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Best apps for grad school?

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3 minutes ago, TakeruK said:

I've noticed that these suggestions have gotten better over time, however, they almost always suggest articles that are quite old and I've read years ago! e.g. most of the articles they suggest to me were published 4+ years ago. Hopefully this feature will improve over time, as right now, I feel that the suggested articles are too outdated for people who keep up with the literature and not well picked enough to be a representative sample for people who need to catch up! I think they come up with suggested articles based on how many other people in your field have accessed a particular article, so hopefully as more usage data comes in, the algorithm is able to pick out the classic/important papers in each year (might still need another way to suggest brand new and interesting articles though!)

True. I've noticed this as well. In my case I always look at the suggestions because sometimes suggestions from recent Spanish speaking sources appear (my focus is on Puerto Rico). This is great because we sometimes get stuck on only English speaking articles and forget there's this whole body of literature on the topic or on groups you're interested in if you just remember to search on another filter once in a while.

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