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Found 61 results

  1. Hey Everyone! I haven't been able to find a thread for uoft ischool so I thought I would just start it here. I haven't heard back yet, I applied on January 31st for the program as well as OGS, I was wondering if anyone has found out if they have been accepted or rejected yet? I know they told us we would hear by the 3rd, but with that approaching so quickly I just thought it would be useful to have this forum. Best of luck to everyone! Thanks in advance for the responses!
  2. My problem is the following, I want to apply to Trinity's masters in Msc Information System, M.Phil in Digital Humanities and Culture or Msc. Interactive Digital Media (the three seem equally attractive to me) . I have a 3,3 GPA of a 5 year program (Political Science), from a demanding and prestigious university in South America (Pontificia Universidad Catolica - UC) To further explain my concern. Usually, in the university nobody gets a GPA higher than a 3,6 (we work with a scale 1-7, where you approve with a 4(60%) and normally a GPA is 4,8 and the maximum I known someone has gotten is a 6,1 EVER; ). I have a 3,3 (which translates into 5,3 or a 75%-78%), with good grades in research and methods, been teaching assistant in four courses, involved in various extracurricular activities and politics (student politics, volunteer nationally and internationally, participated in MUN and other conferences) and founded an NGO in my country. I did my internship in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and wrote my thesis about the Challenges of Open Source for Politics. My main concern relays upon the fact that I failed some courses during my program. During my second year I was sexually assaulted and I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Due to this, I failed about 4/10 course (not miserably) during that year. By the end of my program, I was getting spectacular grades. I am worried that, when they see my academic transcripts, they will focus in the failed courses. Hence, upon the information presented above, what do you think are the chances of getting accepted in the program? Is a 3,3 GPA (compared with the national scene) with good extracurricular activity enough for Trinity?
  3. Who all are going to Rutgers this Fall (2017) for Masters in CS ?
  4. Hi, folks I'm applicant for master's degree in Communication. I narrow down into two universities. One is SDSU the other University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. My interest is health communication. SDSU has good faculties for health communication, but here is no funding. They said I'm on wait list for GTA, so they are not sure about the position of Teaching Assistant. San Diego whether is good, but living expense is so expensive I guess. UW-Milwaukee does not have any strong curriculum for health communication. But one or two professors are working on similar field, not exactly heath communication. However, they offer me full funding. Living expense is relatively cheaper than San Diego. SDSU sounds good when it only comes to the field of study. However, financial problem is always driving me crazy.. When it comes to UW-milwaukee, I'm little bit worried about the ranking of that program because I want to continue for Ph.D in top school... I hope. I am planning to continue to study for Ph.D In this situation, I'm a little bit confused which choice would be better for me. Any advice would be great help for me.
  5. Hello everyone, I have been accepted to the EPFL for the coming academic year. I will be doing my Master Degree in Computer Science starting from the Fall 2017 semester. I have therefore created a Facebook group in order to collect everyone who is coming. It will be a great place to know each other, share informations, ask for help and generally to make this Master Degree start right :-) Here is the name of the group you can search (without "") -> "EPFL Master Fall 2017 - 2019" Hope everyone will join and share it with friends. We need to make a very huge community! Take care
  6. Hi, I don't know if it is the best place to ask about this topic but I hope it would be fine! After the end of my master degree, my tutor (and program director) told me informally that they were very happy with my dissertation and that the board wants to award me the Prize for Best Dissertation of the year and that an "official letter will follow soon." This was October, and I asked him about the Prize two more times by email (I changed address so I communicated the new address and the last time I asked if I could mention the Prize in my CV even if it hasn't awarded officially, yet) and he always replied that he had to arrange things. Is that normal? Are prizes usually awarded a year after, or in a specific period of the year? I don't know what "arrange things" means.... About the CV he told me that I should mention it so it means that he hasn't changed idea... I have also some doubts about the word "Prize" as I am not a native speaker... does it mean that they will award me money or ? Thank you
  7. Really struggling between this two school. Rice:1. Relatively small school and closer connections between alumnus and professors. 2. Larger choice in cross-disciplinary lectures NCSU: 1. Better Professors and better location for job opportunities (maybe?) 2. cons: seems change to summer program for one year since 2016 and have no idea about how is the program actually now and the summer lectures are taken online. Really need help! Thank the replies in advanced for you time and patience.
