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  1. Hey Fall 2017 applicants for Computational Linguistics! How's everyone doing? Have you heard from the schools you applied? Is anyone still waiting to hear from University of Washington, Brandeis University or University of Rochester? Brandeis University emailed me saying they want to interview me about 2 weeks ago, but I still haven't heard anything about the appointment for the interview. I saw some people accepted to Brandeis University's Comp. Ling program in mid March. I hope this is not a sign for rejection..
  2. Okay, never thought I'd be lucky enough to be in a position to choose between these three universities (Masters of Research), but here I am. All these programs are extremely similar in structure and have faculty members I'd be interested in doing research with. I really can't seem to choose a program. Can anyone offer any insight? I'd really appreciate it!
  3. I am seeking advice for the Master's programs at University of Chicago CIR (Committee on International Relations) and at Columbia University (Political Science). I originally applied to the PhD programs in PoliSci but was transferred to these 1-year MA programs. I received 2 PhD offers from rank 40/50 schools and decided to decline in order to increase my chances of better placement in the next cycle for PhD. My field of interest is International Relations with geographic emphasis on East Asia (esp. China, Korean peninsula) - security studies. So far I have a break-down of the pros/cons of each program: Chicago CIR PROS Received $42k funding for tuition POI: John Mearsheimer, Bruce Cumings, Dali Yang Program admissions committee is highly responsive.. I appealed for additional fellowship and was granted MA Thesis that can be used for writing sample in next PhD app Lower cost of living, esp. with fellowship CONS Not too many faculty in IR - East Asia focused faculty mainly in history or CP Not really a con, but I am told that UChicago (while very good rep in field) is not quite as high as Columbia Columbia PS PROS Ivy League institution, high rep in field (as I am told by grad students/profs/etc) POI: Robert Jervis, Jack Snyder NYC is preferred city for me personally Program is specifically Political Science CONS NO fellowship.. tuition combined with cost of living/other student fees will be approx. $73k to my understanding, NO required MA thesis Higher cost of living than Chicago Granted, I did not visit Columbia as they are rolling admissions and do not have a specific Admit Day or similar event. I did attend CIR's Campus Day and was thoroughly impressed by the helpful preceptors, grad students, etc. To be completely honest I am highly tempted by the name of Columbia but my ultimate goal is placement into a PhD program ranked top 20-25. Also, while my parents are helping me with grad school tuition, 73K is no joke compared to the fellowship I received from Chicago. If anyone has any advice for me, or if anyone has graduated from either of the programs please let me know, would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!!
  4. So it's already late March and browsing through the results it doesn't look like anyone's gotten a notification of acceptance or rejection? Has anyone heard an update yet?
  5. Hi Guys! I don't know if this is the right place to put this thread in, but I couldn't find any similar thread anywhere. So here it goes! All the Masters/PhD in Computer Science people who applied in Canadian universities converge here! Share your heart out, how you're dealing with the stress of waiting it out (Canadian universities are super late in sending decisions). Last I heard, SFU and UWaterloo extended their deadlines to February 15 and February 28! Man this is gonna take even more time!!!
  6. Has anybody who was on the wait list for MIT Masters of aeronautics program heard back yet?
  7. Hi everyone! I am a Canadian student interested in applying to Clinical Psychology graduate schools in the States and have a few questions about the process and schools. Any help would be greatly appreciated 1. I read that each school provides different levels of funding for their students. Is this funding generally for U.S. citizens? Or does it vary by school? Does anyone know any schools that provide good funding for international students? 2. Is there a big difference between PhD programs in private universities vs. non-private? Is one better than the other or are they generally the same? 3. There are so many APA-accredited schools, any advice on how to narrow the selection down? Other than location and faculty accepting students. 4. How much weight do schools put on the GRE? I have a really strong background in research with a few publications in the works as well as a strong GPA. However, my GRE scores are not that great (155V, 155Q, 5W) - will this significantly lower my chances? Any other advice would be great! Thanks, S.
  8. Hi everyone, I'm interested in the online Master of Science degree in Applied Economics at the University of North Dakota. I currently live in North Dakota, and am curious if anyone has been in this program or knows anything more about it that can't be gleaned from the program website. Thanks.
