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The 'Am I competitive' thread - READ ME BEFORE POSTING

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#641 chocolatecheesecake


    Double Shot

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  • Program:MPP (Class of 2016)

Posted 27 July 2015 - 01:33 AM

Yes, I do mean principles of microeconomics if that's the first entry-level course you take in economics. In general, you don't need to finish extra courses before you apply. If they're in progress or you're registered, grad schools will take it into account too. That being said, getting a C+ is a concern. Did you get a better grade in any other econ undergrad courses? If the C+ is all they see, you should re-take a basic microeconomics course, and personally, I would feel better if I could take it this fall and get an A- or A before I apply. Really great quant GRE score wouldn't hurt either. AP credit won't count for anything here.

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#642 sp108



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Posted 27 July 2015 - 02:38 AM

I guess my best option is to take a online course in principles in economics, thanks :)


I took 3 other economics courses (Econ Policy course, Intermediate Macro, Labor Economics) and I got 2 A's and 1 B. 


I am also currently enrolled as a non-degree graduate student at my local university where I am taking an international economics graduate course.


Some additional info - I graduated in 2011 with a 3.47 GPA but with over 164 credit hours of coursework.. my undergrad is in Finance and Accounting. I have a basic calc, stats, class covered. 

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#643 KenBesonders


    Espresso Shot

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  • Application Season:2015 Fall
  • Program:International Security

Posted 31 July 2015 - 10:12 PM

Posted in the thread before but I really want to get an opinion on my profile. My GPA is weak but I really want to try to push myself to get a scholarship or assistantship. All advice is welcomed.


Program: MIA


Schools considered: Syracuse Maxwell, American SIS, GWU Elliott, Columbia SIPA, New School Milano, Brandeis Heller, NYU Wagner and Pitt GSPIA


Major: International Studies


GPA: 3.0 - (3.4 in major and 3.6 last two semesters)


GRE: 148q/156v/5.5aw  Scheduled to take it again October 1st


Undergrad school: Large Midwest Public University


Years since UG: 2 years


Work experience: 3 months internship at the UN with an NGO, 6 months election writing with political non-profit, 6 months research and business consulting for a non-profit startup for security affairs (remote), will be doing 1 year of Americorps VISTA for Resources Development


Coursework: Statistics (B+), Planning on taking Micro and Macro Econ this academic year


Language: Intermediate German, Elementary Spanish


SoP:  First drafts completed, working on getting fair input and tailoring it to the programs more specifically


LoR: Head of International Studies Department/Model UN Advisor, Professor I took many classes with and did well in, Work Manager


Other: Worked on various research projects, some of which were published


I REALLY want to try to push my application to be competitive for funding. SU Maxwell is actually the most attractive program to me right now and I have been working on their application materials first. Unless anyone else has an opinion, I think it might come down to how well I retake the GRE and my SOP.

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#644 maybefuture2016er



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  • Application Season:2016 Fall

Posted 02 August 2015 - 11:11 PM

Hi all! I'm trying to narrow my list of schools down in this next week, and I'd love to do so based on my chances of getting in, because I think it'd be smart to not just fill up my application pool with reach schools.


Program: MPP/MPA


Schools considered: DEFINITELY: Berkeley, HKS, WWS PROBABLY: Chicago Harris, SIPA, Duke, Michigan MAYBE: American, CMU, GW, Minnesota, NYU, UCLA, USC, UT Austin, Wisconsin, Yale Jackson


NOTE: I know this is a HUGE number of schools, but like I said, I'm working on narrowing it down, probably to 8-12 in total, including my three definite applications.


Major: Politics/Near Eastern Studies


GPA: 3.5 (3.54 departmental, cum laude) (NOTE: Definitely not as high as I would have liked, but my college had grade deflation when I attended, which may or may not have played a role)


GRE: 170 V / 161 Q (unofficial; I just took it yesterday)


Undergrad school: Top-tier Ivy (HYP)


Years since UG: 1 year


Work experience: 1 year (going into 2nd year) doing Teach for America in a rural Southern placement area. I've been teaching high school science in one of the poorest counties in my state; one of the poorest overall in the country. Before I graduated, most of my summer or part-time work revolved around charter schools, education policy, and international studies.


Coursework: Statistics ( B ; Microeconomics (taking this summer)


Language: Intermediate Spanish, Intermediate Mandarin Chinese, Intermediate Arabic (Modern Standard + Egyptian Colloquial), and Intermediate Turkish


SoP:  Not drafted yet; will probably revolve around my interest in comparative social policy (particularly racial/ethnic inequality), which merges my academic focus in undergrad (more international bent) with my current work with TFA (more domestic bent).


LoR: Politics professor at my undergrad (advised some of my independent work; gave me an A plus, which my college highly discourages), TFA coach/manager, and I'm still thinking of the third one, but there's several professors who gave me good grades who I am considering


Other: I'm applying to a master's because I'm considering all of my career options (mainly public sector, social sector, and academia). I may want to jump ship from the academic life after two years of an MPP/MPA, but the current soft plan is to get a Ph.D. in either policy or politics, do research, write, publish, and maybe teach at a college or university (I do love teaching, just not necessarily science!). I've talked to a few schools, and they were enthusiastic about the idea of me getting a doctorate after the MPP. If anybody has any insight with policy academia, I'd love to hear your insight!

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