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  1. Hi all! Just thought I'd start this thread. Where all are you applying? How's the GRE coming along? SoP...? Writing samples? Let's commiserate. I'll start. B.A. (top-ranking public school on the East coast) and M.A. (well-ranked, medium sized public school on the West coast) in art history. GRE registered for end-July. Currently working on my SoPs. Writing sample in my area, but needs much work/editing to be a self contained 20-page essay, as is customary for most programs. Schools shortlisted: University of California, Berkeley, University of Minnesota, University of Chicago, New York University's Institute of Fine Arts, Columbia University, City University of New York's The Graduate Centre, Harvard University, and Johns Hopkins University. Area: Early Modern Europe Here's to another season of applications. May the odds be ever in your favour!
  2. Hi, I was accepted into a good private school (Johns Hopkins University) for their master's program in Chemical Engineering. It is very expensive. It will cost around 53,000$ for the first year and 13000$ the second year. This is without the cost of living. I currently have 44K in debt from undergrad (BS in Chemical Engineering). Do I go another 66K in debt for a MSE in Chemical Engineering? Johns Hopkins is a great school but it is very expensive. At this point this is my only option for next year. Please comment!!
  3. I haven't seen much from Counseling Psychology applicants so far, but I know y'all are out there somewhere! Feel free to discuss your master's or doctoral applications. Mine are an array of 7 doctoral, 3 master's, 1 master's in Clinical Psychology, and 1 master's in Counseling research.
  4. Hi Guys! I don't know if this is the right place to put this thread in, but I couldn't find any similar thread anywhere. So here it goes! All the Masters/PhD in Computer Science people who applied in Canadian universities converge here! Share your heart out, how you're dealing with the stress of waiting it out (Canadian universities are super late in sending decisions). Last I heard, SFU and UWaterloo extended their deadlines to February 15 and February 28! Man this is gonna take even more time!!!
  5. As a disaffected law student who recently graduated with a JD/MBA degree, I had a moment of clarity 6 months ago when I realized, after some intense soul-searching and self-introspection, that I do not want to pursue a career in law anymore. Through this intense soul searching and much research/discussion with friends, family members, counselors and past professors, I discovered my real passion has always been public policy, specifically economic public policy. In fact, much of my free time in law school was spent reading lots of econ policy blogs as well as books on economics. So I decided I wanted to be a researcher at a public policy think tank. In my research about what degree requirements are necessary for a career in this area, I learned that my degrees may not be sufficient. I read from various sources that my JD/MBA may be adequate for a starting research position at a think tank, but that if I wanted to move up into a senior researcher role or direct any sort of research, I would need to get a PhD. An investigation of various senior research job listings bore this out, with many of the requirements listed as having at least an MA in economics, but with a strong preference for a PhD. I have very minimal math and econ training. I took a Micro/Macro class, a law and economics class, and an intro to stats class when I got my MBA, but that is the extent of my exposure to math and econ. I know that most graduate schools are looking for candidates who have taken classes such as linear algebra, advanced stats, multivariate calculus, and real analysis. So my question is, do I need to get a PhD in economics for me to move up as a researcher in the think tank world, or would a masters in econ be sufficient? And if it is strongly recommended I get a PhD, would it be wise for me to get a terminal masters degree in economics to make up for my deficiency in math and econ classes?
  6. Hello, everyone. I'm a medical doctor from Brazil applying to some Public Health Schools to get my Masters in Clinical Research (things here in Brazil work the other way round, first you go to Medical School, then residence - mine is Psychiatry - and only after that you can take masters and PhD degrees). Anyway, I'm waiting for an answer from Columbia. Today, they sent me an e-mail to inform that a decision had been made. They give me a pin which I use to create an account. Right after that, I create a password. However, when I finally get to log in, it says "You have not yet started an application using this account.". Has this happened to anyone else? Tried to e-mail them, but haven't heard anything back. Help!!
  7. Hello, Heard some individuals got acceptance letters today...however I did not receive one yet. is this a bad sign?
  8. Hi everyone! Just wondering if anyone else is definitely going or thinking about going to SHU for grad school for SLP in the fall! I know decisions aren't due until April 15th but I just sent my deposit in today and couldn't be more excited! Would love to hear from future potential classmates or anyone that has any information about the program
  9. So it's already late March and browsing through the results it doesn't look like anyone's gotten a notification of acceptance or rejection? Has anyone heard an update yet?