  9. This is precisely what the title suggests. Invite everyone planning to apply for a master's course in the field of Music to share concerns, updates here. And I request everyone already enrolled in such programmes to help us out. @Musicologist I am personally confused between Musicology and Ethnomusicology and want to find out more about Music therapy as a programme. Any disussion around it is much appreciated!
  10. So I'm having trouble figuring out how narrow my interests need to be before I apply to grad school. Some background: I'm aiming to apply to an anthropology Master's program that begins this fall (super quick, I know. Long story), at the same school I got my B.A. in 2014. The program has a focus on cultural resource management (CRM), and it's a terminal Master's. I've worked as an archaeology tech with a government agency for two seasons, going on three, so I know I want to do CRM. I'm also interested in historic archaeology of the American West, and have some interest in public archaeology. One of my profs told me my interests needed to be narrowed down some. Being new to this whole grad school application thing, I didn't realize my interests needed to be narrower before I even started. I'm not even sure what that should look like for me. Does anyone have an examples of what their narrowed interests look like? For instance, if I'm interested in historic archaeology of the American West, would a narrower interest be something like historic mining/extractive industries? Does there need to be more to it than that? Right now I sort of want to scream. I'd ask my profs about this, but it's Saturday, so....
  11. Hi! I'm looking for information on scholarships and masters programs in Germany, Switzerland, or Austria. I want to study Ecology/Conservation Biology/Natural History. Kind of a specific request but if anyone has any information at all, I would be much obliged! I don't speak German fluently yet so I need to find a program that teaches in English, which from the research I've done looks doable. I'm having a hard time finding scholarships. I've found a few programs, but it's sometimes difficult to find them! I could apply as either an American citizen or a Swiss citizen, because I have both. Also, do I need to take the GRE if I do a master's in Europe? Thanks for any and all help!
  12. No w.e., no relevant activities, <2.5 GPA, >3.0 major GPA in arts major. from top college. Was going through severe depression and some health issues during college. Low quant grades, failed the same class more than once. I'm fine now, so it's time to pick up the pieces. There's so little information on this, so I wanted to see if anyone had the experience of applying to a masters in econ or stat with a low GPA. The google searching isn't really efficient because there are so many variations I'm missing. e.g. some stats combined with data science or programming Specifically, I'm trying to figure out which schools to look at and which to completely write off my list. How did you do it? Conditional admit? Taking some classes and then applying? There seems to be some flexibility on applied math masters for low gpa if postbac math is great, but I'm wondering if econ and stat are treated the same way.
  13. Hey guys, I'm deciding on what kind of programs I should I apply to this fall (to start Fall 2018) and would like some input on my plan. I've reached out to two PIs from undergrad and they both had different suggestions. Areas of research I am looking into are physical. inorganic, and materials chemistry. PI #1 (from my home institution): apply to funded master's chemistry programs (very limited but include schools such as western Washington, San Francisco State to name a couple) PI #2 (from my REU): apply to lower tier PhD programs. Little bit about me/ my situation: I graduated May 2016 with an overall GPA of 2.67 and a major GPA of 2.81 from a religious/liberal arts school . I had a very difficult freshman and sophomore year due to personal issues resulting in a super low GPA that I was never able to recover from (~2.4 average both years). I was able to raise my GPA Junior year (fall: 2.6, spring 3.2) but the fall of my senior year it tanked to a 2.5 due to mental health issues. I was given the option to take a medical leave of absence that semester but I decided against it due to my relationship with my mother at that time (I could not go back home with her for that year). Spring my GPA went back up to a 3.46. Overall, I did much better in my upper division classes than my lower division classes, but not enough to help me. Undergrad was a shit show for me due to financial issues/lack of family support all affecting my mental health. (I'm a minority female, low income background, first generation going to college. Parents did not really understand but tried to and eventually got the hang of it my senior year) I did research for 5 semesters in undergrad: Spring 2014: Computational/biochemistry lab. Realized I hated working with modeled proteins so I looked around for another lab. Fall 2014 - Spring 2016: Inorganic lab. Presented at ACS with my lab partner on the work we did. PI#1 said that there should be enough data produced to be able to get a paper out of it and he said he would work on it but haven't heard any