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  1. So I just got back my official GRE scores, and I'm a little unsure of whether or not I'm content with them. I received a 147 on Q, 157 on V, and a 5.0 on AW. I was wondering, do you think these warrant a retake? I'm a bit of a perfectionist so I'm unsure of whether or not I want to retake solely for the purpose of raising my quantitative score. In addition to these, I have a 3.91 SLP major GPA, and a 3.94 overall GPA, lots of volunteer service in a school settings, volunteer service in a stroke clinic working with grad students, involvement in extracurriculars and e-board positions on various clubs, including NSSLHA, and shadows with an early intervention SLP and an inpatient rehab SLP. My top school is Southern CT State University. But I'm also interested in Uconn, Iowa State, SCSU. Really I'm just looking for some reassurance. I'm a bit stressed with the application process for grad school! Would really appreciate some extra input on my scores. Thank you
  2. Hi everyone! Like everyone else, I'm stressing out about taking the GRE. I just got finished taking a practice gre test from Kaplan. Can anyone tell me if these practice tests are a good measure of what the actual GRE exam will be like? Obviously, I understand they're not the complete same, but just wondering if the exam questions used in practice tests are a good measure of the kinds of questions you'll see on the actual exam. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi guys! I'm new to gradcafe and really need some opinions that aren't from my mom (who tells me I need to calm down and that I'm so smart ). I'm going into my senior year of undergrad as a health studies major with a minor in communicative sciences and disorders. I have a major GPA of 3.74, cumulative GPA of 3.53, and minor GPA of 3.83. I've worked as an aide/companion for a 17 year old with Down Syndrome, as a nanny for 3 children, one of which who has sensory processing disorder, and as an on-campus tutor at my undergrad school. I've also accepted a job as a peer mentor for the school of health studies where I will work with freshman and sophomores as a support system and for guidance. I've interned at a pediatric facility since freshman year and have over 150 logged hours of observation, with a portfolio. My mentor at the facility has also brought up talking about a therapy aide job once the fall begins. I've run a book drive on my own to send books over to Africa and I've logged hours in hospitals in the areas of TBI and stroke. Basically, I do anything I have the opportunity to do and I do all of it well (somehow, I really shock myself.). I know my LoR will be really great and I'm hoping my personal statement will be too! What's really stressing me out is my GRE scores. I've taken them twice. So far my best is Verbal 150, QR 149, AW 4.5. I'm aware that these scores are not competitive, but do you think everything else will overshadow my less-than-stellar GRE scores? Any advice and consolation would be so appreciated!! Thank you in advance.
  4. Does anyone know of SLP graduate programs that require an interview during the application process? It can be in person/phone/video chat. I only know of a few so far.
  5. I just don't know anymore guys. I have applied for the last 3 years and continue to be rejected.. IT SUCKS. I have a low GPA (2.86) took 4 post bacc classes did well, post bacc gpa is 3.6. I did ok on my GRES but am retaking to get in the 50th percentile. I have worked as an SLP-A for 2 years.. WHAT DO I DO? HOW CAN I GET IN? can anyone recommend schools that do not only look at numbers/ have a GPA/GRE cutoff?! please anything helps. I honestly don't know what else I can do! I basically missed my last year during undergrad due to sickness but there is nothing I can do I AM SO STRESSED OUT PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME! advice would be awesome
  6. Help a girl out here, y'all. I've been set on taking a gap year before applying for grad school. Most of my classmates are applying this Fall and during this whole summer I've been watching them freak out over their apps, GREs, etc. and I'm just here not worrying about it since I'm planning to apply next Fall. I just feel like I am not ready for grad school yet, feel like I haven't done enough to boost my apps or get to know my professors enough, you know? But now, I'm really having second thoughts. I'm super conflicted. I feel like I might miss my chance if I don't apply now. Plus all the other issues like, who am I gonna ask for my letter of recs in a year when I'm not attending school anymore and all that stuff. I freaking doubt you can recycle LoRs (or can you? ) If anyone here is on the same boat, feel free to reply and freak out with me. If anyone here has taken a gap year and got into grad school anyway, please take me as your young Padawan and school me of your ways. If anyone here is totally against a gap year, please enlighten me as to why.
  7. Just wondering what the process is like to get licensed in a state that is different from the state you're attending graduate school in? Is this a difficult and pricey process? Also, can you do your CFY in a state that you did not attend grad school in?