  10. Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone could tell me about the University of Waterloo's Chemical Engineering master's program or the school in general. Thanks!
  11. This is precisely what the title suggests. Invite everyone planning to apply for a master's course in the field of Music to share concerns, updates here. And I request everyone already enrolled in such programmes to help us out. @Musicologist I am personally confused between Musicology and Ethnomusicology and want to find out more about Music therapy as a programme. Any disussion around it is much appreciated!
  12. Hey all. I need some help deciding. I've been admitted into UC Berkeley and SFSU's Joint PhD program in Special Education as well as the Harvard Graduate School of Education for an Ed.M in Specialized Studies. Both are amazing programs but two very different commitments. I believe my end goal is a Ph.D., and the Berkeley/SFSU program is a wonderful one for my research interests and needs. However, I wasn't eligible to many PhD programs this time around since I didn't have a masters, and am wondering if it's worth taking a year to do the Harvard program so that I would be eligible for more PhDs next time around... what do you think? A bird in the hand? My research interests are really specific and UCB/SFSU is really open and supportive to what I want to do... it seems like the right decision, but I'm having trouble imagining turning down a masters from Harvard and imagining all of the "what if" scenarios that could happen if I go that route... Help? Thank you!!
  13. Hey all, Just got accepted to both SAIS and CIR for a masters in IR. 1/3 funding at Chicago, nothing at SAIS. I'm willing to go pretty deep in debt for either, though. Too shocked that I got into either to think clearly about my choice right now, so I could use some input: I know that for policy focused programs, SAIS is near unbeatable. However, I think I'm more interested in research/academia for a career, and I want to know which program would set me up better if I choose to go for a Phd. I'm also interested in working for a FoPo think tank like the Atlantic Council or Brookings. I'm attracted to Chicago because I enjoy the theoretical side of IR and that seems to be their focus (also, Mearsheimer). However, SAIS is better ranked as an MA program (although that's for "policy programs"), and I feel like I could keep my options open career wise. Any insights? Also, before someone says CIR "isn't worth it" for future Phd, I'm coming from a no name undergrad school with no work experience. I seriously doubt my chances getting into a top tier Phd program direct from UG, or getting an even halfway decent job given the low name recognition of my UG institution, which is why I want a big name MA.
  14. I have graduated from one of the top 5 university of UK institution with not so good GPA (Lower Second which would converts to 3.00~3.20/4.00). Then I graduated Master’s degree from top university of my home country (in eastern Asia). Here, I have published one paper as 1st author (~13 IF) and two paper as 2nd and 4th author and also, I have published two patents. After that, I have been working as a research associate for 3 years in one of the diagnostic company in my country. (This was an alternative option for compulsory military service). I have applied for PhD degree in BME/Bioengineering/Chemical and biological engineering for fall 2017 to top tier engineering universities. So far, I have been rejected from 6 institutions out of 20 and have not heard anything from other institutions at all. Since it is already mid- Feb, I am worried that I would be rejected from all the universities. Last week, I received a rejection letter for PhD and offered for MA degree in Chemical and biological engineering from Johns Hopkins University. They say there is no funding opportunity in 1st year but there might be some in 2nd year. I have heard lot of opinion that this is no better than cold rejection and they give out these offers to gather cash to fund their PhD. But now I am considering this offer seriously since it’s all I have so far but the problem is I have already earned MA and I am 29 this year… If I don’t get PhD offer, I am going to re-apply next year and I am considering following two options to do so. I would like to ask other’s opinion which would be more realistic. 