  8. Hey, has anybody of you already heard from Stanford? Master in Computer Science? I have already heard from all of the others schools and cannot make my final decision until I hear from Stanford. Why does it take so long??
  9. I'm an international undergrad applying for graduate programs in linguistics. I've been accepted into a fully funded (tuition + stipend) master's program in Europe, and a partially funded (tuition waiver, RA for the first year but not really enough for living) PhD in the States; now I'm in a serious dilemma on which one to choose, and I'd appreciate any advice from you all! Pros for the Europe master's: 1. Funding is very sufficient 2. Might get into great PhD programs with full funding when I apply again with a stronger profile 3. It's going to be a wonderful experience studying in multiple countries - it's a consortium kind of program Cons: 1. No guarantee that I'd get in anywhere (especially with funding) if I reapply; and this program is probably not very well-known in the States, which might put me in disadvantage (anyways my undergrad school is not famous either though) Pros for the US PhD: 1. No need to apply again to PhD - and it's in the US; most schools in the US are thought as more prestigious than most schools in other countries, at least in my field 2. Professors there are great 3. The city the school locates in is wonderful Cons: 1. The funding situation seems very difficult, and workload of teaching and research part-time jobs is very heavy. Also, conference travelling funds, research funds and dissertation funds are all competitive - correct me if I'm wrong, but I assume some schools include all those as guaranteed in their full funding packages? Plus, international students are not allowed to work off-campus, so I have to solely rely on on-campus jobs to survive. Both curriculums are great - they are roughly in the same subfield, so I don't have a preference on this between the two. I'd like to know what would you suggest. In fact, how common it is for PhD programs to give not-fully-funded offers? And if I choose the Europe master's, am I taking too much risk - as things will probably only get more competitive after two years? Thank you so much in advance!!
  10. Got the admission from Columbia university(Fu foundation) and Duke university? Hesitate for which one to go, can anyone get some advice? Both have attractions... Really hard to decide...
  11. I've been accepted by both Christie's Education and Georgetown art and museum program. I'm debating which one to go. Anyone have any experience with the two schools? I read somewhere saying that both are not very "academic" which is exactly what I'm looking for (yes I need a job). I also see a huge overlap in the future career of the two. I would love to hear any kind of advice!! Thanks!
  12. Hello, I'm a Korean student who graduated from Brandeis Univ and was fortunately accepted to the MS in HR/LER program at UIUC/Minnesota/Purdue I had already declined my offer to Purdue because I've often heard that Cornell/Minnesota/UIUC were the top three programs in the States. I have not received any funding from either of the two programs, but I was wondering if anyone can help me with my decision between the two. Since I don't have a greencard/citizenship, I know it won't be easy getting internships/job offers in America, but I at least hope to go to a school that will provide me with the best chances in getting one. I hope someone out there can help me out. Thanks!
  13. Hi all, I'm a year 3 student from National University of Singapore (NUS), currently exchanging in UCSD. My primary major is quantitative finance. I also got double major in Statistics and minor in CS. I plan to pursue a master degree, but could not decide between master of Stats or financial engineering (or even industrial systems engineering). At this moment, I'm aiming at job in banking area (To be honest, I haven't got a VERY interested area yet, if watching drama does not count lol). I know that stats provides more opportunity while MFE is more specific, but could anyone give me some advice other than that, based on my information here? Plus: I am open to every kind of possibility because I'm really confused. Some of my basics are as follows: GPA: 3.78/4 (Converted from 4.73/5) 1 individual research project (Econometrics based. Not published.). Charted Financial Analyst (CFA) level I passed. Relavant courses: Math: Mathematical analysis I, II Linear algebra I, II Numerical analysis ODE Numerical PDE Mathematical finance Finance: Accounting Corporate finance Financial markets Investment instruments Stats: Probability Regression analysis and linear model R/SAS/SPSS programming Planning: Stochastic process Time-series CS: Data structure I, II Computer organization Language: Python, C++, Java, Matlab
  14. I plan to work in industry after completing the master degree. Yale cs ms program is a 9-month program while the program at Gatech lasts two years. Honestly I prefer the courses and program length at Gatech but...IT'S YALE! Hard to make a decision before April 15.