  8. Hi there! I am a senior in undergrad and will be applying to graduate programs this fall, for admission for the Fall 2018 term. I am compiling list of programs, but I'm nervous about my chances, as most of my schools seem to be quite high-powered. Can anyone comment on how I stack up against my target programs? I'm interested in a more medical track, and would like to incorporate my Spanish skills into my career path as well. Here are my stats: GRE: 166 Verbal, 154 Quant, 5.0 AW GPA: 3.97 Double major (B.A. Communication Sci & Disorders, B.A. Spanish) I spent my junior year spring semester abroad in a Spanish immersion program in South America, and am now decently proficient in Spanish 3 years of undergraduate research assistant work in a bilingualism and language acquisition lab NSSLHA member One summer's worth of experience working with individuals with cerebral palsy who use AAC devices Here are the schools: University of Minnesota, Twin Cities University of Colorado, Boulder UW Seattle (both MedSLP and CoreSLP) Portland State University MGH Institue of Health Professions Boston University Emerson College I would also TRULY appreciate feedback if anyone is familiar with any of these programs. Pros and cons? I am a bit overwhelmed by this process and I'm not sure if I'm off to a good start with my selections! Am I a good candidate?
  9. I know it's early to be thinking about, but the grad school that I'm going to this fall allows us to do our externships anywhere during our last semester second year. I would like to work in a medical setting once I graduate, so I'm hoping to do this externship in that setting. If I were to move to a big city, such as Chicago, which is a bit far away from my grad school, would I have a hard time getting a placement? I wasn't sure externship placements would already be taken up by students that go to grad school in that city? I'm completely clueless, so if you have any information about this, let me know!
  10. What kind of computer is everyone getting (or already have) for grad school? I have a Macbook Pro that's four years old, but I'm wondering if I should get a new computer for grad school.
  11. My stats: BS in SLP, M.Ed. Moderate/Severe Disabilities w/ 3.9 GPA for Masters Applying to SLP Grad School for the billionth time. I have had 3 kids in 5 years, so I took some time off, but I am now applying to NOVA's online program; an option I didn't have in years prior. (Or wasn't aware of!) Applied for WINTER 2018; Applications due 8/31 To all who may have previously applied, I have a few questions: Any idea of when admission decisions are sent out? or Interviews scheduled? Any stats on applications vs accepted students? Any further info would be much appreciated! Thanks All!
  12. I know this might be a little early, but now that many of us have been accepted to different programs, I thought it'd be a good idea to start a thread containing Facebook groups for various programs. I've seen people posting groups in the results page and figured this might be more efficient. If you create a group, please post a link here! When others commit to a school, they can find the groups here. Congrats to everyone!
  13. Hi all, We have received additional funding for scholarships and have opened ten new seats in the YU Master's degree in Speech Language Pathology. The SLP masters is one of the few programs in the country specializing in medical speech-pathology. It focuses on neuro-motor communication and swallowing disorders as well as multidisciplinary approaches to diagnosing and managing speech and language cases. Through clinical externships and an individualized capstone project, you will have numerous opportunities to gain practical, hands-on experience under the guidance of experienced faculty mentors. You will benefit from diverse clinical externship opportunities in a range of health-care settings, including top New York City medical institutions such as Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore Hospital, as well as specialized medical facilities, early intervention centers, schools, and interdisciplinary and private practice. Highlights: • Collaborative management of medical disorders that affect speech, language, cognition, voice, and swallowing function across the human lifespan • Hands-on experience head and neck endoscopies • Joint faculty and student on research projects, and a customized capstone • Individual mentoring from senior faculty Join us for an Online Information Session Date: Monday, July 10th, 1-2pm RSVP: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/1307808991470439681 See our website: https://www.yu.edu/katz/programs/graduate/ms-slp
  14. Hello, I've been compiling things to do this summer before starting graduate school and came up with a summer reading list from tons of forum searches etc, you can find it on my blog www.rosyspeaks.com but I am wondering if anyone had any other good books that they can add or any advice for an incoming grad student to how to further prepare, it would be appreciated. THANKS
  15. Hi everyone! I know most people on here are just now applying for their master's, but is anyone looking at doing a clinical doctorate after? I've recently been looking into a few of them and they seem to fit my career goals much more than a PhD would. I didn't think I wanted to do any additional education, but I'd be willing to do it if I could work full-time during the process. Just wondering if anyone has experience with what they might be like and how much funding I might expect. I'm favoring the Doctor of Speech-Language Pathology at Northwestern, but the price tag worries me. I've also looked at KU, Valdosta, NOVA Southeastern, and Rocky Mountain University. Are there any others I should check out? I would prefer an online or hybrid program.
