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Found 54 results

  1. Hi Guys! I don't know if this is the right place to put this thread in, but I couldn't find any similar thread anywhere. So here it goes! All the Masters/PhD in Computer Science people who applied in Canadian universities converge here! Share your heart out, how you're dealing with the stress of waiting it out (Canadian universities are super late in sending decisions). Last I heard, SFU and UWaterloo extended their deadlines to February 15 and February 28! Man this is gonna take even more time!!!
  2. I know some folks have received admission decisions in Computer Science, so I think it will be nice for everyone to share their profile, schools applied to, GRE score, TOEFL score(if applicable), accepts, awaiting decision and/or rejects.
  3. Hi everyone, I am looking for some help. So I have these two admissions for 2017 Fall programs: USC MS ECE, Wireless Networks track; UCSB MS ECE, Communications, Control and Signal Processing track; My undergraduate major was EE with little emphasis on telecommunications. Personally I enjoy studying wireless networks and the Internet of Things, and I plan to look for internships in relevant industries. I realised this after completing my undergraduate final project, when the application was already finished. Now it seems I should try to change my emphasis to Computer Engineering if I go to UCSB. I wonder how hard it would be to transfer a major. Neither offered me funding or TA position. But maybe there is a chance to work as RA in UCSB? Although USC has better ranking and matches with my interest, I am worried about the huge amount of enrolled students. I am still considering UCSB for the better studying environment and lower expense. Any suggestions, comments or ideas are welcome. Thanks.
  4. Hi, I have an admit from Rutgers University for masters in fall 2017 (AI/ML). I looked around on linked in and looks like the alumni network of Rutgers is not very strong in the field of computer science. How will it impact my job oppotunities after MS. Should I even go there ?
  5. I am a liberal arts grad applying for Master's programs in CS. So far, I have been accepted to Steven's Institute, NYU, RPI, RIT & Northeastern, Waiting to hear from U of Penn, U of Chicago and Brandeis. All the programs I applied to are geared to students that don't have undergrad degrees in CS. I think I want to do software engineering, Any advice on how to choose?
  6. I got accepted into a couple Computer Science MS schools and I've narrowed it down to: Stanford's MS CS program and CMU INI MSIS program. I got a full tuition scholarship and an RA stipend at CMU. I've also heard that Stanford has TA/RA positions available to students. I am interested in doing industry related research in the computer security and ML field. I am currently doing my undergrad at UC Berkeley EECS and I feel like Stanford might be a good fit for me just because other Masters students at Stanford may have a similar educational background. Stanford would also give me the flexibility to take whatever CS classes I would like and I am not restricted to computer security. I've heard that the CMU INI program has mostly international students. Anyone have experiences at either of these programs? Anyone have advice on which program to choose or how to choose? Thanks!
  7. I am a (incoming) non-CS PhD student at UMD College Park and I am looking into the possibility of getting a non-thesis MS degree in the CS department (in addition to a PhD degree in a non-CS area). According to the department's policy manual, one of the MS degree requirements is to complete at least two 600/700/800 level courses with A/A+. To former/current students in the CS department at UMD, has this grade requirement ever been a problem for students? A minimum grade of A- would probably sound a lot more reasonable and I am not sure if there have been cases in which students were not able to graduate because of the grade requirement. Thank you in advance for your kind inputs (any constructive inputs from non-UMD students will also be greatly appreciated)!
  8. I would like to know the pros and cons of both MS in CS and MCS programs. Thanks in advance.
  9. I would like to know the pros and cons of both MS in CS and MCS programs. Thanks in advance.
  10. Did anyone hear anything from Caltech? Their CS PhD is my top choice and I am anxious!
  11. Hello everyone, I have received admits for Syracuse and Washington State Uni - Pullman (non thesis) for MS CS course. Heard that WSU is better for CS courses, but frankly very few of my friends/acquaintances have heard/know about WSU. Would appreciate if you can comment on both regarding 1) coursework, 2) course reputation, 3) university reputation, 4) internship opportunities 5) job opportunitites
  12. Hi All! I've been accepted by Yale for their MS CS program, but all the articles I've read online are a little discouraging. Does anyone know how good it is? Comments from former/current students will be immensely appreciated!:)
  13. Hi I am CSE major interested in machine learning. I graduated from university in asia in 2016(undergrad rank 40 in world), and worked in a startup as CTO(co-founder). about a year of working out, I found that I really want to study more about machine learning. Can you guys give me some advice on my current status? I have no information what school I'm eligible for. overall GPA (3.5/4.0) but GPA after 2 years of military service is 3.8/4.0 (which consists large portion on my undergrad credits, don't know this can appeal, but I worked hard to follow up after discontinuity of studying career. I know this GPA is not that high though. ) TOEFL 110 2 machine learning related paper (not published / undergrad level paper) : 1 computer vision related, 1 bio-informatics about 1 years of Industry experience (1 project with machine learning company : voice recognition) : didn't do research about models but I worked as leading developer. but it gave me insights about A.I. industry, how ML pipeline is managed etc. and planning for an internship at Vision or NLP labs for research experience about 2 year from now on. Hoping my paper get accepted. Though I currently don't have any good papers, I have strong interest in boosting multiple models and GAN related ideas. hoping I can expand these thoughts and experiment on them. I'm thinking maximum 2 years research internship until I get accepted at any CS PhD programs in US. After Discussing with my school friends, I know my application is not that good but willing to fill the holes. Please give me some advice on what kind of program I'm eligible for. Thank you in advance
  14. Hi. Creating a thread for ppl to discuss on Purdue Ph.D. application Status. I applied for CS department on December 19th, done with the interview and waiting for results.