  15. I got admitted, looking for future fellow students from mainland China.
  16. Hello everyone. I wish you happy new year, and good start in 2017. I am interested in pursuing 1 year full-time Master program in Sustainability ( MBA or Masters) in Europe, or 2 year course if it is outstanding. I am looking for something which has strong focus on Sustainability/ Sustainable Development/ Food Security and related topics. Moreover, the program should be for people who has lot of work experience. I have already worked for 8 years in IT in Asia and Europe, hence looking for programs which has students with average age of more than 25 yearsI have only come across these 3 programs so far. Please see below. Any inputs for these three programs will be helpful too. HEC Paris - MSc Sustainable DevelopmentSustainability Management School Switzerland - Master in Management Sustainable Development Exeter - One Planet MBA. IHIED - Development studies which can be combined with a major in Sustainability; but it is 2 year program and they might be more inclined for people with Social Science background, and I have engineering degree. Can anyone help me answer my question ? Can someone tell me other programs he/she is aware of? I will really appreciate your help. Regards.
  17. Hi, I just received an offer for NTU MSc. Applied Economics. Just wondering whether anyone here has graduated from or is studying on this program. Or want to invite other people who knows about this program. 1. What is your review about this program? 2. I am planning to apply for top PhD Econs program in US. Is it a good master degree for this aspiration?
  18. I am wondering if there's anyone who is in a similar situation with me. I applied to North Carolina State University's PhD program in Statistics. I was rejected, but was put into this "PhD-track master program". As I quote from the email, "This program begins in Fall 2017 and is designed for those students that may wish to pursue the PhD following the Master’s degree. The coursework follows along with our PhD track, so that it would be a seamless entry into the PhD program if qualified. " Is there anyone who was put into this program as well? What is your thought on this program? P.S. In addition, the webpage says I was admitted to Statistics -MR. What is an MR degree? I've only heard of MS or MA.
  19. I am a senior student now, actually on additional semester in Korea. Undergrad Institution: Top 3 in Korea (SKY): Major: Economics Minor: Statistics GPA: 4.13/4.5 Type of Student : International Asian Male Courses/Background: Mathematics: Calculus 1 A+, Calculus2 A+, Differential Equation A+, Linear Algebra1 A+, Real Analysis1 A+, Real Analysis2 A+, Mathematical Finance A, Stochastic Processes A+, Statistics: Intro to probability theory(Calculus based) A+, Mathematical Statistics A+, Multivariate Statistical Analysis A Economics: Econometrics1 A+, Times-Series A+ GRE : V:154, Q:168, W:4.0 V:160, Q:165, W:4.5 Research Experience: One in Economics, one in Finance(current) and one in government research institute. No paper published. Letters of Recommendation: 1. Research Lab supervisor(Finance) 2. Past research lab supervisor(Econ) 3. Mathematics Professor : took his calculus classes Already Applied: Harvard University Statistics(Master) UC Berkeley Statistics(Master) University of Chicago Statistics(Master) Yale University Statistics(Master) Stanford University Statistics(Master) 1. I am aiming for Harvard, University of Chicago and Stanford. May I have the exception for the offers? 2. Since our school released its fall term grade on the first week ofJan, I could not upload my scanned transcript reflecting my fall term grade. So, I just reported my fall term grades after the submission. Will schools such as Harvard, Yale and University of Chicago consider my fall term grades during the admission process? 3. For Stanford University, I sent official transcripts without fall term grades in advance in November just in case where I would not able to send by the deadline. However, one week before the deadline I was able to send official transcripts reflecting fall term grades. So, I sent another set of transcripts. Does the school accept additional transcript? Thank you in advance.
