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Found 34 results

  1. Hello! Has anyone applying to MIT IDM R1 heard something back already? Good luck to everybody!
  2. Does anyone have any idea when MIT ME will send out their decisions for MS/PhD this year? Anxiously waiting rn.
  3. Hi everyone! I am so excited to start grad school next fall but am faced with a really tough decision!! I am really interested in cancer biology, and would study a wide range of topics within the field. I am deciding between gerstner Sloan Kettering and MIT! Both schools have lots of faculty I am interested in so its difficult to decide, and as you can see I can't seem to think of many cons to either- so I could really use some advice! Here are some pros and cons I came up with: GSK: More translational research, biomedical focus, Manhattan, awesome housing, clinical program, also has cancer immunology MIT: Its MIT, in the center of biotech, broader training, Boston, collaborative across many disciplines, I am interested potentially in doing a some what computationally related project and they have many cancer biologists who do this, an especially intense/intellectually stimulating environment Cons GSK: very cancer bio focused, newer program MIT: Lack of cancer immunology, kind of want to leave boston Thanks so much in advance!
  4. I haven't seen a thread about this yet, so here's one for all applicants to share what we know. About a week ago, my website had 5 new visitors from MIT, the longest staying on for about 10 minutes. So far, no PIs have returned my emails or reached out about an interview. From the previous year's results, I expect most interviews to start early February. I had the opportunity to go to the October open house. Here's what I've picked up so far (may not be 100% true): Biomechatronics: Hugh Herr likes to take Harvard-MIT HST students because they are fully funded. In fact, being fully funded one way or another seems to be the key to get into his lab. He is also going on sabbatical this year, but is still accepting students. Very focused on the science and publishing, not as artsy. Mediated Matter: I get the impression Neri Oxman likes to be very involved with her students. It seems like she really cares. Her students mentioned that she will read every bit of your portfolio and likes to see proper attribution for anything on your site. Interviews will be with her and several current students to check for culture fit. More artsy, but also getting into the publishing game. Conformable Decoders. Canan Dagdeviren is brand new, just done with her postdoc. No information yet, but I'd imagine this will be a more science-focused lab based on her background. Design Fiction: Very small group of females. The most artsy of all the labs. I believe they're looking for someone who has already made a splash in the art world. If you have anything to add, please do!
  5. I have seen only one result on the results search. Just wondering if anyone else has heard back!
  6. Hi all, here types a nervous applicant who has not heard anything from all the five schools he applied for. I've been consoling myself saying maybe theoretical chemistry positions are not offered yet. Is there anyone from MIT, Caltech, Stanford Urbana or Madison who has been offered positions for theoretical chemistry for the Fall 2017 intake?
  7. Hi all, I got two interview invitations - one for the UCL neuroscience program (interview next week) and the second for MIT brain and cognition (mid-March). UCL made it clear that in case they offer me a place they want an answer within 10 days. Independently, my MIT PoI contacted me to ask if I had any ideas following a talk that he recently gave and I attended. I asked him if it was possible to arrange a Skype meeting before my interview in London and he gave a diplomatic answer along the lines of "I don't want to stand in the way of your best offer". We continued to email a little about research before he asked who were my PoI-s at UCL, and suggested to arrange a skype interview with "MIT folks" prior to my interview. I answered both questions, saying that skype interviews sound like a good idea. This happened 5 days ago, and he never answered back. Our communication before this email was very short and fast. I emailed him a short reminder two days ago, but still no answer. I'm freaking out a little, and wanted to share and ask if there's something I might be missing here. Thanks, TanZor
  8. It is Jan 17, and I still did not receive an email for an interview. Is it possible that I get admission without interview, or should I just forget about my chances in admission with the end of January?
  9. I've lurked around this forum for a rather long time. It's certainly US-centric, but I was wondering whether someone has heard about the Doctoral Training Centres. Unlike regular 3-year PhD UK programmes, these centres require students to carry out rotation labs, take classes and whatnot, just like a regular doctorate in the States. They are still shorter, however: we are talking about 4 years. Are these kind of programmes well/better regarded in the USA? In particular, I've heard about people being rejected from graduate departments like MIT Biological Engineering, Stanford Bioengineering at MASTERS LEVEL!, Harvard SEAS and yet promptly accepted by Imperial College, Cambridge or Oxford (Synthetic Biology/Bioengineering). Does this mean that these top UK programmes are second tier?! Or are they well regarded?
