ask, what did they ask you etc. It would also let us connect on the same schools. That being said -- is anyone planning on going to UT- Austin's communications studies weekend in February? It's one of my top choices so I'm definitely going to try to go.
  13. About 20 days ago, I was told that I was put into the waiting list for the PhD program of communication at UMD, which was really depressing news for me. Now although I have an offer from another university, the winter in that state is too cold for me, and I suspect whether my health condition can withstand the cold winter there. My parents are also anxious about this. Unlike many other applicants, I applied for only three PhD programs and UMD is my first choice. Now I really wish I have the opportunity to be accepted by UMD, where the weather is milder so that my parents don’t need to worry about me too much in China. If anyone who is accepted by this PhD program plans to reject the offer, could you please make the decision sooner and give a space to those on the waiting list? Your earlier decision is REALLY significant for my family and myself! Thank you so much!!! You can contact me with my email: ma.lingyan@outlook.com Thank you once again!
  14. Hey all! So, I'm pretty sure this app season is a wash for me. One of the things I've discovered, though, is that many Comm programs seem to have programs that fit my interest. Coming from an anthropology background, I'm not super sure how to go about finding these programs. So, if you know of any programs that relate to my interests (digital communication, geek culture, gaming culture, etc) or a place that I could find a list of potential programs, please post below and let me know! Thanks so much!
  15. So I got accepted to FSU's online distance learning program for my masters in speech-language pathology. I haven't heard much about it. This is my first and only acceptance (I'm still waiting to hear from the others) Does anyone have reviews or heard anything from people currently in the program? Thanks!
  16. Sampson (2006), in "A survey of public perception and response to heat warnings across four North American cities: an evaluation of municipal effectiveness", has found that "the effectiveness of the communication of safety precautions to different populations needs improvement". He also identified that "there is a need for more effective communication with people who are vulnerable that they need to be concerned about their safety". What do you think could improve this problem?
  17. Is anyone waiting to hear back from UCF for Spring 2017? Has anyone been accepted? I wanted to start an official post for this term so all the UCF applicants can talk/discuss/vent here
  18. Hi all, I've been talking with some alums and current students at some of the programs I'm applying to and wanted to know if it's a good idea to incorporate what they told me about the program and if so, how I'd do that. This would be stuff that's not explicitly posted on the website. For example, for school X, apparently the school is very generous in their support for graduate students and I'd like to write something along the lines of "I am confident that the program's generous support for its students will help further my academic goals" I've been told quite a few things about how research is conducted, the overall atmosphere, how closely students work with faculty, focus on research vs. teaching. I don't want to seem like I'm throwing out unfounded information, but I haven't been able to come up with a concise and eloquent way of saying "I heard from alums and current students that your program is awesome and I really want to attend because xyz" A friend told me that she incorporated stuff like this successfully in tailoring her SOPs but.. I'm not sure how..
  19. I want to learn more about science and environment so that I can report on issues in these areas with more authority. I was a really good biology student in high school, but could not continue it. What programs can I consider now? I'm 26, and a fairly accomplished journalist with 5 years of experience covering pharmaceuticals and healthcare in India for an international news agency. Thanks in advance for any thoughts/ideas/suggestions.
  20. Hey guys! I am considering applying for a masters degree in science, technology, and society for spring 2017, and would really like to hear from others considering this. I have zero background in sociology, science, or math. I did my undergrad in mass media, and a post-grad diploma in new media journalism, and have been working at a large news wire for the past five years as a reporter covering pharmaceuticals and healthcare. Last I studied science was in high school, (and I was great at biology) but couldn't pursue it further, and have always wanted to learn more about science and tech. STS modules sound very exciting! But given my background, there are very few schools I can consider. I'm also wondering how to think of a research topic. Any ideas at all? Fellow applicants, what are your topics, and how did you think of them? Any advice at all would be really helpful! I definitely want to study this next year, and application season is already underway, so I need to act fast. Thanks!
  21. I've been researching USC's MA in Strategic Public Relations and am wondering, what is the difference between that degree and the MA in Communication Management? So far, the differences I see are: The MA in SPR requires 6 courses, the MA in CM requires 3; SPR is 40 units, CM is 36; Not sure how many units can be taken outside of Annenberg with SPR, 8 can come from other depts with CM. Can anyone offer some clarity of what are the hard differences between these two programs? Is one more rigorous than the other? Any guidance would be much appreciated.
  22. Hello guys! I am writing this to ask a question if I can have chances to get admission from grad schools considering my low GPA. I am a future applicant with a Bachelor of English Literature degree and 10 years of professional experiences in journalism in South Korea. I won several journalism awards with international reputation. Now, I am going to apply MA or MS in comm/media/journalism programs as many as possible this year. Unfortunately, after having read the degree program overview of some programs, i figure the programs require a minimum 3.0 GPA(on a 4.0 scale) for admission. My undergrad GPA is about 2.9 on a 4.0 scale. So, I wonder if my application will not be reviewed by Admission Committee at all because it is too low. Also, is it possible that I make up for my low GPA by submitting GRE scores or my professional experiences? Of course, I ask this questions to some admission committees of the schools, but they gave just a general answer. So, I am seeking pieces of advice here. Thank you in advance for your help.
  23. I will be attending SDSU this fall (2016). I didn't see any Facebook group so I created one: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1694788067450120/
  24. Hello everyone! I am a journalist from India and have received acceptance letters from Emerson College in Boston and Villanova University, Pennsylvania. Expecting a few more responses. But, I want to choose from these two institutions. The course at Villanova is Masters in Communication and at Emerson it is Masters in Communication Management with a specialization in Political Communication. At Villanova, I can study the same subjects as Emerson. If anybody could help, I'll really appreciate it!
  25. Hello everyone! I am a journalist from India and have received acceptance letters from Emerson College in Boston and Villanova University, Pennsylvania. Expecting a few more responses. But, I want to choose from these two institutions. The course at Villanova is Masters in Communication and at Emerson it is Masters in Communication Management with a specialization in Political Communication. At Villanova, I can study the same subjects as Emerson. If anybody could help, I'll really appreciate it!