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  1. I am a final year undergrad EE student from India, I have keen interest in BME and have worked on building wearable sensors. In your opinion, Which grad schools around the world are pushing the envelope of research in the area of wearable diagnostic sensors?
  2. Hi everyone. I should preface my situation and aspirations with the fact that I realize the following is most likely a pipe dream. That being said, I have been feeling this way for some time and willing to do whatever it takes to change my current situation. Anyway, here it goes... I am in my late 20s and I'm currently a humanities teacher living in Massachusetts. I moved here for my wife's job (which is unique). I love living in this area, however, my career has come to a breaking point. I am no longer happy teaching to middle/high schoolers. I've been teaching for 5+ years and, by standard metrics, I would consider myself a successful teacher. As many of you know, being successful at something does not necessarily have a direct correlation to satisfaction or happiness. I have taken a few Math courses (calc) in undergrad but received low grades in these classes due to lack of effort. I graduated undergrad with a BA in English and grad school with an MA in Education. I am interested in a career within the math field now, but I am completely lost how I could pursue it at this point. Is it at all possible to pursue an advanced degree in Mathematics at this point. Where would I even start? How could I obtain the necessary prerequisites to have a chance? Would you recommend taking classes at a local CC to fulfill some of these requirements? I know research experience is also a key component. Is there any way to have an experience in research? As always, time and money are restraints in this equation. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!
  3. Hi everyone! I am new here so serious help will be greatly appreciated. I am graduating next year with my Bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics and I was wondering what is the next best step for me to do. I am determined to get into grad school but I've heard that, for applied math, you have the option to either take a master's or go directly to getting a PhD. My ultimate goal is to get a PhD but getting a master's was what I was expecting to get first. Either way, I just wanted to know what most of you suggest I take: master's or directly get into PhD program? Also, what is the best school that offers a great graduate programs on Applied Math? As of right now, I don't have a specific concentration so a general best school will be fine. Thank you in advance, everyone!!! Have a great day!
  4. So for the MAT social studies program at SUNY New Paltz the application deadline was may 15. I submitted mine may 12. I'm wondering if anyone in this program or the grad school in general has any idea how long it takes to hear back from them? Whether it be the alert that they've processed your app or results. Any insight would help lol I'm mildly freaking this is my top choice. It hasn't even been a week and I'm obsessively checking my email all day.
  5. So I will be going into my senior year this fall. I go to a state school in pa. I have yet to take my GRE but I have an embarrassing low GPA. I have a 3.135. I am going to be retaking a course in the summer time that I got a C in and I will be retaking another course I got a C in next semester. During my second year of school, I got really ill. I had/have serve health issues. In addition to having really bad personal issues. I want to get into grad school more than anything. I have a nine year old brother who uses an AAC device and is totally nonverbal. I've been involved with speech therapy since he was two. I also work at my local YMCA, I work with children who are pretty at risk and I love my job. It is my passion. I am a member of NISHLA, sign language and braill club and was in a sorority for two years. Any advice?
  6. Hello all, this is my first post, so please forgive any errors or faux pas I may commit. I was considering going back to school for a doctoral degree in Social Work. I have several years experience in clinical social work, so the idea of a DSW appealed to me. However, I am concerned about the implications of choosing this degree over a PhD. Has anyone seen or heard anything about how a DSW degree is accepted/received in the real world? Thanks in advance, Alison
  7. Anyone else waiting to hear back from USC Price MPP? From the previous years, it looks like the first notices go out around the 10th for those that applied by the scholarship deadline (12/15). So we should be hearing back this week...
  8. Hi everyone! I have to decide between joining ANU or University of Melbourne for my Masters degree. I might not receive any scholarship, in which case I will have to manage tuition fees by working part-time. So, considering both ANU & UoM have high tuition fees; firstly is it possible to earn enough to pay the fees? [I will have paid the tuition fees for the 1st semester before I get enrolled] In ANU, I will be studying in Crawford School of Policy (Public Policy: Climate Change Major); in UoM, I am joining the Urban Planning program. Now, apart from the choices between the programs and universities; where (Canberra or Melbourne) will I be able to earn enough to pay my tuition fees (or at least a large proportion of it). Thanks in advance!
  9. For those of you who are currently enrolled or have completed a PhD in math/stats/biostats how was your time split up during your first year between: Coursework Teaching Research Other(?) I know not every program is the same and that some students may have teaching duties waived so I am just trying to get a general sense of what to expect.
