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Fall 2017 Applications

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9 hours ago, Sneidinger said:

Thanks for the insight there. You hear one thing then something else. I just want the dos and don't at this point. My lord,

applying for a Phd should not be this antiquated. 

I have a learning disability, which explains my low grades in the beginning of my academic career, but I did not mention it in my personal statement at all. Instead I had a LOR mention it and only addressed it in interviews if a POI asked about my grades. That way your personal statement and interview allows them to focus on your strengths. Also, it helps when your former professor writes the LOR stating the disability because it shows a professional in the field thinks that this is not a deterrent to your success and they have plenty of years of experience writing with a positive spin.

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I would actually argue that BC's program is pretty competitive. Their profs are also known for being ridiculously nitpicky for completely random reasons. But that's all hearsay from several BC master's students I know.

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On 2/27/2017 at 8:43 AM, Sneidinger said:

This is me now. I am debating how much more frustration and energy to keep using. I am tired. I know I want to get a Phd but I feel the process is antiquated. Why can't I just find the right place and program. 

Hey Sneidinger,

I feel you. Looking back at my original post, I remember the despair, frustration, and tears. But I gotta tell you, if I hadn't pushed through that, I wouldn't have ended up receiving the 3 acceptances I got this round to great clinical psych programs. Even with my lowest of low GRE scores (they didn't bump up much higher on my second round), 3 out of the 11 schools I applied to still thought I was good enough! The same POI I mentioned in that post who said the school wouldn't even consider me without the 60th percentile STILL accepted me even though I was well below that. Don't give up. Keep pushing through and it'll happen. You will find the right place and program.

I wish you nothing but the best!!! :)

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Thank you. 

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