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  1. Hello all! I'm looking for fellow Quantitative Psychology PhD applicants (so what- like 30 people :D). I thought it would be cool to make a thread and maybe get in contact with some other people going through a similar application process. Personally I am in a Master's program right now surrounded by Clinical Psychology applicants. There must be someone out there like me! Current quantitative psychology people are welcome to drop by and impart their wisdom as well. EDIT: Found a thread for this year. There must be some out there somewhere!
  2. I applied to the Cognitive Aging program (Psychology) at Georgia Tech for Fall 2017, but my status still says "under review". Should I just assume that all first drafts have been accepted and that I am either wait-listed or will receive a rejection letter via snail mail? Many thanks!
  3. A thread for those applying to Canadian schools! I've applied to UofT, Alberta, Western, and McMaster myself, as well as the Cognitive Science of Language program at McMaster (my top choice!), anyone hear anything back yet? I am still pending for UofT, Alberta, and both programs at Mac. I have been rejected from Western. From what I can tell, decisions for CogSci of Language will not be released for awhile yet. Any information anyone would like to contribute, its hard to plan where I am going to live and work this summer when things are so up in the air, I am very nervous. I hope applications are going well for everyone! I was interviewed for Toronto in December, and I emailed and met with a supervisor from Mac (as well as had email communication with another Mac professor in December who is on Sabbatical)
  4. Hi everyone! I haven't seen any love around these forums for people with interests in perception, cognition, vision, attention, memory, etc etc etc. Thought I'd get one going! I've applied to Berkeley, Davis, San Diego, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, U of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Brandeis, NYU, Tufts, and U of Delaware. Been quite a journey. I'm so pumped that the applications are finally out of my hands, and I've made a number of good connections with POIs, but I'm not looking forward to the wait to hear back!
  5. A thread where people can post their acceptances for the fall and which school they plan to attend! Clinical, counseling, experimental, social, neuroscience, etc -- everyone tell us your good news!
  6. I haven't seen much from Counseling Psychology applicants so far, but I know y'all are out there somewhere! Feel free to discuss your master's or doctoral applications. Mine are an array of 7 doctoral, 3 master's, 1 master's in Clinical Psychology, and 1 master's in Counseling research.
  7. Hello all, Has anyone heard back from the NYU I/O masters program? I'm worried I've missed an email somewhere or wondering if they haven't sent anything out yet. The website says February initial decisions go out, but I haven't seen anyone posting their acceptance. Just getting anxious as its one of my top choices! Thanks!!
  8. Since I will be out of school until the Fall of 2017, I decided to make my New Year's Resolution to read more frequently. I have always regretted not reading as much of the classics as I would like. I will be studying psychology, so I may want to avoid books on that subject, but I love anything educational and enhancing. If you have a list or recommendations for must-reads, please share them! I'm currently focusing on The Classics according to Good Reads.
  9. Hey there, I am an Australian Psychology student and I decided that I didn't like my papers just sitting on my hard drive after I had submitted them. The content is mine and I own the copyright of my papers so I thought I may as well use them and post them to my blog. I'm looking for more content so if you want to give some life to your old papers then get in touch and I'll host them for you. If you're currently studying then some of the information may be of use to you. Happy reading, studying and living http://psychologyaustralianstyle.blogspot.com.au/
  10. Okay, so I'm a first generation college student, trying really hard to wrap my head around grad school and my odds of being accepted. Background: I have a bachelor's degree in elementary education from a small, private liberal arts college. Graduated in 2014. Immediately after college, I joined Teach for America and spent two years in an inner-city school. After, I moved back to the western Chicago suburbs. I have since been teaching kindergarten at a not-for-profit child care center since June 2016. Here's the catch: I have decided I want to do research psychology. Psychology has always been a strong interest of mine, and my teaching experience has strengthened that. I am also a lover of science and research, but have no formal training in either. Limitations: Because of personal reasons, I must continue to live in the western Chicago suburbs. Because of financial reasons, I need a grad school where I can get an assistantship offering both a tuition waver and paid work. Because of financial limitations, I