updates since meeting with him in January. Also, I received a grant to continue working over the summer of 2015 in this lab, but I turned down the offer and accepted an NSF REU. Summer 2015: NSF REU at UConn, materials/physical chem related computational lab. Presented that work at ACS as well. (PI#2) I still keep in touch with him as well to give him updates on my plans and next steps. Both PIs that I worked with have expressed to me that they will write strong letters of recommendation for me. Overall, I have a decent amount of research with the possibility of 1 publication (not getting my hopes up for it though). I currently have an industry job not related chemistry but a instrumentation/technical role working with engineers, assay research, and data analytics to qualify the company's instruments. I enjoy the work and my manager has also expressed that he will write me a good letter of recommendation but since it isn't chemistry related, I am worried that it will affect me negatively. Also, I will be moving across the country in November and I'm worried that my manager/the company will take this the wrong way and not write me a letter... Note: I have not taken the GRE or cGRE, currently studying for them and will take them in September and October. Should I put off applying this upcoming cycle? Should I focus on only Master's programs this fall? Should I include maybe one or two PhD programs in the mix? Any tips for not accidentally burning bridges with my manager once I move? Will my current job affect me negatively? Will the move affect me negatively? I know that I am not a strong candidate for top PhD programs but I feel like I have chance for Master's programs, which will ultimately help me in achieving my dream of attending top PhD schools (looking at you Northwestern). Any input helps. thanks! *edited for grammar
  14. Hello, I am a Sophomore (Junior in few days) in electrical engineering and was wondering if it would be too late for a shot at getting into top tier masters/PhD programs. I just recently became interested in graduate school and it is too late to apply for summer research and even my college's year round research program for '17-'18. Next year I will begin REU and other research applications early and hope to gain some then, but would that be enough to get into top programs? I will have a 3.95+ gpa after this semester so I don't think grades will hold me back at all. I'm looking at elite schools like MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, but don't have much hope for those now. I'm also interested in top schools like UMich, UIUC, UCBoulder, UCLA, Cornell, etc. Another path I could take to get more research is lower my credit hours during my senior year (4th year) and then take another semester finish my degree. In this path I would be able to get good research during the 4th year, the summer after, and possibly that fall too. This would not be that much of an inconvenience to me as I already have a full tuition scholarship. Would this be the best course of action in order to increase my chances for grad school? Also, will doing an REU at a specific university increase the chances of being accepted there?
  15. I'm stuck deciding between UCL, KCL and Imperial for a research program (Masters of Research) in Biology (specifically biochemistry/biophysics). I've looked at the current projects/faculty research at each university and find all of them interesting. I can't really decide which program I should go with. Can anyone with a biology background offer insight on any of these universities? I'd really appreciate it!
  16. Hi everyone! I just officially accepted my offer from the University of Ottawa in Information Studies a few minutes ago and I'm very excited I was wondering if anyone else on this website is also going to be a student in this program in the fall and would like to connect via Facebook group or something! Also, if any Ottawa residents have any recommendations for finding housing (other than checking kijiji and the student housing billboard), please post them here! Gotta find a place to live soon...
  17. HI, I am a post-bacc student slowly but surely preparing to begin applications to schools in the fall. I am looking for insight on how you narrowed down your list of schools to apply, what you compared as far as admissions criteria etc. Basically, I want to be as prepared as possible and I am wondering what my first steps should be in preparing for the application process? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  18. How competitive is admissions to the MA in History program at Sciences Po? I understand that Sciences Po is normally extremely difficult to get admission into, but I thought that was because they are a renowned institution for political science and international relations degrees. Many people - French and non-French alike - I have spoken with told me they did not even know that Sciences Po had an MA in History. Furthermore, the MA in History at Sciences Po only requires B1/ B2 in French, unlike most of their French-taught degrees that require C1 or higher in French. So, does anyone know anything about how difficult it is to get accepted into this program? Do you know anything about funding for the program or anything about it in general?
