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Found 70 results

  1. My top choice school - and now my last hope - has yet to send out any information regarding their decisions. Every online "admission status check" still says "Under review," etc.. However, this is a program that has an intended Summer 2017 program start, and today (April 21st) marks the beginning of the university's preregistration for summer classes. So, my question is: is it time to give up hope for this round of admissions?
  2. It's April 7th and I still haven't heard from UCLA. Is anyone on the same boat?
  3. So, I've applied to 3 programs this year (my second year doing so but my first year really understanding the process) and the first one chronologically was Northern Arizona University. NAU required everything turned in by early January. As of last week, I had not heard back from any of the three so I reached out. The other two had accepted another student and just hadn't sent any rejection letter (I've never received a rejection letter, to be fair). Northern Arizona's bio program coordinator responded to me Feb 6 saying my chosen advisor had no clue who they were going to accept. I called a week ago and the lady in the program said she would inform the coordinator and my advisor choice that I'm awaiting a decision and that they were "very behind". Nothing on here shows acceptances this year yet. Has anyone else had an issue like this or know if that means you're just in the reject pile but they're waiting to see if someone rejects an offer? Thanks!
  4. Has anyone heard/know when we should hear from University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Midwestern AZ and Midwestern IL? Thank you and good luck to everyone!
  5. I noticed that the previous thread was blocked, and even though it's rather late, I figured it was still worthwhile to start a new one! Where is everyone at with their admission statuses??
  6. Hi everyone! I'm an International Student. I applied to NYU's Tisch School of the Arts MFA Dramatic Writing Program from December 19th and I was told that notifications are sent out ANYTIME between MARCH 1st and APRIL frickin 15th! I am going crazy!!! It's almost the end of March and I haven't seen ANY applicants on this site with a decision for this program. In fact, I think one of the key committee members has been out of office for 1 week or so, with no "return date" in his automated email reply, so I don't know when he's expected back. I don't want to keep emailing admissions to annoy anyone, but this is ROUGH! At least with Brown University, they stuck to the date they gave (although it was just as long of a wait). At least they stuck to their date. Tisch, I don't know what's taking them so long... I mean... they have 1 month AND 15 days and I haven't seen ONE decision on the Results Search page... sigh... I'm also waiting on Boston U's MA Journalism which I was told would be out by next week.... but Tisch.... what is going on in that dept? Does anyone know? Thanks!
  7. Hey! Curious if anyone out there applied for UC Santa Cruz's MA/C program for summer 2017? Let's wait together! I'd love to hear which credential you seek and what your application was like. It's only been one day since app's were due and I'm already so stressed!
  8. Got my first decision for grad school bacl today, and it's a big fat rejection. I applied for was Ph.D in Near East Languages and Civilizations (Egypt) at UChicago, which is the school I heard back from, Penn, Johns Hopkins, and Brown. Now, I thought February through March is when they send acceptance letters and letters saying you're on the wait list and then don't send rejections until late march through April. So does the fact that I recieved my rejection that quickly mean they thought I was extremely unqualified for the program? If that's the case, then I need to work on my back up plan for next year when the other rejections come in.
  9. Hi Everyone, I've received an email from a prof. in Columbia saying they were impressed with my credentials but since they cannot over commit, they are putting me on a "(short) waiting list" and I will be notified by April 15. My questions are: 1. Is there anyone else who was or you know of that was put on a waiting list and accepted? 2. What is the typical size of a waiting list? He says in parenthesis that it was short. 3. If I am accepted will I get funding? Is this a question I have to discuss at this phase or wait until after a notification? 4. What do I do now to increase my chances of acceptance? Thank you 0
  10. I applied to the Applied Behavior Analysis program at Teachers College (Columbia University). Did anyone else apply to this program, or to any other one in the Health & Behavior Studies department? Did you hear back yet? Even if you didn't, let me know. Thanks!
  11. Has anyone else not heard back from any of the programs they applied to? I've been checking the results page on GradCafe, and some programs I applied to have sent out acceptances and waitlists, and even some rejections, but I haven't heard anyyyyything, which is driving me insane and increasing my levels of stress. is anyone else experiencing this? What does this mean?! what do we do!
  12. I applied to USC Health Behavior, UCSD/SDSU Public Health, and UCI Public Health but whenever I call they say they are still reviewing. It's essentially March and it seems kind of late to not hear anything at all. Should I just assume I'm rejected?
  13. Why do grad schools just insist on telling you absolutely nothing, even after first round rejections, after first round interviews, just leaving you in absolute limbo! I am so perturbed. (Also, is perturbed only in the vocab of someone who recently took the GRE; along with peripatetic and esoteric?)
  14. Hey guys i was going through the results and just saw that one person was accepted to the Harvard Graduate School of Arts &Science REECA program, did any one else her back anything? if You did not hear from the yet, does this result to a rejection letter? i'm just nervous waiting haha
  15. I applied back in November and got an email from in January that they reviewed my application and I need to update my resume to how they wanted it. A few days after that email I saw that people started receiving acceptances. I waited a few weeks and decided to call and ask about the time frame they expect all decisions to be made. They told me I should know by March 1st. It is now almost a day away and I still have not heard anything. Should I just count myself out of the running?