cannot take additional undergrad courses to beef up my prerequisites. I have zero college credit in statistics or research of any sort. My liberal arts college did not offer research opportunities. I only have one undergraduate psychology course, Child and Adolescent Development. Although I took two other courses that were technically in other departments, but the content was psychology. I took a class in Education called Theories of Learning, which was an educational psychology class, and a Natural Science class titled Mind and Matter, which was essentially a neuropsychology course. I've got a full-time 9-5 job that I am not willing to compromise until an assistantship can be attained. What I've got going for me: Teach for America Alum (that's supposed to be good on a resume, right?) 3.31 undergraduate GPA (something like 3.4 in the last 2 years) Excellent standardized test skills. I have not yet taken the GRE, but on my first practice round, I got 162 quantitative and 152 verbal. I imagine that with studying, I could raise that quite a bit. Trying to figure out by how much it needs raised. A five-course MOOC series specialization titled "Methods and Research in the Social Sciences" published by the University of Amsterdam. It is not for college credit and it is totally self-paced, but by the end of it I will have completed a little research project of my own, as well as be proficient in R. I have also used Khan Academy to teach myself statistics. Unfortunately, neither of these provide college credit. I don't know if there will be an opportunity to showcase my self-taught skills, or if it would even matter. Where I'm trying to get in: Northern Illinois University, Masters (to PhD) in either Developmental Psychology or Cognitive & Instructional Psychology Admissions requirements according to the Developmental Psychology Program Website: "For strongest consideration for admittance candidates typically: Should complete and send in your application by February 1. Early application is strongly encouraged. Have a B.A. or B.S. in psychology, although other related majors may be considered Have earned a strong undergraduate GPA; typically above 3.30 Have strong GRE scores; typically over 1000 (Verbal + Quantitative) Have strong letters of recommendation Have relevant research experience Note that the Department of Psychology admits only full-time students." University of Illinois at Chicago, (MA to PhD) in Cognitive Psychology According to the website: Admission Requirements The department accepts only applicants who wish to be candidates for the PhD. Applicants are not admitted as candidates for the MA as a terminal degree. In addition to the Graduate College minimum requirements, applicants must meet the following program requirements: Baccalaureate Field No restrictions. Prior academic work must include course work in psychology and statistics. It is preferred that students have laboratory course work in experimental psychology and physical and/or biological sciences. Grade Point Average At least 3.20/4.00 for the last 60 semester (90 quarter) hours of undergraduate work. Tests Required GRE General. GRE Subject Test in Psychology is recommended, but not required. While applicants may have had their official GRE scores mailed to UIC from ETS, the application requires an uploaded copy of the unofficial GRE score report from ETS. Letters of Recommendation Three required from those who are familiar with the applicant’s training and ability. Information concerning an applicant’s research experience and ability is especially pertinent. Personal Statement Required. This should include information about how the applicant has prepared for graduate school in Psychology, research experience and interests, what the applicant would like to do as a research psychologist, and who the applicant would like to work with as a faculty advisor. There is no minimum or maximum length for the personal statement. __________________________________________________________________________ So I guess my question is where do I go from here?
  11. Hi all, Has anyone received an offer to Rowan University's Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program? I've been waitlisted and want to know if people are thinking about attending or denying their offer. Please let me know. I would love to accept if offered admission.
  12. I am currently a first year Masters student in Psychological Research, and I want to apply to a PhD program in Quantitative Psychology next year. I recently heard about predoctoral graduate fellowships, and I am highly interested into applying for them (mainly Ford Foundation and NSF GRFP). However, I don't know very much information about the process (there has never been an applicant in my program), and it is unclear to me what information is accurate online. Does anyone have any advice for the application process (in psychology in particular)? Are there any great guides or websites I should be looking at? Is there a way to access past proposals that have been successful? Thanks for your help. Even basic information is helpful considering I just started looking at these today.
