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  1. I couldn't find a thread for students applying for MPH 2017 in Canada. Which universities are you applying to? Are you taking the GRE?
  2. Hey everyone! I was hoping to see if we could get together a list of statistics for admissions for Canadian MPH programs! I found UofT's: Applications: Domestic - 792, International - 102 Offers: Domestic - 221, International - 7 Registration: Domestic - 103, International - 4 Link to document: https://issuu.com/dlsph/docs/2015-16_annual_report_final_spreads?e=25479276/36812031 DLSPH's 2015-2016 Annual Report NOTE: If you found the stats online, provide a link for it please If it's through word of mouth, alumni, etc, feel free to indicate
  3. I was admitted to the Boston University Master of Public Health program! Just out of curiosity, are any of you still uncertain about the concentration you've chosen? Do you think you might change your concentration after completing some course work? I'm just wondering if anybody else is in the same situation as I am. Should I be pursuing a Master of Public Health degree if I'm not entirely sure where I want to be in public health? Would it be an issue to enter the program and then explore where I want to be in the program? Is it a common occurrence, or do people usually know what they're doing 100% when they enter the Master of Public Health program?
  4. Hi there! I saw there was a Canadian thread started but not a US one so here goes! Applying a little more broadly this round (last year was Clinical + Counseling psych, this year I'm doing Counseling Psych PhDs, MPH, MSW, and one combo MSW/PhD program), and I'd really appreciate some insight on my odds for MPH! The good: 3.986 GPA undergrad Honors College Membership contingent upon maintaining 3.2 all semesters; extra classes required for graduation Chancellor's Scholarship undergrad - contingent upon maintaining 3.5, full ride to (public) uni Dean's List at summa cum laude every semester enrolled Provost's Certificate -- for maintaining 3.9 GPA every semester enrolled Independent Honors Thesis 1 pub -- hoping to get another 2 out as first author before sending in apps (lofty goal, I know); on a couple of presentations Worked 20-40 hours a week between two research labs as an undergrad (one paid, one volunteer/one semester of credit) for two years, continue to volunteer in side lab 1 year of "full-time" research experience as lab manager (not like I was already doing full time hours between the two labs during undergrad but w/e...) 180 hour clinical internship working in a crisis stabilization unit + 8 months per diem work Gonna get three absolutely stellar letters of reccomendation The Meh: Went to public uni that's not always well-regarded (UMass Boston) I'm a baby by some people's standards (22) which my side-lab director mentioned was a huge turn-off for him because people fresh from undergrad don't know what they want to do with their lives and waste grant money if/when they drop out -- planning on addressing this directly because aside from changing my mind on BS vs BA I haven't at all wavered in what I've wanted to do with my life since senior year of high school - if nothing else I'm stubborn as hell and won't stop until I do what I came to do. Have a rare disability that manifested in middle school that wasn't treated properly until late HS (planning on highlighting this in my personal statement/statement of purpose because it's part of the reason why I'm so interested in adolescence & health psych). The Ugly: GRE scores... I did much worse this year than last (144 vs 142 Q, 158 vs 156 V, 4.5 vs 5.5A) but hit "send all scores" the day of. Likely the result of: a) extreme test anxiety because I know the GRE is really make-it-or-break-it for a lot of schools, I want to vomit every time I think of how much money I wasted on apps last year and how much I'll be paying for a non-terminal master's if I don't get into PhD this round; b ) My math skills outside of stats are absolutely abysmal because I had to literally teach myself math in high school (still managed to get nothing less than C's-- mostly A's and B's then) -- I'd miss months of school at a time and would get "home tutoring" from people who were just as lost as I was. Got a B+ in stats during undergrad -- because our prof gave everyone in the class the wrong directions for how to run SPSS so all of our labs were incorrect; half the class withdrew before the deadline and half of the remaining folks just stopped showing up; prof was an adjunct and was fired after that semester because of that class, but combined with the perception of "UMB's so easy you'd have to be really dumb to get less than an A" I can see why PIs would see this as a red flag combined with abysmal GRE scores. I'm applying to BU & Harvard... any thoughts on odds?
