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Adviser got tenure- celebration ideas?

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Hi All, 

My adviser recently got tenure (yay!) as a professor in Physics and EE. What do graduate students typically do to help their adviser celebrate? Anecdotes and gift ideas please! 


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Depends on the advisor. 

Mine didn't really want to do anything, but we had a small celebration in group meeting (cake and champagne) and then had a BBQ to celebrate not too long after. 

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My advisor got tenure a few months ago. Similar to Eigen's case. My advisor announced the decision to the group mailing list and said that group meeting for that week would be a celebration with snacks instead of our usual stuff. A couple of students and postdocs decided to intervene because we didn't think our advisor should have to provide cake for their own celebration and tenure is an achievement worth celebrating! So, we got a cake, and made a nice card related to their research and had everyone sign it.

Note: I did tell my advisor that we were planning to get the cake and champagne for them so that they wouldn't also get stuff (and to make sure they were okay with it). 

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