  13. Hi everyone! I've been quietly scouring this site for the last couple years, actually, and now that I've officially applied for the Fall 2017 cycle, I figured I'd start this thread up! Especially since I haven't seen a similar thread for this cycle yet. I applied to 7 Ph.D. programs: - Boston College - NYU - Penn State - Rutgers - UChicago - University of Maryland - USC ... And 1 Master's program (the concentration was in an area my research interests are related to) at Teacher's College. Feel free to divulge whatever details you'd like to share here! And once interview rounds start approaching and decisions start pouring in, questions and other related things are more than welcome!
  14. Hi there, I am well aware that PhD programs for clinical psychology are extremely competitive, but I am writing to see what my odds look like/if I'm on the right path right now. I'm a current junior pursuing a bachelor of art's degree in psychology. My cumulative GPA right now is 3.94. I volunteer at a halfway house and I just landed a research assistant position for the summer. I have an interview to be a crisis hotline worker next week. I plan on doing some more research after I graduate- I know that programs really look for this. I am also Division One lacrosse player, if that means anything too. I am trying to get experience working in a private office over the summer as well. I know the acceptance rate is around 2-5%, so while I can I want to make sure I'm doing everything possible to make my chances higher. All input is welcome, thank you!!
  15. Hello. I graduated from a private liberal arts school with a BA in Psychology (minor in Studio Art) in 2015. Afterwards I changed gears in what I wanted to do and started taking courses half-time at my community college. I fell in love with the Computer Science department and now want to earn a degree to do work in the field. My coursework will include at minimum: Calculus I Java Programming (two semesters) Data Structures and Algorithms Discrete Mathematics Elementary Computer Organization Networking Fundamentals Mobile Games PERL Programming Internet Programming I will be completing a Certificate of Achievement in Programming (an AS requires me to take too many non relevant classes). In addition to the courses I've already planned, I will have room for 2-6 of the following in the next year: Calculus II and III, C++ Programming, Intro to Operating Systems, Cloud Programming, and Computer Security. I've discussed my plans with my current professors and they agree that an MS will be a better move for me than pursuing a second Bachelors. I'm taking many of the courses that are listed as prerequisites for MS programs and my community college has a reputation for having a strong program for the major. I believe for most programs I will have the majority of its foundational prerequisites (possibly will need to take a couple higher math with conditional enrollment, like Linear Algebra and Differential Equations). In some cases, I may have all the necessary coursework, but those are rare. My undergraduate GPA was 3.54. So far I have a 3.90 in the CS coursework I've taken (I took a couple non CS classes at community college in 2007 and 2012 and that's bringing my entire community college GPA down to 3.45). My GRE was a combined 320 (161 Quantitative and 159 Verbal), but I hadn't studied as much as I wanted to and would like to bump my score up with a more strategic study plan this summer. My goal is 330 with a lot of studying. My question is what expectations should I hold for myself? I clearly realize I should not anticipate getting into a Top 10 school without a stronger science background. I plan to cast a wide net, but do you have any recommendations for schools that would be a realistic goal for me? Any suggestions which classes would be best for me to focus on out of the courses I'm considering for the next year?
  16. Currently, I am researching Quantitative Psychology PhD programs and trying to select potential PI's for applications in the Fall. I was wondering if anyone had advice for picking PI's beyond research interests. For example, I'm interested in limitations to longitudinal models and dealing with missing data in these models. There are a surprising number of people working with longitudinal data. I would like to push my criteria for selecting a PI beyond just research interest. Here are some things I've started looking at... 1) How often the PI publishes, 2) The amount of grant money the PI receives, 3) Status of Professor (tenured instead of non-tenured), 4) Number of previous graduate students and current employment of said graduate students Does anyone have any other advice on what I should be looking for in a PI? I personally am interested in Quantitative Psychology programs, but I am happy to hear from all areas if applicable.
