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Today was an emotional day

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Tall Chai Latte


It has nothing to do with graduate school admission, but that tension accumulates to a point that I can't hold it in anymore.

The trigger of this emotional day was a scenario happened last Friday. I don't want to revisit the scene, but what happened was I took the ironic humor of my boss personal. It hurt.

This is a lesson: how to take work as work ONLY. When you care about something so deeply, it could backfire.

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I know exactly what you mean. I spent several weeks moping over an incident at my own job. I took it too personally. It's the stressful time... You're being judged by adcoms, and even if you get in, you think you didn't deserve it, and you're walking on emotional eggshells all the time, and the littlest thing sends you into a storm of tears and hurt feelings. Caring is scary, because it makes you completely vulnerable to having what you care about taken away. I hope your incident has been resolved and that your perspective has been restored.

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Hang in there! I know a wise woman who often advises, "try to divest from the outcome," and I find a lot of relief and freedom when I am able to do it. (And if that doesn't work, maybe try a tall chai latte...rolleyes.gif )

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