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Yup waiting....painful process...

So all my applications are in now. UCSD has a pre-application form and the deadline for that is tomorrow so I should have some kind of decision from them soon-ish about whether they want me to apply.

As for the other applications, most of them have received everything except for a few LORs. Harvard and UPenn have still to acknowledge the receipt of my GRE scores and transcripts though UPenn specfically says DO NOT contact us to find out about the status of documents. Ugh! UCSF can't seem to find my GRE scores though I've received my copy here in the UK!

All that aside, I don't think any of my departments have rolling admissions so I just have to wait....

In the mean time I'm chasing up LORs and being kept busy with my final year of undergrad. It's not too bad coz time seems to have sped up but I better not speak too soon!


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Do the schools have a webpage where you can see the status of the materials you send them?

They all do but they don't update them! I took my GRE in July and one of the unis I had on my list of 4 for score reports didn't update their webpage till the middle of October. The remaining ones also updated their webpages but after some prodding from me. So basically I don't really trsut admin staff because I've had some bad experiences with them...

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