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Editorship at a graduate program?

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I remember seeing a graduate school that offered the opportunity to work as an editor of (I assume) the school publication in order to earn funding. I can't remember what school this is. Can anyone help?

Alternatively, does anyone know of any graduate programs where one could get some editing experience?


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I know of two: University of Toronto and the University of Virginia.

Toronto: https://pasttensejournal.com

Virginia: http://www.essaysinhistory.com


Those are links to the actual journals (graduate student journals). They are a part of the actual department of the site, which you can google quickly enough.

Hope this helps!

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Were you thinking of Indiana University?  The American Historical Review is housed at IUP.  I think one of our posters there mentioned something about being able to work for AHR as a GA instead of a TA in the History Department.

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I have met people from Emory who worked a several journals around campus. The history people worked in Southern Spaces at the digital center in the library.

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