  16. Let's share our experience for the Fall 2017 cycle!
  17. Twiddle your thumbs Binge-watch a show on Netflix / AmazonPrime / Hulu Check GradCafe once an hour Do distance searches on GoogleMaps between your current residence and each of your desired programs Find out when your desired programs' Admitted Students days are and check flight or drive options Get super invested in a video game (online or otherwise) Re-read the Harry Potter series (because of course we've all read it at least once) Take up knitting Take up jogging Take up mud wrestling Get a massage Buy a crossword or sudoku book and immerse yourself in words or numbers Make mix CDs or playlists, and really think about how songs can go together Buy a cheap musical instrument and teach yourself to play Spend quality time with a dog, whether it's a friend's, a neighbor's, a family member's, or your own Do the above with a cat and pretend it's reciprocal Make lists of favorites - favorite books, movies, TV shows, songs, albums, potato chips - and share them with friends Create spreadsheet inventories of your books and other media Do a serious top-to-bottom cleaning of your room / apartment / home Go to a local coffee shop for an hour a day and imagine yourself as someone from a different walk of life each time ... By no means an exhaustive list, and mostly tongue-in-cheek...but feel free to add to it!
  18. So I've been wait listed at two schools I was very interested in Attending and this other one that wasn't my top choice but has a very good program(Big department, lots of research I'm interested in and lots of funding). I am wondering if I should just bite it and forget about those other guys who clearly didn't see value in me. I am leaving to hike across the continent in a month anyway I want to forget about it all and enjoy my life.
  19. I was accepted into NYU MSW program, a mere two weeks after I submitted my application. NYU only gave me 4 weeks to accept or decline the offer. They ask for a non-refundable deposit of $300. I am still waiting to hear back from every single other school I've applied to. Can I pay the deposit, and later, perhaps, decide to go elsewhere? Will other schools know of my acceptance?
  20. Hi I am currently applying to School Psychology PhD programs. I had an interview at one school a month ago and at the time they told us we would find out 2 weeks later. It's been a month and still no response. I've emailed the head of admissions for the program a week ago and haven't gotten a response. After my interview I emailed professors who interviewed me personally and they had emailed me back. Should I email one of them asking when i'll find out my admissions decision or keep waiting?
  21. I had one interview down, spent 4 days in Florida, I have one more in GA. Most schools never got back to me. All went great exept i failed to answer some questions about my research(I hadn't slept in days and it was the first of 6 interviews with prof at the college). How is everyone else doing?
  22. "Bleh, Bleh, Bleh." -various people making fun of Dracula "I don't say 'bleh, bleh, bleh'!" -Dracula
  23. When I go to check my email, I estimate the probability of something new having arrived from a prospective university: 12:00am; 5% Highly unlikely, but still not zero 1:00am; 3% Less likely than midnight, but some professors are burning the midnight oil 2:00am; 5% My poor math deduces that if they are awake in the middle of the night, 2am sounds like a good time to email me after all. Check email. 3:00am; 2% If they were going to email in the middle of the night, they probably would have done so already 4:00am; 7% Some professors are cray-cray morning people after all 5:00am; 12% Better time for a morning person to consider it appropriately late enough to send an email out without seeming strange 6:00am; 12% Some of the early morning folks may have gone for a jog first and then had a snack or walked their dog and are only now getting to their email 7:00am; 15% Before leaving for work, someone may wrap up a few pending tasks, like sending me an email 8:00am; 25% First thing in the morning when getting to the office, a fantastic time to both accept and reject someone 9:00am; 20% A slightly less acceptable time to accept someone, but still perfectly acceptable for a rejection 10:00am; 25% An email after a brief meeting to finish making those final applicant decisions 11:00am; 20% They may send me something during a late morning meeting, from their phone, while ignoring the speaker, and acting like they are doing important business on their phone 12:00pm; 20% Right before lunch, they send out some satisfying emails that have been weighing on them, so they can go out to lunch satisfied 1:00pm; 6% The back from lunch now, forgotten email, rush send they intended to send during the morning and have recollected only now that they are well fed 2:00pm; 20% Final decisions were made after a long lunch meeting where some fights broke out and coffee was thrown 3:00pm; 15% After-lunch meeting closes calmly with no thrown coffee, applicants decided 4:00pm; 10% Private meetings in dark corners bring final decisions to a close in the late afternoon 5:00pm; 15% They save the feel-good happy acceptance email message for the end of the day 6:00pm; 20% "Oh crap, I totally forgot to send those acceptance emails" -on the way out the door 7:00pm; 12% Professor arrives at home, "Oh crap, I totally forgot to send those acceptance emails." 8:00pm; 10% Over dinner, "Oh crap, I totally forgot to send those acceptance emails." 9:00pm; 6% Late night fighting continued over final applicant decisions in office overtime. Pizza was thrown. It wasn't whether or not to accept me, but who got to have me. Rawr. 10:00pm; 10% The meeting transitioned into primetime TV watching and over soothed nerves they finally decided to throw some dice 11:00pm; 8% The toughest of decisions was resolved by transforming applications into paper airplanes and competing for flying distance Note: These numbers do not add up to 100%
  24. Hi! I was wondering if anyone out there had been accepted into the Hertie School of Government Affairs this year? I applied at the end of December and am still waiting on my response!