  5. Which school has a better MPH program, George Washington University or Boston University? Specifically which school has better Community Health and Global Health programs? Thanks!
  6. Hi everyone! If you have decided to attend Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health in Fall 2017 (like me) then feel free to join the Facebook group I just created so we can connect with each other, ask questions, etc. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1527643387247818/ This group is intended to promote connectivity between students admitted to a Master of Public Health, Master of Science, or Master of Healthcare Administration degree programs at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health beginning in September 2017.
  7. So, I am graduating this May with a degree in Health Science (concentrating in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention). I really want to go to a UC school for Masters of Public Health Program for Health Policy and Management, but I don't feel confident for two reasons: 1) My undergraduate institution 2) My overall GPA I also screwed up during my freshman year, but I have a crazy upward trend from my last two years of college, which was when I was a senior and super senior. Here are my statistics:-Cumulative GPA: 3.33 (Hopefully it will become a 3.4 after this semester, it's low because I was biology major during junior year - it wasn't even the Biology classes that got me, it was the Calculus classes that we were required to take :/) -Major GPA: 3.88 (looking to be above a 3.9 by the end of the semester)I have internship/volunteer experience related to the Health field and others.- 2+ years of doing a clinical internship (500 hours)- Leadership team at my internship (Admin Coordinator)- Worked at a tutoring center for over a year- Internship at Environment Health and Safety Department in school- Research intern for a non-profit in Orange County (did community-based participatory research on social determinants of health) - Worked for AmeriCorps as a Jumpstart Corps Member (300 hours)- Just got accepted into an internship with the CDC this summer. (It was competitive to get into. The internship accepts only 40 and there were 700 applicants this year)I haven't taken my GRE yet, but I am planning on taking it once I come back from my summer internship.What concerns me is that I went to a Cal State for my undergraduate degree. I don't hear many of my peers wanting to go to a UC for graduate school, especially at UCLA, UCI, or Cal. I am also worried about my low cumulative GPA. I have a crazy upward trend on my transcript for last two years, though.I am planning on taking a gap year to gain work experience before I start applying for graduate schools, but what can I do to make myself a more competitive applicant for these schools? Especially that I went to a Cal State and my low cumulative GPA?
  8. I am considering applying for the MPH programs in Hong Kong. I am wondering if anyone here knows what the public health field in NA views international MPH degrees? For example, the Hong Kong universities do not have CEPH. Is CEPH viewed very importantly in the field?
  9. Hello Friends, As this academic year is coming to a close, and MPH applications will be opening in just 6ish (months depending on where you're applying to of course!), I thought a thread for us to discuss, share our thoughts, feelings, fears, and the trials and tribulations of MPH applications would be helpful. I also find it helpful to know who's applying where I'm excited to start this journey and I'm hoping we all see acceptance letters/emails in under a year! Schools/programs I plan to apply to: UBC MPH UBC MSc in PPH (still need to start looking for a supervisor, how soon is too soon?) SFU MPH
  10. How is the MPH program at the CUNY School of Public Health?
  11. How good is NYU for MPH programs? Does anyone know?
  12. How is CUNY's MPH program?
  13. I got accepted into a MPH program. However, I'm waiting for other schools to get back to me. The issue is that the MPH program that I was accepted to expects me to turn in a commitment deposit 3 weeks after I have received the acceptance notice. Just out of curiosity, would it be an issue if I paid the deposit to secure my seat, and then decide to pay the deposit for another school if I get accepted there?
  14. Hello, I'm just wondering what everyone's knowledge and personal opinions are toward the Health Promotion stream at UofT. Would you mind sharing anything you know about the job prospects in this stream after degree completion? Competitiveness of qualification against other Ontario MPH students? Your application cycle experience if you applied or decided not to apply? Class size? Anything you can share helps! Thank you!
  15. They lost THREE of mine and made me re-send them so now my app for one of my schools is super late. No idea what to do either -- would they still have sent the rest to the school since I submitted my portion before the deadline? Really don't want to contact customer service again because they were supremely unhelpful the last time I called...