  16. I'm currently working as a direct staff support for a home of adults that have intellectual disabilities. I thought a majority of the job was going to be on communication with them but that consist of 25%-30% of the job. The rest I am basically a caregiver--cleaning the house, cooking, helping them with personal management, hygiene, etc. I'm looking into other jobs. I got an interview for an assistant to a teacher at a preschool but I'm not sure if that will better my chances of getting into grad school. I'm having second thoughts about the job search and just sticking with the job I have. I have a second job and between that and this other job, I don't have time to shadow SLPs. When I asked what I needed to improve on, the admissions said my GRE could use some work. I'm studying for the GRE but I feel that that is not enough and I don't want to waste my time with this job and not doing something else. Any advice would be great!
  17. Hi everyone! I am wondering what I should purchase before I attend graduate school in the fall. Attire: I live in Texas and it does get extremely hot here most of the year. Currently I work at a very laid back clinic- most of the therapists wear jeans/sandals. I am wondering if I should invest in a couple pairs of nice slacks and purchase more business casual clothes.. or maybe wait it out and see if my school has a specific dress code (I haven't heard much from my program yet). School supplies: I have a MacBook Pro and I was thinking about getting binders and spirals for note taking. Do most students bring computers or take notes by hand? I also was thinking about getting a cross body bag instead of a backpack. Any other must have supplies that I would need as an slp grad student? 😊 Therapy Materials: I have been an slpa for 2+ years and I have so many games and materials that I have made and purchased. Would it be worthwhile to take some of these things with me, or wait and see what my clinic has to offer? Any help/input would be awesome. I am moving 8 hours away so I want to be prepared and make sure I don't leave anything behind:)
  18. Hello. I will be starting grad school in august and I don't really know what to expect. Everyone is always talking about how stressful and hard it is, but never explain how and why. Is it that much different than undergrad? Are the classes harder than they were in undergrad or is it just time constraints with clinic? Thank you!
  19. Those that are currently in graduate school and/or just graduated. I would super appreciate details regarding the praxis! What should my focus be on? Any specific topics? thank you in advance
  20. I'm currently working as a direct staff support for a home of adults that have intellectual disabilities. I thought I was going to be working a lot on communication with them but that part is pretty much 25% of it. The rest I am basically a caregiver-- cleaning the house, cooking, helping them with personal management, hygiene, etc. I'm looking into other jobs. I got an interview for an assistant to a teacher at a preschool but I'm not sure if that will better my chances at getting into grad school. I'm kinda having second thoughts about quitting the job search and sticking with the one I have but I'm not entirely sure. Anybody have any advice?
  21. I have a few questions for those currently in grad school, specifically those in slp grad school. 1) Do you have time for a job? If so, is it usually a part time job on the weekend? 2) any job recommendations? 3) Is there time to participate in college events...football games...on -campus events? 4) What is grad school like? 5) Did you find a job easily after gradschool? 6) Which work area do you recommend? Hospital, clinic, schools, etc? 7) How should I pick an area of interest...i like a little bit of everything, as of now? I know every university is different, but i just want rough overview of what to expect
  22. Hi friends. Is it time to open this forum up to 2018 applicants yet? What's everyone working on/stressing about? Hellooooooo I'm dying here.
  23. Hello, I am planning to apply to grad schools for Spring of 2018 and Fall of 2018. I just recently graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders degree. I am planning to take a gap year if I decide to not apply to grad schools for the Spring of 2018, especially if I get a position as an SLPA. I have a lot of volunteers and shadowing hours and my GRE scores (after taking it a third time) are pretty decent. (156 V; 154 Q; 5 W) My only problem though is my GPA... I have a 3.123 for my last 60 credits and a 3.0 overall GPA... I know that schools look at the GRE and GPA greatly and I was wondering if there was any hope in getting in at any school at all or if there was any way I can get my GPA up some even after graduating? I know there are Post-Bacc classes, but I am under the impression those are mainly for people who have a Bachelor's in another field of study. Any tips schools that anyone knows about that looks at the whole application as a whole instead of just the GPA and GRE will be helpful! Thank you!
  24. Looking for feedback on the Speech Pathology Graduate Programs at the following schools: 1) Auburn University 2) University of Georgia 3) Samford University 4) University of South Carolina 5) University of Tennessee- Knoxville 6) University of Memphis Any information regarding thoughts towards the programs in general, program length, accreditation, town/ location, faculty support, costs, assistantship position availability, internship placement help, housing, cohorts, etc. would be greatly appreciated!
  25. Anyone have any wisdom on STARTING personal statements? I have no idea where to begin. Of course, I've done some research and viewed samples but I just don't know where to start. Help?