  10. Got accepted into Masons MSW program!!...has anyone else??
  11. I am incredibly excited to announce that I received my first acceptance offer to Boston University for their MAT program Anyway, I was on the forum trying to find other people who were accepted to schools and excited about it but all of the forums that were about acceptance were also about rejections. I felt bad about posting how happy I was when their post all seemed like they were stressed so I decided to create my own chain where all who have been accepted and are excited about it can shout it from the rooftops meaning post about it in here. Applied: UNCW, CCU, BU, GWU Waiting: UNCW, CCU, GWU Accepted: BU
  12. I am looking for any advice! I have recently been accepted to several mid-tier MPP programs with some, but it is not a substantial amount of funding. I would need to borrow about 30k in loans. Just today though Urbana-Champaign offered me a full ride to their Agricultural and Applied Economics Master's program. I also just received a contracted position at an NGO as a communications consultant. I don't know which option is best for me. I am interested in working for international organizations in a research/ managerial role, though I am starting to really like policy and program communications. Below are some of my concerns about the UIUC program and grad school in general: I am not interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in the future I want to work in an international organization or large nonprofit in a policy/research related role. I think I can be a research analyst, but I'm definitely more interested in the policy/ operation side of projects. I would like to do less econ research and more applied research on how to improve public projects (in the country or abroad). I am not entirely sure what field I want to work in within policy, but most of my experience this far has been working in Africa I am not really interested in agriculture I don't have a strong research background. I have a BA in econ, but since graduating, most of my roles have been in policy research and communications related to international development I am unsure of the job prospects with a UIUC degree if I want to work in DC or abroad compared to the MPP degree at American University or UCSD I am scared of the jobs prospects under a Trump presidency Any advice?
  13. I posted this in the Social Work thread but thought it would be better to post it here: I applied to CSU San Marcos on January 3rd with my transcripts from the 4 year university i went to, the 3 letters of recommendation and my personal narrative. Today I get an email stating that I need to send in transcripts from Mira Costa Community College ( I took a summer class there years ago). I'm very frustrated that it took the university a whole month to contact me. On top of that I have now found out that I am not in the priority applicant pool anymore. I know it is my responsibility to have the transcripts in, but it is also the universities responsibility to communicate accordingly and I don't feel that has happened. To make things worse, my father has emailed the Department Chair of the MSW Program asking that once my transcripts are recieved to be put back in the priority pool. Now I didn't ask him to do this, he did this on his own without talking to me. So my question is: am I in the wrong to feel this way? What can I do?
  14. Hello Everyone, This is a follow up/ part 2 to an earlier question that I have posted: http://forum.thegradcafe.com/topic/85886-advice-on-contacting-potential-phd-advisors/#comment-1058425898 If you want to read it for some context that may help you answer my questions but I'll give you the brief summary. I have applied to a PhD program at Georgia State. After already applying one of the professors in the program replied to an email and told me that next time I should try and contact a professor in the program for potential advisement. So I actually winded up meeting with that professor right before thanksgiving and we discussed why I wanted to be in the program and just the program in general. I asked whether or not there was potential for him to advise me for my PhD. He told me something along the lines of "There is potential but funding may be an issue" which he proceeded to tell me about other opportunities such as teaching assistantships. Then he took me around to show me the labs, introduced me to some other professors and talked about some of the work he did. So in the first meeting I really didn't get the hard "Yes" answer I was looking for as far as him being my advisor is concerned. It seemed like more of a "maybe so." After a little I have now been able to set up a second meeting with him next week. I suppose this is a good sign but what things should I be asking him in particular? Also what would be the best way to ask if he would approve my application and be my advisor? Any advise would really help. Thank you
  15. I'm applying to a variety of American programs in the lower range of PGR top 50 (and some unranked schools): Syracuse, Boston, Baylor, New Mexico, St. Louis, etc, plus all the top Canadian programs. My stats are: Undergraduate GPA: 3.92, M.A. GPA: 3.9. I have 8 peer-reviewed conference presentations from across Canada, the USA, and Singapore, and two peer-reviewed publications. I won a SSHRC CGS M.A. Award (top Canadian federal award), and I can read German. I'm told that my sample and letters are really strong (coming from full professors at a top-5 Canadian M.A. program). But I haven't been able to score well on the GRE. I got 5.5. AW (98th percentile), 161 (88th Percentile Verbal), and a terrible 144 (18th Percentile) quantitative score. Will my quantitative score sink my application? What will happen to me!?
