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  1. Hello community. I am a sophomore in the University of Edinburgh (AI&CS joint major) and want to do a MS/PhD in the US. I know some basics about the admission process yet I have some general questions. 1. I only took two outside courses and there is no chance to take more. Will this hurt? 2. The University of Edinburgh enjoys a good reputation in UK and EU in the CS filed (especially AI I'd say), but how prestigious is it in the states and does it matter anyway when applying to MS/PhD? 3. Does participating in an exchange program (with a top 20 US uni) help? The con is that all grades during the exchange does not count to the final degree. Thanks to anyone who replies.
  2. I need urgent help with my Statement of purpose. I need to write a SOP under 3700 characters. However, I'm currently overshooting it by about 600 characters. It would be really helpful if someone could review it and share their critique. Thanks in advance for the help!
  3. Hi everyone, I am an international undergraduate student at a US university in Chicago. I am majoring in Mathematics and Computer Science and planning to apply for PhD programs for Fall 2018, focusing on Machine Learning/Deep Learning. I have been doing research in Machine Learning with one of my Math professors for the last couple of months (we were awarded a grant for two terms). By the time of the application deadlines, I will have done approximately one year of research and hope to have written a paper. Here is my profile: Major: Mathematics and Computer Science GPA: 3.95 LORs: All from tenured professors, one is my current research supervisor. (See Question 3 below) Research: As stated above, I have research experience. GRE: V154 (65th%), Q168 (94th%), AWA5.0 (93rd%) Here are my questions: 1) Do you think my overall profile (considering I will have good letters and SOP) would be a strong fit for top 20 schools? 2) Should I take the GRE again in order to get a better Verbal score? (Considering that I want to get into a T20 school) 3) So, my major is NOT a double major. It is a joint major, called Mathematics and Computer Science. Since math and CS have a lot in common, they made it into one single major. However, this major is not offered by the department that offers the Computer Science major. In short, for the last four year, my faculty advisor has been a math professor and I have been doing the ML research with a mathematician/researcher/professor. Although I got A's from all of my CS classes (except for one A- in my first quarter) and the professors of those classes know that I am an A student, I have not done any research or extra activities (e.g. competitions) with them. On the other side, my faculty advisor (who is a Math professor), my research supervisor, and a Math professor who is a graduate of Harvard and MIT (who wanted to try to get me an internship at one of the best software companies through her contacts because she thought I should be hired) can provide me with strong recommendation letters. In this case, considering that I am applying for PhD programs in CS, do you think it would be bad to have all the letters from these Math professors? As I said, although all of my CS professors know me and think that I am a good student, they will probably not be able to state any strong sentences about me in a recommendation letter other than just saying I was a "hardworking" student and received an A from their class. (Also consider that my school runs on a quarter system, meaning that each quarter is 10 weeks. So, when I take a CS class, the professor has 10 weeks to get to know me, rather than 4 months in a semester system). Therefore, who should I ask for recommendation letters? 4) Do you guys have any program/researcher recommendations for me for the PhD? (AI/ML/DL) Thanks in advance.
  4. So guys I'm in a real fix and need some help. I've done my Bachelors in Electronics Engineering with a CGPA of 2.91 but during my bachelors I developed more interest towards computer science and want to pursue my masters in CS. I've gained a good amount of experience in the field through multiple software/web projects done and a lot of self reading and stuff meaning I know the core stuff such as programming,networking,data structures and algorithms, OS etc etc very well. But my degree is in Electronics as you can see which isnt closely related to CS therefore I'm not eligible for most of the MS CS programs, plus the universities that offer conversion masters are in US/UK which quite frankly I cant afford. What are my options? Need some opinions on this.
  5. So guys I'm in a real fix and need some help. I've done my Bachelors in Electronics Engineering with a CGPA of 2.91 but during my bachelors I developed more interest towards computer science and want to pursue my masters in CS. I've gained a good amount of experience in the field through multiple software/web projects done and a lot of self reading and stuff meaning I know the core stuff such as programming,networking,data structures and algorithms, OS etc etc very well. But my degree is in Electronics as you can see which isnt closely related to CS therefore I'm not eligible for most of the MS CS programs, plus the universities that offer conversion masters are in US/UK which quite frankly I cant afford. What are my options? Need some opinions on this.