1) Diagnostic Company, which I am currently working, have US branch in New Jersey. I have asked the CEO that whether I could be transferred to this branch and he said it might be possible (not sure whether this would be a research position but it is likely). My plan is to move to US branch and see if I can find a lab at nearby university (Upenn, Penn state, Columbia Etc..) which I could conduct research during weekends. I guess this would better my chances for next year’s PhD application to those universities (would it?) or at least I could get some recommendation letter from US professor. But I am not so sure whether Professors would allow total stranger to work in their lab. Back in my country, this is often possible but I have no idea on US institution’s customs. If this is possible and if it indeed better my chances for PhD admission, I guess this option is better than the second since I do not have to worry about living costs and tuition fee. 2) Second option is accepting JHU’s offer. Since I am international student, the tuition cost is huge burden, not to mention that two extra year at my age. If I accept this offer, I would be able to make some connections with professor at JHU. Would there be a chance for me to transfer of re-apply for PhD after a year (to JHU + other universities) and if so, would this increase my chance of getting PhD admission than the first option? I heard lot of rumor that accepting this type of offer would stigmatize you as a student who are not eligible for PhD admission. Is this true?? No-response (14) Cornell, Upenn, Chicago, Boston, Rice, Yale, Columbia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Perdue, Brown, UCLA, Northwestern, Duke Rejected (5) UC berkeley, Stanford, UCSD, Washington,Illinois - Urbana Offered MA(1) Johns Hopkins
  15. I'm a third year Physics student at Imperial College London, who is considering applying to an Econ PhD program. I cuurently have offers for a Maters in both Theoretical Physics and Economics, and am heavily weighing up both options. I have the following questions: (i) Which Masters program would suit best for the transition? I have an offer for MSc Finance and Economics at the LSE, but I also have offers in Physics from ETH and Imperial. It seems like there could be a possibility to take Econ classes whilst purusing the Physics Masters, which is what I will do if I choose physics. Also, if I do choose the non-physics masters, will other LSE Masters courses, such as the MSc EME or 2-year MSc Economics be more beneficial? (ii) Is it necessary to have research experience in economics? I have set up an RA placement for the summer in the Imperial Finance department, but it is not necessarily in the area I am interested in, namely behavioural economics and decision-making. I have tried (but failed) to successfully cold e-mail professors into giving me a summer reserch in these areas (which is partly why the 2 year LSE course might be better, as it gives more time to be involved in research before the PhD). Would appreciate any insights on this.
  16. Hey all, I'm not really sure if this is the right thread to do so, but maybe some of you will be able to help me or comment on this I am from Europe and just about to finish my BSc in Business Administration and Sociology, with the aim of getting into a sociology PhD program in the US. Now I stand in front of the decision of which masters I should take. Given that the European undergrad is only three years and that I would like to take some more courses this seemed like a logical decision. I have now been accepted to the MSc in Sociology at Oxford and the MSc in Social Research Methods at LSE (London School of Economics and Political Science). As the name of the latter program suggests, I am very interested in focusing on methods (statistical ones) before taking more thematic classes again during the PhD. That option (to a certain extent) would be available in both programs, so now I am wondering which school might be better for future applications? Would it matter more that I could get an education that has included a few more advance methods at LSE? Or would the name of Oxford carry more weight as a prestigious institution? Any kind of input would be highly valued. Also, if anybody is interested, these are the links to the programs: lse.ac.uk/study/graduate/taughtProgrammes2017/MScSocialResearchMethods.aspx http://www.sociology.ox.ac.uk/degree/msc-in-sociology.html Thanks for your help and best of luck to all of those applying for those PhD spots Lumpi
  17. This is a similar post. But my situation is a bit different. First of all, I am very afraid of coldness, so is the winter in CMU that intolerable? especially compared with Stanford. Second question, (a large question) I am interested in research, Computer vision and deep learning. I want to pursue a PhD (at CS top 4 schools) and do not want to work after my masters program. And I do not have any interest in startups. CMU MS Robotics is a research program, so that applying a phd would be easier? (I am not sure about this point). But Stanford MSCS is a general program. It seems that its course load is heavier than CMU. As mentioned in the above post, is it true, that CMU would treat its masters student better? Anyway, it's an old post and I think Adamah has a different research interest. Stanford has less faculty than CMU, and many of its faculty is engaged in industry. So my Stanford PoI's group is usually very large, about 20 people. Would that make an MS student get less attention? Considering the weather, I would probably go to Stanford, but is it that hard to be admitted from a top 4 university after the Masters program, a PhD in Computer Vision and Deep Learning? I will appreciate all of your opinions!
