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Found 56 results

  1. I didn't see a thread for USC, so I'll go ahead and start it! I'll be joining the Earth Science department in the Fall. Where are people planning to live? I'm considering Palms/Culver City since it's so close to the light rail.
  2. Hello all, I submitted my application on 10/17. I sent my transcripts on 10/20 and was just wondering if anyone knows if I will receive a notification when my application is complete or under faculty review? Thanks in advance!
  3. I did my undergrad at UCSD and am fairly familiar with the social and academic scenes at SDSU and USD if you have an questions fire away.
  4. Hi, So I have applied to Rossier's Masters of Education in Postsecondary Education and Student Affairs at USC. I have submitted my application prior to the March 15 deadline for the 3rd round of applicants for the Fall 2017 school year, and am scheduled to take the GRE in April. I know my application will not be reviewed until they recieve my test scores, and I have notified them about that. I am nervous, mostly because I am not the greatest test taker and I don't think I will do so well on the GRE. My undergrad GPA is 3.61, I have been involved heavily on my campus in student affair related programs, and am taking my GRE (waiting to take it). I opened up this forum to see who has applied, who's currently waiting to hear back from the program, and who has been accepted into the program. What has been your experience during this application process?
  5. Help! I am really struggling to make a decision between Goldman and USC Price for an MPP. Here is my situation: Background: I work at an education non-profit and am interested in education policy and/or social policy, but want to gain more tangible quant skills (hence going to grad school). I currently live in LA (originally from DC) and have a lot of friends here as well as a partner who loves his job. I got into Harris, Price, and Goldman. Harris was ruled out because of the cost and the cold, and GSPP has been my first choice (I also thought it would the cheapest because of the in state tuition). I got no funding to Goldman and a full ride to Price, so now I am struggling with what to do. I know that I can likely get a GSI position at Berkeley to cover tuition, but I believe that still leaves about $4,000 in fees each semester in addition to the crazy high cost of living in the bay area. I also think it could be pretty stressful to have the additional workload of a GSI position. However, I know Goldman has an amazing reputation, and I love the bay area. I would love advice on if Goldman would really be worth the extra cost and life change and what people think of these programs outside of CA. I am really struggling here!
  6. Anyone else waiting to hear back from USC Price MPP? From the previous years, it looks like the first notices go out around the 10th for those that applied by the scholarship deadline (12/15). So we should be hearing back this week...
  7. So I'm a little torn on applications this year, as I really would like to stay in my current area (So Cal) and am extremely interested in two different programs at two institutions, USC (Creative Writing PhD and Comp. Media and Culture, Track I) and Irvine (Poetry MFA, where I was waitlisted in a previous cycle, but their Culture and Theory program is also so excellent and very suited to my research interests.) I realize these programs are different and I enjoy different kinds of writing. My own poetic work is deeply informed by my research interests. My poetic practice thrived most while I was immersed in high-level theory-saturated courses as an undergrad — and I honestly enjoy writing papers as well as poems, reported essays, and other things. If I did an MFA, I would certainly seek out the chance to take classes outside the creative writing dept suited to those interests. To boot, these programs are all quite competitive, and while I intend to apply to a few programs elsewhere that I'm particularly excited about, I'd frankly prefer not to move unless it's for my *dream school*. Is it taboo to apply to two programs from the same school? If not or not necessarily, should I acknowledge that I am doing so in statements? Does it just come off too thirsty? Do I have to choose?
  8. I'm waiting for responses from USC, UIUC and UoMichigan. I see that some people on the forum have already received responses from these schools. I tried to connect with a POI from UoM - he said he was interested but his schedule didn't work for an interview over skype. I'm wondering if I should hold out hope or just expect rejections from all three at this point ? Profile: Masters in CS from USC. GPA: 3.556 3 highly relevant research publications : 3rd author 1 Year teaching exp. in the same area TOEFL 118 GRE : 315 2 years work exp at relevant startups
  9. Hello, I'm an international student. And I had a five year architecture degree and three years of practical experience. I'm currently admitted to USC Post-Professional Degree(Master of Advanced Architectural Studies) and IIT Master of Architecture-Advanced Standing (2years) Graduate School of Architecture. But USC is conditional acceptance. I have to take a English courses(2semesters). I would like to work in the United States and acquire a AIA in the future. I know that both schools are good schools. But I wonder which schools is better in the US.
  10. I was admitted to the USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work at the University of Southern California! I am so excited because it is my dream school! I really didn't think I would get in so I was not prepared for the cost of the tuition. USC is Top 12 Social Work program and I want to go their so badly, BUT is the cost of the tuition worth it??? I am waiting to hear back from Cal State LA as well. Would greatly appreciate feedback!!!