  6. Hi every one. I have a question and it's kinda emergency. Can you please help? I got the admission for Mcmaster university for fall 2017 master program and I accepted the offer, but the problem is that the offer is a conditional one. It states that (here is the exact sentences from the offer): This offer is conditional upon the receipt of an official transcript confirming that your Bachelor's degree has been conferred with at least a B- average in the final year (in the discipline you are entering) I assume B- is equal to 2.7/4. I understand that B- is not a high GPA but the problem is that last semester, I did not do well at all. Currently, I am studying for my final exams (for the last semester) but I'm afraid I cannot meet this condition. My professor is very interested to have me in his research group and my overall GPA is still above the minimum required to be accepted in McMaster, but I predict my final year GPA will not be so good. I am really worried about the situation. Will my offer really be rescinded if I don't meet the condition or I can do something about it? Thank you
  7. Salutations, I have completed my engineering and MBA in Information Technology and have been working for the past five years in an IT firm as the technical lead. I had applied for furthering my studies by applying for Master of Science in different universities. I have got the offer from two universities as of now viz., Trinity College Dublin in Master of Science in Computer Science specialization in Intelligent Systems (a one year degree specialization course) University of Konstanz in Master of Science in Computer and Information Science (a two year generic degree course) In terms of ranking Trinity > Konstanz. However, my plan is to go for a PhD after doing Masters and I am awaiting the reply from other German universities. I am open to choosing my specialization and am not limited to only "Artificial Intelligence"/"Intelligent Systems". What would you recommend for me? Thanks for your help and time!
  8. Hi, I'm Looking for young computer scientists and software engineers interested in developing an app with me. Must be outside of the box thinkers with fresh idea inputs and no limit to their coding abilities. please contact me at tridea2017@gmail.com looking forward to hearing from you.
  9. Hi Guys! I don't know if this is the right place to put this thread in, but I couldn't find any similar thread anywhere. So here it goes! All the Masters/PhD in Computer Science people who applied in Canadian universities converge here! Share your heart out, how you're dealing with the stress of waiting it out (Canadian universities are super late in sending decisions). Last I heard, SFU and UWaterloo extended their deadlines to February 15 and February 28! Man this is gonna take even more time!!!
  10. I know some folks have received admission decisions in Computer Science, so I think it will be nice for everyone to share their profile, schools applied to, GRE score, TOEFL score(if applicable), accepts, awaiting decision and/or rejects.
  11. Greetings, all, My partner and I are beginning our graduate school hunt for the 2018 season. We're in different fields and, although I've been through this process before, I'm not familiar with how things work in the computer science/analytics/statistics/math field(s). Advising resources for my partner are a little limited at the moment, so I am hoping you can help by sharing some advice to help clear a few basic hurdles. My partner has a B.S. in Mathematics and a B.S. in Computer Information Systems. They also have over a decade of experience in programming, networking, and sys-admin work. They love the crap out of spatial analysis, arc-GIS, history, AI, prob./stats., cyber security and tech. policy, and using technology to make the world a better place (I'm sorry this sounds so much like a dating profile). So: 1. What sorts of programs are out there for a person like this, and what would you consider the best options (and why)? 2. Would it be better to pursue a M.S.or a Ph.D.? 3. Are online programs frowned upon in this field, or are they considered just as good as a residential program? Thanks in advance for your insight on this!
  12. So, it's a week after the 15th and I've yet to hear from two universities (Purdue and Pitt). I know it's probably too late but I refuse to completely lose hope. Am I just being naive? I know it's a long shot by now but I cannot believe they would keep us in uncertainty for this long without, at least, some reason. Do any of you guys have some input? I'm really just offloading and venting a little bit so any comment is welcome. Congrats to everyone that was already accepted!
  13. Well, Friday is fast approaching and I still haven't decided what I want to do. I'm stuck between choosing either employment or pursuing a graduate degree (where doesn't really matter at this point) When I was applying back in the fall, I wasn't really expecting to get in anywhere, let alone get in with funding. So, realizing that I'm graduating soon and need to have a plan, I start looking for work. I find out by word of mouth that a company I've been interested in working for is hiring. So, naturally, I sent in my resume, but again, I wasn't really expecting anything to come out of it. Well, a couple weeks later I get the job and have been working there for the last few months. Now I've got a job and some acceptance letters and can't decide on which I want to pursue. On the one hand a job offers stability and relieves a lot of stress about what comes after graduation. Not only that, but I have a lot of loyalty for the company I work for and they're pretty invested in me staying long term (why else would they pay for a certification and give me, an intern, a raise). Also, I've built friendships at this company and I feel like leaving so soon would burn a lot of bridges really fast. On the other hand, grad school is what I've been working towards for most of my adult life. To give up on it so soon is just crappy and I really don't like that my employer doesn't want me going to grad school. Again, I also feel like not choosing grad school would also burn bridges because I have connections at these schools that go back a few years and I feel like I would let these people down. Basically, they've also invested a lot in me. Yeah, I understand that I can always go to grad school later, and that's something I might take into consideration, but you know, how much longer would I have to wait to pursue my dreams? Also, I really like working for this company and would like to continue doing so, but they've made it clear I would have to either choose grad school or working for them, there would be no compromise. Of course, I could always come back after I finish my degree, but would they even want me back? Would they even be able to offer me a position in 4 or 5 years? There are just too many unknowns for me to make a definite decision right now and I'm going to have to do a lot of meditating on this. I've talked to coworkers and supervisors, half say to stay at the company, the other half say to pursue what I want and I'm not sure which side is more correct. I just really don't know what to do.
