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My first Blog

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Thanks to the developers of this site! It's a great resource for those of us that thrive on feedback, but necessarily don't get much at this time.

Here is my general situation for anyone with comments or questions about similar situations.

I applied for the Masters program to NYU (math), Columbia (applied math), U of Kentucky (math), and RPI (math). I have full financial support from my employer (which makes me a minority, but a lucky one). I'm mid 30s, was a non-traditional undergrad in mathematics at a decent engineering school in upstate NY. Generic stats are 3.9 GPA 780Q/550/4.5 GRE. My statements of purpose were not at all focused on the individual schools. I succinctly stated my goals (basically preparation for my next position with my employer as a math instructor) and went on to persuade the reader that I have the commitment necessary to succeed.

I got an early offer from UK, but they are my backup. I didn't come across the their program until later in my search for places to apply. I was surprised by their larger size, and impressed with the amount of good information on their website.

So for the past couple weeks work has been slow, and waiting is driving me nuts...

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