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Found 42 results

  1. I've heard that applying mid year to Australian unis (for the semester that starts in late July, early August) is a bad idea, both for your chances of getting in and for getting a scholarship. Is there any truth to this?
  2. Anyone from Pakistan who got any response from JJ/WBGSP secretariat.
  3. Anyone know of any reputable websites to apply to scholarships? i've heard of scholarship points but I feel like they're a scam. Thanks!
  4. So, I'm applying for scholarships (yahoo, it's that time of year!), and for Canadian scholarships, I have to include my supervisor(s)' CVs. One of my professors created a paradigm that is widely used in my field. My lab partner and I now use this protocol to teach people in the field in several countries including Asia, South America, North America and Europe. This includes training people (online, in person if they visit, and making sure everybody implements it exactly as it should), helping them create their study protocol (e.g., population, how to approach a certain group, etc), implementing the protocol (e.g., feasibility, apparatus sourcing), troubleshooting (because things usually go wrong), etc.. Here's the problem! My professor then takes the names of all the people my lab partner and I train and work with and puts it on his CV as people he personally trains and works with and also reports this as output on his grants, leaving both our names out. He phrases his CV as "I personally (insert every thing my partner and I do + Professor designing paradigm 15 years ago + every RA's work 15 years since then)." In reality, the extent of his involvement currently is he developed the original paradigm and he answers our questions if we have trouble or hit a dead end. He also signs off the permission slip saying we have permission to train. I fully acknowledge that without him, this paradigm doesn't exist and we wouldn't be doing our work today if he didn't design the paradigm and give permission for the use. All I am saying is it would be nice if he included us as part of the team doing the work. Does this mean I cannot include any of the work I have been doing in my CV? Will I just look like a big fat liar? N.B., I have to include my professor's CV in my application.
  5. What is the best way to pay for grad school without going too far into debt with loans? I don't have much saved up right now and still hav a couple thousand in loans from undergrad, and now I need to pay tuition and living expenses in a new state. That means plane tickets to come home, too. I'lll definitely get a job, but any sort of help or resources would be great!
  6. Greetings, I've recently been accepted to the Institute of Fine Arts at NYU for art history and archaeology. I was wondering if anyone had any advice or ideas on how to find scholarships or other kind of non-loan assistance for graduate school. In addition to Stafford and Direct PLUS loans that are available, I will also be taking part in federal work-study and as much school employment I can find/handle. I understand that there aren't as many graduate scholarships as undergraduate, but I figured I might as well give it a shot. Again, any information would be appreciated, thank you!
  7. I just received my acceptance letter (email) without any information about financial aid. I wanted to ask: has anyone NOT received ANY grants or scholarships for this program? I applied the last week of February incase anyone was wondering the duration to hear back on your application.
  8. Does anyone know if UT Dallas has opportunities for scholarships/funding? I know that they sometimes award in-state tuition wavers to out of state students, but do they offer anything else such as merit-based scholarships, GA positions, or RA positions to graduate students?
  9. So I was accepted to Boston University today, which is my top choice, but with no mention of a scholarship. I see on the results page others have been offered scholarships with their admission. I also was accepted to George Washington University with a $42,000 scholarship. I would much rather attend BU, but cannot without some funding. A few people recommended (politely) using the scholarship from GW school as leverage for receiving funding at other schools. Anyone heard of this actually being a thing? If so, what's the best way of doing it? Thanks for the help!
  10. In order to be considered for scholarships (graduate assistantships offered by the school and things of that sort), did you need to have submitted a FAFSA report? Or is that after you are admitted and then you submit the FAFSA to then receive funding? Is it too late to already send it in to be considered for funding? I'm just a little confused...there was no indication on my application to send in FAFSA before the grad application deadline and some applications asked about tax info but I thought that was it....?
  11. Does anyone know if scholarship awards come out after the initial acceptance letter is received, or do these usually come together?
  12. Hey guys! Anyone have any idea when we typically to hear about funding (scholarships, TAs, etc.) from schools? Is this usually in the acceptance email? I've heard some schools wait even till after the commitment deadline :/ I know this varies between schools, so if anyone knows specifically about GW, BU, MGH, UVA, or UW, that would be great! Thanks!
  13. I am not sure if someone made a post regarding this. I am applying to a master's program in forensic anthropology. Now I know that there are limited funding options for a master's program, most geared to PhDs. However, are there some scholarships, grants, etc available that I or anyone who is applying for a master's program can apply to? I am applying to one, but am wondering if there are other scholarships available.
  14. I have been looking through a lot of university websites, and seen that many Engineering graduate programs (PhDs mainly) are fully funded. Just wondering if this is the norm (i.e. if you are accepted you are fully funded) and how long full funding with a stipend usually lasts (entire time, 5 years, 4 years, etc.). Just hoping some people who have heard back about funding offers could enlighten me, or direct me to the appropriate forum post. Thanks!
  15. Dear All, It's great to read the amazing conversations and the wonderfully supportive ecosystem at Grad Cafe. I recently applied for a Master's in International Education, International Education policy, and Internation Education development at 4 different universities all based on the East coast, USA. Not all schools provide a merit scholarship and graduate assistantships are hard to find. Are there any Scholarships apart from the ones by the school that I could apply to as an Indian national applying for Grad school in the US? I'd be happy to exchange resources! Thank you.
  16. Hi All, I'm searching for additional funding as a U.S. Citizen in a Canadian doctoral program (Interdisciplinary Humanities). I'm trying to find smaller scholarships that are available through charitable foundations or trusts. I have run across a ton of foundation directories for the UK and some other countries, but haven't been able to find anything terribly useful for the US or CA. Anyone know some good places to look for this kind of thing? Or, alternatively, some good scholarships for me to look into? (I'm applying for OSG, inelligible for SSRHC because I'm not a CA citizen, missed the deadline for Fulbright this year- I applied and started my program very late in the game so now I'm playing catch-up). Thanks in advance for any help!