  19. Hello, I am an undergraduate student in Canada and am planning on applying to UK graduate programs in International Relations in Fall (September) 2017. I wanted to ask what programs have the greatest prestige, best opportunities for careers in academia, careers in policy, and foreign service that I could receive entry into. I finished my third year with a CGPA of 3.78/4.00, have experience working in the Canadian embassy in D.C as a Trade Policy intern, worked in a Fortune 500 company, President of my university's Pre-Law Society, and was a Poli Sci instructional assistant at my university. I also have 3 solid reference letters. My top programs are: 1. The London School of Economics & Political Science - International Relations 2. University of Oxford - International Relations 3. University of Cambridge - International Relations 4. Kings College London - International Relations (War Studies Department) 5. University of Edinburgh - International Relations
  20. I have posted about this several times, but over the weekend, I accepted a spot that I'm actually not crazy about, and I am feeling very discouraged. I had for weeks been torn between a program that offered a lot of funding and a program where I felt welcomed. I originally accepted the offer to the school where I felt welcomed, but after watching a lot of youtube videos about student debt and reading way too many posts on here, I decided I needed to retract my acceptance and go with the school that offered funding. I feel so bad. I really loved the program I initially accepted; I got along well with my mentor; the students were great. But, it would have been about $20,000 more expensive. I feel really lost and discouraged today. I feel like I wasn't true to myself in my decision. Words of advice or encouragement are very much welcome.
  21. Problem: Thought I wanted to get an Economics Masters to pursue my goal of working in Economic Policy field and helping further econ development issues, poverty, Basic Income ideas etc. Current Situation: BA in Communications in 2014 from University of South Florida (OK school) 3.2 GPA ---with B+ in Macro and Micro and A+ in Intro to Stats but NO math experience otherwise. Haven't taken GRE yet but I know my quant will be about 160 at most. Verbal will be ~165 Worked for 3 years on political campaigns fundraising and managing large amounts of data, but essentially no math or writing required, just working with candidates and being on a campaign, so I "get" politics Currently, in a graduate econ course that's apparently not very hard or indicative of what econ really is, but has been pretty hard for me Only other positive would be that I am a Hispanic, low-income immigrant and female I wanted to apply to Econ Master's but am now considering Public Policy as well. I'm scared of the various classes (Calc, Price Theory, probably pre-calc so I don't fail) and would pay out of pocket for these classes, hopefully, pass and maybe get into an Econ Master's where everyone would have had more econ experience than me. The Public Policy direction might allow me to get into a better school (I think in the long run I would rather get into a "top tier school") Not sure what my chances would even be of really getting accepted into a program like that. I don't know where to start or what to pursue for my future. Econ seemed right bc of the job opportunities and pay afterwards but now I'm not so sure..... help please!!! Many thanks.
  22. Hi All, As part of a research project for my doctoral program I need participants for an online survey. The survey takes LESS THAN 5 MINS to complete and you can be entered in to a raffle for a $50 gift card as thanks for participating. The survey is on therapist's views of authenticity in the therapeutic relationship and includes a short demographic questionnaire as well as a brief multiple choice measure. Anyone who is a practicing psychotherapist (either licensed or in a training program) is eligible to participate! Here's the link: https://mspp.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_5asBxgn7dxfP85T Thanks! Jamie
  23. I am in between two schools for masters in psychology, Hunter College and Teachers College Columbia. What is the overall reputation of these schools? Would Teachers College give me more of an advantage than Hunter? I have heard mixed reviews from current students from both schools which worries me. I feel outside NY, Hunter's name isn't as recognizable as Columbia. However, Hunter seems to offer more opportunities for research. Any advice helps! Thank you!
  24. I'm looking for a Master's program for studying "Sustainability" in general. Such as the one at Arizona state university: https://schoolofsustainability.asu.edu/degrees/graduate/ where I could learn sustainability in the fields of; environment, economics, and society. I'm interested in eco-village, permaculture, ethical production and consumption, social business and so forth. However, I'm not sure which one, in particular, I'd like to major in, that's why I'd like to find a school where I could learn all of them broadly at first, then focus on something later. I would also like to join an internship at either a company, NPO/NGO, or government. My bachelor degree is commerce in a field of law. So, I have no idea which school is famous for providing good education and internship for "sustainability" in any countries. It would great if anyone has any recommendation or suggestion! Thank you for your help in advance. hinajim from Japan.
  25. I have narrowed the schools I have received offers from down to these three. I was wondering what your guys opinions are on the resulting job opportunities and overall benefits of each program, considering that I am 90% sure that I do not plan on pursuing a PhD in EE. My main concern is with UIUC. The relatively new program is all coursework, and I would like to know exactly how good this program is, especially from someone who knows something more about the program.