  17. Hello. I just joined the forums because I need help but have no one to ask around me. I just got accepted to Columbia University's MA program in Social-Organizational (IO) Psychology. I understand that the program is mostly designed for students who are looking for a terminal program. I hear it is possible for students to continue their studies into a doctorate but it is not so common because the program itself isn't research based, but rather theory based. However, I don't want to rule out the option to obtain a PhD in case I do decide to continue my studies. The MA program at Columbia does not seem to be the ideal choice IF i decide to go all the way (for a PhD). On the other hand, I have also been accepted to Roosevelt University here in Chicago, for a PhD program. The school might not be as prestigious as Columbia University; however, it does give me an option to continue all the way for a PhD degree from the get go. I understand that Columbia University is a more prestigious institution known around the world, and furthermore, it is possible to continue all the way to a PhD, but I would be the minority and it is not the conventional route. However, If I end up deciding to go to Roosevelt University, it would be a more straightforward path towards a PhD. In conclusion, I guess what I am arguing with myself is whether I should choose a more prestigious school for an MA and limited opportunity for doctorate, or rather a local university where I can obtain an PhD at a more straightforward path. Thank you in advance for your input! I appreciate it.
  18. I will be applying to 10 clinical psych programs across Canada this fall to hopefully start in the fall of 2018, and I think I have a good application but my GRE scores are pretty low. I'm wondering if my scores are competitive enough to get in anywhere and would really aprreciate some feedback. I have a lot of research experience and tons of clinical experience, conference presentations, 1 publication for revise and resubmit and working on 2 more manuscripts we plan to submit for publication, and I can get some great reference letters... so I think the rest of my application will look good (hopefully). I haven't taken the Psych GRE yet and I've taken the general 2 times but I'm considering taking it a 3rd to at least improve on my verbal score. GRE: V-149 Q-152 A-4.5 Cumulative GPA: 3.72 (4.5 scale) Last 60 Credit Hours GPA: 4.0 (4.5 scale)
  19. Hey guys, Im an undergrad student that is looking to get into an IO Psychology doctorate program in a few years. However, I can't decide if I want to double major in Psychology and Management or just major in Psychology. If I only major in Psychology, will I have a significantly lower chance of being accepted at an IO Phd program? And will I be unprepared for the business aspects of an IO program if I don't have any knowledge about business? Any answers are appreciated, thanks!
  20. I have been accepted to The New School for Social Research's MA program with a planned concentration in Mental Health and Substance abuse, and it is a step toward acceptance into their Ph.D. program after the two-year MA, however I have been accepted to Adelphi University's clinical Ph.D. program and I was wondering if anyone had some advice in which way to lean. I am interested in becoming a Clinician and utilizing CBT and interested in anxiety and emotion regulation. Thank you for any advice you have or proving any factors I should consider!
  21. As we all know, this process is nerve-wrecking, tiring, exciting and more. I have applied to a number of schools and have been rejected from most thus far except one. After hearing such sad news, receiving noticed of being waitlisted from a Clinical Psychology Ph.D. due to my competitive application was pretty exciting news, as I was preparing for a gap year. I'm curious to know what exactly it means to be waitlisted without being interviewed. I know some programs differ in terms of the structure of the waitlist pool (numeric system etc.).
  22. Hi everyone! I have applied to a few programs in Canada for next year. I was just wondering if anyone has heard from Mount St Vincent (I was waitlisted there after an interview, but they only accept 8 people so I don't know what my chances are...), or University of Ottawa for Counseling? Thanks in advance!
  23. Hi everyone, I applied to MA programs in psychology and I wanted to know the acceptance rates of them . I have applied to these schools: CSUN Clinical Psych CSULA CSUDH CSUF USC MFT CSUN is my #1 choice school to go to, I went through the interview, but the waiting game is killing me (when I will hear back from other schools). If anyone has direct experience going through the application process for these programs or is a student under one of the programs listed above, please feel free to share your experience with me
  24. Hey You guys, I wanted to get insight on replication studies and what are the first steps to start one. Any information can help. I am starting one for my clinical psychology thesis -Isaac
  25. Hello Everyone, What are some formal ways to decline an offer to a graduate program (how did you decline an offer)? I applied to several programs (5, to be exact). All of them are programs that I would like to attend, but I ranked them in order of best (1) to least best (5). Well, I received an acceptance from my level 5 school--the complete offer, funding and all; however, my level 4 school also just accepted my application. I don't want to drag this out further than it has to, so I'm going to go ahead and decline the offer for the level 5 school. Advice on how to do this?