  15. I plan to work in industry after completing the master degree. Yale cs ms program is a 9-month program while the program at Gatech lasts two years. Honestly I prefer the courses and program length at Gatech but...IT'S YALE! Hard to make a decision before April 15.
  16. Hi, all! I noticed some lucky guys received the offers (CS Ph.D.) from Purdue. Does anyone know whether they will continue to send the offer or not? I was interviewed at the end of January, but there is still no further notifications. Feeling nervous about that. If there is no email this week, will it be a silent rejection.....?
  17. Hi, I have been invited to do a Skype interview with a professor at Cornell Tech for the M.Eng in Computer Science. I was wondering what kind of interview it will be and what kind of questions I can expect? The only information I got in the email from the admissions department was that I should be prepared to answer technical questions about my experience in computer science. What do you think they mean by that? They also mentioned that the interview will only take between 15 - 30 minutes. If anyone has some experience, then I would be grateful if you could share your advice and experience.
  18. Hey, I have received an admit from UPenn for MS in CIS and I'm still waiting for USC and UCSD; assuming I get into one of them or both of them; which of the three is better suited for MS in CS taking into consideration the opportunities for TA/RA, funding, financial assistance, internship chances, and job prospects? It would be great help if you can direct me to some students who've studied/studying there as well!
  19. Hi all, long time lurker and first time poster. I am currently a sophomore at one of the best schools for pure math in the country and am relatively advanced in pure math, with a 3.95 GPA overall and graduate coursework in mathematical statistics. However my research experience so far is totally nil and I am not so far ahead at CS, though I am playing catch up big time, as I'm taking algorithms + data structures + ML this spring semester. So you can see how my lack of research is a problem when it comes to my goal: admission to a selective ML PhD program. I am wondering if pure math research experience would be good experience to get for my PhD program app. This summer I have three options. First, I could do a finance internship where I walk away with some nice cash but do no research at all. On the other hand, I could probably do pure math research with a professor at my school. But I simply don't know enough CS to start research in CS this summer, so the third option is just to spend most of summer on MOOC-type stuff getting super far ahead in CS and trying to really crush the research game junior and senior year. What do you recommend?
  20. Hi all. I am confused between applying to Texas A and M MS in visualization and Ms in Computer science with an emphasis on computer graphics. My area of interest is computer graphics and I wish to do research in the area but i am also interested in 3D modelling and Game development. After looking at the course website and curriculum, i was more inclined to apply there as it showed more active and diverse research in the field with more active faculties as compared to the computer graphics group of the CS department. But i was reluctant as it is a school of architecture degree and may limit my future job prospects I need advise on which program would be a better one to opt for basing your answer on factors such as How strong is the faculty in the department What is the quality of research work and projects being pursued in the department and how active is it what are my future opportunities and job prospects after graduating with that degree what is the prospect of pursuing P.H.D in computer graphics if i choose MS in visualization
  21. One of my friends got an acceptance letter from UPenn in the early application cycle for the Chemical program. Has anyone from CS gotten a decision yet? They said decisions would be sent by mid December right?
  22. Hi, I have been corresponding with a potential supervisor from UCalgary and he gave me the go ahead to submit the application, also said he'd follow up on my application at the appropriate time. Since then I have submitted my application and relevant documents. Calgary recommends contacting a supervisor before applying so where do my admission chances stand now?Besides UCalgary I have applied in Carleton University only. Should I apply elsewhere just to be safe? I am so confused! Please suggest some universities which would be a sure shot for my profile. Details: Btech in CSE CGPA 8.28/10 GRE 308[155Q, 153V] AWA 4 TOEFL 110 One year+ Work experience Lots of community work Few extracurricular activities Good LORS and SOP
  23. Hello everyone, This is probably a bit late. But here is my profile: UnderGrad: Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology CGPA - 3.58/4.00 (35th in the class, last 60 credits is - 3.93) GRE - 325 (Q - 168, V - 157, AWA - 3.0) TOEFL - 102 (but S - 18) Publication - 1 in preparation for a journal (I have another but I am the third author) I have one year work experience in a local farm. But it seems irrelevant with my interest in AI field. I have selected the following universities for PhD: 1. University of Virginia 2. Stony Brook University 3. Virginia Tech 4. University of Rochester 5. Michigan State University 6. University of California, Riverside 7. University of Illinois, Chicago 8. University of Texas, Dallas Can anyone suggest some safe universities for me? Thanks in advance.
  24. Hey y'all, I am applying to master's programs in computer science and some feedback about my chances would be appreciated. Undergrad: Texas State University Degree: B.S. Geographic Information Systems with a minor in CS GPA: 4.0 Extracurricular: member of computer science club (this is a weak point of mine) GRE: 159Q, 161V, 4.0AWA (I'm concerned my Q score is a bit too low) Work Experience: Summer internship as a web developer with a strong letter of recommendation from my supervisor during that time. Universities Applied to currently: University of Southern California - master's of computer science (scientists and engineers) Texas A&M University Ohio State University Syracuse University
  25. Hello. I am applying to top CS schools in the US. Anyone willing to critique my SOP? Kindly PM me if interested. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks