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  1. Hey All, I was wondering if someone could read my SOP and give me feedback ? send me your email to send the sop Thanks
  2. When graduating with a PhD in clinical psychology, does the prestige of your graduate program effect your career in the short and long term? My career goals are centered around academic research with an interest in consulting. I'm wondering if the national reputation of a program (ie. graduating from a school in the top ten vs. top 50) is a significant factor in the trajectory of your career.
  3. Hello, I am currently a senior at a private liberal arts school in Massachusetts. My school is very competitive and extremely hard to get an A in. I currently have a 3.0 GPA and 4 years of research along with strong faculty recommendations. I was hoping to pursue a PhD program in the New England area (preferably Boston). Can you guys think of some schools that I could get into?
  4. Hi! I'm currently an undergrad student looking to apply to a MSW program soon. My current goal right now is to be a medical social worker. At the end of the day, hopefully i'll be able to be a LCSW. My question: Should i look at how prestige a MSW program/school is or are the ranking of the school not as important? I've seen some curriculums of it and they are both similar. Just that some programs are further away from my home. Also, can you give me some programs recommendations if you can think of any remarkable ones? (preferably California or New York). If there are similar posts like these, please let me know so that i can check them out! Thanks!
  5. Is there anyone applied for TUM Summer semester 2017? Waiting for admission results :/
  6. Hello there! I'm currently an undergrad (graduating in 2018) with the ultimate goal of pursuing a PhD in English lit (specifically my interests are Romantic & Victorian studies). Unfortunately, it so happens that I am not majoring in anything related to English, so I am looking to complete a master's degree first. I have some interest in studying in the UK, but I wonder if there is any significant difference between US & UK master's degrees in the field that could potentially harm my chances at later pursuing a PhD in the US? Ideally, I'd love to be able to get into one of the better programs, so to speak, though I know how insanely difficult that is. I am currently at a top 10 school for undergraduate, if that has any bearing, and specifically would like to pursue my master's at University of Edinburgh (I'm really interested in their Romantic & Victorian program). So I guess my questions are: does the name of the graduate institution matter a great deal in PhD applications? Would a UK degree put me at any disadvantage? Thanks in advance for your responses!
  7. Question: How can I tailor my application with a low gpa in the next 2 years? I am in year 3/5.5 in my dual degree engineering program. I would like to go to Georgia Tech for a PhD. 1)I have a 2.8 gpa and really want to go to graduate school. 2) I have started research and will continue through the next year with hopes to do more. So far I have this semester and next year lined up with undergraduate research at my institution. 3)I will have my 4th internship this summer. 4) I have a low gpa because in high school I had 2 jobs while helping my chaotic family pay the bills and taking dual credit college courses. I still do that but considering I started at a 2.5 and am now at a 2.83 I believe I can get to at most a 3.3 before I graduate. How do I overcome this? I want to get a start on the grad school application mindset early. Thank you for any and all help
  8. For the sake of being nosy, I was wondering if people would like to compare academic records and admissions statistics. I know it's a little early for results but I was hoping to see what the competition was like. Here's a form: Program Applied To: Schools Applied To: Schools Admitted To: Schools Rejected From: Still Waiting: Undergraduate Institution: Undergraduate GPA: Last 60 hours of Undergraduate GPA (if applicable): Undergraduate Major: GRE Quantitative Score (Percentile): GRE Verbal Score (Percentile): GRE AW Score: Years Out of Undergrad (if applicable): Years of Work Experience: Describe Relevant Work Experience: Strength of SOP (be honest, describe the process, etc): Strength of LORs (be honest, describe the process, etc): Other: --
  9. I called one of the schools that I applied to, and spoke with the administrative assistant regarding my graduate school application to their department. The person was helpful, and let me know that some interview invitations went out, but not all. I was advised to contact the PI I applied to work with and ask them directly about the status of the application. I don't mind doing so, as I have had friendly correspondence with this PI already, but I wanted to know if this was a good idea. I can honestly see the outcome going either way. It could either be seen as me showing a continued interest in the program, or seen as me being a nuisance. Any advice would be helpful!
  10. Hi, I'm another slightly depressed international graduate student who has not heard anything from any university I've applied for. I'm hoping to enter a Chemistry PhD programme in Fall'17. The only change in applications page was observed in UW Madison, where it displayed something similar to " 001 G00 ~ G229 ~ ~ ~ the Available for Recommendation 12/16/2016 ~ 1182 " under status description. Now it is not there anymore. It says " Your application has been received and will be reviewed by your program. Please refer to this page for updates. " I know I'm being super psyched, but does this mean anything? Thank you.
  11. Hello all, I'm excited to have found this great resource, so I'm hoping to find someone that can help me out and give me some great suggestions. For the longest time, I was convinced that forensic anthropology was the route to go with the job market being okay and there being plenty of schools for the degree. After I visited some graduate schools, I decided to stick with my true interest: Osteoarchaeology! Now, I'm having a hard time finding schools that would give me what I need to continue on that path. The schools I visited were small and I was really happy about the close-knit feeling of the programs. I'm keeping the University of Indianapolis on my list for their Anthropology program, but I don't know if it will be exactly what I need for my future. Does anyone have suggestions as to which schools I should look into that focus heavily on osteology? My preference is for a small, but well funded program so that I can get the attention and focus I would like to experience. Thank you for all your help! Megan
  12. Hey guys, So my friend is thinking about doing his masters degree(electrical engineering). According to my friend, he got everything ready and ready to apply but IELTS. He recently took the IELTS exam and got 5.5. So he was asking if there is any school(literally any except MBA) that accepts students w/ 5.5 IELTS score.
  13. Hey Everyone! Stats (graduating this spring, 23 years old) = 3.0 GPA, 3.7 Psych Gpa, taking gre this weekend. Psychology major/Business Minor and 1 year of research assistance. 3 years of sales and management experience in the auto repair industry. I am getting ready to apply to graduate school and I just want to know if anyone has, or knows anyone in a similar situation. I have been working full time since the day I turned 18 and let my GPA fluctuate throughout the process. When I finally decided I wanted to pursue I/O, i switched from business to psych and haven't gotten a bad grade since(including stats and research methods). I can practically recite every program's average GPA's and acceptance percentages, So I dont expect to get into a top tier program. But I do want to get into a decent on-campus, public program. Has anyone with stats like mine squeezed through the admissions process? If so, what schools accepted you? Any information or advice helps!
  14. Hi everyone, Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I'm wondering how I stack up against other applicants to an engineering grad school program. Current programs I'm looking at include petroleum engineering masters at Penn State or University of Texas at Austin (or other relevant schools in Texas). Other engineering programs I am looking to consider, such as nuclear engineering, but I am unsure of what schools to apply to yet. I am a senior graduating from a top public state university in New York with a 3.3 GPA. I am studying BS Mathematical Sciences with a minor in Education. I plan on taking the GRE sometime within this Spring 2017 semester. I am hoping to receive a 165 (hopefully higher) out of 170 on the quantitative section. My verbal wont be nearly as good but I will strive to get a 155 or higher. My writing is good so I'm hoping to receive a 5+. My resume includes 4 years of retail experience, an internship at an insurance company, and plenty extracurricular clubs at my university. Please give me any feedback, suggestions on schools/programs to consider, or any other relevant information regarding what schools I can get into (or how I stack up to the applicant pool for other prospective graduate engineering students). Thank you, Transcending
  15. Hey guys, not sure what forum I should've posted in so I created a this. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I needed to get a new phone plan and it was way too difficult to keep my original phone number. So as of right now, I haven't cancelled my original number but would like to ASAP. Only problem is, many grad schools I applied to do not give me the option to change the phone number on my apps. Advice on what I should do? Keep my old number until after I find out about all my schools/interviews? I wouldn't want to cancel it and not get an interview because that's their form of contact. Any advice is appreciated!
  16. I just received my grades for this semester and did very well. I'd like to let my prospective schools know, as this semester shows a significant improving trend for my GPA. However, many of my application deadlines have passed. Is there a way in which I can notify these schools about my performance? Should I try to send an updated transcript? Is there any precedent for this? I feel that this issue is very common for students whose semesters end in late December and have early December application deadlines. Thanks.
  17. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy but intend to pursue a master's in Computer Science, and so have been looking at programs like the Master's Program in Computer Science at UChicago and the Computer Science and/or Software Engineering programs at University of Texas at Dallas that are known for accommodating to those with a bachelor's in unrelated subjects who have little to no experience in computer science. I have one major concern regarding the strength of my application. During my time as an undergraduate, I also earned a minor in mathematics. First semester of my senior year, I needed one more course to complete this minor, so I decided to try out Discrete Mathematics. The course was geared toward mathematics majors and not computer science majors and was thus much more academic/theoretical/not applied/difficult. Halfway through the semester, I withdrew from the course because I was failing. I already had all my other requirements done and plenty of credit hours to graduate, and still had a semester left to take another course for my math minor. However, because I was only taking 12 credit hours including Discrete, I was placed on academic probation for dropping down to 9 hours as part of my school's policy. I would still go on to earn my math minor with another course (Real Analysis), and graduated Cum Laude & Phi Beta Kappa with a 3.8 GPA. With all of this in mind, I have two questions: 1) Would the fact that I was placed on academic probation for one semester simply for dropping below 12 credit hours, in light of the other positive facts I have given about my application, have any sort of negative impact on my application for these types of programs, including those specifically mentioned? I have heard that academic probation can negatively affect one's application for graduate programs. 2) Would the fact that I withdrew from a course like Discrete Mathematics, a subject which is so essential to the understanding of computer science, have any sort of negative impact on my application for these programs? There is obviously the chance to take the course again before entering a master's program, and UChicago's immersion program for inexperienced candidates includes a course called Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science that can be taken before the fall semester begins, but would evidence of my past performance in this subject negatively impact me more than no evidence of past performance (i.e. "well, it looks like they already performed poorly in this subject in the past, so why should we think they could handle it now")?
  18. Hello there all, I am an undergraduate student from the USA and have a cumulative GPA of 3.27 (3.35 if I get A's in these last two courses I'm taking this semester) at a decent university. I want to move to London for my graduate studies but I have not even gotten close to choosing universities to apply to. My question is, will my GPA suffice in getting into a good graduate program in London? If any of you are studying in London, I'd like to know what your GPAs are so I can get a good figure. Also, do you recommend applying to many universities or just a few? My fear is that the universities I do apply to won't accept me and I'll be stuck with nothing, so I was leaning toward applying to many. By the way, I want to do my master's in international relations so I would appreciate any knowledge in regards to getting in to different IR programs at universities you all are familiar with and the average GPA's they accept (not what they put on their website but what the students have actually gotten accepted with.) Thanks and much appreciated!
  19. I'm graduating from UCF in Spring 2017, and looking for Summer/Fall 2017 applications for graduate schools. I've already started the processes and right now am planning to apply for 4 schools- UT-Dallas, UCF, UF, USF (it's so expensive to apply!) My scores/criteria stands as: GPA- 4.0 in last 60 credit hours (working to keep that up until I graduate), 3.53 for all my undergrad credits GRE- 154 verbal, 152 quant, 5 analytical writing I'm part of NSSLHA I have a part-time job teaching color guard and have been actively involved in traveling with drum corps during the summer, so that shows dedication. I have another part-time job at the Rec & Wellness Center on campus as a fitness attendant and I'm part of the Risk Management program through the gym which helps with safety and prevention awareness I volunteer at a daycare which promotes bilingual teaching at a young age in order to expose children to two language (english and spanish in my case) at the same time, and I may become part-time there as a VPK teacher. So although I've not had any direct work in the field or as an SLPA or doing research (not really my top interest), I think I have several things to make me stand out along with competitive scores. I have LoR from a professor who attended and loved my #1 choice for grad school (UT-Dallas) and a few other letters from other professors I enjoyed learning from. Any comments or anything would help, I'm trying to sort out my chances and stuff
  20. Its been 4 years since I've completed my undergraduate in Engineering. For past four years I have worked as a developer for 3 major IT companies and currently I'm a fulltime trainer in an IT Institute. I need a help to profile my application. I am preparing for GRE and TOEFL with a GPA of 3.27. I am a mobile developer and have published over 10 applications in appstore. I have a active github profile. For my research works I have none. I have a blog for mobile application development. Will this count as my research work? How will universities evaluate my experience, will it add some value to my application? I don't have much ties to my undergraduate university and most of the professors that would have strongly recommended me have left the uni. So I'm not sure on where to get my recommendation letters from. To summarize. GPA: 3.27 GRE: PENDING TOEFL: 103 (2010) IELTS: 7.5 (2015) Experience: 4 years experience in 3 different IT companies. Two of them are top IT companies in my country. 6 months experience as a IT Trainer Done few volunteering work on Digital Literacy. Interested Course: CS (AI/DS) or HCI in GTech, Columbia, Cornell, Purdue, UIUC and TAMU . These are some of the universities that I am looking into. What are the chances for a well experienced software engineer to get into these universities and also apply for assistantships. Also if there are any other universities that you can recommends do help.