  16. Hi everyone! So I was in this general biomedical sciences program last fall. I did a few lab rotations but then took medical leave for some health issues. Now I want to return to the program and am looking for labs again. The only lab I could say I kind of liked has a few issues. The research topic was interesting, although not my top interest. However, I am willing to accept that due to lack of labs that are a better fit. The real problem though, is that the lab is horribly disorganized. The PI is around 9-5, and she MUST leave at 5 pm to pick up her small kids from school. She sometimes brings them back to with her to the lab if she really has something important to come back for. She takes a very long time to reply to emails, and keeps telling us to remind her of the things that need to be done. If we don't, she does tend to forget (twice she even forgot to show up to classes she was supposed to teach). The lab is very heavily dependent on the one and only postdoc who works there (he actually works in two labs simultaneously). He does a lot of the bookkeeping, a lot of the planning, a lot of the reminding, and a lot of reproofing other lab members (basically a soon-to-graduate MS student and 2 rotating PhD students) because he thinks we are all not professional enough. And he has a point, because so much money and time gets wasted in the lab because of the carelessness of lab members. There was a post-bac trainee who just left one day and never showed up again. There were two other PhD students who also left "unexpectedly" (according to the PI) and due to mental health issues (according to the MS student). The PI is actually aware of these shortcomings. She explicitly told me that her lab is going through a hard time due to lack of members, and that it is not usually that way. She said that if I am interested, I could rotate again in the lab when things have been sorted out. Almost a year after, according to the MS student, things have not been sorted out. I must say that when she is around, she is a very good mentor and trainer too. She seems to be very passionate about her job and very dedicated. She spent about 2-3 hours with me and the other rotating student on our first day to explain her topic and research methods and techniques. She also spent a good amount of time showing us how to perform some of the experiments herself. She has the reputation of being a very tough committee member and that she grills the students about every last detail. I had to leave the program myself for my own issues, but still kept this lab in mind as an option. One professor from a different department but a related field told me to stay away from that lab because he knows how dysfunctional it is and about its failure in retaining students. I described the situation to a postdoc I know from a different field, and he also advised me to stay away. The director of the biomedical sciences program, however, told me that only I can decide. If I see that the lab is a good fit for me, then I should go for it. He said he has nothing against the PI as a researcher or mentor. He also told me that when he was looking for a lab, he ended up in a place everyone advised him against, but now thinks that he couldn't have made a better decision. Sorry guys for the long post, but I am really lost and need some advice. If I don't join this lab, I am thinking of moving to other universities where perhaps I can find a lab that better matches my research interests and doesn't have so many issues. But what if I fall into the same problem again? What if the labs I'm interested in turn out to be not so great IRL? Or what if I don't get along with the PI for whatever reason? I would be grateful for any input
  17. HI, I am reapplying for MS at Stanford. I had applied for PhD last year. I wanted to know if reapplying in consecutive years is allowed at Stanford. I have this question because the year 2016-2017 is missing from their application form (in section for Previous Application). As a result, I am unable to submit the form. I know this is not the right forum, but I feel that someone might have an idea about this here. I am unable to contact the Computer Science admissions office as they are not replying to mails or picking up calls.
  18. Hello there all, I am an undergraduate student from the USA and have a cumulative GPA of 3.27 (3.35 if I get A's in these last two courses I'm taking this semester) at a decent university. I want to move to London for my graduate studies but I have not even gotten close to choosing universities to apply to. My question is, will my GPA suffice in getting into a good graduate program in London? If any of you are studying in London, I'd like to know what your GPAs are so I can get a good figure. Also, do you recommend applying to many universities or just a few? My fear is that the universities I do apply to won't accept me and I'll be stuck with nothing, so I was leaning toward applying to many. By the way, I want to do my master's in international relations so I would appreciate any knowledge in regards to getting in to different IR programs at universities you all are familiar with and the average GPA's they accept (not what they put on their website but what the students have actually gotten accepted with.) Thanks and much appreciated!
  19. Hi everyone. I should preface my situation and aspirations with the fact that I realize the following is most likely a pipe dream. That being said, I have been feeling this way for some time and willing to do whatever it takes to change my current situation. Anyway, here it goes... I am a 29-year-old English teacher living in Massachusetts. I am married and moved here for my wife's job (which is unique). I love living in this area and my personal life is all positive. However, my career has come to a breaking point. I am no longer happy teaching English to middle/high schoolers. I've been teaching for 6+ years and, by standard metrics, I would consider myself a successful teacher. As many of you know, being successful at something does not necessarily have a direct correlation to satisfaction or happiness. I originally thought I wanted to go into the sciences out of high school, but I lacked the maturity to realize this passion. I have taken a few science courses (bio and chem) in undergrad but received low grades in these classes. I graduated undergrad with a BA in English and grad school with an MA in Education. I am having the same feeling of being interested in the sciences now, but I am completely lost how I could pursue a career in science at this point. Is it at all possible to pursue an advanced degree in Biology at this point. Where would I even start? How could I obtain the necessary prerequisites to have a chance? Would you recommend taking classes at a local CC to fulfill some of these requirements? I know research experience is also a key component. Is there any way to have an experience in research? As always, time and money are restraints in this equation. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!
  20. Hello Everyone! I am a third year Banking and Finance student in one of Turkey's best colleges. I have to decide whether I will apply for Finance or Financial Engineering. If I choose Financial Engineering I have to take some extra courses from Math department and Computer Science department for the rest of my college years. My concern is not getting accepted to MFE programs since there are many Computer Science or Math major people applying. What should my path be now and after graduation?