  20. Hello all! I have applied to the Master of Arts- child study and education at OISE, and was wondering if anyone had received interviews offers yet? (to start school in 2016 fall) The waiting is making me extremely anxious... especially since I thought I had a good chance of being accepted
  21. Hi, I'm a senior in University of Minnesota, Twin Cities now and will graduate in May 2017. I'm applying to graduate programs in statistics but have a low GPA of 3.33 because of poor grade in this fall semester. I do have many related experiences though. Anyway, I really have no idea how my profile looks like and whether it is strong enough for me to get admitted. Any comment or suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks a lot! (Note: I spend two and a half years in a university in China and transferred to UMN, some of the basic calculus courses are also transferred as credits.) School 2: University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (Jan 2015-May 2017) Major: Double major: Statistics; Mathematics GPA: 3.33/4.0 (major GPA around 3.2) School 1: (An State University of Finance and Economics in China) (Sep 2012-Jan 2015) Major: Statistics in Finance GPA: 2.8 Type of Student: International Asian student GRE: Quantitive:168(95%) Verbal:151(51%) Writing: 3.0(17%) Courses: Math courses: Basic Calculus 1,2,3 (A), Differential Equation(B-), Applied Linear Algebra(B-), Reasoning for Series and foundations(Writing intensive)(B), Probability Theory 1(B), Cryptology(A), Stochastic Process(C+) Statistics courses: Computing C++(B)(transferred), Linear Algebra(A), Computing using R(B+), Probability Theory 2(expected A or A-?--no grade currently), Applied Statistics(C-, Worst grade ever in this semester. I'm doubted about this grade because I did average grades in two midterms and I think not too bad in final. I reached out to my instructor a week ago but get no reply until now.) (Question: I have a GPA of 3.5 before this semesters poor grades. Currently there is a course that is still being graded, and I'm expecting an A or A-. And I also hold doubt to my grade in another course and would like to see my exam paper after winter break. But problem is some of the programs are ending in Jan. 1 before new semester begins. So should I still submit the latest transcript with these uncertain grade? Or submit an earlier version of 3.5 GPA without the grades in this semster?) Main Experiences: - Published a paper in China on a national magazine - A dissertation on Bayesian Nonparametric Model in machine learning with a professor in math department Competitions: MUDAC(Midwest Undergraduate Data Analysis Competition); MinneMUDAC(Similar as MUDAC) Intern: Data Collector in China National Research Center of Social Condition and Public Opinion Recommendation Letters: -One famous old professor in statistics department, going to do a research with him next semester. -One associate professor for my linear regression course with grade A -One associate professor who was our advisor for MUDAC competition and one of the judges for MinneMUDAC -One professor in math department that supervised me on my dissertation -One from instructor of my cryptology class, which I got an A Interested Programs: -Texas A&M statistics MS - University of Chicago Stat MS - Florida University Stat MS -Purdue University Stat MS - Ohio State University Stat MS -University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Stat MS -University of Illinois Urban Champaign, Stat MS -University of Minnesota, TC, Stat MS -University of Columbia, Stat MS Preferred School: Texas A&M; U of Michigan; U of Minnesota; Florida University; Purdue etc. These are MS programs I'm thinking of. I'm also thinking of continuing to phd study after master, so I personally prefer those universities that have chance for their master students to get admitted directly into phd program, such as Florida University. According to my profile, will I have large chances to get admitted to these programs I listed? I'm also happy to hear some other suggestions on suitable programs for me! Thanks a lot!!
  22. Hi everyone I started my masters and my advisor is a young assistant professor. When I contacted her to before application, she said that she had a project while when I came here (another country), she said that we have to find a topic. The problem is she is new to the field and does not help me at all. She expects me to go and find a topic myself. I tried to have meetings at first regularly, but after a couple of meeting that I noticed she does not give a me helpful feedback I stopped. It has been a more than a month now that I havent talked to her. Today I prepared a table of previous studies and wanted her to take a look at it and then we can have a meeting next day, yet she refused to read it and told me to find a hypothesis and write about it and show her the results. Guys, I am not sure that if I am a lazy student, or she really does not do her job as an advisor... Please help me to figure this out.