  11. I'm looking to start a PhD program with a concentration towards microbial geobiology and astrobiology this upcoming fall. I'm super split between attending Yale and USC (southern california). For earth sciences in general, Yale is much better ranked and has that "ivy status" to begin with. It's a wonderful department with wonderful people and very progressive research. Unfortunately, they don't seem to have an exact concentration I am interested in. They seem to be heading in that general direction with some of their recent hires and I could probably still make a cool project/thesis happen there. My main POI does work in that field but they aren't very well known for often having students (last I think graduated 2010) and I'm not sure if this is good or not. USC, on the other hand, is not nearly as well ranked but has a concrete geobiology/astrobiology team and solid connections with CalTech and JPL labs. My POI there has a research concentration almost perfectly in line with what I want to do and there are a couple of other professors who's research I'm very interested in. It really does seem like a wonderful "fit". Yet, it seems a little crazy to go for USC when I could obtain my PhD at Yale. Has anyone been in a fit vs rank position like this before? Particularly when the rankings are so different (#14 vs #25) and the name recognition difference quite significant?
  12. Hey guys, I just received an acceptance to USC's MSW program for fall 2017 at their main campus (University Park). My concentration will be in children and family and I was wondering if anyone else on here will be attending as well, or has attended and can give me a little bit of info on the program!
  13. Hey all, I am looking to see how likely I am to get into the following schools with the following criteria. I feel like I am fitting in somewhere around the average requirements of most applicants at these schools, with maybe a slightly lower GPA. GPA: 3.3 from a small liberal arts school in Ohio GRE: 161 V and 159 Q with 5.0 Analytical Writing Experience: 3 campaign cycles as an intern/volunteer (since '08), 3 campaign cycles as a paid staff in field management and data analytics; 1 year in nonprofit fundraising; 3 months interning with a lobbying firm in D.C.; Only 2 years of work experience after completing my undergrad (I took a semester off to work on the 2012 Presidential campaign) and volunteered/interned throughout college on various local, state, and national races in digital and organizing related work. I am applying/have applied to the following schools: Duke Sanford (MPP), Chicago Harris (MPP), Syracuse Maxwell (MPP), UT-Austin (MPA), Georgetown McCourt (MPP), NYU Wagner (MPA), OSU John Glenn (MPA), USC Price (MPA), IU SPEA (MPA). Thanks!
  14. Does anyone know what the acceptance rate for the part-time MSW program at USC is? I am applying to the online program, but I was told that the part time program is less competitive and the minimum GPA requirement is a 2.5. Has anyone had experience with this and know what the chances are for someone with less than a 3.0, for the part-time program?
  15. Hey, I have received an admit from UPenn for MS in CIS and I'm still waiting for USC and UCSD; assuming I get into one of them or both of them; which of the three is better suited for MS in CS taking into consideration the opportunities for TA/RA, funding, financial assistance, internship chances, and job prospects? It would be great help if you can direct me to some students who've studied/studying there as well!
  16. Hi, I have applied to USC - Viterbi school of engineering before the Dec 15 deadline for scholarship consideration. I got an academic eligibility notification asking to submit financial documents for admission letter. There was no mention of scholarship. Does this mean no scholarship was granted or do I have to wait for a separate notification about the scholarship before submitting proof of financial support? Thanks!
  17. Hi All, I was hoping to get a little advice. I was accepted recently to both ASU and USC's online MSW programs. My goal is become an LCSW and eventually work in addiction treatment. I'm leaning towards USC as it has better name recognition and also places students in field practicums. ASU is far cheaper (about 1/3 the price) but students must find their own facilities to intern at while in the program. I also want to avoid the stigma of attending school online but need the flexibility so I can work and pay my living expenses during the program. I live in the LA area and USC's online degree is indistinguishable from the in-person degree. I feel like future employers would assume I attended on campus. If I go the ASU route, my internships will be in the LA area and it will be pretty clear I went to an online program. I also went to UCLA for my undergrad and like the idea of the UCLA/USC combo. USC is just absurdly expensive and I feel like most of what I learn will occur outside the classroom. Can I get any advice or recommendations? Thanks!
  18. Hi all, I got admits from University of Massachusetts-Amherst (VLSI/CAD and Embedded Systems) as well as USC (VLSI Design). My profile is as follows: GRE:165Q/156V/4AWA TOEFL: 113 CGPA:8.75/10 So I was looking for advice as to which university to pick off the both and the factors to be considered while picking. Thank you'll
  19. I've been researching USC's MA in Strategic Public Relations and am wondering, what is the difference between that degree and the MA in Communication Management? So far, the differences I see are: The MA in SPR requires 6 courses, the MA in CM requires 3; SPR is 40 units, CM is 36; Not sure how many units can be taken outside of Annenberg with SPR, 8 can come from other depts with CM. Can anyone offer some clarity of what are the hard differences between these two programs? Is one more rigorous than the other? Any guidance would be much appreciated.
  20. Hi everyone! I'm currently applying to graduate schools and would like to apply to either USC or UCLA but not both for their public policy programs. I figure there are a decent number of people in my position either pre-application or post-application. I plan on reaching out to friends and friends of friends for both schools but wanted to hear from any users who are current students or alumnus of both schools. Advice from students who were accepted to both but opted for one would be really helpful for choosing between the two! I'm especially interested in International Policy and Social Policy As a non-US citizen I'm disqualified from working for the federal government but would love to work in city government, think tank, or policy analysis/consulting at a private company that isn't too commercial (hope that makes sense). I did my due diligence and searched the archives. Some people expressed concern that UCLA's career services office was weak 6 years ago but haven't found much other info comparing the two. Knowing if there's a significant difference in acceptance rate would be helpful also.