  21. I'm planning to apply for a masters in Counseling or Mental Health or any program related to those subjects in Germany or the Netherlands but I don't know which good universities offer these in English. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!
  22. I have been working in a lab for the past two years and will be getting a strong Letter of Recommendation from my PI and two other faulty members. Unfortunately, the PhD student I am working under is having difficulty in publishing a peer-review research article, because the data is not panning out. But I was told I would be on any paper she publishes, but do not know if it will be published in the time of admissions or be sent for review. However, we are publishing a review paper, which I am the second author of in the Journal Cancer. Will the review paper have any impact or would I be disadvantage because I do not have a peer-reviewed paper after two years of working in a lab?
  23. Hey, I'm an Electrical and Computer Engineering senior, studying at the American University of Beirut, one of the top schools in the region. I have recently realized that I really want to go to graduate school and study theoretical computer science, however, due to a general lack of motivation and direction, I have a 2.3ish GPA which is way below the cutoff point for any of the schools I've been looking at. I never really planned on going to grad school, until I took an algorithms class by pure chance (just taking courses to fill up my credit requirements) and got a 93, the professor suggested that I take the grad course continuation, I did and scored an 85. After talking to the professor about my interest in the field he helped me realize that grad school was the best place for me to continue studying what I really loved. My GRE is in a few days, I've taken a few practice tests and I am scoring in the 167-169 range for the quantitative section amd 157-160 range for the verbal, and I guess I'll probably score within that range or possibly higher. My professor gave me a few papers to read (around 200 pages in total) which include a paper he wrote, on the topic of coding theory, and said he would gladly supervise my research if I'd like to try and tackle one of the open problems at the end of his paper, although I don't know if I'd be able to publish anything in the year I have remaining. I've also been reading some papers on computational complexity theory written by professors in the schools I plan to apply to (University of Wyoming, Iowa State, CU Boulder, Boston University, Illinois Tech, Concordia, and the University of British Columbia). I plan on contacting professors in Wyoming, Iowa, and Boston in order to discuss my interest in their research, and hopefully schedule meetings in person with them and plan a week long trip to the US in order to basically try to talk them into sponsoring my application. It's noteworthy that I plan on applying for an MS degree rather than a PhD, and I have no problem funding it myself (especially if that would help my chances of getting accepted), could you guys evaluate my chances and possibly give me some advice on what I could do to spruce up my profile? Thank you in advance. P.S. Since I'm an engineering student I've taken a lot of courses that have absolutely nothing to do with my research interests/what I plan to study, the average of purely software related courses adds up to a 2.9ish GPA, if that helps.
  24. Hello, I'm pretty new to this forum, I was hoping for some input/help I'm planning on applying to grad school for speech language pathology for the Fall 2017 year, and I'm just freaking out about applications and GRE scores. I have a 3.731 GPA but my GRE scores are god awful. It's pretty embarrassing to even share my scores (mostly due to the math). To be fair, I did not study as hard as I should have for the GRE. I'm planning on taking it a second time around and I've been putting in major hours (Memorized 500 vocab words + Magoosh vocab). However, it seems my Achilles heel is the quantitative reasoning. I know people say they are "bad at math", but I just do not understand math.. I am able to understand if I walk through the solution, but it seems like when the problem is rearranged in any way or given to me different I just blank out. I've always been this way and have been placed in remedial math when I was younger. It's just the hardest subject for me, and I hate that I have a hard time understanding it. I wish I could afford an online GRE course, but it just is not an option for me. I have been practicing diligently with the Manhattan Prep + Vocabulary I mentioned before, and also The Princeton Review: Cracking the GRE. Having limited understanding of math (I could probably do the simple problems..), does anyone have any suggestions or think it's worth it to keep trying with the math? Or should I not worry about the math and just focus mainly on my strong subjects (writing, reading, text completion)? Any answers would be appreciated!
  25. Hi guys, For those of you struggling with GRE, especially GRE math, I am holding a meetup event this Sunday to talk about great tips and advice about GRE math test with one-to-one consultation. I am currently a graduate student at Columbia University. I took GRE twice last year and scored 100% on math, which has definitely helped me to get accepted into Columbia University. Many of my friends asked me tips - I have used Magoosh but I made my own problem book and I keep refreshing them and practice looking for keywords. With the right strategy and preparation, I believe everyone can score very high in GRE and especially in math. This Sunday I'm going to talk about how I prepared for GRE, within a short period of time, that would work for people even with little math background. If you're around in New York, please come by, it's for free. If not, you can also contact me or further help at daitong@gooroo.com Please see my Craigslist post for further informaiton at http://newyork.craigslist.org/mnh/lss/5722106731.html Good luck! Daitong