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Patience Grasshopper...

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The wait is really getting to me now. The longer it takes a school to get back to me, the more I think that I've been added to the mass rejection email list which will probably be sent out near the end of this month. The thing that really irks me the most is being told that decisions will be sent at the end of March. I did a little searching to see if anyone had been accepted and I found one person. This gets me thinking back to my original thought that maybe I've been added to the mass rejection email list. Then again, perhaps I'm just being really impatient about this whole process because I'd like to just get this over with.

I've been tempted several times to email the grad admissions person I've been talking to since last year, but I'm afraid that it would annoy them since they already answered my question earlier in January about when decisions will be sent out. But since finding out about an early decision, it makes me want to email them again. Maybe if I word it in such a way. "How many people will be admitted this year and how many applications did you receive?" or maybe I'll just be direct and ask, "Was I admitted?". I know it's a bad idea and I continue to delete each draft I make because I know that I shouldn't. Then again...maybe it's okay to email them? But it's taboo to email asking about decisions, right?

joro go something something...

girl: go crazy?


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The wait got to me too, and I just e-mailed my PAs at the schools I hadn't heard from yet and asked if I was admitted. They were both polite and responded very quickly with my rejection. If you feel better about it, come up with an excuse as to why you need to know. I used "I'm planning a trip to visit (XYZ grad schools where I was admitted) all in one sweep and I would like to know if I should add ______ to my list."

Most people are too scared to e-mail, I think, so it won't annoy them too much. At least, they didn't seem annoyed with my e-mails.

Good luck!

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Hey Joro --

I have the same sentiments...the later it gets to be, the heavier the fear of not being accepted sets in. But I really am trying to wait it out. If they say til the end of March, I'm going to give them basically up until that time. Maybe even a few days after that (postal service can be slow). But after that grace period, I'd email them to see what's up.

I've been keeping with some of the admissions blogs to a few schools, and they really do urge applicants to be as patient as possible with them. Though easier said then done, right?

Best of luck! :)

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Hey joro,

Dude, I gave in to my desire to find out the decision as early as possible. I mailed 3 of the schools and called up 3 departments.

Though it did not work out negatively, as with many who get a rejection in reply to their queries, I did not get any valuable information

from the Universities either. The ones that I called up said "We are Reviewing, Please be a little Parient" and the ones I sent a mail

completely ignored my question about the decision and replied with a confirmation that all my application materials have reached.

I guess thats how it works. You either wait for the decision or else wait. There is no other alternative. And yes, my hopes are falling

with every passing day, of receing an admit. But, I still have plenty of hope left to loose.

Congratulations to you on your admission.


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