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Too Much To Ask?



Soooooo...I'm not feeling loved. LOL

I have my department letter with funding info and all but still nothing from grad schools. It's like all that work and energy then dead silence.

Is it too much to ask for a letter on nice letterhead? A brochure? A catolog? A branded flash drive?

I get that they are paying us to attend so they don't really have to snow us with swag or attention unlike professional schools and undergrad, but still.

I would, at least, like a letter with the emblem on it. :/


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Ha, I got my official admissions package from one university today, and it was placed in a nice file folder with a silver embossed university logo... Lovely! Except it was bent, torn, scratched, with a stain!

I paid $110 to apply to that school, I feel like they could have at least sent it in a folder that they didn't recover from the trash!

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Heh, I haven't gotten anything fancy either.

I did, however, get a pdf of next year's courses, which is pretty awesome.

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The only thing I received from my school of choice was an email informing me of my acceptance and a PDF stating that I was accepted. I completely agree with you Coyabean! We spend hours working on those application and spend hundreds of dollars on official transcripts, GRE scores and tests and application fees. The least they can do is send us an actual letter to show us that they care. dry.gif

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Hey folks-- I applied to five schools, so, between apps, GRE, transcripts, am about a thousand bucks in. One of my apps got acknowledged, and I have gotten all batch rejections and one automatically generated wait list notice.. I'd rather be in your shoes. Be happy with what you have, and Coya-- best of luck to you. You will be stellar.

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The acceptance email from the place I will be attending was one or two sentences long, and offered no information about how/when to accept or reject the offer. The irony is that this is from the one university I was expecting a paper letter from, because they say on their website that they have a policy of notifying by snail mail and never via internet.

In any case, it would be nice to receive a hefty brochure with lots of pictures of people smiling in quads on the one sunny day of the year, but since it's not a private university or Ivy I doubt that will be happening! I'm quite terrified as I'll be moving to a city I've never visited, where I know no one. I can't seem to find out anything relevant/interesting online either. Guess I'll just have to go on living my present, boring life for the next few months then!

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That's all I've gotten, too.


I'm in for about the same amount -- actually a wee bit more -- so I understand. And I am very appreciative but I'm also obsessing over my future. Some swag would help me make it through the next few months!


It's been a long, strange trip together, my friend. :) I'm like you -- moving alone, no friends, little money (!) and I just want some reassurance that the weather will be nice, that there's sushi in walking distance, and that I am going to be make it.

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Also looks like I'm moving alone, no friends, little money, with no previous experience to the city I'll likely be moving to - after all this work it seems a little scary, doesn't it? I felt confident through all of the hard work of the application process, but now that it comes down to officially making a decision and determining the course of my life I feel like I need a little hand holding. haha. Wish you both luck!

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I feel the same way! Sending the offer acceptance has eluded me. I freak out every time. I need someone to hold me and tell me it will all be OK.

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