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Found 135 results

  1. Hi there!! Im waiting for decisions for fall 2017 for SJSU. anyone else here in the same situation?? cheers, autumn
  2. I applied in January to UIC. I have seen threads from years past that said UIC was notorious for having a long delay in getting back to applicants. This is the only school I applied to (want to stay in Chicago, did private undergrad at Loyola, can't afford private masters) and I just wanted to know if anyone else had been accepted and how long it took?
  3. Hi, I am currently choosing between Columbia and Rutgers for Advanced Standing. Neither school will give me a financial package yet. Here is my problem: I don't think I want to be a social worker. I have a passion for higher education and helping first generation college students get equal opportunities. This is not the most social work related. (already heard many times I should have went for a masters of higher education degree). But I didn't. I've gone to Rutgers all 4 years and never lived in New York. My parents are very supportive of me going to Columbia (even though I don't know what's best for me). Rutgers uniquely has field placements that let me work with Rutgers students/higher education on their campus, while Columbia doesn't. However, I originally wanted to do everything I can to avoid going to Rutgers for another year. I know I want a more macro/administrative job with my degree, even though I don't know where my passion lies outside of higher education/college students. Should I try for Columbia? I read all those posts saying it isn't worth it and its just a name blahblahblah but I've been at RU for years and am definitely not passionate enough to be here an extra year. I am wondering if living in NY will give more more opportunities. Cost is an issue of course but I am trying to decide what's best for me without basing it off cost. Any insight? What does Columbia have that Rutgers doesn't?
  4. Hey everyone! I've seen a whole bunch of area and school specific posts and decided to go ahead and start one for Boston so we can all keep each other updated. I applied to Simmons, Boston College and Smith (which is a ways outside of Boston but I figured I'd give it a mention anyway). Simmons sent me an email that they made a decision and placed it in the mail on Friday. All of this waiting is driving me nuts!
  5. Hi folxs. After months of creeping on the forums I decided I couldn't take it anymore. Any UC Berkeley, MSW applicants on here? I received an email this morning about decisions rolling out between March 13-17th but I know there have been instances of even earlier decision notifications. The wait is sooo agonizing.
  6. Hey guys! I don't see any UofM threads on here so I figured I'd start one. Anyone else out there? I've been accepted to the 16 month program starting in Fall 2017, in the IP/Mental Health specialization. I'm an Ann Arbor native so I'm 99% sure I'll be attending Michigan- doing a school visit this coming Tuesday where I'll be sitting in on a class and then getting a tour and having lunch with a current student.
  7. Hey everyone! I'll be attending BC in the fall to get my MSW. I'm very excited because it means taking out minimal loans as long as I find a part time job. I'm not worried about being able to juggle school work and class work (as I am juggling 35 hours a week at a preschool, 10 at a crisis hotline, an internship and 9 academic credits currently). However, I currently work in a field that is loosely related to social work as I'm working with children. I would most prefer to work in a field that is also related during my masters program in Boston, but it doesn't seem like child care will be possible with how my weekly schedule is going to look and the fact that I don't plan on taking my car. This leads to my question. Those of you who are currently in an MSW program or are planning to attend one while working part time, what kinds of jobs are you going to be looking for? i have worked as a server and other unrelated type jobs before, but I would really like to stay within the field if at all possible. I'm sure there are other jobs out there other than childcare that are related to the field. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  8. I received an acceptance from Fordham yesterday but still waiting for Columbia. Is there anyone who got into Fordham?
  9. Hi all! I have been accepted to the GMU MSW dual degree program of social work and conflict analysis. Is anyone currently in this program, or at least the social work program? WOuld love to hear your experiences. I myself have not accepted yet as I am waiting from another school for their decision.
  10. Any other Columbia hopefuls out there? It's my top school and I just thought it would be nice to have a thread started for CSSW applicants for 2017! I've applied for the standard 2 Year MSW program. Let's all keep each other updated on our application statuses and such!
  11. I can share a link to a google doc if you would like to give me writing feedback on the personal statement.
  12. Hi all! I'm a hopeful applicant for PhD programs for Fall 2017 in social work. Thought I'd start this thread to see who else is in the same boat! A little background: I graduated from UNC's MSW program in 2013 and have been working as an outpatient clinician since this time. I'm EMDR and intensively DBT trained and am licensed in clinical social work and substance abuse and my research interests are primarily in the field of substance abuse and trauma. I'm looking around for schools in the southeast due to some family reasons but am open to other programs that would be a good fit with my interests. Just took the GRE yesterday and got a Verbal: 162 Quant: 152. Pretty mediocre but hopefully acceptable somewhere!! SO far I'm thinking UGA, UNC, VCU, University of Maryland
  13. Is anyone else in waitlist hell that wants to keep me company? I only applied to ONE program for my PhD because it's really the perfect fit for me. They accepted 5 and put 3 of us on the waitlist. Soooooooo close! They accept people off the waitlist every year, but I have no way of knowing if I'll be one of those lucky ones. So now more waiting, more obsessing, more making sure my Plan B is solid....
