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Found 105 results

  1. I've been accepted to both programs for their communication disorders programs. Anyone have insight on either of these programs. Price is a concern of course, but I'd love to hear about classes, professors, etc. Thanks for the help!
  2. I am trying to decide between William Paterson University and Stockton University for graduate school. Does anyone know about these programs?
  3. Hello friends so I received this from one of the school I applied to...do you guys think it's a good sign?
  4. I am weighing two programs on opposite sides of the country. I have only been waitlisted at Redlands, but they only give you 24 hours to accept or reject their offer if accepted off of the waitlist. It may not even be an option but I am trying to get prepared in case I am accepted! I was able to tour Emerson and loved it, but have only visited the Redlands campus when it was closed for the holidays. Does anyone have any positives, negatives, or other information not listed here about these programs? I am obsessively thinking about this and I am not sure I am going to be able to tour Redlands before I would have to accept an offer from them. Both are terribly expensive so that is not an issue THANK YOU!!! EMERSON COLLEGE Pros: -Brag about their supportive environment -In-house clinic with some really interesting specialty areas and programs -As an out-of-fielder, I would be finished May 2019 -54-credit program -Faculty with varied backgrounds + teaching and clinical faculty separate -Interesting research being conducted -Boston = interesting and varied clinical opportunities -Highly ranked -More grad schools for partner to apply to -Good "feel" when I visited... I pretty much fell in love -Well-rounded program Cons: -In Boston... far away! And expensive living. And I don't think I'm a "city person"... but Boston is also really cool! -Larger cohort -Would need to start online prereq classes this May (not sure if this is a + or -) -Have to start clinicals one semester later than in-field cohort -Other than SLP, it is not medical/education-focused - it's an arts school UNIVERSITY OF REDLANDS Pros: -Also brag about supportive environment on website -In-house clinic (no knowledge of specialty areas, but it caters to all ages and disorders) -**Location = close to family (this one is big due to some family issues, and may make me accept an offer either way) -I would like to move back to the west either way after graduation (but probably not southern Cali), so I would already be in the region - not sure if this matters -Beautiful campus -Small cohort -I have heard great things about the school as a whole -Cheaper cost of living than Boston -60-credit program -Well-rounded program Cons: -I really only know what I have seen on their website and this forum... not a lot! -As an out-of-fielder, I would graduate May 2020 -Wouldn't start until January 2018 (not sure what I will do until then, as I had to quit my job already in preparation for Boston) -Small faculty group, limited research and focuses -No specialty areas (other than bilingual) -Not a lot of grad programs my partner can apply to -Can do research, but final project cannot be a thesis (not sure if I want to do research, but I want to keep my options open!)
  5. Hi All! I know that the April 15th deadline is approaching. Has anyone made their final decisions yet? What were some of the factors in why you chose that school? Congrats everyone!
  6. Hello all! Is anyone planning to attend Harding University in the Fall of 2017 for their MA in Speech-Language Pathology program? I officially sent in my deposit a couple weeks ago and just wanted to see if anyone else was out there Hope you are all having an excellent year!!
  7. I am having a difficult time choosing between Ohio State and Kent State. From what I can tell just from the websites, Ohio State's program lets you develop a focus whereas Kent State's program is more general (I may be incorrect about this). If anyone has any thoughts on the programs or just the schools themselves, I would love to hear! Also, anyone who has accepted their admission to one of these schools, I'd like to hear what factors influenced you to make that decision. Thank you!
  8. Well, can't say I'm surprised that I got denied into grad schools this time around. It seemed almost impossible to try and compile an outstanding CDCAS application when I already had so much going on with my schoolwork in undergrad. Anyways, for all the people like myself who are feeling down, just wanted to put it out there that Karen George at Chicago Speech Therapy is hiring for people like us! I just interviewed and was BLOWN AWAY. I honestly would've never expected this opportunity to exist, especially because on their posting on indeed it was for an SLPA and I thought for sure I didn't have a chance without licensure. They do pediatric in-home therapy, but have three 'day' programs where kids come in and do language enrichment stuff. Super cool opportunity! Just thought I would share because it gave me hope and could really improve my odds for acceptance next year!
  9. I have been put on three waiting lists for graduate school. And I still haven't heard back from one program yet. Is there anything I can do to help increase my odds? Also, if I don't hear back by April 15th then does that mean I didn't get a spot? I'm feeling really uneasy, can someone please help me out?