  10. Hello Guys, I am a PhD candidate in Civil and environmental engineering in Louisiana State University (LSU). I have a masters degree along with my bachelor. How do you evaluate my chance og getting acceptance for another PhD in a computational mechanics field in either MIT, Stanford or Harvard after I receive my PhD degree from LSU? I appreciate if you let me know about similar situations?
  11. Hi there, I'm applying for an Economics Phd at a range of top US schools; I'm wondering if there is any point in applying to MIT with the GRE scores below: V: 166, Q: 163 A: 5 On a side point; all the Economics programs seem to only mention a focus on the quants score rather than verbal or analytical writing. Little odd for a social science, no?
  12. Hello everyone! I just took the GRE today and am slightly dissatisfied with my results (I performed much better on the power prep tests). I plan on taking it again as hopefully my first time can be boiled down to testing jitters. My current profile looks like this: Major: Aerospace Engineering at top 20 Aero School GPA: 4.00 GRE: 164Q, 157V ~3 years of research with regards to space resource utilization. Nothing published yet but I have done two poster sessions and was chosen to present at my state's capitol. I have multiple undergrad research fellowships, scholarships etc. VP of AIAA and President of Rocketry club (that I founded) 2 internships at NASA center Strong LOR's from acclaimed faculty and NASA employee I'm looking at MS programs in Aero Eng at: Stanford UC Berkeley MIT Cornell UWash UCLA USC I have confidence in UWash, UCLA, and USC but am not confident about the top 3. Let me know what you guys think about my chances!
  13. I've been reading the forum for quite some time, but it is my first time posting here. I'm an international student currently preparing my application for a PhD in Political Science or Public Policy in the US and would really appreciate to hear your comments on how to improve my application (questions below). Academia: Undergrad: Economics, 5 years, mid-level Brazilian university, GPA~2.5, thesis on public budget in Brazil. 1st Master's degree: Public Administration (courses on PolSci, Law and Economics), 2 years, mid-level Brazilian university, GPA=4.0, thesis on innovation policy & economic growth in Latin America, with full scholarship. 2nd Master's degree: Public Economics, Law and Politics, 2 years, mid-level German university, GPA (by now)~3.0, thesis on political parties in Latin America, with full scholarship, plus assistantship at a Development Economics course at the BA level. Lecturer: Economics, Marketing and Financial Maths, 2 semesters, mid-level Brazilian university. Others: short-term courses (i.e. summer schools) in over 10 countries. Publications: One paper in a Polish journal, two papers in Brazilian journals; oral presentations at international renowned congresses as Development Studies Association (Oxford U), International Political Science Association, European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy, and a graduate conference on political theory at SciencesPo. Work experience: National bureau positions in a Brazilian political party's youth wing for ~7 years; treasurer and program manager at an international NGO based in the UK for ~6 years; political consultant for different politicians in Brazil, incl. a former minister for ~8 years; part-time jobs in small-sized consulting firms in Germany as finance coordinator and market researcher (energy sector) for 6 months each. Languages: Portuguese (native), Spanish (upper-intermediate), German (intermediate), English (TOEFL: 104, 3 years ago, I guess I have to retake it). GRE: will take it in October. Very worried about it, as I feel myself very dumb when looking at the content. "Dream" universities: MIT, Georgia Tech or George Mason (although I believe that with not-high scores on GRE and coming from mid-level unis would not allow me to be accepted). Well, my questions are: 1) How much does coming from mid-level (not famous) international universities harm my application? 2) If I don't score high (or even in the 50th percentile) on GRE, would I still have chances with my CV? 3) In the case of low GRE scores, would you recommend any uni in the fields of either innovation or political parties in Latin America? 4) The applications are in December/January. I'm trying to improve my CV by having more publications. Is there any other thing I can do now? 5) On which aspects should I focus my application? 6) Do you believe the three listed universities would be a feasible target? Unfortunately my budget only allow me to apply for 3 universities, so I must be pretty assertive. 7) Should I approach potential supervisors before applying? If yes, how do you suggest doing so? 8) Any other suggestions or comments? I'd really appreciate hearing from you! Thank you very much for all of you contributing to it!
  14. Hey guys, anyone heading to MIT (Boston MA), this fall for an MS/Ph.D. degree? Would love to connect and discuss more about shifting issues! P.S: I am admitted to the Chemical Engineering Ph.D programme for this fall, with full financial aid.
  15. Hi All, I have B.Eng in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Nanyang Technological University Singapore. What are things that I need to do to apply for top Econs PhD program?