  21. Hi, I am going to be a fourth year undergraduate student at UCSD and I want to apply to teacher credential/masters programs this upcoming cycle (so I can get right into it after graduation). I was a Human Biology major for the first three years, since I used to be pre-med, but discovered through the med school application process I did NOT want to be a doctor. I remembered I always liked the idea of teaching. My mom is an elementary school teacher, so I have at least some idea of what the lifestyle is like. My (ultimate) goal is Stanford, but I also want to apply to UC Berkeley, UCLA, USC, and UCI. My goal is to teach Math at the Secondary level. Here are some more facts and stats about myself: Major: Mathematics/Applied Science GPA (overall): 3.55 GPA (math): 3.81 (does my math GPA get taken into consideration?) GRE (practice tests): 159V 165Q Experience: I volunteered every summer at an LAUSD elementary school to help immigrant elementary students learn English under the supervision of a teacher (but not through the school, I just knew the teacher) (This volunteering experience was done for fun throughout undergrad, but only during summers since I go to UCSD.) Also, after realizing I wanted to be a high school math teacher, I immediately started volunteering in SD for a program that takes middle and high school students from highly disadvantaged backgrounds and tutors and guides them in their path to be a first generation college student. (Planned) Letters of Rec: I know it is rushed to ask for a letter before December 1, but that's when the first of the applications are due. I plan on asking the teacher at the elementary school, the volunteer coordinator at the SD volunteering org, and a physics professor I've gotten to know a little better last year. (I have had two lunches with this professor, but does it matter that he is a physics professor and not math? I do not know any of my math professors, and getting to know them before December through OH is rushed, since school starts mid/late September for UCSD.) Here are some stats for the schools I want from a kind user here on gradcafe Anyhow, I was hoping to get some insight from people who got into these programs, mostly Stanford tbh, its my dream school. Plus, I love that their program is accelerated into 1 year for the credential and masters. Maybe one tidbit of info that my physics professor can add is that in order to avoid paying for online HW, I finished the quarter's worth of physics HW in the two weeks of the online HW trial period (my answers to the HW were 100% correct). This can possibly speak to my ability in accelerated programs? LOL. I should also mention that the physics class was a lower division class. I am sorry for the disorganized way I presented this info, I am just pouring all my thoughts as they come to me. Also, what else can I do to bolster my application? Any advice? Please help!! Thank you!
  22. Hello all! I'm starting a graduate program at USC in a couple weeks and I am trying to figure out how many credits is too many? So far I am taking 12 units (4 online in a subject I am familiar with). Although it has recently been brought to my attention that I only need 8 classes to complete this program. Meaning - two semesters with 4 classes would complete the program. Now I am not made of money and USC is very expensive. I'm starting to think this isn't such a bad idea. However, I am the first in my family to go to graduate school so I am a little unsure of what this program holds for me. Another one of my thoughts being - if I take 3 classes this semester and 4 classes next semester, do I really want to go back to school in the fall for one course? Not really... Also this program does not require research - only coursework. Please let me know if you think 2 on-campus classes and 2 online classes is too much for one graduate semester Best of luck to everyone starting school in the next couple weeks!
  23. I'm a prospective applicant to the PhD program in Political Science at USC. My focus is in the IPE arena, and I'm interested in working with Ben Graham or Jonathan Aronson. I'd like to hear from a current student or recent graduate of the program about funding packages, RA, TA, and fellowship opportunities within the program, student engagement with faculty, and perceptions of faculty overall. Is the general feeling that PhD students are well supported throughout their time at USC? Any general reflections on the quality of the program? Side-comments about living in South Central LA are also appreciated! Feel free to PM me if you prefer.
  24. Hi, I am currently trying to decide between 2 online MSW programs, USC and Simmons College. Has anyone attended or is currently attending either program that can give me feedback? One of the major deciding factors for me is the length of each program. I was accepted into both Full Time programs, USC being a few months shorter than Simmons. Any help would be much appreciated!
  25. Hello, I've been really busy on the college confidential site for getting accepted at my university of choice after finishing work at my community college, and thanks in large part to that community and the information we all shared with each other, I got in. So I will be starting this fall at the University of California Irvine as a Psychology and Social Behavior major. I am also pursuing a seperate AS degree in Alcohol and Drug studies, it's the curriculum needed to become a certified substance abuse counselor. My long term goal is to work as an LCSW, but really focus on conducting therapy, at least for as long as I enjoy it. I like the flexibility of the MSW route compared to going for an MFT or LPCC. Now I have been told by professors that I need to be applying for grad school in about 1 year, and if possible I want to be preparing for that over the course of this year ahead so that when it is time I'm ready. I'm looking at USC, UCLA, CSULB, and CSUF as possible schools to apply to right now, so any advice on what I should be doing to be better prepared, insight into the quality of those schools, or what is really required of an applicant to have a shot at getting in to any of those schools would be very helpful. Thank you for taking the time to help me out, and for as long as I am in the process of applying and working towards grad school I will stick around this community and try to help those who come after me.