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MFA 2017 All Art ADMISSIONS freak-out forum!!!!!!!!

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On 5/12/2017 at 3:36 PM, felixo said:

I come from a photography background - I even worked as a documentary photographer for some years before deciding to focus on art - I can tell you that 'art' photography and 'documentary' photography can sometimes butt heads and are held in different esteem at different institutions - documentary work isn't always considered 'art' - it's a messy area that remains unresolved and it's good to be aware of this history, especially if you're looking at MFA programs. Still, good work usually transcends. 

But based on what you're saying, I think you would might entertain looking into photojournalism MA programs in communication colleges in the US - Syracuse, Ohio University, University of Missouri, ICP in NY come to mind. London College of Communications as well. Duke University has an MFA in experimental and documentary arts that is worth looking at, and Ohio U has a new communications MFA as well similar to Duke's in mission it seems - those two programs are unique in terms of MFA that I am aware of. University of Hartford has an MFA low residency that is focused on photo books primarily.

The traditional photo MFA programs in the US can be hit or miss when it comes to accepting photojournalism/documentary work as you've described - some tend to be more conceptual - something to be aware of. SVA, SAIC, Yale, Columbia (Chicago) are worth looking at. I'm sure there are others - I know there are some in California (Cal Arts, UCLA?), but those are some of the better known programs in the field on my side of the Mississippi at least. You should find work of photographers that has threads in common with what you want to do and see where they went or where they teach - it might give you an idea of how your ideas may fit. 

Good luck, 

Try portland state university. It has an excellent social practice and contemporary art MFA. Im sure theyd be into documentary work.

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On 4/21/2017 at 5:25 PM, Dewise said:


I've applied MFD in Digital Future at OCAD and still didn't hear anything from them... What should I do??? Does it make sense or did they forget about me?

Hey we applied to the same program! I'm interested in your current status in the application........ I've just received my wait-list email for digital futures. 

@ everyone, if you guys have any advice on how to respond to a wait-list email..... in the sense that I should reply a "thank you" to the grad admissions, that'll be great. I'm kind of anxious because I really feel like this is a program I want to be in.

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On 4/13/2017 at 6:30 AM, bblox said:

Got accepted to RCA and Cranbrook (both painting) this week. What a difficult decision to make.

Does anyone have any knowledge about the art scene in Detroit and how well Cranbrook connects you with people from outside of that area?

What mostly steers me in the direction of RCA right now is that I feel it might be easier to build a network in London. Both schools seem to be a great program with their own benefits.

Also Tuition at RCA would be significantly less, as I would probably qualify for the Home/EU fees (£9500 per year). Even if I have to pay the overseas fees (£28,400 per year) it would be slightly less then the $38'000 at Cranbrook which I'm not even sure whether they're per year or semester...

Any info on either schools would be greatly appreciated.

I feel like this puts more pressure than joy on me right now, especially because Cranbrook only gives you 2 weeks to decide. I am trying to also let the happiness push through and am definitely proud to get into both of these schools.

I am from the metro Detroit area and have been living in NYC for the past 5 years. I'm headed back to attend Cranbrook this fall in the 2D department.

This is coming in super late and you've probably already made your decision but from my knowledge I can say London would give you a much better network (at least from what I can tell). But coming from experience in my own working habits, I think there is something to be said about the seclusion of Cranbrook from a large art market. It truly is a magical place with real deal faculty and I think judging it from that angle, it is an unrivaled program.

Best of luck! What did you end up deciding?

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19 hours ago, peanutbutterjelly said:

Got into Columbia :) 

who else is going!! Let's meet up 

Wow they notified you this late?

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Got accepted as pre-master by fine arts program of Royal Academy of Fine arts Antwerp, wonder how the program is. Does anybody know anything about it? My only knowing for that school is about their fashion department.


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On 5/12/2017 at 3:35 AM, yuv.sees said:

Hello all,

I'm an international student with a non-art(read legal) background and in pursuance of taking up art seriously, I shall be applying to various when applications open again in 2018.

I wish to pursue an MFA in Photography.

My preferences lean towards documentary photography, landscapes and capturing cultures and people’s ways of life.
Whereas I don't have any formal training, I have learned photography on film and then moved on to digital.

I'm wondering which colleges in USA would be a good fit for the above leanings.

Inputs please!

I shall be extraordinarily grateful for any insights by the members of this forum

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Consider a BFA first... or journalism 

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