  16. Let's share our experience for the Fall 2017 cycle!
  17. Hello all, I'm in a rather interesting situation, and i'm hoping i can get some advice. I have an undergrad in psychology and an MS in criminal justice. I've been struggling to find a job lately, and i think it is partially due to the fact that i did my program online (from a reputable school, however). I wasn't able to attend any networking events or truly get to know my professors. I've also found myself very interested in epidemiological criminology (EpiCrim for short). I've been considering an MPH or a PhD in criminal justice. The MPH is from GSU, and they have research projects specifically in violence and mental health. A great combo for me! However, if i get more education, i would really like to know the employment outlook for an epidemiologist. Grad school is very expensive, and i have a decent amount of debt as it is. I've heard mixed things...some people say MPH is worthless if you don't have an MD to go with it, others say it's a great degree to get. Can someone elaborate on this? I just have to make sure i'm not screwed if i get this degree (to put it bluntly). Also, which is the better concentration for jobs - epi or biostats? Thank you so much!
  18. Hi All! I am a recent graduate (c/o 2016) interested in pursuing a Masters and/or PhD in Urban Planning in Fall 2018 (Interested in merging Public Health and Analytics - Using City/Regional data to create healthier spaces) Undergrad Major: Global Health and Environment, 3.39 GPA (3.76 major GPA) GRE: Haven't taken it yet, but I'm a decent test taker and will probably score in the upper 70s or mid/lower 80 percentile) Programs: Columbia GSAPP's MSUP (Urban Analytics), UC Berkeley, I have spent the past few months interning at public health organizations (domestic & internationally) Here are my questions: (1) Do I have a chance at getting into Columbia and/or Berkeley? Are there other graduate programs that focus on data? (2) Considering more competitive applicants with higher marks, is it possible to receive a scholarship or RA-ship funding for a graduate program with my grades? How can I become more competitive? I don't know anyone in real life who is in UP, which is why I'm here. Anything is better than nothing, so please please impart some knowledge! Thank you! **Also please do the poll above to help me be more competitive,
  19. Should I use the professional transcript entry option if I have one undergraduate transcript, or should I just manually enter in my grades? The professional transcript entry option is $65 for three transcripts, and I only have one to enter.
  20. Hi All, I find myself paralyzed by the prospect of selecting a graduate program before even applying to a single program! Crazy, I know! Nevertheless, I'd greatly appreciate strategies, wisdom, or anecdotes from anyone who has considered planning for a masters and a doctorate. Thank you so much! Some context -- For the last couple years, I have planned to go for a MPH in environmental health, followed immediately by a PhD in medical anthropology. I decided on that order, hoping the MPH would buy my some time to explore other PhD tracks, and give me a stronger skillset and more refined research interests to bring to a PhD program. Haven't questioned that plan until now. I was just happy to have a plan. However, now that SOPHAS has opened up for MPH programs beginning in 2017, I am getting cold feet! I am questioning the "traditional" order I planned to pursue these degrees (i.e. MPH, then PhD) and struggle to prioritize the factors that are most important to me in either program: affordability (the specter that haunts us all), program quality (judged by the school's national rank + research productivity), and ability to specialize in my area of interest (judged by curriculum variety/flexibility + faculty's areas of research) I am confident that I can get into attractive, "top-ranked" MPH programs. However, I know rank isn't everything and that there are "smarter" (read "less expensive" and "quicker") ways to go about earning the degrees I want, even if that means choosing a less attractive MPH program. For example, perhaps applying to a MPH/PhD dual-degree program will make it easier to fund my MPH. I've read other forums on this site that recommended starting a PhD, earning candidacy, leaving to do the MPH, then returning to the PhD. Maybe I should go part-time for my masters and work for a few more years before going back for a doctorate--who knows! I tend to overthink large decisions and would be ready to admit that's at play here, but I am confident there are plenty of ways to pursue my goals with merits of their own that I have not considered before. I will say that mentors who know my interests have encouraged my to earn both degrees as soon as possible, and that feels right to me. So in the hopes of gaining more opinions--here we are! Thanks again, K.