  16. I am trying to make a decision between a MS in UC Berkeley and MEng in MIT. Both programs have similar tuition and are 8 month programs. I am thinking of doing geotechnical engineering and maybe with focus on earthquake and I am interested in working in the states or international in the future. I know Berkeley has strong earthquake programs, but the wow factor with MIT is making the decision very different for me. Since I am interested in working overseas, I feel the name associated with MIT is also a considering factor. Could you guys give me some insights regarding the job prospects from both schools and whether if Berkeley is also a recognizable brand internationally? Thanks a bunch!
  17. There seem to be a few of us on the Results page who haven't received a response from MIT's Mechanical Engineering Department. No need to spam that list If anyone has any news about this program, keep us posted!
  18. Looking at the MIT ME masters, it looks like they had an open house recently. Did anyone go and can you tell me more? DO they offer funding for the masters in mech eng and are all admits invited? The MIT website sounds as though all aerospace students are funded but mech eng website does not say. How does this work? Im new to this whole process and I didnt know masters were invited to the schools or even offered funding. I thought it was reserved for Phds. Is it for all masters or just select few and if you get invited to the open house (they fly your there and pay for your hotel) does that mean you get funding? How much is that for a Masters? I wont be going for awhile and considering an external scholarship or working a few years if I have to. MIT is my number one choice ( and most expensive) but will of course apply to several. thanks
  19. Hi, I applied to the MIT MSRED´╝łmaster of science for real estate development) , and since it is indicated that all decisions would be made and sent out by early March, and it has been some time after that, so I would like to share what I know with people waiting for the same decision: 1) all decisions have been mailed out, ( I called the admission office, and I was told all have been mailed out, and I would be able to receive it in the near future. surprisingly it is not by email. I consulted 2 friends of mine, both from the same program, one 2012 and other 2014 batch, they received email admission by the time.) 2) from feedbacks of my friends, they were aware that it seems 2 lucky guys have been admitted last week, of undergraduate from Hongkong Polytechnic University, not knowing it was by email or USPS. and in the result board of the gradcafe, 1 has been rejected via postal service on Mar 13.(cheer up man...) Based on the above, supposed our results would be coming any time soon. Wish us all best luck Josh
  20. MIT

    Hey future MIT-ers. (Well, I am probably attending, still finalizing). Thought I'd make a thread for us. My question-- Where do you think you'll live next year? I am leaning towards an apartment rather than grad housing. Thoughts?
  21. Stanford Biosciences or MIT for a PhD in Biology? I'm having trouble deciding between the two!!! Both are top programs and provide rigorous training. Both have many labs that I'm interested in working in. From talking to people, I"m told it just comes down to preference for environment (west coast vs. east coast). What are people's thoughts on which program is better? Appreciate any advice!
  22. hi i am a msc student in egypt. was trying to have an internship in MIT or michigain this summer, is this even possible ? if yes, how should I do it ?
  23. Hey guys! Since EECS announced decision today, before we visit MIT on March, I started this thread. Anyone heard back about funding? decided to go to MIT? thinking about housing?
  24. Right. So I'm finishing up campus visits within the next week, and I have some big decisions to make. I have excellent funding and good potential advisors lined up for all 4 programs in the geosciences, largely focusing on terrestrial or marine stable isotope geochemistry: UToronto earth sciences, funded by Connaught International Scholarship UChicago geophysical sciences, funded by RA/TA, with additional relocation assistance and small 2-year $4500 named fellowships UDelaware oceanography, funded by Marian R Okie fellowship and RA MIT/WHOI marine geology/ chemical oceanography, funded by RA I think I'd be fine with any of these programs, research and career-wise, and I'm continuing to talk to POIs and current students. Anyone have any particular insights into any of these programs, or has anyone faced choosing between these before?
  25. Hello! I have a 4.0 in finance from Iowa State University. I did a research project (15 page paper) on real estate finance for my honors project, so also graduated in the honors program. I've held two full time 8 month internships in real estate finance, and corporate accounting. I also started a real estate club at ISU, was state president of a business organization, and was highly involved in investment groups and other activities. i have been working as a broker for the past year. I'm sure I could put a positive spin on that somehow. I got a 167 verbal, and a 168 quant score on my GRE. I also got a 6 on the AWA portion. I'd love to go to either Stern or Booth for a PhD in finance, but I am concerned about applying. I have no research experience where I was working for faculty. My letters of recommendation are alright, but not from professors I have actually worked with. I'll be applying for the fall 2017 term either way. Do you think it would be best to get my masters in finance at ISU first, just to get some research experience and better letters? Or do you think I should apply straight to Stern and Booth? What else do I need to get into these competitive programs? Even with my grades and such, am I competitive?