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Good Week Gone Bad



This has been an interesting week for me, to say the least. On Monday NYU-Wagner ended months of anxious waiting by accepting me into the program. For a few brief moments, I was utterly giddy and pleased about this development. Then reality began to intrude again. The acceptance letter did not come with any funding assistance, which given the expense of NYU is a pretty challenging position to be in. This doesn’t make it impossible, but does require more things to fall in line to make it work. My first reality check so to speak.

As for the other school, there was no resolution on that application. It’s still out.

Amazingly it continued downhill from there. Things got testy at work between as my outside distractions finally began to negatively affect my work performance on a particular project. At least there was amicable resolution on that front.

No such luck at home. My wife and I have been in this tiff for a week now (on non-grad school, non-moving related matters) where we have said barely anything to each other, with the exception of a few texts here or there. No acknowledgement of my acceptance into grad school to me.

Frustrating to say the least.

Who knew that acceptance week would turn out to be such a bummer?


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That does sound like a bummer week, but you need to focus on individual victories, you got into NYU, that's huge.

They generally have good funding, given the economic climate that may change but take one year at a time, after the first year I believe it's easier to get TA's and RA's. So even if your paying in full the first year chances are you'll have ore available to you the following year.

Also work on your relationship, take your wife out and talk to her, so many relationships fizzle away due to miscommunication and lack of dialogue. You don't need to have all of the answers but you do need to show you care.

Good luck and cheer up.

-Aspiring Shrink

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I definitely understand where you're coming from.... You responded to my post about the dream school and too much debt.

I am also having issues with my SO, wedding is in 3 weeks, and the stress is wearing us down.

Hang in there!

Just feel confident, focus on the good. I mean, c'mon.. you got into NYU! YEAH!cool.gif

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Congratulations on your acceptance!!! I've been following your story, as I am a fellow northbay (i'm Sonoma County) resident who is married with kids. I am so pleased about your acceptance, you deserve it. I was also accepted to my #1 choice on Monday. It has been a wild ride for our famly as well. I still have three apps still out and they are all really great schools. Who knows? They might offer me funding I won't be able to refuse! Here's to full funding for all of us!

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Congratulations on your acceptance to NYU, pea-nay! That's fantastic. Everything in this post is so familiar to me (with the exception of getting accepted anywhere this year rolleyes.gif ). The tensions this decision creates in marriage can be brutal, and my job performance has tanked it over the last two weeks, as well. I hope you'll get funding for the program and maybe another offer. I choose to believe all of this will be worth it. We'll look back and ten years and know that we made the right choices.

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I'm in the same boat sorta. Got accepted to Columbia and was over joyed until I found out I got zero funding for first year. While I'm applying for alternate grants....those aren't guaranteed and neither is being approved for loans in the US as I'm a Canadian citizen. I've go lots of work ahead to make things happen...which is irritating because as we all know, since I decided to apply, through all the application requirements and forms, to interviews and presentations, I'm pretty damn exhausted. No rest for the weary I suppose. Good luck at NYU. If there's a will there's a way!

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Dear Pea-jay,

I totally know what you mean. I actually got two acceptances at the beginning of this week and two rejections at the end which put me in a really sour mood. Not to mention the conflicts I've been having with my SO also but that's another subject. I'm still trying to recover from it even though I know our situations are different.

It's amazing to think that such a devotion of applying to schools has put a lot of us in negative positions with our friends/family/work but I do really believe that everything has it's way of working out. For your problems at home, I see it as a positive thing as every marriage has it hardships but that's what makes it stronger. Good luck on receiving funding, at work, and at home, everything will work out so keep your chin up!

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Hey pea Jay...

Tons of congratulations to you for ur recent acceptance to WAGNER !!! iTS QUITE A big deal...I hope you can get Back to all your reasons to celebrating that !

I know i know...the expense is huuuuuuge anD with no financial assistance from the univ, its going to be sooo tacky !! I am in ame positon as you..got accepted for Fall 2011..but no financial help !!

O god...how things things turn drastically different..for me its Been like realizing my fav dream , but hey thats coming at a hefty price !!

Lets see..i think i iwll be joining !!

Cant see that 20yrs from now, when i cud be boasting of NYU status...i end up with some mediocre school :(

I guess NYU will do me some good..that will hopefully be so totally worth of the investment i make now !!!


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