  21. Hi all. Thanks in advance for reading my post. This forum has already been helpful in the two days that I've known about it. I am a current senior. I go to a small, no-name liberal arts college, and dreamt of going to a Stanford/Berkeley early in my chemistry career. I'm fortunate in my undergrad experience to do well in my undergraduate program, but I have been in a very supportive and much easier environment than a competitive research university. I chose not to apply to any top, super competitive programs for this reason. I've heard unhappy stories from students who went to or work at those schools. I didn't want to drown when I may barely be able to swim. After completing an internship for and receiving letter of recommendation from a PI at a nearby research university (ranked well and respected in all of its programs, but not specifically known for its chemistry), I applied to and received a verbal offer from this school with ~30k stipend/yr. I applied to only this program because it has felt like a good fit, size and culture wise, and it seemed like a better next step than a competitive school. My partner also needs to finish school in the area next year, so this is also convenient for both of us, and I would not want to attend any of the other local schools for a PhD. I would rather wait a year and apply to a better known program that has specific research foci that align with mine. Even though I am interested in public health and environmental policy (which are addressed specifically in the PhD program at some schools like Berkeley), I figure that I can get a PhD first from this school and then get an MPH or JD online, locally, or elsewhere. The previously mentioned PI is a sort of rock star in a specific area of research. After he verbally and loosely agreed to co-advising me (he has been flirting with retirement for the last 10 years), he recently confirmed that he would retire 2 years into my 5-year track. This means he would mentor me, but not be on my final thesis committee or an official advisor. However, having more work experience with him and receiving mentorship from him I think would be an honor. Additionally, and as much as I hate to say it, having his name as a part of my undergraduate research experience has already opened doors in networking. There is another, successful professor who is willing to co-advise with the first professor. I am excited at the prospect of this; although their research methods are not particularly interesting to me, both of their careers and collaborative projects include answering some very cool and relevant research questions. However, some of my peers are telling me that by having co-advisors with one of them retiring is basically shooting myself in the foot. They think co-advising might be messy and that I would be stranded when professor 1 retires. Now for my questions: #1: Do any of you have experience with or know of co-advising situations? How did they go? What do you think I should do? I've already read some posts about co-advising, but they weren't as unique as my situation with a PI being a big name and also retiring mid-PhD. #2: Is it a poor idea to go to a not competitive school that doesn't focus on public health or environmental policy when that is my end goal? There is a possible joint JD degree available at this school, and I know I could get a JD or MPH after completing the PhD. I just don't know if people who work in this sort of interdisciplinary field have to go to a school focused on green chemistry or public health to be competitive and effective in the job market and society, respectively. I also figured that if I don't go to a top 10 school that having an interdisciplinary approach would make me more niche and competitive (easing my concerns about not being competitive if I don't go to a Berkeley). I am hoping to use the next 5 years to gain relevant research and networking experience in fields that could relate to public health. #3: Will I be unhappy working in a lab that has research techniques that do not particularly interest me, but is using those techniques to answer research questions that I find fascinating? I haven't particularly loved FTIR, NMR, HPLC, etc, but I've always found ways to use them answer questions that interest me during my undergraduate experience. If you made it this far, thank you! I am happy to give back to this forum with advice about what made my application to this program a success.