  14. I'm an international student who's gotten admits from the University of Southern California to the MS CS (spl. in DS) program, and from the University of Utah MSCS program. I'm inclined towards USC because of it's higher ranking and location, but I'm worried about the expense and large class sizes. Utah has smaller class sizes, cheaper fees and possibility of getting a TA position. Since my parents are prepared to fully fund my education, money is not that big of an issue, however saving a few thousand dollars would be nice. Is it worth giving up USC for Utah?
  15. My problem is the following, I want to apply to Trinity's masters in Msc Information System, M.Phil in Digital Humanities and Culture or Msc. Interactive Digital Media (the three seem equally attractive to me) . I have a 3,3 GPA of a 5 year program (Political Science), from a demanding and prestigious university in South America (Pontificia Universidad Catolica - UC) To further explain my concern. Usually, in the university nobody gets a GPA higher than a 3,6 (we work with a scale 1-7, where you approve with a 4(60%) and normally a GPA is 4,8 and the maximum I known someone has gotten is a 6,1 EVER; ). I have a 3,3 (which translates into 5,3 or a 75%-78%), with good grades in research and methods, been teaching assistant in four courses, involved in various extracurricular activities and politics (student politics, volunteer nationally and internationally, participated in MUN and other conferences) and founded an NGO in my country. I did my internship in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and wrote my thesis about the Challenges of Open Source for Politics. My main concern relays upon the fact that I failed some courses during my program. During my second year I was sexually assaulted and I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Due to this, I failed about 4/10 course (not miserably) during that year. By the end of my program, I was getting spectacular grades. I am worried that, when they see my academic transcripts, they will focus in the failed courses. Hence, upon the information presented above, what do you think are the chances of getting accepted in the program? Is a 3,3 GPA (compared with the national scene) with good extracurricular activity enough for Trinity?
  16. My interests area are computer vision and robotics. I have four admits for MS CS. I would want to work in some RnD department in the field of computer vision after my graduation. 1) Northeastern University at Boston 2) Washington University in St. Louis (MS fellowship, research inclination) 3) Rochester institute of Technology (40% Scholarship) 4) SUNY Buffalo
  17. Hi. I'm a CS student (Bachelor's + Master's), who got accepted to Princeton for a CS PhD (Machine learning). I'd applied to a ton of other places (ten in total), but got rejected from all of them (apart from an MS in Data Science at CMU which I rejected for various reasons). Now, I wanted to defer the PhD for a year, since having been in academia for pretty much all my life, I think it might make sense to see how the tech functions in the "real world": a perspective I don't think I gained enough during my internships or undergrad. I also wanted to do this because I'm a little tired of academia at this point, and a long term goal of mine is to create real world impact: which might be easier in startups/industry than by doing theoretical machine learning in the academy. Unfortunately, I recently found out that Princeton CS does not allow deferrals, so I'd have to reapply next year with the risk of not getting accepted. A prof also mentioned that there's no guarantee that I'd get accepted again if I were to apply next year. However, the graduate coordinator told me that 1-2 students do this every year, and said they understand my reasons for wanting to take a break. She also mentioned that of the three'd who declined to reapply in the past three years, there was only one who reapplied (and was successful). So there isn't really enough data to assign any good probability value to my chances next year. Given all of this, do you guys think it makes sense to grab what I have and try getting practical experience via internships (of which there would be a good number for an ML student) over the next two years, and then figure if I want to continue in academia on the way? The problems the Princeton guys work on are definitely very exciting to me, but I'm not sure I want to spend the next five years in academia at this stage in life. It's pertinent to note that ML PhDs seem to be very competitive (ten rejects hurt the ego more than I thought they would). Also, my profile might not improve terribly during the next cycle: right now, there are no publications, but there are a bunch of projects, courses and academic awards, and a Master's thesis is in the offing. Thanks, and do hit me up for more clarifications!
  18. Who all are going to Rutgers this Fall (2017) for Masters in CS ?
  19. Hi, I have an admit from Rutgers University for masters in fall 2017 (AI/ML). I looked around on linked in and looks like the alumni network of Rutgers is not very strong in the field of computer science. How will it impact my job oppotunities after MS. Should I even go there ?