  10. Hi! I have recently been accepted to the speech language pathology masters program at the University of Utah. I am very interested in attending, however I want to know more about the environment at the school. Are most students in the masters program from in state? I will be coming from Kentucky, so it'll be a big change. What do people do for fun? What's life like in Salt Lake? I want to make sure I'll fit in. Is anyone in this specific cohort? I'd love to chat!
  11. Just wondering if there is anyone else on here going to Fredonia September 2017! I am having a hard time finding anyone! I would really like a roomie!
  12. I got put on the waiting list for Pacific U's SLP masters program. Anyone else? I'm curious how many there are. Also, they said they don't disclose wait list positions which makes it harder to know if I should wait it out or not. Anyone else have this concern?
  13. I'm trying to decide between these two schools for a masters in Communicative Sciences and Disorders. I visited Teachers College and was very impressed by their overall program curriculum, their strong commitment to multiculturalism/bilingualism, and how smoothly they integrate the necessary prerequisites into their grad program (I'm an out-of-field applicant). However, it seems that their facilities were slightly outdated, and their research focus may not be as strong or as broad as NYU's? I wasn't able to attend NYU's admitted students day, so I haven't gotten to speak with any current grad students or faculty members, tour their facilities, or get a sense of the overall "vibe" of the program. I'm also concerned that NYU might not be the best choice for an out-of-field applicant such as myself... this is the first year they're integrating the prerequisites into their grad program, and all of those prereqs will be offered as online courses instead of in-person. Anybody else in a similar situation? Or has anybody visited both schools... in your opinion, what were the pros/cons of each? Thanks in advance!
  14. Does anyone have any input on what they like/dislike about the programs or just the schools in general?
  15. Is anyone still waiting to hear back from UMD and Emerson's the low residency program??
  16. Hi all, Does anyone have any advice on writing personal statements for grad school apps? Applying this fall and wanted to try to get ahead. I've looked at some school's websites to see what they're looking for, but I wanted to see if anyone had specific tips. Thanks ahead of time!
  17. I am really struggling to decide on a school and the deadline is approaching fast! Could anyone weigh in on any of my top three schools? My biggest concerns are price, location, nontraditional student support (I'm currently a special education teacher), and availability of AAC courses. Could anyone add any input to my pro/con list on these concerns and other other pros or cons that may have made you choose that school. Thank you so so much! Temple pros: wouldn't have to move (save $$ and stay near bf/family), quality program Temple cons: 6 semester program, most expensive, known to be pretty difficult (which scares me a bit as a nontraditional student) WVU pros: cheapest (plus they gave me a sizable scholarship), 5 semester program, quality program WVU cons: move 5 hours away, campus size is a bit daunting, pay for living Old Dominion pros: favorite SLH clinic facility (attached preschools), more nontradiaional students there, quality program Old Dominion cons: 6 semester program, move 5 hours away, pay for living
  18. I'm attempting to decide between West Chester and Salus University and I'm having a hard time. I'm interested in medical SLP but I heard West Chester is more focused on schools and children, which would make Salus a perfect fit. HOWEVER, WC is cheaper and accredited (Salus is a brand new program). It also is a closer commute. If anyone has information about West Chesters program please let me know!!
  19. Hey everyone! Same as last year's thread: now that the interview season is upon us, lets post the following: when you got the invite to the interview where one could find the invite, portal, etc any tips from previous interviews questions that were asked on the interview that can help us good luck to everyone!!
  20. I am super torn between two programs! I want to go into medical SLP and Chicago is my dream city so Rush has been my #1 choice and dream school, but is much more expensive. BGSU is less expensive and still a good all around school. I don't know much about Bowling Green and it seems much less "fun" of a place to be. If anyone has any input I would love the help!
  21. Hi everyone! I have recently received an acceptance to Ithaca and was wondering if anyone knew anything about the program?! Thanks!
  22. I was wondering if anyone had advice (pros and cons) on the following Speech Language Pathology programs. I am trying to make my decision between the following programs: SUNY New Paltz, Queens College and LIU Post
  23. Has anyone had to take aural rehabilitation online during the summer before starting grad school? The school I'm going to attend offers it in the first year spring semester, but I think I'd rather take it online and make for a lighter course load that spring semester. If you have taken it online, are there any certain colleges that you've taken it through and have good experiences with?
  24. Has anyone accepted their offer yet? I did this weekend and they never asked me to pay one of those deposits. I just thought that was strange because most schools do. I feel like it makes the acceptance more official when you pay!
  25. Hi all! Does anyone know how the waitlist works at mercy? And do they have to wait until a specific date to take people from the waitlist? Any insight would be great! Thanks a bunch