  14. Hi all, Has anyone who applied to the MSW program at University of South Florida heard back yet for fall 2017? I applied back in early February and the application deadline was February 15th (one month ago today). Also, is it appropriate to contact admissions to ask about the status of my application or should I wait it out? Thanks!
  15. Anyone else applying to UNC-Chapel Hill or thinking about it? The January application date is creeping up! If you're planning to apply, what attracted you to UNC? Anything you're excited/hopeful about?
  16. anyone heard back yet??
  17. I was admitted to the USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work at the University of Southern California! I am so excited because it is my dream school! I really didn't think I would get in so I was not prepared for the cost of the tuition. USC is Top 12 Social Work program and I want to go their so badly, BUT is the cost of the tuition worth it??? I am waiting to hear back from Cal State LA as well. Would greatly appreciate feedback!!!
  18. Friends! Any recommendation on LMSW offered with a mindfulness focus? Thank you!
  19. Anyone on this forum that is applying to or going to UPenn? I just put down my deposit and excited that I will be attending their program. It has been my first choice.
  20. Hi Wassup guys! Happy Friday or (or Happy Day)! I hope everyone is enjoying their day. Its acceptance letter season and I am so glad the applying stage is over. Even more happy that I got accepted into the Fordham, Columbia, and Hunter/Bank Street Program Although I am very excited about the prospects of attending any of these programs, I am leaning towards Columbia. However, I have concerns about the costs and loans. Is there a way to leverage my financial aid packages to lower the costs? Or any other approaches to help me lower the costs and loans? Please let me know very excited to start my career with the lowest amount of loans possible
  21. Hey guys, I just received an acceptance to USC's MSW program for fall 2017 at their main campus (University Park). My concentration will be in children and family and I was wondering if anyone else on here will be attending as well, or has attended and can give me a little bit of info on the program!
  22. Hi everyone! I wanted to start a thread specifically regarding decision about MSW programs and picking between multiple offers. I thought it would be nice to have a place for this, specifically for the MSW folks (and I hope someone else hasn't already started a thread like this). My current decision is really going to come down to picking between Boston College and Salem State University. I got a really generous scholarship offer from Wheelock College last night for $20,000 total in scholarship money (total for the degree program), but that still would mean WC would be more expensive than SSU. I like SSU's program a lot better. So I can safely say I've eliminated WC. On the other hand, Boston College is my favorite, but Salem State is a very, very close second. I think (I hope) I have a good shot at an assistantship at SSU, which would be the best-case scenario. I've also decided I would need to have a pretty big scholarship offer from BC to make it affordable. I feel as if I can wait out BC until next Monday before I need to start really panicking. BC sends an email notification first and then mails a scholarship letter after the email, so I wouldn't know for probably another week after getting an email about financial aid. I'd say BC has a slim chance of meeting my needed merit scholarship, but I have read where what I would need has been offered. If I haven't heard by next week, maybe Wednesday, should I accept SSU? I know I may have an option for an extension from SSU, but I don't want to ask until I know I need to, and even then they might say no. I guess I'm just looking for any feedback here. Please also write in with your decision making process! This forum has been really helpful for the past few months!
  23. I applied back in November to Colorado State's MSW program. I got an email from in January from the assistant director that they reviewed my application and I need to update my resume to how they want it. A few days after that email I saw that people started receiving acceptances. He messaged me right after then to say that he received the update. I waited a few weeks got accepted to Fordham University which needs a decision if I want to attend or not by March 1st. After getting this news I decided to call and ask about the time frame Colorado State expected all decisions to be made. The assistant program director called me back and told me I should know by March 1st and that they were running ahead of schedule with decisions this year (usually it is until March 15th). It is now a day away and I still have not heard anything. I called the general admissions desk to see if a decision has been made and mailed out and they told me I am still under review. At this point I am reaching the end of Colorado States notification deadline and have still heard nothing. Should I just count myself out of the running?
  24. Hi Everyone! I will be graduating with my BSW and CADC in May. I'm super excited about moving forward because I will be volunteering two years in Africa with the Peace Corps! It's honestly my dream come true. However for some odd reason I'm still stressing about grad school admissions. I recently was accepted conditionally into the MSW/MA in women studies and gender studies at Loyola University. Now I'm just waiting to hear back from the University Of Chicago SSA. I plan to weigh my options and defer my admission (if I am able). I guess my question is has anyone heard from U of C that applied by the 1/15 deadline? Also U of C is my first choice but the MSW/MA program at Loyola sounds really interesting and I've already had faculty reach out to me. I'm happy to have this dilemma but it's also very much stressing me out. Any thoughts, opinions or personal experiences with either program would be very helpful! sn: I applied to UIC but.... I'm not all that set on going there. Plus they take forever to get back to you. Thanks! AW Applied: Loyola 1/23, University of Chicago SSA 1/13, UIC 1/15 Accepted: Loyola 2/25
  25. So I applied to Case Western, University at Buffalo, and University of Maryland Baltimore for FALL 2017. Has anyone heard anything from any of these schools?