  18. Hey guys, So I am a fourth year at UofT. I am thinking of applying to OISE's Masters of Higher Education (M.A. Stream), for the 2017/2018 academic year. But am not sure if I will be accepted / chances of being accepted. I will be leaving University with a 3.3-3.4CGPA (my GPA wasn't great in my second year :/) and hopefully my GPA for the last two years will be roughly 3.75-3.80. My extracurriculars include, 3 summers of E-mentoring first years for Woodsworth College 1 year of First in the family mentoring 1 year of on the hygiene education team at Toronto East General 3 years of working with UofT's accessibility service I am planning to use one professor who supervised my final year research project, and another professor whose class I did really well in. Could some of you give me advice and opinions on my chances of gaining acceptance? And maybe other activities that would strengthen my application? Thanks so much ^.^
  19. Hi everyone! Like many of you, I'm having a really hard time making a decision. MGH was originally my top choice. I have always been really impressed by its clinical affiliations, on campus clinic, and of course its amazing reputation. However, I noticed that MGH requires about 20 more credits than the other schools and requires an extra semester of classes. Many of its semesters also require 6 or 7 classes as opposed to 3 like many of the other schools do. I wanted to know if you enjoyed your experience, and whether you found the work load to be overwhelming. Did you find these extra classes to be beneficial in your placements? I have heard some stories of other girls in the program who were mentally and emotionally drained by MGH's demanding workload. Although I love MGH, I can't help but wonder whether I would be slightly less stressed out at another program in Boston. If anyone is currently at MGH or went to MGH or had a friend at MGH, I was wondering what your opinion on this was. Is the workload crazy? Is it manageable? Did you like it? Thank you so much in advance!!
  20. Hi everyone! I wanted to create this thread for (Fall 2017) MS operations research, industrial engineering, management science & engineering applicants to get to know each other a little better. Who else is applied this cycle? What are your research interests, and what are some of the schools that you're looking at? I applied to Columbia, MIT, Michigan, Stanford and Univ of Florida
  21. Hi, I am an EE graduate from a new IIT in India. CGPA: 8.41/10. GRE: 326 (158(V),168(Q),AWA(4.5)). TOEFL: 107. I have 2.5 years of experience in my research interest area in an IT company. I have 2 international IEEE conference papers in my interest area. I had applied for Masters in Computer Science and I got rejects from UIUC, UW Madison and Maryland College Park. I got an admit from Texas A&M College station. I am still awaiting my results from Georgia Tech, UMich Ann Arbor, UCSD, UCSB, Purdue, UNC Chapel Hill and UMInn Twin Cities and McGill University. I guess the reason for my rejects could be my relatively low CGPA and experience in an IT company although I have relevant experience and research papers. I hope this post helps someone. Also, where do you think would I have a good shot among the above mentioned universities? Thanks a lot.
  22. Hi all, Does anyone know of any resources to find scholarships for grad schools? I will be in serious need of financial assistance if I go back to school next year.
  23. Hi everyone, first time posting here. I am entirely new to the process so any help would be very much appreciated. I have recently gotten my dream offer of a Masters at Michigan however no mentioning of funding. Is this normal: to be applying for funding within the University after admissions or have I missed the boat. How do I go about requesting or applying to RA and TA? Time is definitely of the essence as I have essentially under a month to reply to the offer. Furthermore I feel like most I'm too late for most third party funds or left out due to their exclusivity. Thank you in advance
  24. Hi, I applied to and got selected for the 1 year MS Bioengineering program at Stanford. Currently I'm weighing it against another MS offer from ETH Zurich (2 years, research based), and a PhD offer from Duke (Computational Bio.) The selling point for Stanford is the university's reputation and the prospect of moving into a job rather than a 5 year PhD commitment. Could anybody share some light about the reputation of the particular program, and how it's viewed in the industry? I'm basically skeptical about landing in a good place with a not-so great program, especially since it's just a 1 year thing. Since its not funded at all, I'd also want to keep that in mind.
  25. Hi, I applied to and got selected for the 1 year MS Bioengineering program at Stanford. Currently I'm weighing it against another MS offer from ETH Zurich (2 years, research based), and a PhD offer from Duke (Computational Bio.) The selling point for Stanford is the university's reputation and the prospect of moving into a job rather than a 5 year PhD commitment. Could anybody share some light about the reputation of the particular program, and how it's viewed in the industry? I'm basically skeptical about landing in a good place with a not-so great program, especially since it's just a 1 year thing. Since its not funded at all, I'd also want to keep that in mind.