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NEW Canadian universities M.S.W thread (2017)

678 posts in this topic

7 hours ago, canadianmsw said:

No way!!! I got into Toronto for the 2 year program too! So pumped!!

Last name starts with M

Good luck everyone :)



5 hours ago, agawes said:

Finally had a chance to check my ACORN and it also says "Invited". My last name starts with W.

Hope this is it.

Good luck to everyone!

I was also accepted via ACORN!! Former UofT student, and my last name starts with "C". Quoting former posters who go in for good measure (so that current and future posters do not have to keep scrolling backwards to find this information). CONGRATULATIONS FUTURE PEERS, AND GOOD LUCK THOSE STILL WAITING!!

Edit: oops I guess it won't let me tag more than two posters..

Edited by tnt92

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8 hours ago, MSW2MD said:

Seems those accusations are cleared....lol

Maybe, unclear. But your behavior today isn't helping anything.

Friends, no need to create new reports. We are aware of this situation and are taking care of it.

Congratulations to those who got accepted and good luck to those still waiting. 

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11 hours ago, rosee12 said:

Hi, wondering if I can get some feedback about this. I checked my mail today and didn't get anything. However, when I signed in on acorn just now (I'm a past uoft student which is why I can log on), it says "invited" to "sw msw 2 2017-2018 fall/winter" under the Degree Registration Status. My sgs account still says "under review". I'm hoping this means I'm accepted and hopefully not a mistake (or illusion haha)?? *knock on wood*.


10 hours ago, MSW-hopeful-2016 said:

AHHHhh. just logged onto ACORN (I am not a former UOFT student), and it says I'm invited to the 2017/2018 2 year MSW program!!

Just quoting to keep track for everyone accepted in this first round! I hope I didn't miss anyone (including my above post!)

Edited by tnt92
AHH.. missed Kiki14 but don't want to spam the thread.. she also got in lol

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