  17. Hi there, I'm a kiwi who did my undergraduate in New Zealand and Australia (two degrees). I'm currently looking for options for financing my studies in the USA for grad school in engineering. Apart from the Fullbright (which everyone seems to know only about), are there other options for financing/funding both my tuition and accommodation? Any helpful advise would be much appreciated Cheers,
  18. Hi all. I just got accepted to KU for the MSIT program with a focus on Infomation Security and Assurance. I'm going to be applying for the CyberCorps initiative through OPM through my school and was curious if anyone else is using this route for funding and how the process is working or not for them.
  19. Hi, I want to apply to a MsC./PhD. program in applied statistics in the US. Is there something like a list of universities and the term (spring or fall) in which they offer scholarships? If so, can you provide the reference. BTW, if you are answering this, can you take a look at this too? Best, R
  20. I was looking into Columbia's Ph.D and Ed.D programs and was unable to find clear information on how Teacher's College handles Ph.D funding. On the website it says "Ph.D. students normally receive the annual prevailing stipend and appropriate tuition and health fees for five years, provided that they remain in good academic standing and, in the case of student officers, have discharged responsibly their pedagogical or research duties." Other programs that I have looked at have more or less stated explicitly that all Ph.D programs have their tuition covered for 5 years. Does anyone know if tuition is covered for Ed.D programs/Ph.D programs at Teachers' College? What's the funding like (if any) for these programs? Thanks for your help!
  21. Hi there, I've had some trouble finding full or largely funded MFA programs in graphic design (or related field- e.g. digital arts, digital media, etc). I'd be interested programs abroad too, ideally in an English speaking country, but curious to hear any leads either way. So far I've seen Yale seems to suggest they'll help you out as much as possible so you don't have to take out loans. I've seen MICA provides 20%-60% funding. UCLA's Design Media Arts MFA is fully funded, but it's a little closer to fully fledged fine arts program than a design one. Would love to hear if anyone has any ideas!
  22. Dear Friends, I know many of you are looking at graduate programs and all of you want to be fully-funded. My name is Aidan Smith and I am the new Director of Recruitment at Trinity School for Ministry. I wanted to inform you that every year TSM is able to award full-tuition scholarships to students who study full-time at our residential campus in Ambridge, Pennsylvania. In fact, last year 100% of our residential, full-time campus received this benefit. For the fall 2016 semester, there are still slots available. If you are interested in applying, it is not too late! TSM applications can be found at the following link: https://www.tsm.edu/admissions. We offer a number of fully accredited degrees: Master of Divinity, Master of Arts in Religion, and Master of Sacred Theology. TSM will be accepting applications until the middle of July, so there is still time for you to join us for the fall term if you get accepted. Please feel free to contact me whenever is convenient! Our admissions office number is 724-266-3838 or we can be reached at admissions@tsm.edu. Peace, Aidan+ Trinity School for Ministry is an evangelical seminary in the Anglican tradition. In this fractured world, we desire to be a global center for Christian formation, producing outstanding leaders who can plant, renew, and grow churches that make disciples of Jesus Christ. To this end we are forming Christian leaders for mission.
  23. anyone else get into a program in the social science division and was nominated for the clarendon? i learned that last year, the website changed on apr 3 to say that the majority of successful nominees had been notified. so perhaps this topic would be wildly unproductive way to spend the next couple of weeks waiting. personally, i'd love to know how many nominees departments/programs can have, and what proportion of these nominees are awarded.
  24. Does anyone know of PhD funding resources for study in the UK beyond what individual universities offer? I know that the New York Saint Andrews Society helps to fund study in Scotland, but beyond that and Fulbright/Carnegie/Rhodes scholarships, I'm not aware of much.
  25. Hello! So I have a bit of an odd question, and please forgive me if this question is answered elsewhere or does not necessarily belong to this forum of Grad Cafe, or even if it seems a bit pretentious! I recently applied for three grants, all to travel and do work at my advisor's excavation overseas, for the express benefit of my MA thesis. He's wonderful and always optimistic, but told me that out of the three, 1 and 2 were improbable and number 3, originating from the international center here, was the most likely. I told him that I just wanted to demonstrate that I can apply to grants, to get the practice in for writing proposals. Additionally, that I wanted to demonstrate to the department that I had attempted to apply to other sources before applying to some smaller, more competitive & department-specific funding that's for MA students in my program. Well, as I was mall-walking my way to the bus today, running late, I got an email that I had won the full amount requested from the least probable source (#1)!!! Regarding this grant, my advisor said he's never had anyone win it before, and that they usually pass MAs right over. Obviously I'm intensely excited, but I'm still waiting to hear back about the other two funding sources I applied to. Number 3 in particular, as it seemed the most likely for me to win, the one from the international center. Additionally, number 2 is from a very well-known institution, and it would look the best on a resume (though still highly improbable). My question is, then; what's the etiquette for accepting funding? If I do end up wining two grants (which sounds so silly to say, believe me), I don't want to be guilty of 'double-dipping' despite all of the sources being from separate places. I also don't want to take funds away from people who would really need them. I went to an info session for Grant 3 and they said that they don't expect any portion of funds to be returned if some are unused. Grant 1 & 2 I am unsure. The grant I won (#1) covers travel, food, and local transportation; Grant 2 (from fancy institution) covers anything, no budget required; Grant 3 (international center) covers international transportation ONLY. Before you ask, housing is covered by the project I'll be on. All advice and suggestions are welcomed!