  22. Hello and happy holidays! I currently have less than a year before I will be applying to masters programs (hopefully attending Sept 2018). What can a undergraduate student do in the remaining time to become an ideal/competitive candidate for a MPH (or similar- MHA, MHS) program in Canada? Of course maintaining a good GPA is a must, so please comment suggestions for areas beyond grades! For my particular situation, I am concerned that I don't have enough relevant experience. While I volunteer in a health centre and have plenty of (unrelated to health sci) work experience, I worry that I will need to take a year or two off to make myself a competitive applicant (while having a 3.7/8 GPA in a honours spec health science degree). I also don't have any research experience, but am not looking at programs that are research intensive. Thanks in advance
  23. This may seem early, but it's never too early to start collecting and sharing data for this season's applicants and future applicants. Use the template below to describe yourself and your progress through the application cycle. Please also complete this survey so that GradCafe can retain a database of your results. Credit for the idea and template to OP of the thread here. Undergrad Institution: (School or type of school, such as big state, lib arts, ivy, technical, foreign (what country?)... Overall Reputation in Biology?) Undergrad Country: Major(s): Minor(s): Overall GPA: Other Student Demographics: (Domestic/International, male/female, minority?) GRE Scores (please note if revised or old exam): Q: V: AW: TOEFL Total: (if applicable) Research Experience: (You may want to include descriptions including time commitment, responsibilties, publications, conference abstracts, etc.) Prior Employment: Other Pertinent Activities: Awards/Honors/Recognitions: (Within your school or outside?) Any Other Relevant Information About Your Background: Why an MPH?: (Between a sentence to a brief paragraph in length) What did you do to learn about programs?: Any advice you want to give to applicants of the current and future cycles? Schools Applied to: (School, Concentration, and Date Applied) Received Decisions and Results:
  24. Hello! I heard that this forum was the perfect place to ask the kind community for help with statement of intent/purpose revisions? Could someone help me by taking looking at my statements and offer feedback or with writing revision. Any feedback at all would be greatly appreciated!
  25. I'm applying to counseling psychology PhD programs, MSW programs, MPH programs, and one combo MSW/PhD program. I'm interested in a lot of the things I do research on because of personal experiences but I'm not sure how much is too much to disclose in a SOP. Last year, I explicitly disclosed my disability and asked someone that sits on the adcomm for one of the programs I was applying to if he thought it hurt my app but he said it probably didn't (he's also very blunt and I don't think he'd lie even though we work together). He did say that my age WAS a big turnoff for a lot of people (I'm only 22, was 21 at time of last app). When I was in HS, I was told constantly by school administrators that I'd never graduate high school because of my disability and that I'd never get into college, but I'm a really stubborn person and once I set my mind to something, I don't stop until it's done. I graduated college with a 3.986 GPA and was on Dean's List at the summa cum laude level every semester I was enrolled; and I've been dead set on getting a PhD since my first semester of undergrad. I'm not super concerned about my chances of getting into just regular MSW programs because my grades are good and the places I'm applying to are my "safety" schools. But, with the other programs, I'm a little worried about how to craft an SOP. Right now, I work in two labs: one deals with mentoring relationships for adolescents and positive youth development, and the other focuses on LGBTQIA+ issues, typically surrounding mental and physical health with a focus on HIV risk/prevention. As an adolescent, I developed a disability that went untreated for a long time and my experiences within the medical community and my school system weren't exactly the greatest, which is what spurred my interest in health psychology and adolescence as a specific age group to focus on (chronic absenteeism is also why I'm terrible at math-- I had to teach myself!). I'm also bisexual and apparently have a very trustworthy air because everyone else that was closeted in my high school would come to me for advice about dealing with their identity, their parents, and what to do about safe sex (thanks public school for the lack of safe, same-sex sex ed!). A lot of them were suicidal which is what made me want to pursue counseling with a focus on LGBTQIA+ youth -- when I was a senior in high school, I just wanted to just go for a master's in counseling after undergrad. But, after enrolling in research methods I knew that I wanted to go for a PhD and do research as well. I was offered a job in a research lab during undergrad because I kept getting 100s on all of my exams in that professor's class, which is where I found my passion for research and studying youth mentoring, especially within niche hobbyist communities (because those were some of the only places where I felt accepted as an adolescent & still have a big impact on my life today). So through that experience, I learned that research is something that I want to continue to pursue because I can have a broader impact on people, and after doing a clinical internship, I'm still confident that counseling is something that I want to do because I like to help individuals directly. I know framing things this way is probably WAY too ancecdote-y for a lot of adcomms but I also want to be able to convey why I'm especially passionate and determined to pursue studying these topics...