  23. Hey guys, So my friend is thinking about doing his masters degree(electrical engineering). According to my friend, he got everything ready and ready to apply but IELTS. He recently took the IELTS exam and got 5.5. So he was asking if there is any school(literally any except MBA) that accepts students w/ 5.5 IELTS score.
  24. I just graduated with a BA in economics from a small state school with a 2.2gpa. I realize this is very low but I still want to get my MBA in finance in a few years after getting some professional experience. My ideal school would be NYU but I know that is a stretch with my grades. I'm currently in the process of obtaining my CFA certification to supplement my resume. If my job pays for it does it makes sense to get a masters in economics/masters in finance first and obtain stellar grades to help me get into a good MBA program?
  25. I am a senior student now. I did my first two years in China and then transferred to the University of Toronto. Thus, I have no idea how strong my profile is. Any comments/suggestions/help would be appreciated. My profile is as follows. Thanks in advance! Undergrad Institution 2: University of Toronto (2015-2017) Major: Applied Math in Statistics GPA: 3.98/4.0(overall) Undergrad Institution 1: Top 15th Chinese University(2013-2015) Major: Statistics GPA: 86.23/100(Rank 1/29 ) Type of Student: International Assian Male Courses/ Background: Courses took in China: Analysis 1 A, Analysis 2 A, Analysis 3 A-, Algebra 1 A, Algebra 2 A+, Ordinary Differential Equation A+, Complex Analysis A+, Numerical Methods A+, Combinatorics A+, Mathmatical Modeling A+ Course took in the University of Toronto: Partial Differential Equation A+, Abstract Algebra A+, Probability and Statistics 1 A+, Probability and Statistics 2 A-, Method of Data Analysis A, Probability A+, Time-Series Analysis A+, Math and Statistics 1 A+ (Except partial differential equation, I got more than 95 in all other A+ courses.) I'm proficient in R and competent in Java and Python. GRE: 170Q(97%), 150V(47%), 3.0(17%) Math GRE Subject: 80% (I do not plan to submit it since it is very low.) Research Experience: Have been doing Conceft Algorithm(Which optimize Multitapering) with an assistant professor. Expected to publish a paper next year. Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Dean's List, TAship for first year calculus course. Pertinent Activities or Jobs: research assistant, Tutor, leader of multiple student orgs in China Letters of Recommendation: -One Statistics Associate Professor, I took his Math and statistics course and get the highest score in my class(Almost all students in that class are grad student.) He will write about my Real Analysis knowledge since I did not offcially take real analysis course. -One Statistics Professor in my statistical computation class. -One Math Assistant Professor I did research with. Already Applied: Harvard Applied Math (Master) Harvard Statistics (Master) UC Berkeley Statistics (Master) Thinking of applying to: University of Chicago Statistics (Master) Duke University Statistics(Master) Stanford ICME or Statistics (Master) Waterloo Statistics (Master) North Western University Statistics (Phd) Yale University Statistics (Phd) New York University Statistics (Phd) New York University Data Science (Phd) Cornell University Statistics (Phd) I have several questions. 1. In the last semester in China, I took Real Variable courses. It is very different from real analysis and I hated it. Thus, I planned to not care that course and take a real analysis course in the University of Toronto. However, they give a very low score in my transcript. Is that necessary to order another transcript without that course? I took real analysis in the University of Toronto. I did well in the midterm, but I dropped it because it has conflicts with another course. Should I mention this fact? 2. I did very bad on my GRE writing and verbal section. Do I have to redo it? I think I can do better if I have enought time. 3.I did very bad on my mGRE. Should I submit my score? I am afraid it will lower my chance to get into those universities. 4. What is my chance to get into those schools I listed? I wonder should I apply more safe schools? I planned to read one more year if I get all rejected. Thanks in Advance.