  21. Hi, I couldn't find any thread or many people who'd be joining NYU Courant in Masters of Computer Science (or any other School/Program). So if you're interested, we can get to know each other as fellow classmates and probably help ourselves find housing etc.
  22. A new caffeine member here. Can someone suggest me some universities for masters in Mechanical Engg Undergraduate University - Ranked 36th in India(Osmania University), B.E(Hons) Mechanical Engineering Percentage (not converted) - 74.7 % Undergraduate Projects: Design and fabrication of a Non-electric Adsorption Refrigerator under IEDC national level program funded by the Ministry Of Science and Technology, Govt of India Design and Thermal analysis on inline petrol engine components using SOLIDWORKS Industrial Projects (undergrad) - Summer Internship on MCL Compressors at BHEL labs, Hyderabad for a period of 28Days Work Experience - 1.5 years (and counting) in FMC Technologies (Fortune 500) - currently working as a Quality Control Engineer on Subsea Drilling Systems Products GRE Scores - Q 165, V 154, AWA 3.5 TOEFL Score - 111 I was looking at the following universities - UW, Ohio State Uni, Texas A&M Uni. Penn State Uni Other suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance !
  23. Hi there, I'm a kiwi who did my undergraduate in New Zealand and Australia (two degrees). I'm currently looking for options for financing my studies in the USA for grad school in engineering. Apart from the Fullbright (which everyone seems to know only about), are there other options for financing/funding both my tuition and accommodation? Any helpful advise would be much appreciated Cheers,
  24. Hi everyone I am from Turkey, I will start studying PhD starting August 22. My visa appointment went very well, the officer asked me only three questions, didn't ask for any additional documents and instantly gave me an approval. He even wished me good luck . However, I got my passport back 10 days later, with a yellow-colored paper attached (and without a visa). It was explained that my application required further administrative processing, but it wasn't explained why. Is there anyone here who had a similar experience? Why could this have happened to me? How long did it take you to get your visa issued? Is there anything at all that can be done to expedite the process (although I know the answer is simply no, but one can always hope). If I can't get my visa in time, I will lose my TAship and will have to defer my PhD
  25. Hey guys, I've been having an internal debate about whether or not to spend money on a GRE prep course. I've taken it once before and did average on verbal, great on writing, but absolutely AWFUL on the quant section. I've used Magoosh & ETS prep books to attempt to study but I just feel I learn with an "in-person" environment where I can ask questions for problems I don't understand. My question is, has anyone taken a GRE prep course like this? Did it help? Or would you recommend a live-online prep class? I've done a little digging and see Kaplan offers some 8 week in person classes (pretty pricey, but worth it if it really helps) and I am considering doing one in hopes of boosting all of my scores. I really think that if the GRE is as important as many say it is for clinical/counseling psych apps, it will be the only thing that keeps me from getting interviews so I am desperate to fix this issue. Thanks!