  20. I got accepted into a couple Computer Science MS schools and I've narrowed it down to: Stanford's MS CS program and CMU INI MSIS program. I got a full tuition scholarship and an RA stipend at CMU. I've also heard that Stanford has TA/RA positions available to students. I am interested in doing industry related research in the computer security and ML field. I am currently doing my undergrad at UC Berkeley EECS and I feel like Stanford might be a good fit for me just because other Masters students at Stanford may have a similar educational background. Stanford would also give me the flexibility to take whatever CS classes I would like and I am not restricted to computer security. I've heard that the CMU INI program has mostly international students. Anyone have experiences at either of these programs? Anyone have advice on which program to choose or how to choose? Thanks!
  21. I was wondering if anyone is waiting for University of British Columbia (UBC) or Simon Fraser University (SFU). Some people have already been contacted by their POI's, anyone with official admits?
  22. I got admitted by both UIUC professional master and UMich master of cs. Though UIUC is higher on the ranking, anyone has a more personal insight on which one I should pick? Any feedback on the teaching or life style of either school would be very much appreciated!
  23. Hi, I am a Masters in Computer Science prospective student for Fall 2017 semester. I have admits from 1. University of Colorado, Boulder (MS CS thesis) 2. Ohio State University (MS CS research track) I am primarily interested in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning. Can you please give me some advice on which university I should choose? I would like to continue for a Ph.D. after my Masters. I would be very grateful for any suggestions. Thanks.
  24. For fall 2017 I applied to 10 programs. Accept - 5, Reject - 1. Waiting for the other schools. In the mean time I already declined my offer from Ohio State University and I would like to rank the other programs I got accepted to and I require help from you people. My interest area is Systems particularly mobile and embedded systems, IoT and verification of such systems. I am going to list down the universities and the factors I am considering for each school. One of the big factors is that my husband got into University of Texas, Dallas for PhD in AI/ML. That is the only offer he got till now. So, here goes the list - 1. University of Illinois, Urbana- Champaign -- It is the best systems research institute according to csrankings.org and also in the top 5 in Usnews. I was interviewed by this young professor who joined last year only and I would his second PhD student. He is also providing me RAship for the first year to pursue my studies, I may have teaching responsibilities. His research interests aligns mine somewhat, but explores a comparatively new domain for me. Other senior professors whom I mentioned in my SOP did not contact me. UIUC is almost 800 miles away from Dallas, but the flight tickets are cheaper from Dallas to Chicago compared to other cities in my list. I think I am leaning towards this option because of its prestige and ranking mostly. 2. Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta -- It is also somewhat similar in USnews ranking with UIUC, but its systems research rank is far below UIUC at csrankings.org. There was no interview. But a professor who is quite senior mailed me about joining his group. I also talked with his team. Their research area aligns pretty well with what I had done earlier. GaTech ensures a fellowship for 5 years without any responsibilities. Living cost is much more in Atlanta. It is also around 800 miles from Dallas. 3. University of Massachusetts, Amherst -- No interview. Admit mail contained name of three professors as my recruiting professors - one senior professors and two associate professors. The senior professor contacted me and I talked with his current student. They are working in the domain I earlier had worked in and one other research line is there also. But I am more interested in the work of one of the associate professors, but unfortunately this professor did not contact me and I dont know if I would get a position in his team. One year TA is offered. But the caveat is that Amherst is far far away from Dallas. And I was unable to compute the rough estimate of living costs here. 4. University of Pennsylvania -- Interviewed by the young assistant professor who is interested in me, along with two more senior colleagues of her to be sure of me. All of them has co-authored papers and they liked me very much (mentioned this in their email). One of these three professors have a paper with the prof at UIUC! Anyways, my admit letter says that I am going to work with the assistant professor and I have scope to explore newer areas within my research interest. I am also getting 5 years fellowship with no teaching responsibilities may be. However, the department is smaller compared to that of UIUC or GaTech and it is around 1500 miles away from Dallas. Could anyone please help me out in deciding the ranking of the universities? Thank you in advance!
  25. Hi, I am an EE graduate from a new IIT in India. CGPA: 8.41/10. GRE: 326 (158(V),168(Q),AWA(4.5)). TOEFL: 107. I have 2.5 years of experience in my research interest area in an IT company. I have 2 international IEEE conference papers in my interest area. I had applied for Masters in Computer Science and I got rejects from UIUC, UW Madison and Maryland College Park. I got an admit from Texas A&M College station. I am still awaiting my results from Georgia Tech, UMich Ann Arbor, UCSD, UCSB, Purdue, UNC Chapel Hill and UMInn Twin Cities and McGill University. I guess the reason for my rejects could be my relatively low CGPA and experience in an IT company although I have relevant experience and research papers. I hope this post helps someone. Also, where do you think would I have a good shot among the above mentioned universities? Thanks a lot.