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The Final Stretch

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Last time I posted an entry I heard back from three schools that week. I haven't heard anything since then though, so I'm writing just in case it will move the notification process along (well I can hope). :-)

I'm still waiting on two schools (one where I'm waitlisted, and the other is the "unknown" school...basically I have no idea where I stand with them). Good news is that I did get accepted to the masters program at my undergrad so I do have a safety net. It came at a good time too cause I got my rejection letter from my #1 choice the very next day...so that definitely softened the blow.

I called the unknown school last week and was told by the dept secretary that she did not have the lists yet and that the department is really behind this year. Honestly, I was kinda frustrated. I'm pretty certain I will be rejected there, and I was just hoping they would be able to tell me that. But no such luck. I'm calling them again tomorrow (exactly one week from my last call) so hopefully they will have it all together then.

I really want to contact my waitlisted school but I told myself I can't until April 22nd...assuming I haven't heard anything from them by then.

I know many people are in the same boat, but I am just so tired of waiting. I want the ball to be in my court again! I want to finally make my decision. I'm getting tired of listening to my advisor tell me to be patient and that no news is good. And finally I want to be able to tell everyone where I'm going next year! I know, I know, just be patient...

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Why April 22nd? Don't you have to notify schools by the 15th?

Usually, yes. But I still haven't received my official acceptance letter from the masters program (however several of the faculty on the adcom told me I have been accepted) so I'm not sure when I need to let them know officially. If the deadline for that program ends up being April 15th then I will contact my waitlisted school before then and ask where I stand. Otherwise, I'm waiting a week after April 15th before I inquire to give the school enough time to receive/sort through the decisions of the other applicants (hopefully though, they will let me know before then).

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The "unknown" program beat me to it. I received a rejection letter from them this morning. I think I'm more relieved that I finally know than disappointed.

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